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The guardian angel Galen looked down upon the young boy of only 18 as he did everyday. He watched as the boy cried himself to sleep once more. Galen’s job as his guardian angel was to keep evil spirits and demons away from the boy and do his best to steer him in the right direction. He was however, powerless when it came to the vicious trials of highschool.

Being just less than 5′ Quinn was very small for his age. He was very skinny as well and wore thick glasses; he had floppy brown hair and sea blue eyes; though not a lot of people got to see those lovely eyes due to his thick glasses. When Quinn was just 8 he was in a terrible car accident which left his mother dead and him in a 4 week coma. The car accident caused him some brain damage and when he had come out of the coma he had to learn to speak again and when he did learn, he was left with a terrible stutter which he still carried today.

Quinn was very shy and kept to himself, after the accident his father kept him in a sheltered life and homeschooled him until high school. Quinn thought that he would be able to just keep to himself and stick to his studies, but unfortunately he became the target for all of the other students. He was picked on nearly every day of his high school life. He was made fun of because of his height, his glasses and most of all, his stutter. He’d lost count how many times people quoted Adam Sandler’s line in Billy Madison “T-t-t-t-today jr.!”

In grade 11 the taunting became more sexual. This was because he had to take gym in order to graduate, and after gym the class had to hit the showers. The first gym class when he had to go to the showers he tried to hide from the other boys but it was as if they had their sights set on humiliating the poor boy. One of the bigger boys eventually caught a glimpse at Quinn’s less than average sized penis and cracked a joke to one of the other guys. Eventually everyone just added that to their list of things to tease him about.

Being Quinn’s guardian angel, Galen had to watch his beloved Quinn go through all of this. When Quinn was 15 Galen had gained permission from the archangel in charge to enter Quinn’s dreams and soothe him that way. Every night from then on Galen would enter Quinn’s dreams and listen to his soul cry and do his best to comfort him. It had worked for awhile; he would care for Quinn and show him love, of course Quinn would remember none of this when he awoke, he would just feel as if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. But after awhile even that had stopped helping;

The angel continued to enter the boy’s dreams though, but for about a year now he’d been showing Quinn a different kind of love. Instead of showing him the sort of love you would to your own child, he showed him the kind of love you would a lover, and these dreams Quinn DID remember. Galen had given Quinn the most memorable wet dreams he’d ever had.

At first Quinn had felt a bit guilty about thinking these sorts of things, he always knew he was different and that he liked guys but never wanted to admit it to himself for fear someone would find out and that would just add to the list of things people tormented him with. But as he kept getting these dreams he felt comforted, his dream lover was always gentle and loving and he’d never felt so loved before, but it saddened him that these were only dreams, and therefore not real.

Galen knew immediately when Quinn was asleep, and just as he had done since the boy was 15 years old he entered his dreams.


Quinn woke up the next morning to the sound of his alarm clock reminding him that it was time to wake up or he would be late for school. Quinn was sweating all over and as he got out of bed he realized that his underwear was soaking wet. Right away he remembered the dream he had had last night, and so many nights before that. He blushed as he undressed and threw his underwear and pyjama pants into the dirty hamper, hoping that when his dad did the laundry that he wouldn’t notice all of his soiled underwear. Quinn put on his glasses, got dressed and went out to the kitchen for some breakfast.

“Hey Quinn, how’d you sleep last night?” Jackson asked gently, so as not to startle his son.

“F-f-f-fine d-dad.” Quinn stammered as he turned into the kitchen to see his father preparing some breakfast for them.

“You sure? I thought I heard you moaning last night, thought you might’ve been having a bad dream or something.” Jackson said, knowing full well his son was having a wet dream, but not wanting to embarrass him. He also knew that Quinn had been dreaming about a man, now that had been a surprise to him when he heard Quinn calling out a man’s name, he didn’t quite catch the name but it sounded something like ‘Glen’. But unlike some father’s, Jackson was quite alright with his son being gay, all he wanted was for his son to be able to talk to him about it, he knew it was bad for him to keep it all bottled up inside and have no one to talk to but Jackson also wasn’t sure how to approach him about it, he figured in time when Quinn was ready, he’d come kocaeli escort to him.

Jackson didn’t miss Quinn’s eyes go wide upon hearing that he was moaning in his sleep. Quinn never knew he made sounds while asleep. Now he was worried about what else he may have said or what he may say in the future.

“N-n-no bad dreams d-dad, e-e-everyth-thing i-i-is f-f-f-fine.” Quinn told his father while managing a week smile.

“Ok bud, well here is your egg sandwich, eat up and I’ll take you to school.” Jackson said smiling at his son. He knew that his son was bullied in school and if it were up to him he’d still be homeschooling him, but the promotion at work unfortunately had him traveling a lot now. He was tempted to turn it down to stay with Quinn but they really needed the money. He’d tried several times to get the school involved with the problems Quinn was having, but they couldn’t do anything if Quinn didn’t tell them what was happening, and Quinn simply had no intentions of talking about it. “Quinn, I won’t be here when you get back home today after school, I have to go on a business meeting in New York, I’ll be back sometime next week. I’ll call every night to check up on you and if something is wrong don’t you dare hesitate to call me, I swear I’ll be on the first flight home. I just bought groceries so there is plenty of food for you, I’ll leave some money in case you feel like going out or ordering some pizza or something.” He told Quinn before bending down and giving Quinn a kiss on the forehead, he didn’t care how old his son was, he was never too old to get a kiss from his old man


“O-ok d-dad.” Quinn looked up nodding, visibly unhappy his father had to leave. His father was really the only one Quinn got to interact with without being teased or beaten up and now that he was leaving Quinn was going to be even lonelier than he already was.

“Alright Quinn, time to go or you’re going to be late for school!” Jackson said, also unhappy about the fact that he was leaving Quinn.


Galen was ecstatic, he had just had a meeting with the archangel council and pleaded his case regarding Quinn and why he should have permission to enter the boy’s life and he won! Sure, there have been plenty of angels to enter the lives of the human’s under their care, but in those situations the human didn’t know it was their angel and said angel only entered for a short period of time to give them a nudge in the right direction and then went back to watching them from above. Galen had just been granted permission to enter Quinn’s life for the rest of his natural life. And not only that, Quinn was going to KNOW that Galen is his guardian angel, and should Quinn accept it Galen will take him under his wing and love and cherish the boy he’d grown so fond of. There have been very few angels that have been able to do this and now Galen was going to be among them, the only way you are granted this is if it is feared that the human is at risk of taking his or her life, and that was a definite concern with Quinn. Now all Galen had to do was figure out how and when he was going to enter the boy’s life.


Quinn went through most of the day just trying to avoid the group of boys that usually bullied him, which today wasn’t all that hard as the leader of their little gang wasn’t there today, but Quinn was sure one of them would do something if they seen him. And unfortunately he was right, although it wasn’t until last period in world religions class. Ryan Ekert – one of the boys that picked on him – was in that class as well.

Mrs. Walsh was teaching her students about Hinduism when she looked over at Quinn. She always had a soft spot for him, he was a very smart boy but so very shy, and she knew a lot of the boys gave him a hard time. “Can anybody tell me what Moksha is? Quinn? How about you answer that for us.” She said looking at Quinn. She knew he hated it when she picked him, he didn’t like to talk in front of people due to his stutter but she wanted to give him the mark he deserved because he was very smart, but unfortunately class participation was part of that mark and to give it to him she needed him to participate.

“M-m-moksha i-i-is l-liberation f-f-from th-th-th-the c-c-cycle o-o-of d-death a-a-and r-r-rebirth” Quinn stammered wishing she hadn’t picked him.

“Thank you Quinn, and you are correct.” She said giving him a smile.

About midway through class, Jamie Morsen – the football captain – got up to sharpen his pencil. Now the class pencil sharpener was right in front of Quinn’s desk and because of this, Jamie’s jean clad ass was right in front of Quinn. Quinn couldn’t help but think about how muscular he must be, and then his thoughts went back to his dream lover and HIS muscular ass, the feel of it beneath Quinn’s hands, how smooth it was to feel. He’d never gotten to get a look at his dream lover’s face as all of the dreams he’d had it was dark and he couldn’t see his lover – just feel him. He imagined Jamie as his dream lover; and like most young men, Quinn’s cock was rather uncooperative, and to Quinn’s kocaeli escort bayan horror began to get hard. Luckily his lap was under his desk and no one would be able to see his tented pants unless they looked underneath his desk.

“Alright, Michelle I want you to put the answers to question 1 on the board, Ryan you do 2 and Suzy you can do number 3.” Mrs. Walsh said referring to the homework from the night before.

Ryan walked past Quinn pretending to trip and fall into Quinn which caused Quinn to drop his pencil onto the floor. Forgetting his erection for a moment he got up to retrieve his pencil knowing full well that Ryan wouldn’t pick it up for him. Ryan immediately noticed the tenting in Quinn’s pants and burst out laughing causing the rest of the class to look up from what they were doing. At first Quinn didn’t realize what it was they were laughing at until he remembered his erection, he truly wished he could just crawl into a hole and hide there.

“Quinn! I knew you liked me, but not that much!” He said pointing to Quinn’s crotch so everyone in the classes attention was focused on the tenting.

Quinn felt tears well up behind his eyes as he heard the rest of the class snickering and whispering to the people beside them. He was about to run out of the class when Mrs. Walsh came by to see what the problem was.

“What is going on here?!” Mrs. Walsh asked not noticing Quinn’s pants though positive Ryan was harassing him.

“Mrs. Walsh I was just walking by Quinn when I stumbled onto him, he seemed to think I was coming onto him as he popped a boner!” Ryan said causing the entire class to erupt in laughter.

Quinn couldn’t take anymore and ran past them outside of the classroom not bothering to grab his book bag. He was no longer worried about people seeing his erection because his cock had deflated due to his pure humiliation. Quinn ran most of the way home but stopped when he was out of breath, he decided to take a bus the rest of the way. When he got home he ran straight to his room and dove into his bed and began to cry, if he hadn’t hated his life before he definitely would’ve started to in this moment.


Galen had to watch Quinn as he was humiliated; he felt anger towards the boy that caused such grief to his beloved Quinn. He watched as Quinn ran into his room and listened to him crying and knew that he would enter Quinn’s life.


Quinn was bawling by now, he wanted someone to love him, someone to hold him while he cried. He wanted his dream lover even though he knew he wasn’t real. He just needed someone to be there for him in this moment.

/Shh my love, things will get better/

Quinn looked up expecting someone to be there watching him but saw no one. He could’ve sworn he heard someone tell him things would get better. “H-h-hello, i-i-i-is a-a-n-nybody th-there?” Quinn called out between sobs. When nobody answered he assumed it was his imagination and continued crying.

/I am here, and there is no need to be afraid/

Quinn jumped when he heard that voice again, the weird part was that the voice seemed to make him feel better, it was filled with so much love but then he realized he wasn’t hearing this voice from somewhere in the house, he was hearing it in his head. He started to cry more thinking he was going crazy.

/I am not a part of your imagination Quinn, I am real and I am here for you/

“Wh-who a-a-are y-y-you? W-w-why c-c-c-can’t I s-s-see y-you?” Quinn stammered, positive he was losing it.

/I have been watching you since the day you were conceived Quinn, My name is Galen and I am your guardian angel Quinn. I will materialize if you’d like. Would you like that Quinn?/

Now Quinn had no doubts that he was crazy which only gave him more reason to hate his life. He wanted to ignore this voice and end his misery but something about this voice was familiar, he was sure he’d heard it before but couldn’t place it, and on top of that he was just plain curious. So at a loss of words he simply nodded his answer to this voice that claimed to be his angel wondering what would happen.

/I will materialize then Quinn, and please do not be afraid, I will not harm you/

Quinn watched as a light so bright appeared that he had to cover his eyes, he couldn’t believe that something actually happened. He was afraid to take his arm away from his eyes even as the bright light was gone, he was afraid of what he’d see.

Galan stood in Quinn’s room watching the boy cower to the front of his bed with his arm covering his eyes, he was visibly shaking and it pained Galen to see him so afraid.

“It is okay Quinn, no harm will come to you, and I promise this. You may unshield your eyes when you’re ready, I’ll be here when you do.” Galen said as softly as he could, not wanting to scare the boy any more than he was.

Quinn quickly realized that this time the voice wasn’t coming from inside his head; he started to slowly lower his arm from his face to gaze upon the man claiming to be his guardian angel. He gasped in surprise as he looked izmit escort at the man in his room, he was absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous. He had these large beautiful white wings that looked so very soft to touch. He had short blonde hair and blue eyes, he was naked from the waist up and he was very muscular and tanned, his nipples were big and dark. The only thing he was wearing was a piece of cloth to cover his privates and butt and that only came down to the middle of his thighs – which were also very muscular along with the rest of his legs. He had a gentle expression on his face and Quinn felt himself instantly go hard. When Quinn felt his cock harden he tried desperately to hide it, not wanting to anger the beautiful angel in front of him.

Galen didn’t have to see Quinn’s tented pants to know he was aroused, they had a strong bond and he could sense every feeling Quinn had. He watched as Quinn pulled his knees up to his chest in an attempt to hide it not realizing that the angel could read his thoughts. He smiled to himself wanting desperately to make love to Quinn for real instead of just in his dreams, but he knew this had to be taken slow and he was willing to go as slow as he needed with Quinn.

“It’s okay Quinn, there is no need to be embarrassed, my love.” He said softly as he walked over and sat beside Quinn on the bed.

“Y-y-you’re n-n-not m-mad?” Quinn asked then, a little surprised when he felt the angel wrap his arm around him and pull him in close, he could feel the angel’s soft wing wrap around him as well. He felt at ease right away although his raging hard on didn’t go down, in fact he could swear it got harder as the angel got closer to him.

“No, I am not mad Quinn, I could never be angry with you. Your response is normal Quinn, after all… I have been the one in your dreams.” Galen said while pulling the boy onto his lap. He smiled down at Quinn as the boy looked up in shock at his last statement.

Quinn couldn’t believe that this was the man from his dreams! This is the man he’d been fantasizing about for the past year, the one who was so tender and gentle with him. “Y-y-y-y-you? W-w-w-why?” He stammered, not knowing what to say, he of course was overjoyed that this was his dream lover but was confused as to why such a beautiful man would want anything to do with him.

“I love you, Quinn that is why. I watched you every day and you needed someone to cherish you, and I wanted to be that person. So I started to enter your dreams, and I am very glad I did as our bond only grew stronger as did my love for you.” Galen replied while tenderly stroking his hand through Quinn’s hair. He wrapped both his wings around the boy and hugged him close. He showered Quinn with gentle kisses along his face, forehead and cheeks.

Quinn couldn’t say anything for fear of breaking down in tears due to the knot in his throat, he’d never had anyone handle him so gently and lovingly. He closed his eyes and savoured the feel of Galen kissing him all along his face getting closer and closer to his lips. Oh, how he desperately wanted Galen to kiss his lips, it would be his first kiss and he wanted that with Galen. And then he felt brush his lips against his own in a gentle kiss, Quinn immediately puckered his lips to kiss back.

That was all Galen needed as he began to slowly deepen the kiss. He kissed Quinn lovingly and traced his tongue along Quinn’s lips; in response Quinn opened his mouth allowing Galen entry. Galen tasted every part of Quinn’s mouth loving the taste, oh how he loved this boy so very much. He was caressing Quinn all over starting with his chest; he gently tweaked Quinn’s nipples through his T-shirt delighting in the soft whimpers he elicited from Quinn. He continued his way down to Quinn’s stomach and caressed him there, he knew Quinn’s was very hard and he didn’t have to feel his hardness or look down to know, he could sense it through their bond. Galen decided to completely avoid Quinn’s erection and massage his right thigh instead loving the way Quinn was gasping and whimpering due to his ministrations.

Quinn moaned as Galen continued his assault on his thigh, the was Galen was massaging and tickling his inner thigh felt amazing and it only served to make him more horny then he already was – if that was possible. Quinn was unconsciously rocking his hips upwards hoping that Galen would touch him where he so desperately wanted to be touched. To Quinn’s disappointment Galen stopped kissing him and he wondered if he did something wrong. Galen stared at him in the eyes and Quinn could see nothing but pure love in them, something he’d wanted for a very long time. Galen’s hand was getting closer and closer to his throbbing erection when suddenly it stopped causing Quinn to whimper in disappointment. Galen simply smiled lovingly at the boy.

“I love you so very much Quinn, that is something you must know, and along with my love for you comes patience meaning that I will do nothing you are not ready for, and if you say you are ready for something simply because you wish to please me but I sense that you aren’t ready for it or simply just don’t want to I will stop, I want you to understand this because I don’t want you to be afraid to tell me ‘no’, Ok?” Galen said, looking down at Quinn with so much love in his heart.

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