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[This is my entry to the 2010 Halloween event, so please VOTE and vote BIG. ]


We arrived early at Steve and Laura’s home at 1900, when it would normally still be light out. But the rolling thunder and heavy clouds darkened the skies. Thick bursts of eerie, twisted lightning briefly and repeatedly lit up the muggy night. Crashing, earsplitting thunder followed many seconds later so we knew the lightning was actually miles away and not a threat. As we opened the creaky tombstone gate, we could hear the cliched, yet still effective drones of THRILLER blasting. The rain wasn’t far behind so we hustled the last few steps to the porch which, like last year, was decorated with realistic, thick skeletons, cobwebs and lit with a black light-bulb, that added to the creepy air. The doorbell made the sound of a gun cocking followed by an extra loud BOOM that made us jump away, though we expected it this year.

When Laura opened the door, her costume immediately set the tone for the night. She was dressed as a cell phone with her stunning face in the ‘display’ screen and the rest of the phone painted on her bare body. Yummy! A stubby antenna was behind her left ear and the keypad was painted from her chest to her navel with numbers 1 and 3 on her big, gorgeous tits while the 0 was on her navel. I wished it had been on her pussy. She greeted us with a sultry, “Welcome. Feel free to use MY phone anytime, all night long. Tweak 3-1-1 SEND, for local info. My SEND button is my G-spot. I know YOU know where that is. Remember that by attending this party you agree to grant everyone free access to every part of your body at any time. That works both ways! No one need ask permission for anything.”

After drooling a moment, still in the open doorway, I took advantage of the access policy and asked, “mmm, ahhh, what’s this hole for?” as I petted her pussy and casually pushed my finger inside her warm slot. “As a peace and safety officer, I’ll have to closely inspect this socket shortly.” My wife smirked at my quick invasion.

“Umphh, that’s my charger socket so you can plug in anytime. I like to stay always topped off. There’s another socket behind me for an earpiece. I’m sure you’ll want to plug into that too later. Before you ask, all the paint is bio grade and ingestible. See if you can spot Steve on your own. You’ll have to explain your sexy costumes later. ENTER! The bubbling black cauldron is filled with chilled Halloween grog – that’s pumpkin, banana, spices, creme de cacao and dark rum. Lay-dle yourself some.” I reluctantly UNPLUGGED my finger and we went for the grog.

************* Three weeks earlier:
“Honestly, Abe, (I LOVE teasing him with that whenever I can get away with it) I don’t see anything I like for this year’s party. They’re so lame and not very seductive for an adult theme.”

“Really, Sara? A costume shop with thousands of outfits and they’re ALL lame? You said you wanted to go with our own couple’s theme that allowed some role play so we could, ummmmm, mingle closely with anyone we choose. I have an idea and we won’t need much from here. If it doesn’t fly, you can blame me …again.” Sara agreed to follow my lead. We bought tin badges, cheap cuffs and batons. Sara enjoys sewing and I knew just the missing bits she could modify. I decided we should have matching outfits. We already had most of them. Two wide, black leather belts and navy ball caps with a yellow sports shield would complement the getups, but the heart of the costumes is a pair of navy boy-shorts. Hers is the tiny panty, silk lingerie type that has a waist border of frilly lace she may have to hide. Mine are navy sports shorts that will need extra work. Sara would cut off the beaded edges of the legging and fold then sew the legs up so the inseam would ultimately be less than three revealing inches.

Home at last, Sara cheerfully began working on our costumes immediately. “You work out the details of what kind of cops we will be while I try to make your shorts work. I’m sure that using starch will make these more believable, but you’ll have to model them so I can get them to ride as low as mine.” She nearly cut the legs completely off them then folded the elastic waist several inches before sewing and starching it. The shorts were beyond short and certainly illegal to wear publically, just as her panty, errr shorts, were. She matched our exposed ass cracks so we each had TWO full inches of bare crack exposed. Hers looked sooooo much better on her smooth ass.

Shirts were a problem. I found two navy blue, front button shirts at a thrift shop. Holes in the sleeves or tails got me both shirts for a dollar. I had Sara remove all the sleeves and model her shirt first. We decided to cut it down to just below her nipples and leave the edges ragged. Standing normally, the soft round bottoms of her tits were fully exposed. Reaching either arm up exposed that nipple completely, but raising both arms exposed nipples and tits nearly to her clavicle. That will be handy during our festivities. She cut my shirt to match hers. The costumes were finished off with fake handcuffs fit over the wide belt, badges pinned to the shirts, LOUD crime kartal escort whistles hung from our necks and the batons in hand. We looked like stripper cops maybe delivering arrest-a-grams.

We walked into the first room where all chairs were against the walls and the center of the floor was cleared of furniture. About a dozen couples were chatting, dancing and drinking to the horror music in the dim atmospheric lighting. Cobwebs spanned doorways, windows and lamps. The cauldron was on a 4×4 table on its own, surrounded with bits of dry ice that created a dense fog that spilled over the table and onto the floor. A longer, fold up, table held other drinks, snacks and paper ware. Guest movements pushed the fog chaotically across the floor. After mingling some, admiring some creative costumes and enduring complimenting hands over our exposed ass cracks, we moved to the second party room.

There were fewer guests there, but they were already hooking up blatantly under the blacklights. The cheaper costumes looked very different since they had glowing, broken lines where white threads held them together. The bits of reflective dust distracted a little, but the glow paint outlining male and female genitals drew our attention. Some even had hidden messages and arrows inviting contact. Mysteriously, my wife’s shameless pussy was visible thru her panty and an irregular line of fluids lit up her labia as they flowed out of her depths. The surprise solid, err liquid, proof and exposure of Sara’s arousal made my cock lurch and pop out from under my tiny, cut off shorts. It was visible in the dim light, but worse, a white glow swelled at the tip of my accusing dick. I left it exposed as we traveled the room, arms around our waists, and moved very close to each couple.

A steamy, exotic woman I recognized as Georgia had her big tits in a stranger’s hand and her hand on his covered cock. They broke their French kiss when we came near them and she reached out to my straining dick. She squeezed it, pulled it fully out of my shorts and licked the glowing tip. I heard startled groans come from my mouth. Georgia’s partner pressed Sara’s crotch with one finger and traced her visible vulva. Sara looked away, but was pleased that others were watching us. He slipped his finger under her minuscule panty and we all watched him smoothly and unhesitatingly slide it deep into my wife’s snatch uninvited and unresisted. My cock throbbed in Georgia’s mouth as her friend pushed Sara’s panty aside to expose her beautiful, precious pussy to us. Our arms were still around our waists as we watched the stranger push two fingers into Sara and used his thumb to skillfully coax her clit to stand. Sara put one foot on the seat under his ass and spread her leg for him. Another couple came closer and watched the man finger fuck my wife. She started breathing roughly and I felt her legs shake. The man pulled his fingers out of her alluring, dripping cunt and put them all in his mouth. He slowly sucked and licked them clean as he stared into Sara’s open pussy and she glared angrily at him. He looked up into her killer eyes, “That’s enough for you. Be gone.” Wow! If looks could kill, he’d already be a pasty puddle of goo. I walked us away and reminded Sara to focus on the pleasure she just had. We came to party not to nurture power hungry assholes.

I adjusted my cock back under my shorts, but Sara left her panty exposing her cunt as we walked. We followed some raucous shouting to a bedroom. When we opened the door, we saw several people on chairs playing cards, but seated around a twin bed they used as a table. Men were all on one side, facing all the women. Many were partially dresses and costume fragments were on the floor. The group slapped down their cards and after brief scrutiny, broke into a cheer. The pirate stood up slowly, climbed onto the bed and stripped off his pantaloons. His shirt was already gone, so unless they allowed him to count his bandana, he was left with just his boxers to lose. The long, open pee slot gave the girls a peek inside the boxers as he stepped out of his pants. He tossed them on his chair and stood akimbo for a minute facing the women.

After he climbed down, one card was dealt to each player. I asked a participant what the rules were. She said they stayed focused on the objectives and decided on one card stud poker; low hand loses. “They have to stand on the bed and strip off something. Once someone is naked, the high card winner gets to do anything to the loser for a whole minute. There’s one more party rule. That naked person joins the rest of the party, staying naked all night. They also have to get everyone’s attention after climbing on a chair in the main room and stay there on display until they convince someone of the same sex to take their place at the game. We decided to limit the game to ten players at a time. You shouldn’t be in here unless you’re taking a chair.”

“Maybe later. We have to go put everyone on alert!” I slyly replied. We made our way back to the main room. Sara convinced me not to use the party disaster last year in our shtick. Apparently death isn’t as much fun as it kartal otele gelen escort used to be. “Hey, there’s Steve. What is he wearing?” On our way to him, I used my baton to lift skirts and split open some sexy ass cheeks to confirm she was not wearing a thong. “Is Steve naked too? I can’t make out what his costume is, but it looks painted on. Look! His little dongle is painted too.”

I noticed Sara’s panty had adjusted itself as she walked, much to her annoyance. Ignoring it, she commented, “Oh, I get it. That black square on his chest is the charger, probably for Laura’s cell phone. See? They do match. And his painted, stubby little dongle doesn’t stay stubby for long – as we both know. I hope it’s ingestible too!”

“If it isn’t, you’ll just have to wash his dick, umm dongle, before you eat it. You’ll manage. Hi Steve. Nice paint! Those cords…”

“Wow you guys look hot! You’re hiding just enough to tease. What exactly are you? Yeah, the silver marks on my chest are the AC plug and the cord painted around my right leg is the line to MY plug. I’ve already recharged Laura twice in this. On my back is the top of the charger, with text. I still haven’t decided what the socket back there is. Maybe it’s a TEST socket?”

“It must be for Sara’s finger, or maybe your boyfriend’s cock? Speaking of… You can see that I have to tug my shorts lower so my cock doesn’t swing free. When I do, my crack is exposed a lot. When my dick gets hard, I won’t be able to cover it unless I pull the shorts below my ass. I can’t wait to do that again.” Lady Godiva passed by and my dick throbbed and pushed the tent out anew. Sara went to the snack table to get us some drinks. Her sexy little ass bumped up and down in the tiny, clinging panty. “Not that you haven’t been staring already, but look at my wife’s shorts and how much ass crack she’s showing. She keeps tugging them UP, pretending she’s covering her exposed crack. Yet, she sewed them to be sure she couldn’t cover up. Even better, she keeps tugging the seam into her fleshy split and her camel toe gets deeper with each tug. You just missed an interesting encounter between her pussy and a stranger with Georgia. That almost ended in a fist fight.”

Laura sidled up to Steve and draped a leg across his little dongle. He replied, “Umm, of course I, WE, noticed. If YOU look carefully, you can see the wet spot growing too. Did you notice how all the men shut up when she walks toward them? How about I go help her clean up and get this party jumping?” Despite all the obvious groping, Steve was first to truly begin escalating in the main room.

“Did I hear something about a fist fight? At MY party?” Laura lamented. “I bet our mysterious Georgia sucked your cock the first chance she got. She relishes that and Steve says she’s very good. Though we’ve only known her a few weeks, I can tell you she knows her way around a stiff clit too!”

A naked, except for an eyepatch, pale man came from a back room and climbed on a chair. He called for everyone’s attention and recited, “Since I’m a total loser, there is an opening in the fun strip poker game for a new male challenger. Someone please take my place or I’m stuck up here. A woman loser should be out shortly.” He thrust his hips to make his semi firm dick waggle as he looked around the room. People giggled and I saw two nudge their partners. ObiWan raised his hand and volunteered. He left Leia behind when she promised to replace the first woman to leave the game.

Sara was teasing a couple at the snacks table, stretching for things so a tit frequently escaped her shirt, when Steve approached. “Excuse me officer, but your uniform is a little messy. Let me clean it for you.” He dropped to his knees before she could comment and stuck his nose into her fragrant crotch. The room quieted as more people turned to watch. He pushed her ankles apart and nudged his nose into her plump pussy lips then rubbed it across her silk-covered clit. Steve slid his hands under her panty, pulsed her bare butt and pulled both her ass cheeks toward his face. He encouraged her to bend her knees to bring her pussy to his mouth. People nudged each other to watch, so forty eyes stared at my friend Steve pushing his tongue out and against my wife’s navy colored camel toe. He licked it slowly. With his added pressure, the wet spot tripled in size immediately with her unfallen dew from her earlier finger fuck. Sara leaned back a bit, enough to let both swollen nipples barely peek sexily from her shredded shirt. Knowing we were all watching, Steve noisily slurped her pussy, deeply inhaled her lusty fragrance and sucked her panty. He moaned into her mons and the vibrations helped Sara reach a small climax. Everyone got to see her ‘cum’ face and she loved the attention.

Laura meanwhile had draped her long, shapely leg across my crotch and I slipped my finger back into her hot heaven. She moaned and offered me an unspoiled tit. The black ‘paint’ tasted of sensual licorice with a hint of vanilla from the white ‘3’ crossing her nipple. What a tasty surprise! “Sweetie, I love the new flavors as a change, but I still prefer your kartal eve gelen escort natural musty taste overall, especially your pussy nectar. Savor it with me.” I placed my ambrosia-covered fingers between our mouths and we deeply inhaled her aroma and licked them and our tongues. She found my dick, which had already escaped its blue restraint, and pulled it up and out for anyone to see. Laura slowly slipped her hands past my short’s waist and languidly slid them off me. She spun me to the open room and cupped my ass before she turned to the wall and bent over sharply. She insisted I plug into her charge socket before her rear opening. As I spread her naked cheeks, I looked around to see we too had an audience that stared at my stiff dick aimed at her beautiful pussy. She was as warm and silky as every other time we fucked.

I looked to my side and noticed my wife bent over the snack table, her panty at her ankles and Steve rutting into her. He had to slide her cuffs out of the way before he could slam her ass hard. He yelped with each thrust, grandstanding for his watchers. Each slam jiggled her sweet, little ass, her tiny, exposed and swinging tits and her crime whistle. Steve had one hand on her hip and the other tugged her perfect, tall and hard nipple. A complete stranger tortured her other nipple. With no costume in the way, my watchers and I admired Laura’s bigger, shapely, firm ass jiggle with each of my thrusts. Her big, glorious tits swung wildly and collided randomly. Her firm, tall nipples drew arches and ellipses until I latched on and pinched them hard.

Sara started moaning loudly with each ass slam; Steve quickly joined her in sweaty grunts. Laura’s moans soon filled the room. I heard my wife getting close to cumming and decided to try to get Laura off at the same time. Her ass hole was relaxed, so I fingered it deeply, easily, since from previous encounters, I knew how much she loved anal. “It’s time to test your ear piece socket. I’m plugging in now, and I’m listening!” My soaked cock shifted abruptly from her steamy, wet pussy to her waiting, puckered hole. It stuttered its dry, snug acceptance of my wet cock as it gently but firmly plundered her depths. Laura gasped at the surprise heat and thickness and quickly surpassed her earlier arousal when I also circled her clit.

Sara was close now. I pushed two fingers into Laura’s pouting pussy while I stormed her ass in earnest. When she lifted a leg to give me freer access, I found her G-spot and she wailed! Except for the incessant music, the room went quiet. Laura’s outcry took Sara over the edge and she screamed her release in blissful harmony. Laura’s shudders forced my outburst and Inburst and I filled her ass with bouts of cum. Steve filled my wife’s pussy with his seed and he sat back on a chair, exhausted. There was no chair near me, so I just collapsed on the floor, on my back and panted. Mysterious, exotic Georgia sucked my wife’s tits and tongue then let her suck her own huge, fake tits.

When I could speak, I asked if anyone wanted to clean up two cream pies. A Dorothy (from OZ) stepped up to Sara, placed her hand on her back and guided her back to the table top. She bent over so her short blue gingham dress climbed up her sexy, swaying ass and began licking Sara’s pussy clean. When she spread her reddened, swollen and cum filled cunt with her hungry tongue, Sara moaned and gasped at once. We heard Dorothy slurping my wife and watched a random Valen (from Babylon 5) quietly walk behind Dorothy and lift her dress onto her back. She was hiding well toned and sexy legs under a shapely ass. He slid his hands up her thighs and under her frilly panty before slipping them down to her ankles. He helped her step out of them, took a long, deep sniff and tossed them to Steve. Dorothy ignored everything. Valen reached into his robes and exposed an impressively big dick in length and girth. He rubbed the monster along and into Dorothy’s ass crack and the crowd gasped at the prospect, the mere possibility of trying to stuff his hugeness into a tiny ass hole. We watched him push two fingers into her glistening cunt and stir her to arousal before wiping them on his stiff tool. It found its way under her ass and into her wet snatch in one smooth thrust.

Laura didn’t have long to wait for someone to be drawn to her classic beauty. A naked man, covered in only dayglow white paint in the full body shape of a skeleton, turned her around. His exo-skeleton covered his back too. She bent over and he fingered her pussy, but found it moist with her cum only. We watched the bone painted on his cock stretch. He noticed my cum oozing from her anus and immediately knelt behind her. He wiped up my cum with his fingers and licked them clean before spreading her cheeks and pushing his tongue into her pliant, yielding ass. Peter Pan stepped behind the skel and pet his ass. When Laura and skel dropped to all fours, Peter Pan fingered skel’s sphincter. It was good that kids were not there to see Peter’s dick rise and enter skel’s ass. Peter Pan humped like a rabbit and came well before skel was done eating my cream. A vampire got behind skel and drank his ass clean causing skel’s boney dick to extend again. He put it in beautiful Laura’s cunt and sent his delayed, pent up arousal into her. He quickly unloaded several bursts into her sacred snatch then got on his back under her and immediately drank all his own cum from her hole. She didn’t have time to cum again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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