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Alice White

Anonymous said: Love your stories! Can you write one about a fit gym teacher who goes from being totally drug-free to a drugged up slut and loves it? She’s been stressing out about trying to have a baby and tries to get weed from a former student to calm down. He’s always wanted to fuck her, takes advantage and turns her onto cocaine and whatever else until she’s down to fuck anyone as long as they cum in her pussy and help her get knocked up.


I looked at the pregnancy test, waiting for the timer I had set to go off. I had done so many fucking pregnancy tests by then that I had lost all hope. None of the potential sperm donors I had chosen from online had done the trick. I was getting older and my baby clock was ticking faster and faster. I wanted to be a mother but I wasn’t ready to be tied down to one man for the rest of my life. I was too young for that but much too old to be wasting my proper birthing years. The urge to have a child had been pushing me to crazy lengths and I had been trying my best to cope with them.

The timer went off and I smiled as the result I had been waiting for finally registered on the tiny screen. “YES!” it said, and of course, I knew what that meant! I was finally fucking pregnant! I let out a loud scream and then clamped my own hand over my mouth because I was in the restroom right in the middle of the gym, where my students were waiting for me to begin class. My favorite student, Edwin was waiting for me when I opened the door. I gave him a thumbs-up as we had discussed, to let him know that I was pregnant.

He instantly smiled and gave me a thumbs-up back. I had no idea if he was the father or not, and he had no idea either. That was the point of it all. Edwin had simply been helping me get pregnant by giving me helpful suggestions that would allow me to get what I wanted. He had turned me into a slutty bimbo of a teacher and I had fucked so many students that I was constantly worried about losing my job. It would have all been worth it if it weren’t for this new life that was growing inside of me. I had wanted to get pregnant, but now that I was, I wasn’t quite sure how I had let things get so out of hand.

I wasn’t always the stupid bimbo wreck that I am today. In fact, the first four years of my teaching career at the community college was uneventful. I kept a healthy distance from my students and they kept a healthy distance from me. Then Edwin Waller came along and changed everything about my life until I could barely recognize my own self when I looked in the mirror.

I taught a few sections of a class called Health and Fitness, which combined learning about how to eat healthfully and exercise safely with actual workouts in the gym. This class was filled with mostly women who wanted to be nutritionists and a handful of men and women who were taking it to fulfill a graduation requirement. Edwin was in my Tuesday/Thursday class and he made himself known right away.

“Teacher! Teacher!” he shouted out as he raised his hand to ask yet another question. His dark hair was styled in a crew cut and it was obvious that he already worked out by his physique. I hadn’t been attracted to him at first, but over time he started to grow on me.

“Yes, Edwin?” I called on him. He heckled me a bit each class, asking me questions that were growing increasingly inappropriate.

“Are the workouts you make us do the same workouts you personally do to maintain that amazing body?” he asked with a calculated smirk. He knew he was getting under my skin but I tried my best not to give any outward indications that the other students might pick up on.

“No, the workouts I offer you guys in this class are pretty basic. I definitely do a more difficult routine,” I explained.

“Can you show us your workouts?” he asked.

“Maybe sometime after class,” I answered and then went on with the class, not imagining what was about to happen afterward. As the students filed out of the classroom, Edwin made his way up to the front where I was saying goodbye to each student as they left.

“Teacher, I need to speak with you about something I heard,” Edwin was always smirking at me and I knew why. I knew what he wanted from me but I had no intention of giving it to him. I wasn’t into fucking my students or getting fired from my job. I was into working hard and seeing the results. That’s why I loved the gym and working out so much. If I put hard work in, I got results.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“I heard that smoking pot actually helps you get more muscle definition as long as you don’t engage in the munchies. I’ve been trying it lately, but I can’t tell if it’s working. Can you tell me? Do I look more ripped now that I did at the beginning of the course?” He looked at me with an intensity that made me uncomfortable and I wasn’t expecting it when he pulled his shirt off and showed me his defined abs. “What do you think? Is it working?”

“Wow!” I exclaimed before I could think about it. Edwin’s body was ridiculously ripped and I felt a pang of longing that izmir escort I hadn’t felt since before my breakup with my fiance, Tony several years before. Sure, I’d fucked a few randoms from Swing Low Chat trying to get pregnant, but I was feeling something a bit more intense for Edwin.

“So do you think the pot is working?” he asked again.

My ears perked up as he said “pot.” I knew he meant marijuana. I hadn’t ever smoked that stuff but my anxiety over trying to get pregnant and failing miserably had me on edge. I needed something to take the pain away and I longed to have some of Edwin’s marijuana. Or maybe I just wanted an excuse to be alone with Edwin. Either way, I stepped outside of the boundaries as Edwin’s teacher and took a different role, one I couldn’t quite define.

“I think it is!” I finally answered him. “Wow. I wish I could smoke some so I could get more definition!” I exclaimed before I thought it through. Edwin didn’t need any encouragement, and yet here I was encouraging him. I felt something naughty inside of me awaken and I knew that I should stop it before it grew into something dangerous, but I didn’t really want to stop it. I wanted to have some fun.

“You know pot is legal now, professor.”

“Is it?”

“Yeah. This is Washington! Of course it is. I have some in my truck if you’re interested.”

“Oh no! I couldn’t!”

“Why not?”

“You’re my student!”

“So, I’m not going to tell anyone. Live a little, Miss Andrade.”

“Maybe I should.”

“Yeah, you’re young! You should live a little. Haven’t you tried pot before?” Edwin looked so interested in my answer and I found myself lying a bit to seem cooler than I was.

“I tried it once in high school but it made me feel tired.”

“Well if you get tired I have something that will wake you up, too!”

“You do?”

“Yeah, come on to my truck. It’s in the upper parking lot but we could use some cardio anyway, right? Gotta keep our hearts healthy.” Edwin was so convincing that I found myself following him up the hill to the upper parking lot and climbing up into his large, blue truck. He already had a joint rolled and he searched his pockets for a lighter while I trembled in the passenger seat.

I was starting to realize that what I was doing was wrong as he lit the joint and took a big puff before passing it to me. I took it gingerly between two fingers and brought it to my lips. That was the moment when my entire life changed forever. That first puff on that joint was the beginning of a whole new era, one which I am hesitant to share with you because it makes me look like the worst teacher in the world.

I was high after a few inhales of the joint, but Edwin insisted that I keep smoking until my eyelids were heavy and I felt like I was going to pass out. His hand moved to my knee first and then traveled up my leg until it was dangerously close to my pussy. I didn’t move away. I didn’t run screaming from the car and telling Edwin that what he was doing was wrong. Instead, I pushed my pussy out a little to indicate to him that what he was doing was okay.

Our eyes met and I could tell that he was feeling exactly the way that I was feeling. He turned toward me, leaning in until our lips met. At first, it felt strange to be kissing a student, but once the initial shock wore off I could tell that my pussy was responding in a very positive way. I hadn’t been this turned on in years and so I gave in to my lust and I kissed Edwin back. He paused to put the joint out on an old soda can that was lingering in his cup holder. His car was absolutely filthy but I tried not to think about that as his fingers slipped into my leggings and wriggled down until they found my pussy. He rubbed me with an expertise that I found fascinating for a guy so young. He couldn’t have been more than twenty-two, twelve years younger than me.

I reached for his cock and rubbed it through his athletic shorts. He was a bit sweaty from our class workout but I was sweaty too. I was shocked at how arousing his natural scent was. The marijuana made me extremely horny, so much so that I pulled my leggings off and threw them onto the messy floor of the passenger side.

“Damn! You’re sluttier than I thought!” Edwin cried with delight. “You want to fuck right here?” he asked.

“I want you to eat my pussy, Edwin. Come on down here between my legs.” I was so much more brazen under the influence of pot! I was shocked at my own behavior as I opened my legs for Edwin to lick and suck on my clit. I held back my screams, letting the pleasure simmer and explode silently inside of me as I did the unthinkable. I felt so wrong and that was what was getting me off about it. I couldn’t believe that I was finally letting go. That was when I had the horrible idea that changed everything.

“I came good, Edwin. Let’s fuck now!”

“Right here in the parking lot?” His eyes were wide and his mouth was open in shock. “You are the coolest teacher ever!”

“Thank you, Edwin. I want you to fuck me alsancak escort hard and fast.”

“Let me get a condom,” he reached for the glove box but I stopped him from opening it.

“No, Edwin. I want it raw and I want you to cum deep in my pussy for me. Can you do that?”

“Oh my God! You want me to cum in you?”

“Yeah, that’s what gets me off!” I explained. The truth was that I was after his cum. I now realized that I had a fertile, young man right in front of me that could fulfill my life goal of becoming a mom. He was using me for sex and I was using him for his sperm. It was a fair enough trade as far as I was concerned. Edwin climbed on top of me right there in the parking lot. I’d like to say that his truck had tinted windows or that it was dark outside, but neither of those things would be true. We fucked right there in the front seat of his truck in broad daylight, Edwin feverishly pumping away at my pussy until he dumped his load deep inside of me. I didn’t cum from the sex, but it didn’t matter. I could already be getting pregnant! I tried my best to keep all of his sperm up inside of me, tilting my pelvis up to hold it inside of me.

“What are you doing?” he asked suspiciously. “Sorry I came so fast!”

“No, Edwin. That was perfect. That was exactly what I needed. Thank you.”

“Wow, really? Can we do it again?”

“I have another class I have to go to but maybe later. I’m so tired from this marijuana, Edwin. Do you have anything that will wake me up?” I asked, not understanding what I was asking.

“Of course! Here,” he opened his glove box and pulled something out.

“What’s that?”

“It’ll help you perk up.” I watched as he created small, white lines of powder. I knew that it was cocaine because I’d read books about it, but I had never seen it in real life. He snorted a line and handed me a rolled-up dollar bill to snort the other line. I wasn’t thinking about the baby that could be growing inside of me already. I wasn’t even sure babies were made that fast anyway and I’d failed so many times. I snorted the line and changed the course of my life forever.

The cocaine had an effect on me that I hadn’t anticipated. It made me feel fucking amazing and it lowered my inhibitions and changed my thought process just enough for me to mastermind a stupid plan to get myself pregnant. I know it sounds ridiculous but at the time I wasn’t thinking clearly. The cocaine was clouding my vision and influencing everything I did. At the same time, I was now addicted to it. Edwin had realized that I would let him fuck me bareback whenever he wanted as long as he kept me supplied with marijuana and cocaine.

He fucked me constantly, so much so that I was no longer scared of fucking in the parking lot, in the gym bathroom, and even in the classroom sometimes when I was feeling extra ballsy. I took load after load of his cum and I didn’t even bother to check if I was pregnant. The drugs had derailed me from my goals that easily. It had only been three weeks of being hooked when I went along with Edwin’s newest stupid plan.

“If you like young guys nutting up in your pussy, I have some friends that want to fuck you too.”

“You do? Who are they? Do they go to school here?” I asked.

“Yeah, is that okay? Some of them are in our class,” he gave me a sly look and I wondered who he meant.

“Who?” I asked.

“Lester, Joey, and Miguel. Oh, and Jaime! They love Latina women with juicy butts.”

“You think I have a juicy butt?”

“Yeah. So are there ever people at the gym on Saturdays? Maybe we could meet up here?”

“That’s a bad idea. We could meet at my apartment or something,” I suggested.

“Wouldn’t it be way hotter here in the gym?”

“It would, but I don’t want to get in trouble and get fired.”

“Come on Leticia,” Edwin had switched to using my first name at some point, but I hadn’t corrected him. He was already too close. “I’ll give you more coke,” he added.

“Okay, I’ll do it!” I agreed and I felt an uneasiness in my gut that didn’t go away no matter how many drugs I did.

That Saturday I met Edwin and his friends at the gym. He was right that the college was mostly closed. I knew that there were some Saturday classes that were offered but the parking lot was fairly deserted and the gym was locked when I arrived with my keys. I keyed into the gym and turned on the lights. I was already high when Edwin arrived with even more cocaine. We snorted it in the gym bathroom so he wouldn’t have to share his drugs with anyone else. Edwin was stingy with his drugs with everyone but me, and I knew why. He liked fucking my pussy and he liked that I was his teacher.

“I’m getting an A in this class, right?” Edwin asked me as I snorted up the last of the coke he had laid out for me.

“Yeah, totally. An A+.”

“Perfect. The guys are here. I’m going to let them in. Why don’t you get naked…” he trailed off as he went to the door. I didn’t get naked right away. I took off my t-shirt and buca escort left my leggings and sports bra on. When I saw the guys coming I began to wiggle my ass at them, taunting them so that their stupid, little boy cocks would be hard and ready to dump their cum in me. I had forgotten why I even wanted cum in my pussy in the first place. I was so high and addicted to drugs that I was now addicted to being used as a sex object by my students. I was addicted to the warmth of their cum inside of me and the risk of what I was doing.

“Come on in, guys! I’m horny and I need to get fucked. I like it bareback and I love to feel you nut inside of me.” I stared each of the young men down, telling them with my eyes that it was okay, that I was a kinky slut that needed to be used.

“Wow, you’re so sexy,” Lester Guerrero said before he gave an obnoxious whistle, as if I was a hooker on the street.

“Fuck yeah, I want that pussy,” Joey Hidalgo added.

“I want that ass!” Miguel Torres said in a thick Spanish accent.

“No anal! I want all of your cum in my pussy. Jaime? Do you want to dump a load of cum in my pussy too?” My heart was pounding. I had definitely done too much cocaine and I could feel it coursing dangerously through my system as the guys got naked right there in the gym. I hadn’t thought about the possibility of cameras being in the gym, but it was a fairly old building and the college didn’t have a lot of money. I prayed to God to let me get away with this. After this, I would stop. After this, I would be a good teacher again and go back to not fucking my students. I told myself that as I opened my mouth and let a cock slip inside.

We started out with me on one of the benches, a guy on either end of me fucking my holes. They took turns fucking my pussy and I did my best to be accommodating. Their young cocks varied in length and size and their bodies were all a bit different, but each of them were sexy in their own way. Of course, I was so horny from the cocaine that I probably would have fucked anyone.

“I’m cumming in Ms. Andrade!” Miguel screamed.

“That’s right! Cum in my pussy!” I screamed back, excited beyond measure by the cocks in front of me. I gripped two of them, one in each hand and did my best to stroke them as I sucked on another and got fucked by another. I was taking multi-tasking to a new level and I seemed to have a ravenous sexual appetite. No matter how many orgasms I had, I needed more. No matter how many loads of cum I collected in my pussy, it wasn’t enough! I needed cock after cock to cum in me and I wasn’t going to be satisfied by this group, nor the next.

I was now a cum monster, my pussy soaking up their young cum like a filthy sponge. I had a sexual greed that I had never known was possible and I was so addicted to cocaine that I didn’t realize that it was the problem or that I even had a problem. Hours had passed and we had fucked on every piece of equipment that could bear my body weight. The guys were out of cum and exhausted. Even Edwin looked like he was completely drained of every last drop.

“You guys are done already?” I asked, hoping to taunt them into fucking me more.

“Leticia, it’s been almost six hours,” Edwin shook his head in disbelief. “It’s time to go home.” We walked the guys out and then Edwin walked me to my car.

“You were unbelievable today,” he said as he hugged me and then gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek. “I think you need to stop snorting so much cocaine, Leticia. You’re not even the same person anymore.”

“I know! I just fucked 5 guys in the gym!”

“Yeah, they are all your students! Aren’t you afraid of getting fired?”

“Yeah, but I guess if I do, then I do. It was worth it. That was some of the best sex of my life!”

“Okay. Well, promise me you’ll go home and get some sleep.”

“Okay, I will,” I lied.

“Goodnight, Leticia! You’re a real slut,” he gave me a hug and I knew that he meant the slut comment as a compliment. I got in my car and drove to the nearest bar. I wasn’t done fucking. I walked into the joint, looking around for more dick. I saw a group of guys at a table and walked over, still in my gym wear.

“Hey, guys,” I smiled at each of them. “Anyone want some free pussy? Right here in the parking lot. I’ll be waiting,” I winked at them and walked to my car, waiting to see if any of them would come out. A few minutes later three guys came out and I fucked each of them several times right over the hood of my practical sedan. It seemed to be the only remnant left of my old, secure life. I let these strangers cum right in my pussy but I had forgotten the reason that I had wanted them to cum in me in the first place. I was so strung out on cocaine that I couldn’t even see that I was fucking up my own plan!

Nothing changed right away. I went on fucking Edwin and doing as much cocaine as he would give me until I started to feel strange. I was throwing up all the time and feeling sick most of the day. I figured it was just the drugs destroying me one cell at a time and I really didn’t give a fuck. I hated myself and my life. I felt like a loser and I was starting to have a hard time doing basic things, like teaching my classes. I was getting sloppy and lazy and I couldn’t stop letting my students cum in me whenever they felt the urge.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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