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We were having a new kitchen fitted, our plumber was a sweet old guy called Greg, whom my wife knew from some previous work she’d had done at her last place. He was around his mid 60s and very softly spoken.

My wife was away for the week as part of a training course with her work. Greg was only needed for the first few days but I decided to work from home the entire week regardless. I like having the place to myself.

The first day went swimmingly, I got loads of work done and Greg had made good progress on fitting our new boiler and radiators.

The second day while Greg was working on hooking up the gas hob I decided to take a shower. About half way through I lost my footing in the tub and slipped really awkwardly, throwing my back out in the process. Greg heard the loud bang and was at the door instantly asking if everything was ok. I was in a lot of pain and could tell I had damaged my lower back again. I was slumped over the edge of the bath, my legs twisted underneath me.

“No, I can’t move, I just lost my balance and now I think my back is fucked.”

“Do you need any help?”

I knew I needed help getting out of the tub, this has happened before and I am practically paralysed until someone helps me up. The bathroom door lock was just within reach so I quickly grabbed my towel and covered my lower half then painfully stretched to unlock the door.

“If you don’t mind, Greg. I don’t think I can get out of the tub by myself.”

“No problem,” he said.

Once he heard me unlock the door he entered the bathroom and stood over me shaking his head at what he saw.

“How on earth did you manage that?” he said concerned.

“I’m an idiot, that’s how,” we both chuckled, laughing was quite painful and I must have winced as well because he came straight over and asked if I had done anything serious.

“It’s my back, I have done this before a few times, it should be OK in a few days. If it’s not I’ll have to see the specialist again.”

“OK, well let’s try and get you out and on your feet, if you can manage it?”

With that, he leaned forward and grabbed me under the arms and began to lift. For an older gentleman he was surprisingly strong, taking my weight almost without any help from myself. While I was being lifted my towel was getting tangled up between my legs. Greg could see me struggling with it so gently let me slump back down in the bath, he grabbed the towel and untangled it from my legs. Instead of covering me back up he just took it off completely and put it back on the towel rail.

“Think this will just get in the way, no time for embarrassment, we need to get you up and out of that tub before you do any more damage.”

“Indeed,” I said panting, out of breath from trying to move.

“OK, let’s try again,” Greg said. He put his hands under my arms again and lifted me up. I tried to help as much as I could, slowly turning my body around so that my legs were still in the tub but at least I was in a sitting position on the edge of the bath. Greg then stopped for a minute, clearly out of breath himself. He stood up and asked if I was OK.

I said I needed a minute, he could tell I was in a lot of pain. Without saying a word the next thing I felt was him drying my back with my towel.

“Might as well get you dry while we wait. Shall I take you to the bedroom? Does lying down help or make it worse?” he asked.

“Yes, the bed is usually OK if I lie on my back, either that or the floor, but I can’t get up from the floor myself”

I didn’t mind him drying me at all. His touch was gentle enough for him not to cause my back anymore pain. During the next few minutes the situation started to become a bit clearer in my head and I was now fully aware of my nakedness and the fact an old man was drying my body with a towel.

“Lift your arms up,” Greg said. I did. I quite liked it if I’m honest. I began to feel a stirring between my legs from his attentions. He dried my back, arms and chest, then put the towel back.

“I can do your legs once you’re out the bath.”

“OK,” I said, almost looking forward to it.

“Right, let’s see Topkapı Escort if we can get you sitting round the right way,” he said.

I sat up as straight as I could and asked him to support my top half as I try to lift and swivel my legs over and out of the tub. He grabbed me under my arms again to take all my weight and, one leg at a time, I manage to turn myself around. This action exhausted me once again, at least I was now facing the right way though.

“You OK to take your own weight now?” he asked.

“Yes, I should be.”

He gently let me go and I slumped down, not able to sit straight because of the pain. He went for the towel again.

“OK, let’s finish drying you.”

“Thanks for doing this Greg, I hope it’s not too weird for you,” I said.

“Oh, don’t be silly, it’s fine. I know how crippling back problems can be.”

“Yes, but you’ve probably never had to dry another man before,” I said with a slight laugh at the end.

“You’d be surprised,” he smiled and winked.

“Oh really?”

My question was left hanging in the air for a second before he went down on his knees and began to dry my feet, taking them each in his hands and gently drying them.

I began to think about what he meant, wondering how many men he had dried before and the circumstances that brought those situation about. I knew he wasn’t married but I never suspected he was gay or bisexual. The familiar stirring between my legs began again, more intense than before as his hands moved higher up my legs.

My cock was beginning to grow, slowly but surely, the closer he got to it. My slumped over body was hiding it only a little as my hands were either side of me holding on to the bath so I wouldn’t fall.

I saw him look at it, smile then get back to drying my thighs.

“Right, that should be good enough,” he said, and then stood up.


I think he could tell I was disappointed because he then said, “I will do the rest once you’re in bed.”

He came and stood to the left of me facing the same way I was, put his right arm across my back and under my arm. He put his left arm across my front, supporting my chest with his large, strong hand.

“Ready?” he asked.

“Yep, let’s do this,” I replied with resolve.

Together we struggled to get me on my feet, once I was up the pain intensified and I let out a loud moan. We slowly hobbled to the bedroom.

“Do you want to get on the bed or on the floor then? I can hang around to help you up off the floor if you prefer that, it’s not a problem.”

“It does feel better on the floor I must admit, I do my stretches and they help a lot,” I said.

“OK, floor it is.”

“Down there will do,” I said, pointing to a large clear space at the foot of the bed.

He helped me down and I lay on my back, the relief was instant, the pain went almost entirely and I felt much better.

As soon as I was down he left me there, I wondered where he went until he entered the bedroom with my towel and a smile.

“Right, where were we?” he asked, under his breath.

He got on his knees and started drying me once more. My cock was twitching like crazy now and he could clearly tell I was enjoying the attention. He dried my stomach, sides and the top of my pubic area. As he dried the tops of my thighs he would brush past my testicles every now and then, sending more blood to my rapidly hardening penis each time.

“We can leave it there if you want?” he asked apprehensively.

My cock was pointing straight up by this time and I needed to feel his hands on me again.

“No don’t, someone will be disappointed if you stop now,” I said, motioning down to my groin with my eyes.

“We don’t want that do we?” he said quietly.

Greg then took my shaft in his hands, the only thing between our skin touching was the towel, he stroked up and down a few times to dry it, then he dried the area between my testicles.

“Open your legs,” he ordered.

I did as he asked, I felt his finger using the towel to dry between my bum cheeks and brush over my hole then back up to my balls.

“Right, Topkapı Escort Bayan totally dry now,” he said, with a smile.

“Thanks Greg, you’re a star.”

“It was my pleasure,” he said.

I don’t know why, but I chose that moment to blurt out, “Are you gay?”

As soon as I said it I was embarrassed but he didn’t seem offended. He told me he wasn’t but admitted to being bisexual.

“Look what you’ve done to me,” I said, looking back down at my cock, which was pointing to the ceiling and leaking a small drop of pre-cum.

He was staring at it. He watched me take the drop of pre-cum onto my finger and hold it up for him. I really hoped he wouldn’t recoil and leave me lying there on the floor. I doubted he would though, he seemed as into it as I was by this point.

He leaned forward and stuck his tongue out to lick the sticky drop of liquid from my finger. Afterwards his hand grabbed my shaft and squeezed it firmly, another larger drop oozed out. He leaned down and licked the source of the drop, flicking his tongue back and forth over my pee hole, it felt wonderful. He then opened his mouth and took the whole of my tip and half my shaft into his mouth until it was full and began to suck and slurp on it.

My back pain was a distant memory as he knelt beside me giving me one of the best blow jobs I’ve ever had. His hand rubbed at my inner thigh as my legs opened more for him, allowing him to push his hands higher up and eventually getting to my bum. I could feel his fingers pushing past my cheeks to gain access to my hole, I let him, encouraged him even, opening my legs a little wider. He began to rub at my tight sphincter while he sucked.

He stopped suddenly, took his hand from me and let my cock slip from his mouth. He looked at me and asked, “Maybe I could help with some of your exercises?”

I knew my exercises would have me in all sorts of compromising positions. I was even thinking up some new ones that would expose my body for him even more. I love exhibiting myself naked for people.

“I’d like that,” I said.

He sat up and watched me expectantly. The first one I usually do is to lift one leg at a time and stretch it to the side of my body which lifts up the opposing hip slightly. I did this as he watched intently. I really enjoyed him watching me.

He reached under my hips and his finger found my hole again. As I held that position for the usual 60 seconds I felt him rubbing me and trying to push his finger inside me. As each 10 seconds passed I pulled my leg further over, this exposed my bum even more for him which he clearly enjoyed seeing.

I then swapped sides for another 60 seconds as he reached under me to do the same thing. This exercise covers my cock so I wanted to make sure the next one I did revealed it for him. I decided to do one of the more obscene exercise for him next. Well, it’s only obscene if you’re naked and being stared at by another man whilst doing it.

I took both my knees in my hands and pulled them up towards my chest, this totally exposed my cock, balls and anal entrance to him. The harder I pulled my knees back the higher off the ground my hips went, this felt wonderful for my back and really stretched it out.

He shuffled round to sit between my legs and stared up at my body. I then did something that isn’t part of the exercise but thought he might appreciate anyway. I pulled my knees either side of me hard and wide. I could feel my bum hole opening as I did this. He seems to notice to. I expected him to start fingering me but he did something quite unexpected. He got right down so his face was hidden from my view and the next thing I felt was his tongue forcing its way into me, licking around the rim and flicking in and out, deeper each time.

“Oh shit, that feels fucking incredible,” I moaned.

He hummed into me and the vibrations sent me into ecstasy. His hands were rubbing, stroking and fondling my cock. I had lost my count for my exercise but didn’t care, I kept pulling my knees further back and further apart, each time feeling my hole open more for his tongue. Escort Topkapı And each time his tongue filled the extra space.

“How long is your tongue? Oh my god, you’re so deep,” I was panting heavily by this point.

He started lapping at my hole, licking up and down, over and over again, up to my balls then back down my crack to my open and eager hole.

Whilst he was graciously abusing my genitals and anal cavity he must have undone his belt and trousers because as he got back up on his knees I saw one of the thickest and smoothest cocks I had ever seen, and as his trousers dropped down, the largest, heaviest pair of balls were swinging underneath it. There was a huge drop of pre-cum on the head and as he leaned forward I saw it drop down and fall onto the head of my cock.

He was going in for a kiss. I had never kissed a man before and wasn’t even sure I wanted to. At this point I was so horny that I didn’t care. When he kissed me I could feel his cock prodding at my ball sack. I was still holding my legs up and apart for him. I let his tongue explore my mouth and felt his movements below against me. I was so turned on at that moment.

“Put it in me,” I whispered between our kisses.

He spat on his hand a fairly large amount of saliva and reached between us. I then felt his tip try to find my hole. This entire time I hadn’t taken my hands off my knees, and I didn’t intend to, I wanted to open myself up to him and his thick cock.

With his tip forced against me and lined up perfectly he grunted and put all his weight on me. I felt his cock break past my tight sphincter muscle and I could do nothing to stop it, I didn’t want to. My ring gave way to his thick tool as it slowly filled me up bit by bit. Sliding in easier once he passed my barrier, I felt him bottom out inside me, his balls slapped up against my bum cheeks and his tongue entered my mouth again for more deep and sensual kissing.

He stayed still for what felt like ages. I could feel him twitching inside me.

“I can feel your heartbeat,” he said, “your bowels are pulsing against my cock, can you feel it?”

“Yes,” I hissed into his mouth, I could. It felt wonderful.

He slid his cock out of me almost all the way, then rammed back into me hard, so deep. He began to fuck me. Over and over again I felt him fill me up to the point of bursting, stretching me, splitting my virgin hole apart. I felt his wide bulbous head brush past my prostate time and time again.

His stomach was squashing my penis and masturbating it with each of his thrusts. The entire time our lips were locked, our tongues danced together between our mouths and we both moaned and grunted and humped our afternoon away.

“Cum deep inside me,” I begged him.

“Oh god, yes. Yes. Yes,” he said as he pounded into me.

The tension rose between us, we were about to cum together. We moaned louder and faster. He pumped me quicker, the torment against my prostate becoming too much.

“I’m gonna cum,” I yelled.

“Yessss, me too, me too, I wanna fill you, fill you up with my cum.”

Then it happened. His mouth opened wide as did mine, our tongues licking the others. Deep guttural noises and heavy breathing coming from both of us. He slammed his cock into me as jet after jet of hot sticky cum coated my insides, his soft stomach masturbating me to orgasm as my hole tightened up around him, my prostate swelled and I too shot load after load. Squirting up between us, lubricating our stomachs and chests. He slumped down on top of me, out of breath and spent. I wrapped my legs around his body and we continued to kiss, we lay still in this position for at least 10 minutes after. Feeling all the juices trickling out of us and in between us. Enjoying the afterglow of good sex.

When he finally lifted his body up we were both covered in my white sticky goo. I watched his cock leave my body and that too was coated in thick cream.

He then went to the bathroom and after a few minutes came back with a bowl of warm water and a flannel. He gently cleaned us both off and asked if I was OK. I grinned and nodded as he began to towel me dry for the second time that day.

“Do you have to get back now?” I asked him.

“No, I don’t have to be anywhere.”

“What about work?” I asked.

He said he would stay with me for the rest of the week while my wife was away if I wanted him too.

I did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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