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Cain and I saw each other again at the gym fairly regularly. He would give me a little smirk in the mirror as I watched his sweat drip down a curled bicep, but he didn’t invite me back into the locker room again. At least, not immediately. Instead, he spent several weeks throwing me knowing looks, lifting his shirt up casually, adjusting his junk in those same shorts. I still watched his body move, and his words echoed through my brain. I wondered if he would ever deliver on his promise to fuck me in the ass, or if he was all talk. That is, until he cornered me in the shower.

It was after a particularly intense workout. Sometimes I found it helpful to work out my sexual frustration in the weight room, and this had been one of those days. Cain had been watching me in the mirror the whole time, and my inability to escape his gaze made me frustratingly horny. I was covered in sweat, and couldn’t bear the drive home. I was ready to wash myself off and maybe jerk one out in the shower if I was feeling particularly bold, until I heard footsteps behind me. Before I had time to close the shower stall, Cain was in the doorway.

“Good workout?” He asked me, and stepped into the shower.

“Yeah.” Cain had me backed into a corner, my shoulder blades pressed against the tile and metal stall. His arms wrapped around me, already running a hand up my back as his lips met mine, then moved to my neck. “Are you here to fuck me like you said you would?” I asked.

“Of course.” Cain lifted my shirt up, peeling wet fabric from my skin, and pressed his lips against my nipple. He sucked the sweat from my skin, and all I could do was stand there and shudder under his touch. He ground his hips against mine. I could feel the pressure of his hard cock against my own, and couldn’t have been more impatient to have it inside of me. My hands scrambled Kağıthane Escort to the edge of his shirt, and I tugged at the damp grey fabric. He got the message, pulling it off over his head before kissing and grinding against me again. His strong hand cupped my ass and massaged it, then slipped underneath the waistband. I felt the rough texture of his fingers against my hole, rubbing between my asscheeks. “God,” he said into my neck, “You have such a perfect ass.”

I could hardly respond, I was too busy feeling the sweaty contours of his back. Cain pulled away from me and turned me around, pressing my bare chest against the cold metal stall. I gasped when my nipples grazed the metal, and Cain pressed his whole body against my back. I remembered how he liked to be complimented last time, and let one out, “You’re so fucking hot.” He responded with a grunt and ground his hips against his ass. His body felt massive and powerful behind me. With one swift motion, he pulled my shorts and underwear off. I felt the air on my sweaty skin, then his hands left my back and moved to spread my cheeks apart. His tongue found my hole. I squirmed as he licked long trails from my balls over my asshole, and he gripped firmly on my ass to hold me still. His tongue traced around my hole, then pressed inside. I groaned at his tongue’s deft movements, my cock achingly hard, my skin flushed and sweating even more. His tongue moved messily against me, coating my asshole in his spit. Cain pressed on the middle of my back, and I arched it.

I felt his hands leave my body and looked over my shoulder to see him pulling his shorts off, a condom in one hand. He smiled at me, stroked his cock a few times, and tore the condom packaging open to roll it over his cock. Cain rooted through his shorts where they had crumpled on the tile Kağıthane Escort Bayan floor and emerged with a small bottle of lube. I was oddly flattered at how prepared he was, delighted with the thought of him planning ahead for the perfect time to fuck me. Now his hands were on my ass again, and I felt my hole quiver when it came into contact with the cold lube. “Spread your legs,” he directed me, and I did, just in time for him to press one wide finger decisively into my hole. I gasped, unable to hold back from moving my hips as he explored my insides. “You’re so fucking tight,” he said, curling his finger inside of me. His finger was joined by another, thrusting inside of me, and then a third, sending a stir of pleasure through my guts and making a tear well up in one eye. He smacked my ass once, then pulled his fingers out of me.

My hole felt open and I was desperate for more. Thankfully, his cock found its way between my asscheeks again. His head grazed my hole, and he steadied my hips with one hand before pushing inside of me. His dick was enormous, and thankfully he went slowly. Both of us let out a long, low exhale as his dick stretched me out meticulously. Cain’s hands massaged my ass as he did so, squeezing it almost to the point of being painful. His balls pressed against my ass, and I clenched around him, pulling an “Oh my god,” from his throat. Cain lost much of his earlier care, and pulled out of me to thrust quickly back in. I grunted in a strangled mix of pain and pleasure. Cain grabbed my hair and tugged my head as he thrust forcefully in again. With the amount of pressure he was using, every thrust forced me closer to the wall, until my arms were tired from the effort and my face slammed into the metal stall.

Cain’s hand smacked my ass firmly again and I yelped. “How does it Escort Kağıthane feel?” he choked out between grunts, and I answered

“So. Fucking. Good.” The weight of Cain’s entire body was pressed against me, forcing me into the wall. Even breathing was a challenge. Now his pace increased significantly, the sound of his balls smacking my ass echoing through the gym. I wondered if other guys were in the locker room, if they could hear us fucking. He grunted in my ear and my head was swimming with pleasure.

As Cain continued to fuck me hard and deep, he reached down to wrap a hand around my cock. My eyes rolled as he stroked me in time with his thrusts. His pace continued to increase, his breath warming the back of my head with each motion, until he pressed deep inside and shuddered. I felt his chest expand with a deep, post-orgasm breath. Cain pulled out of me, but kept his body close to mine. I felt his breathing on my neck while he stroked my cock. His grip was firm, and the weight of his muscular body against my back lead me to the edge almost embarrassingly fast. With his hand clenched around my dick, my body tensed and I came, splattering the shower stall in front of me.

“Clean it up,” Cain commanded, and there was no way in hell I was going to say no.

I sunk to my knees and leaned forward, guided by Cain’s hand on the back of my head. I could smell my own cum and feel its slight heat radiating from the wall. I pressed my tongue flat against the wall and slowly lapped up my mess. It was salty and humiliating and I loved every second of it. Cain turned my attention to his cock, and I cleaned that off too, sucking away his cum with long, slow motions.

Before releasing me, Cain grabbed my head with both hands and jerked his hips forward suddenly. I gagged and smacked his thigh and he laughed, “Sorry, I couldn’t resist.” Clearly it wasn’t his personality that attracted me but, watching him turn pull his shorts back up over that massive cock, I couldn’t deny being attracted to him. Every time I visited the gym after that, I hoped for another chance meeting. On the best days, my hopes were answered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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