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Please note, this is a true story. However, I’ve changed the names, ages, occupations and places to protect the other person’s privacy. I have no shame so enjoy, LOL.

Group Activities – Jin & Shay

When women have a successful double penetration, they’ll always want it again.

It was warm Monday night outside in Beverly Hills. But inside my hotel suite it was scorching hot. My buddy Jin and I had our cocks fully inserted into this person we met earlier this evening. Shay was a dark haired sexy Hungarian lady. At about 5’6, long hair down to her lower back with a perky 32C chest and a tight little booty.

Here’s how we got into this position. Jin who was managing at this hotel called me up and told me about this huge European group in town this week for an event. He said during check in there was so many woman who checked in without wedding rings and were staying in a room by themselves. He quickly comped me a room and told me to get my ass down there asap.

At first I told him no because I was actually on a date when he called. However, as fate would have it my date turned out to be boring me to sleep at dinner. She was a nice lady and all but there was no chemistry. After dinner I drove her home and not wanting my night to go to waste I dialed Jin back. Fortunately, he had not just a room but a very nice luxury suite available.

When I arrived to the hotel at about 930pm, he had me wait for him in the bar. Jin was a few years older at 28 than me. We met several years back because of an ex and stayed friends long after. He stood about an inch taller and he had a slightly bigger build. Both of us were considered attractive and did well with women although neither of us were what you would consider hot.

While in the bar, I noticed there was a bunch of people here. The ladies outnumbered the men 2 to 1. Just walking through the bar I could hear several different accents. None of them I could understand despite fluently speaking 2 major languages and understanding a 3rd pretty well at the time. Heck there was a British trio speaking their version of English and I couldn’t understand a damn word they were saying.

Shortly after I was scanning the bar area Jin arrived. As we were talking we definitely gave off the vibe we knew each other well as we were hanging out. He had taken off his name tag but was technically not off work yet. About 10 minutes later a woman approached us. She introduced herself as Shay.

She was in her mid-30’s and about 10 years older than us. Shay was wearing this white button up blouse, black pants and a black jacket. She had on nude color stockings and a 1 inch heel. We all chatted, flirted and ordered some beverages for a bit. Her English was passable but her body language was obvious. The simple hand placements on both of us. The laughing and moving closer so our bodies would glance against each other for a quick moment. The shoulder lean into us as she stood directly between us.

It was obvious she was flirting with both of us. I don’t know how many she had to drink before she approached us but you could tell she was a little lit. And you could tell she was up for more than just idle talk in a language that wasn’t her strong suit. Not long into the flirting Jin got a call and had to run back to work. But before he left she asked, “Will we see you later?”

Jin looked at me and we both knew what that meant. He gave a thumbs up and made his way back toward the front desk. That’s when I blatantly said, “I have a upper level suite with a nice view, would you like to see it?” Shay smiled and nodded. Then we made our way to the elevator.

While in the elevator Shay moved closer to me and whispers, “Will your friend be back to join us tonight?”

“If you want him to, I’ll make sure he joins us all night.” I said with a naughty yet obvious agenda.

She leans in and kisses me in a very teasing yet I want to fuck sort of way. She moved in with her lips targeting mine and they were connecting for a few seconds before she pulls back. Then again this time with her hands moving to my rear and squeezing my ass. The elevator stops and we reach our floor. As we move quickly down the hall way she says in a sexy way with her European accent, “Call your friend, tell him to bring some champagne and hurry”.

Being direct can sometimes be so hot and other times the innuendos of what may happen is just as hot. In this case we both knew she wanted Jin and I to fuck her. This lady was in her mid-30’s and was very sure of herself. She knew what she wanted and was determined to get it. Damn, I fucking love older women.

As we get into the room she heads to the bathroom and I call Jin. When he hears what I have to say you can tell the excitement in his voice. As a hotel employee they have rules of not being allowed in the guests’ room without valid reasons. Plus they are especially not supposed to comp their friends a thousand dollar suite then leave work while supposedly on duty to engage in an illicit threesome. What a naughty naughty gaziantep jigolo employee and bad example as a manager he was, ha ha. But hey sometimes you have to live in the moment.

As we hang up, I see Shay slowly and seductively walking toward me. My eyes are in heaven before my body as what she’s wearing comes into full view. She kept on her nude stockings without her panties on, showing off her landing strip. Shay had that perky 32C chest in a push up bra with small yet erect nipples. They were pointing at me like my “missile” had gotten hard and started to point at her. Those nipples were screaming to be tasted.

I dropped my phone and barely mouthed, “Jin is on his way.”

“Well what are we going to do before he gets here.” She replies in a seductive voice.

I quickly move right to her and begin kissing her. She pushes me off in a playful way. Almost egging me on to come at her again. So I did then she pushes me off and this time moves to the window. While she looks out to enjoy the view, I move behind her and kiss her neck. I move my hands around her sexy body and onto her breasts.

“Stop!” All of a sudden she says.

I was surprised but I did as she requested. It wasn’t a playful I’m saying stop but continue way. It was a I literally want you to stop. Which took me by surprise. I had to ask her as I was now confused, “Is everything ok?”

“I picked you guys in the bar for reason. I like my men a certain way.” She speaks with that accent of hers.

“What way is that?” I ask with a curious and excited look on my face.

“2, I enjoy having 2 men inside me at one time. And you guys seem like you were close, maybe even close enough to share a woman in threesome.” She responds confidently. Like she had us pegged for her playthings.

Granted before tonight we never did the group thing together but both of us had experience in group activities. After tonight though, we’d be in several more situations like this together. Plus fresh off my time with the private swingers group the past year, where my body spent so much time with and my mind learned so much from. I had no hesitation about tonight. I give her a confident smile to assure her I’m good with what she wants.

She turns to me then pushes me down onto a chair. Her left hand pulls my face to her left breast. I know what she wants and I want it also. My lips wrap around that very aroused nipple. I gently start to suck on it. Simultaneously, I move my hands up her stockings.

Shay lets out a small moan with my lips pleasuring her nipple. Then as my left hand brushes her aroused clit, she let out an even bigger moan. I am simultaneously sucking on her left nipple while my left hand is going back and out on the exterior of her front entrance. I look at her and can see that she is enjoying this. Shay’s eyes are closed as she starts to lose herself in the pleasure she’s receiving.

“In.” She weakly says.

“What.” I reply back.

“In, put a finger in.” She responds with a stronger tone.

I understand what she wants. A finger to enter her and enhance the level of pleasure she is currently receiving. But I do not oblige. I pick up the pace teasing her front opening and not actually fully entering. Back and forth I go, making her want it more. Making her more turned on and frustrated at the same time.

Not happy with my teasing she takes matters into her own hands. Shay pulls me off her nipple and demands I finger her now. I stand up and push her up against the wall. With one firm smack, I spank her pussy. Then again and again. Her facial expressions are a mix of pleasure and aggression. She pulls me in and starts to kiss me with fury.

After a few moments of kissing I give her what she wants. I insert 2 fingers into her. Shay’s pussy was so wet and throbbing. I start to finger fuck Shay. Her kissing becomes more erratic yet more passionate. Out of nowhere a voice interjects with a comment of, “Room for 1 more.” We both were so enveloped into it we didn’t hear Jin come in. Let alone be completely stripped naked.

We both stop kissing and look over at him. His right hand was moving over his hard cock. I pull Shay to her knees and move her head to his cock. While she is sucking his cock, I start to undress. My cock is also fully erect and now visible for all to see. I pull her head off his cock and onto mine. After a few sucks, she begins to go back and forth between our cocks. Alternating between giving us both some really good sucking action.

Jin high fives me and we both have big smiles on our faces. This lady wanted both of us and now she was going to get it. She goes on sucking us for a few minutes before she pulls off. Shay starts walking to the bed. She stops to grab some lube out of her purse. Then she climbs onto the bed, getting on all fours and waves us over.

Jin moves to the front side as he wants to get sucked some more. I move towards her ass, that tight little booty was calling my name to eat it. As my jigolo gaziantep tongue begins to lick her asshole Jin starts to face fuck this sexy Hungarian lady. I love eating ass and she was so clean back there. What a perfect match.

I slide my fingers back into her pussy while still eating her ass. I wanted to pleasure her and get my fingers nice and wet so I could finger the hole I was licking. From her earlier comment of wanting 2 men inside her at once, I knew we were going to double penetrate her. Jin was about 1/2 an inch thicker and longer then my 6 inch cock. I planned on fucking her ass first.

Shay has this tight little booty that I was eager to get inside. I’m guessing since she didn’t have condoms she was clean back there. Going from anal to vaginal is generally not a good thing especially if it’s spontaneous unless you’ve prepped for it. Just eating her ass I can tell she was pretty clean but you never know until you’re in there. Did she clean herself out prior to going to the bar knowing that she’d pick up 2 guys to fuck her tonight. Hmmmm……

Well I guess that’s a yes. I slide in one finger in her asshole, as its going in and out not only is it clean but she’s also bucking back at my finger. Shay pulls off Jun’s cock, looks over her shoulder and tells me to put in 2 more fingers. I grab the lube and get all 3 nice and wet. She took my first finger with ease and as I slide in 2 more fingers there isn’t much resistance. As 3 of my fingers are fucking her now, I wonder if she had a large toy up there earlier to prep for something larger than a finger visiting her back door.

With my left hand I move 2 fingers into her pussy and now have her double penetrated with my fingers. And this really got her juices flowing. Shay is going wild, furiously sucking on Jin’s cock. I don’t know how he hasn’t blown his load yet. Her mouth has some serious skills. And simultaneously she continues to push her hips back at me.

I pull my hand out of her pussy, reach back and give her one hard smack. Her arousal was so high from all the foreplay physical and verbal that she just gushed onto the bed. She came with more of a random splatter them stream or big splash. The more I kept spanking her pussy the more her juices were unloading onto the bed. She took her mouth off Jin’s cock and had me pull my fingers out to catch her breath for a moment.

As she’s catching her breath I told Jin to lay on the bed. I was going to have her mount him first then I was going to fill her ass up with my cock. Shay signals she’s ready to go. I help her climb onto Jin’s cock as her legs are a little weak from her orgasm. She leans forward with her hands on his chest. Using her hands to push off his chest, she begins to move at an angle up and down on his shaft while I begin lubing mine. Once she’s gotten into her groove she really let it all go.

She looks at me while she starts to energetically fuck the hell out of Jin and unleashes, “You like watching me fuck your friend………..Oh, I can tell you get turned on watching me fuck him.”

Her English was shaky at times but she was clearly able to communicate her desires. I only nod in agreement and start to move toward her asshole. I was headed for her rear entrance but she had other ideas. She stops me and says, “No, no, not yet. You have to watch first. Watch how happy I make your friend.”

Her hips are doing wonders on Jin as he moans out, “Oh my god, her pussy is incredible. She is fucking amazing, amazing.” He barely can make out the words. I know he’s had a bunch of sexual partners before. But if I recall most if not all of them have been more tame and nowhere near as wild as Shay. What in the world is her pussy doing to him and was I determined to get into the wrong hole?

“Who owns your dick, who!” Shay screams at Jin. “Answer me or I’ll stop.” She yells again.

“You do, oh my god you do.” Jin responds like he’s under her spell.

This whole scene is crazy hot. I’m jerking myself at the sight and sounds of Shay fucking the life out of Jin. Heck what the hell was I about to be in for I thought to myself. This woman was so commanding and exerting her control now. My body was beginning to be further entranced by her siren spell. I would’ve done anything to penetrate her at that moment.

She looks up at me and asks, “Do you want to fuck me?”

“Hell yes!” Was my response.

“Are sure? Think you can handle me? Your friend is getting weaker under me now. He can barely hold on. I own him. I own his dick. Don’t I, don’t I own your dick?” She emphatically states.

Jin can only nod his head in agreement. He can barely hold back. I think he’s about to cum and by the looks of things cum hard. But he’s trying to hold on. In hindsight we probably didn’t know what we were getting into at first with this sexy Hungarian cougar. But what she didn’t know was she wasn’t my first cougar and I was game.

I grab her face, look her deep into her eyes with a powerful look. gaziantep escort I say to her, “I know when I had my fingers in your ass and pussy you were in heaven. Tell me how you want to be fucked and I will do it for you. Tonight we are here to pleasure you.” It was obvious to me that she wanted to be in control and we had to know who the boss was. Some cougars like to attack their prey by reeling you in with a softer touch then eat you alive while others want to swallow you whole the moment they see you.

Shay firmly says to me, “Put your dick in my ass now! Do not disappoint me.” The moment she said that, I was quickly behind her. My cock at her rear entrance and she had stopped rocking Jin’s world for the moment. She had him move his hands upward and fondle her breasts. This woman knew how to maximize her pleasure, no doubt!

The extremely aroused mushroom head of my cock is entering her hole. Moving slowly passed her sphincter, followed by more of my shaft. I was going in slow until she said, “Push all the way in, I can take handle.” Fuck it, do as the lady wants. And so with one thrust I got all the way in. She definitely was prepped for this.

Once fully inside, we were to get more instructions. And wow did she feel amazing back there, even though my hard as hell cock went in without much trouble. She quickly squeezed and tightened down back there. I could also feel through the skin Jin’s cock which is typical in these situations. His legs were squeezed together while mine was spread open and directly behind hers.

While looking back and forth at us she orders, “Taylor push up with your hips at the same time he pushes. Jin keep squeezing my boobs. Taylor pull my hair back hard and hold my head in the same place. When you fuck me, do not be gentle. You must be hard and strong. This isn’t making love just fuck me, understand!”

No words were needed from either of us. We both start our actions. I grab a hand full of her long hair then twirl it in my hand and pull her head back. I saw a grin/smile of approval. Jin was squeezing her breasts. The hard part is getting in to a good rhythm and thrusting together.

Shay was in a mood to get pounded and pounded hard so it was easier to work the movements together. After a few tries, we fucking had the rhythm down. One smart and experienced thing Shay did was not drop all her weight on him and lift up a little so he had more room to thrust upward. Which in turn enhances everyone’s pleasure. Not her first rodeo.

Jin and I were so invigorated to pound her holes and we didn’t disappoint. I relentlessly fucked her asshole with powerful thrust after powerful thrust. Holding her hair back also helped give me some extra leverage. But she was the one enjoying this the most. She was in pure ecstasy with so many parts of her body being pleasured and stimulated at the same time.

“Yes, yes, more, more I want more.” She calls out along with her screams of pleasure. “Fuck me, fuck me, yes, yes. You both are fucking me so good. Please more, more. I want more.

“You like that, you like getting fucked by 2 men?” I yell back at her.

She responds with more yelling and moaning, “I love, love, oh yes, fuck me more please. Oh oh oh oh, yes yes yes, thank you thank you……… not stop, no stop, keep, yes yes oh god yes.” Then she screamed out something harsh in Hungarian. It felt like she was say something along the lines of “I’m cumming you fuckers oh my god I’m cumming.” But that’s just my take because she did have an intense orgasm right there and her body was shaking for a bit then went limp.

Of course with all that shaking Jin finally blew his load and I swear he cried when he came. He also must have had a helluva orgasm. I mean with all the stimulation who could blame him. And it was quite intense watching it let alone feeling it. As her body sat back down full onto Jin I continued on fucking her. This time I let go of her hair and she laid on Jin’s chest.

In this position I was able to reposition us a bit. That way since her was no longer inside her I can get an even better position for anal. By maneuvering open Jin’s legs wide then moving her legs straight while still inside her. I got a tighter squeeze on my cock and I continued to pound away. And her hole felt great already but now I it was at a next level of pleasure.

As I’m pounding her my words start to get her going again, “You like me fucking your ass hard and owning your asshole.”

“Yes, yes baby fuck me.” she responds weakly.

Now I give her a taste of her own moves, “Who owns your asshole, WHO!” As I’m saying this I give one violent thrust after another into her.

“You do.” again she weakly responds.

“Louder, louder who owns your asshole?” I yell at her.

“YOU, YOU DO.” She screams back at me as I’m pummeling her asshole.

I grab her hair again and yank her head back, “Is this how you want to be fucked and used by 2 men.”

“Yes, oh yes, give it to me hard.” she says.

I instruct Jin to pinch her nipples as I continue to roughly pound her asshole. I can’t hold back much longer myself. The explosion hits and even I was surprised how much came out of me. My hips continue on pumping and I swear my hose was on overdrive. I must have lost a gallon of fluids from the cum I deposited into her asshole and the sweat dripping from my body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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