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“Betcha never thought you’d have two helpers, huh Cal,” Vicky said as she stretched out on top of him next to her friend Stephanie, his niece. He could only smile and shake his head as Steph lifted herself up, allowing him to slip out of her as his spent semen spilled from her opening onto his stomach and thighs. Blissfully unconcerned with the mess, Steph also stretched out and laid down onto him and his stickiness against the back of the couch, so that the two naked girls, sixteen and seventeen, were both face down atop him.

Vicky lifted her head and gave Steph, her older friend who she’d been sleeping with for several years now, a long passionate kiss. “Sorry I had to be so rough with you back there, sweetie, but there really wasn’t any other way to get you to do it.” Once she’d seduced Cal, a man twice her age and then some, then blackmailed Steph with the exposure of their own secret relationship, the last hurdle was to get her to join them, or more bluntly put, to get her to fuck her own uncle. Now, having broken all the sexual tension of their weekend visit along with a number of taboos and social moors, they had another eighteen hours left to make the best of it.

Steph smiled cautiously, the events of the past hour still sinking in. “You’re a very bad girl, Victoria, and there’s serious spanking waiting for you when we get home.”

“Oooo, goodie!” Vicky squirmed with excitement, “but don’t feel like you have to wait until then.” She was arching her back, raising her wiggling butt up in the air, which Steph then playfully smacked lightly once, then twice more with increased force. “Mmmm,” Vicky smiled, “I hope there’s more where that came from. Cal, do you think I need a spanking, too?”

Cal had been recovering from his orgasm and was lying quietly beneath them enjoying the show. “I’m pretty sure we all need a good spanking for this. Hopefully no one will find out about it to give it to us.” He was sure they’d keep things a secret, but he of course had the most to loose, and a spanking would be a pleasure next to the reality of getting discovered.

Steph reached for his softening dick and gently caressed it. “Don’t worry, Uncle Cal,” she said reassuringly as she tugged, “this’ll be our very best secret.”

They lay there for a few more minutes enjoying the naked nearness of one another, until Cal finally spoke. “I guess this means I have to feed you tonight, huh.” The girls had been there on a college visit, but had given up the idea of attending in lieu of an afternoon of fun, and had therefore lost their meal ticket for the night. “Well, would you like to go out? We have Italian, Japanese, Mexican,..”

“One of each, please” Vicky chimed in, cutting him off. Steph just rolled her eyes. “Pervert. All this and you still want more.” Then to Cal she said, “Can we go some place a little nice? We have the dresses we were going to wear tonight anyway, so it would be fun to still put them to use.” Cal thought for a moment, then told them he knew of a perfect place.

“You girls go get ready, and we’ll go out and have some fun.” They climbed up off him to head to their room, and he just stared after them, young, beautiful, and unconditionally his for the weekend. He had to be the luckiest man alive. They scampered out of the room and he himself got up and went back to his bedroom to shower. He heard them giggling as he passed their bathroom where the shower was already running, sure that they were in it together. No bother peeking in, he thought, it would only slow them down, and besides, he needed a little recovery time before the next round of depravity.

Once he’d gotten himself cleaned and dressed in moderately fancy attire, he returned to the living room to wait. He was picking up their clothes from earlier, still strewn about the room, when he heard them both approach from behind. He stood and spun to meet them and was astonished.

Teenage girls have a way of making themselves suddenly glamorous, and these two had performed nothing short of a transformation. Both had put their hair up, Stephanie’s silky straight blonde in a nice bun, Vicky’s brown curls done up with little ringlets hanging down. They both had on mid-length evening dresses, hose, and heels, and looked nothing short of stunning, far more mature looking than the minxes he knew them to be.

“Wow. Ladies, you look incredible,” he said giving them a long look up and down as they pirouetted for him, laughing.

They went out to the garage and all climbed in the front seat of his car. Stephanie pulled her friend back as she tried to get in next to Cal. “Oh, no, missy. I let you sit next to him we’ll never make it.” Vicky smiled and relented. “Suit yourself, but I’m trouble no matter where I sit.” And sure enough, as they pulled away and made the ten-minute drive to the restaurant, Vicky was repeatedly repelled from her efforts to get up Steph’s dress.

The place Cal picked was, naturally, perfect for their evening. Very subdued lighting in an atmosphere not necessarily intimate, but definitely discreet. If the appearance of an older male with two beautiful young women caught anyone’s attention, it certainly wasn’t noticeable. They were seated in a booth off to one side, the two girls sitting next to each other across from Cal, and they took a few minutes chatting about the menu while they decided what to get. Once the waiter had taken their orders, disappointed that it was to be waters all around, the conversation returned to the afternoon.

“So Steph,” Vicky said, leaning back against the booth with her hands in her lap, “tell us about why you picked us over the school.” Steph gave her friend a look while she put her napkin in her lap and fiddled with her silverware.

“Well, ok first,” she said looking across at Cal, “I had no idea what was going on back at the house, so it wasn’t exactly like I deliberately chose you over the school. It’s just that I’d already talked to a few of these coaches, and, I-,” she paused as if thinking about what to say next, “I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to two other places at this point. There were a bunch of us taking the um, the tour, and so when we got to a break and they gave us the opportunity to talk, I told them I probably wasn’t going to be interesting, I mean, interested in their school.”

Cal was wondering why Steph seemed so flustered, but assumed it might be everything that had happened to her over the course of the day catching up with her. He was about to say something reassuring when he felt what had to be Vicky’s bare foot creep up between his legs underneath the table. His glance confirmed it was her, as she flashed him the same devilish smile he’d seen earlier that afternoon. Before he could speak her foot was all the way up to his crotch as she slunk down just a bit further into the booth to bridge the gap. Cal was sure the tablecloth was concealing this, but it still caught him a little off guard when Vicky said, “Be a good boy, Cal, and listen to her story,” while her toes found his cock and began massaging it.

“Ok, right, so yeah,” Steph nearly blurted out, “Um, so then they said I could go and they, you know, thanked me a so forth. And I left.” She got more fidgety while she continued, clenching and unclenching her fists, then placing her hands down on the table and squirming a little bit. Vicky leaned over and whispered something in her ear, to which she replied, “I am, I know, gimme a break already.” She sat up a little and looked like someone on the verge of a confession, and it seemed to Cal she might even be breathing a little heavier, although he might have been too, since Vicky’s nimble foot was now tracing the length of his stiffening dick.

“So then, they were nice enough to give me a ride home, and then it started to pour on the way to the car, so I g-, got soaking wet,” she stared at the table and braced herself with her arms against it momentarily. “Then it was still, raining, when I got home. And found you.” She closed her eyes and put her head back against the booth.

“Very good,” Vicky said to her, “Now all you have to do is not make it obvious,” she said, turning to Cal. “We’re playing a game we’ve perfected on the bus ride to school over the years. You’d never guess what my fingers are doing to her right now, would you?” Beneath the table, Vicky’s hand was under Steph’s napkin, between the thighs of her hiked up dress, stroking the lips of her pantiless pussy. She was doing it in such a way that unless you were looking closely, you could hardly tell what was going on, except for Steph’s increasingly agitated state. Cal was able to surmise all this, and the realization was enough to get him fully erect against Vicky’s toes.

“Mm, nice!” she smiled at him in response. “Usually I don’t make her talk while we do it, but I figured it was a special occasion, and it might make it more interesting.” She looked over at Stephanie, who by now had removed her hands from the table and had placed them on her lap to further conceal the actions beneath her napkin. “Eyes open, sweetie. Good girl, now look him in the eye.” With her toes concentrating at the tip of his dick, she asked Cal as casually as possible (for the benefit of anyone who might be watching), “want to see her cum?”

Vicky continued to talk in a conversational tone as Steph’s body grew more rigid while being forced not only to keep her eyes open, but to stare into those of her uncle, who was having his own difficulty controlling his demeanor. It was enormously erotic to be staring into his eyes in the middle of the restaurant while her friend played with her pussy. Normally she would feign sleep as she came on the bus, but it was so much more intimate and exposing to watch the one watching her. Her eyes were almost pleading with him for help when Vicky’s fingers at last concentrated on her clitoris. Her lips parted just a bit, but her breathing became quick and shallow as the first swell of orgasm started through her. Cal knew he might very easily cum in his pants if he wasn’t careful, but met her eyes with the same imploring look. Vicky, ever in control, continued the pressure against his trousers, but slowed her fingers just enough to keep Stephanie’s orgasm long and slow while she chatted away, apparently about where she’d spent the afternoon shopping.

“And there was this cute little lingerie store, too. That’s where I got our hose, but also some other stuff. If you’re lucky maybe you’ll see it later.” It was apparent Vicky really had been playing this game for years, because she gave no impression whatsoever of what was happening out of sight. She gesticulated with her free hand and kept right on talking to both Sex hikayeleri of them as if they really cared about what she was saying. When the server arrived with the salads, Cal finally tried to discreetly remove Vicky’s foot, but was met with a forceful reassertion that he’d better let her be, so he did his best to cover for them as the plates were passed. Stephanie was all but helpless, panting her way through intense waves of pleasure while she tried to keep herself still in front of the waiter.

‘Ah, that’s all well and good,” Cal said, gesticulating exaggeratedly to draw attention to his side of the table, “But I think we’ll end up just fine if things continue as they have been.” He was trying to sound as mundane and irrelevant as possible merely to fool the waiter. “Perhaps then we can look into this again when things settle down and everything is back to normal.” Vicky, never one to play by the rules, picked up on his scheme.

“Cal, what the hell are you talking about?” she said, as the last salad hit the table. “Oh my gosh, Stephanie, are you alright?” Everyone, the waiter included, looked over at Steph, who was resting her head against the wall with closed eyes, biting her lip as she breathed heavily through her nose while the orgasm wrenched her body. She opened her eyes to see everyone staring at her, and immediately tried to gain her composure.

“Hm, oh yeah, what? I’m fine, sorry,” she said in clipped tones, picking up her fork and fluffing her salad. “Thank you,” she said to the waiter, trying to dismiss him as quickly as possible, but not before he gave her a concerned look. When he left she all but threw her fork down and grabbed Vicky’s hand in her lap, holding it immobile between her legs. “Oh my god, you’re such an unbelievable brat!” panting as she recovered. “That was so mean.”

“Blame your uncle for that one. I wasn’t going to say anything, but did you see him try to fool that poor waiter? Bad boy, Cal,” she said with a smile while she continued to stroke his cock with her foot. “Keep it up and you’ll get no dessert.”

They ate their dinner, and Vicky never let the conversation get too far from the central topic of sex. And although she kept her foot where it was, to the delight of Cal, she left Steph alone save for the occasional squeeze on the thigh. After the bill was settled and they all made sure they were presentable they made for the car to head back. This time Vicky made sure she got the middle seat, and once they were driving she tore into Cal’s pants and released his aching dick. Being stuck between them she was too confined to go down on him, so she limited herself to administering a hand job with both hands. At a red light, while fully stroking him, she looked over at the driver next to them at the light, a woman in her forties, and smiled, making sure she saw the string of spit drop out of sight onto his dick before they drove ahead. It was all Cal could do to keep the car on the road while she slowly tugged his wet cock. At one point she turned and whispered something to Steph, who was trying to pay her back for her earlier treatment with a hand up Vicky’s dress. They both giggled, then Vicky pressed her mouth up to Cal’s ear. “When we get home, we’re going to play “who’s the better helper.” As she said this she brought her hand right up beneath the head of his throbbing cock, and just held him and squeezed until a moan escaped.

“Oh, fuck! Ok, but please don’t make me wreck before we get there. It really wouldn’t be helpful at all.” He managed to get them home and into the garage without hitting anything, and they piled out of the car as the garage door lowered, running into the house and slamming the door behind them. They didn’t get far at all before Vicky had his pants down and was on her knees with his cock in her mouth while Steph was kissing him and pulling off his shirt. He was trying to undo her dress but she slapped his hands away.

Vicky was pumping his cock with her fist while she sucked him fully into her mouth, and within a minute or two had him on the verge of cumming. “Ok,” she said, stopping, “he’s ready! Come on.” She grabbed Steph’s hand and ran over to the sofa in the living room, leaving him to follow dazedly behind. When he caught up to them they were next to each other kneeling on the couch, their arms resting on the back, their dresses hiked up over their waists, and their naked asses towards him. They had kicked off their shoes, but their thigh high stockings only emphasized the exposure of their firm teen behinds, swaying for him as they looked back over their shoulders smiling. Vicky, sounding demure and submissive for the first time all weekend said, “We need a spanking, Uncle Cal. And then you have to tell us who’s the better helper, so you better take your time figuring it out to make sure you know who it is.”

He approached them, standing right behind and between them, held both hands outstretched to his side, then brought them down with a simultaneous SMACK on each girls’ outside cheek. They giggled and cooed, wagging their tails encouragingly. “Yes, please, we’ve been very naughty little girls, Uncle Cal.” SMACK, again, harder. Stephanie reached over and held Vicky’s hand on the back of the couch. SMACK. “Mm, ouch, that hurts!” SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, each time hitting them together. Now they were less vocal and more aroused, moaning a little as the sting grew on their tight, reddening cheeks. He reached under each with one finger and drew it slowly back across both smooth slits, pressing just enough to suggest a parting of lips. He did this again, and feeling their wetness he pushed his finger tips in just a half inch or so, then continued back and upwards to press his moistened fingers to the same depth into their tiny puckers, bringing a gasp from Stephanie and a sigh from Vicky. He just held his fingers there, making tiny circles of pressure in their ass holes, to which each responded by rocking her hips to his rhythm. When he released them he returned his fingers to their pussies and slipped them in again, further this time, then pulled them out and raised his hands. SMACK.

“You really are terrible young girls, you know that?” SMACK “I don’t see how I can let you off without some serious punishment.” SMACK “Just what am I supposed to do with you?” SMACK. Both girls had their heads down on the back of the sofa now, still holding hands, and had all but ceased moving as the pain increased. He wasn’t hitting them terribly hard, but the repetition made them quite sensitive. “You get all dressed up, but then I take you out and you behave so badly.” SMACK. “Then I get you home and discover you’ve had no panties on the entire time.” He stuck two fingers of one hand in his mouth, then two from the other, and placed them at the entrance of their pussies. “Press back, naughty girls.” They rocked back on their knees, pushing themselves down onto his fingers, easily taking them in being as wet as they were. “Fuck my fingers.” They continued to press into his hands while he eased off or pressed harder to control their pace. “ I don’t see how you expect to be much help to me if I can’t even keep you from finger fucking yourselves.” He pulled his hands out suddenly. SMACK, SMACK. Then he put his fingers right back in as before. “What do you have to say for yourselves, ladies?”

“We’re sorry!” Stephanie pleaded through heavy breaths.

“We can’t help it,” Vicky said defensively. “Please, don’t make us stop. We’ll try to be good.” She was trying to fuck his hand insistently.

“That’s not going to be good enough,” he said pulling his hands out slowly as they rocked back, trying to keep him inside until they could go no further. Once he was free he quickly pressed his index fingers into their asses again, pushing them forward. Both girls instinctively responded by pulling away, clenching their butts tightly on him at the shock of the rapid penetration, then once fully forward onto the back of the couch they relaxed and accepted him again, slowly rocking their hips.

“The best helper is going to be the one who helps me forget how naughty you’ve been.” He slipped his fingers out, raised his hands, and spanked them one last time, SMACK. “There, all done with your spankings.” He rubbed his hands gently over their sore butts, caressing the pain away as best he could. Gradually his caressing turned to massaging, the massaging to groping, and soon his hands were roaming over both girls’ asses, squeezing them, pulling their cheeks apart, and penetrating them again with his fingers.

“What can we do to help?” Stephanie managed to ask while her friend was distracted by fingers from both hands in her holes.

“Good girl!” he responded happily. “You get points for initiative, and get to be the first to help me out. I need to take care of this,” he said, looking down at his hard cock, “so you get to be the one to take it from me. Leaving one hand three-fingers-deep into Vicky’s pussy, he positioned himself behind Steph and stepped forward so his cock was between her legs. “Put that inside, please.”

Steph reached under and wrapped one hand around his cock, tugging it gently then placing the head at her opening and pressing back onto him to take him in, making both of them moan.

“Oh, god! Very good girl, Stephie. Such a good, good pussy for me.” He slowly began fucking her deeply, working his cock all the way into her as she arched her back to meet him. As he bounced unhurriedly off her ass, he looked over at Vicky, who was watching over her shoulder. “Aw, poor Vicky has nothing to do for me now,” he teased. “How about you give yourself a taste of your own medicine. Play with your clit while I finger fuck you, just like you did to Stephie at dinner.” She reached under and began to finger her own pussy while watching the two of them fuck. When her eyes would shut from the pleasure Cal would make her open them. “Ah, ah, ah. Watch carefully, bad girl. See what a good girl is supposed to do.” He increased the intensity with Steph, making her shut her own eyes and moan loudly. He was hoping to make her cum fairly quickly without cumming himself so he could save his load.

“Would you like to help me now, bad girl?” Cal continued to Vicky. “Here’s what you can do. With your other hand I want you to play with this very good pussy while you keep a hand on your own naughty one.” Vicky moved closer to her friend and pressed her shoulders against the back of the couch for support as she reached under for a second handful of cunt. She let her fingers spread past his cock as she moved in and out of her, making him moan at the additional sensation, then settled on her fingers on her clit.

“Mm, Sikiş hikayeleri very good,” he said. “Now both of your are going to cum for me, understood? I want to see my pretty little helpers cum while I fuck one and finger the other.” He was pushing his hand and cock aggressively into each of them now, hoping to work them to orgasm as Vicky played with both their clits. The combination was having the desired effect as Steph was soon moaning loudly, as Vicky’s shouts were muffled by her face pressing into the back of the sofa. After an agonizing four or five minutes in which Cal repeatedly had to slow himself in order not to cum, both girls erupted in orgasms beneath him and their cries filled the room. Steph’s hand was again holding Vicky’s still, who held her own motionless as well as Cal’s fingers and cock continued to penetrate them, their pussies flexing and contracting on him. He at last withdrew from Stephanie to prevent himself from getting too close, then from Vicky, and just stood there, trying to relax a bit. The girls didn’t seem to notice since their fingers kept working to prolong the fading sensations.

He decided he needed to cool himself down further before entering Vicky, so he got to his knees behind Steph and began to lick her entirely exposed area, from her well-fucked pussy to her cute little anus. He licked all across her beautiful athletic cheeks and back into her delicious ravine, not necessarily to give her any pleasure, but to satisfy his lust for her seventeen year old bootie. Once he’d had his fill of her he shifted to her younger friend and did the same thing, completely covering her offered ass with his tongue until she was entirely wet with his saliva and her ass shone in the reflected light. Still hungry with lust he began to tongue fuck her anus while he held her cheeks apart with both hands, her muscles alternately contracting and yielding to his tongue. When he grew tired he took a slight pause and moved back over to Steph to give her the same treat, or rather take the same treat from her, since he was enjoying putting his tongue up their young butts as much or more than the pleasure they may have been receiving from it.

Left unattended, Vicky climbed down and spun herself so that she was sitting next to Steph while Cal still had his face against her bum. She pulled the spaghetti straps of her dress down over her shoulders, and pulled it down over her breasts, wriggling out of it. Reaching down to stroke Cal’s dick, she said pleadingly, “I want to be the best helper for both of you. Come over here and fuck me, Cal, and Steph, climb up here so I can suck on you while he does it.” Cal managed to tear himself away from his niece’s wonderful, tasty ass, and looked over at Vicky, who wore a pleading smile cute enough to melt any man in his tracks.

“That’s it,” she said as she lured him to her with her hand. “Come here and let me finally get a pussy full of that yummy cum.” He shuffled over to her until she had the head of his dick up against the base of her slit, sliding it up and down to tease him. “Please? Can I please have some of your hot, thick gism? Pussy hasn’t had any all day, and she so very much wants to help you give it to her.” She eased him into her and let go as he held her thighs and began to pump her slowly. Steph pulled her dress up over her head and off, tossing it aside before she stood and straddled her friend, still facing the back of the sofa, and lowered herself onto her face. After years of giving each other head, Vicky knew just what to do to give her girlfriend maximum pleasure. She reached up and held on to her ass with both hands, using her grip to help position her as needed to access the full length of her cunt, and began first teasing her lips along their entire length, then gradually let her tongue penetrate between them, before eventually moving up to tickle her clit with the very tip of her tongue.

In the meantime, Cal had placed his hands beneath Vicky’s thighs and had lifted them up and pressed them to her body, folding her so that her pussy faced him at a more direct angle. He knew it was going to be impossible to control himself watching his sixteen year old fuck toy taking his cock while he stared at the seventeen year old ass of the girl she was sucking off. He tried for a few minutes to keep it going, but the sight was just too much to take, and he started to let himself go, slamming hard into Vicky’s upturned pussy. She could tell he wasn’t going to last long, and was trying to get Steph to cum at the same time he was, so she kept her mouth right over her clit, sucking it into her mouth and lapping at it rapidly with her tongue.

The crescendo of moans filled the room as Steph started to shudder, and Cal’s dick grew rock hard, still slamming in to its full depth. Cal watched Steph’s knees buckle, causing her weight to press Vicky back into the couch as the first of his load shot into her and he himself nearly fell forward. His fingers dug into her thighs as he braced himself, sending wave after wave of his cum up into her, shouting out with each massive spurt. Stephanie held on tight to the back of the sofa as her ass flexed repeatedly onto Vicky’s face while she came, until she finally lifted herself off and fell down next to her, spent and unable to support herself any longer on shaking legs.

Cal was still slowly rocking his hips, easing his full, wet cock into happy Vicky’s pussy. She smiled and laughed, clapping her hands gleefully like a little girl at her job well done. “Yeah for me! I got both of you to cum on me,” she said, wiping the shiny mess from her face with the back of her hands. She reached down and held Cal’s waist, urging him to stay inside and keep pushing into her. “Oh my god, Cal, you feel so fucking good when you cum. I can’t believe I had to wait all day for it.” Still breathless, he could only shrug his shoulders and smile meekly, his cock still pulsing with pleasure, enveloped in her warm sweetness.

“I can’t believe I’ve cum so many times in one day!” Stephanie said from her collapsed position on the couch. “Holy shit, you guys. I mean, I totally lost track. I’m fucking exhausted! Literally,” she laughed, realizing little her joke.

Cal kept himself in as long as he could, not really wanting the whole scene to end. “I’m pretty sad you two don’t have any interest in the University. I could really get used to having a couple of helpers around the house.” He was casually massaging Vicky’s breasts, trying in vain to will his dick not to shrink, until eventually he slipped out, eliciting a pout from her as she reached down quickly, covering herself with her palm to stem the flow of escaping semen.

After a few more minutes of lying there, they slowly got up, realizing how late it had become and how tired they were from eight hours of nearly continuous cavorting. Cal made his way back to his bedroom, where despite his intentions he ended up falling asleep naked on top of the covers. When the girls had cleaned themselves up and gotten into the cute little baby dolls Vicky had also purchased that day, they went to his room to “say good night,” but found him passed out. “Aw, how cute,” they both agreed, and carefully pulled the covers back from under him and tucked him in. “I guess that means we did a good job, huh.” They went back to their own bed, climbed in, and fell asleep quickly as well in mid embrace.

Some time in the middle of the night Cal awoke and smiled when he realized what must have happened. He got up and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and so forth, then got back in bed to fall back to sleep. As he was drifting off he was reawakened by the sound of one of the girls coming into his room. Only half conscious, he stirred as Vicky climbed in under the covers beside him, whispering, “I heard you get up, are you still awake?”

“I’m not sure, but I’m still tired.” He really wanted to sleep some more, and was hoping she wasn’t going to start fooling around again. But it felt really good when she snuggled up to him and caressed his chest, resting her head on his shoulder.

“Can I sleep here with you? Steph really does snore a little, but don’t say anything about it.” She was really just making an excuse to come share his bed, innocently thinking she had to justify it somehow.

He wrapped his arm around her and held her to him. “Ok, but I really need some more rest if you’re thinking of anything else.” Her smooth legs were entwining themselves with his, and the silkiness of her lingerie against his skin made him start to get hard in spite of how truly tired he was.

She turned her face to him and kissed his cheek, “Ok,” she said, and giggled a little, tickled by his unexpected stubble. She warmed up inside at how nice it felt to be in bed with a full grown man, and melted at the arousal of it, her heart beating fast. She tried to lay still for him as she listened to his breathing become deep and regular, then stayed awake awhile longer while he slept. Like a little kid, which in reality she still was, she was too excited to sleep just being next to him. Eventually she started drifting in and out, sleeping for a bit then waking up and getting excited all over again. For a few hours it went on like that until in one of her waking moments he also stirred awake, and shared the same similar exhilaration at finding her there.

He turned himself toward her and began to caress her shoulder and back as she lay facing him. She whispered a tiny, “Hi,” In the dark he could hear the smile in her voice. “Hi,” he smiled back, then they silently and gently touched each others bodies. She raised her face to his and kissed him, slightly missing his mouth at first in the dark. Her kisses were soft and simple initially, but grew more deep and passionate, not so much driven by desire but by the comfort and security of his arms. For several minutes, there in the dark, they just kissed and caressed like comfortable lovers, relaxed and happy.

Soon enough his body responded to their closeness, and when she felt him pressing against her stomach she reached down and lightly stroked him. “I guess someone’s not so sleepy anymore,” she said playfully, wrapping her fingers fully around him and squeezing him to fullness. She kissed him once more, pressing him onto his back before squirming herself down beneath the sheets. He felt her breath on him just before her mouth surrounded his head, and the spectacular warm softness of her tongue beneath. She held him still in her hand while slowly sucking on him, enjoying the feel of him filling her mouth, wanting just to pleasure him for a while and in no real hurry. Her hands loosened their grip and gently brushed Erotik hikaye up and down his skin and tickled his balls as she fondled every bit of him, all the while just quietly sucking the head. He lay in the dark wondering how he’d gotten so lucky to be the recipient of such unselfish indulgences from this adorable girl. His thoughts made his dick firm up in her mouth, which made her salivate at the feel of him swelling against her lips. Her sweet, gentle blowjob was becoming more lusty now as her hands became slick with what she couldn’t contain in her mouth, and his moans and the feel of him sliding in her hands was getting her fully aroused.

While still stroking his wet shaft, she released him from her mouth and sat up, pushing back the sheets, then spun around to straddle his face, preparing to sixty-nine him. Taking a moment to position herself correctly, she spread her knees on the sheets and lowered herself down to him, resuming her oral attention to his cock. While he began to lick her already wet pussy, she spread his own wetness across his thighs and balls, making him completely slippery, then massaged the entire area while drawing him deeper into her mouth to the back of her throat. She rocked her hips to guide him to what she wanted, from her clitoris down to her soft opening, still slightly salty from its earlier fuck. She rubbed herself fully over his face, making it as wet as his loins, and she reached back with one hand over her ass to help spread it over her own skin.

She arched her back forward so her clit was right over his mouth, forcing him to focus on it while she slipped her finger inside her pussy, getting it nice an wet before pressing it into her ass. The sensation of her clit on his tongue and her finger in her as was amazing to her, and she moaned with a mouthful of cock, breathing hard through her nose. She continued to fuck herself this way, adding a second finger, as she ground her hips onto him. He could hear more than see what she was doing, and it again stiffened him in her mouth, creating a loop of arousal as she felt him turn on at her turn on.

Becoming more selfish, she stopped suddenly and sat up, reaching behind her with both hands to spread her cheeks as she lowered herself back down, placing her anus right to his mouth. She sighed loudly as he responded by sticking his tongue straight into her already receptive hole. Squeezing her ass she began to bounce up and down slightly on his flexed tongue, fucking his face as long as he could keep his tongue in her. He had to stop frequently to rest his tongue, but eagerly resumed when able. She began to moan heavily now, as her ass pressed him more and more forcefully back onto the bed. Unsure if she was going to come on not he reached up and grabbed her checks from her, keeping them spread, and just held on for as long as her ride would last, or his tongue would hold out, whichever came first. With her hands free, she leaned forward just slightly so she could support herself with her arms on his pelvis.

“Oh, my god, Cal, that is so fucking hot. Please keep sticking that up my ass.” She was nearly panting now, letting out a quick breath every time she sat back onto him, but could feel his tongue begin to give up, unable to flex any longer. She lifted her legs quickly and spun around yet again, this time straddling his stomach. She reached for his still hard cock and put it right to her anus before easing herself down onto him with remarkable speed. After the initial resistance, he slipped fully into the soft yield of her ass, and she sat still for a minute, both getting accustomed to the pressure in her abdomen and enjoying the still sensation of it, before raising her hips up to begin fucking him.

They both let out a small stream of obscenities in celebration of how good it felt, and he held on firmly to her hips as she drove herself down. “Oh, fuck, Cal, I just love it in my ass. Mmm, jesus, thank you, thank you, thank you!” She had a hand between her legs rubbing fast circles over her pussy as she slid the full length of his dick in and out off her snug opening, getting as much sensation from him as possible, faster with each thrust.

“Shhh, please don’t talk, girl, dammit.” Her young voice alone at this point could easily have made him lose it. Each time she had him nearly all the way out, she paused just slightly to let her sphincter squeeze just beneath his head, which was driving him out of his mind. After the sweet build up of her wonderful blowjob, and the sheer lasciviousness of her tongue fuck, it as all he could do to stay in control as Vicky seemed to be doing everything in her power to get more of his come. Now she was absolutely nailing herself in the ass on top of him, slamming his dick all the way up into her soft rectum while she fingered her pussy. And she was only fucking sixteen.

When that final thought occurred to him he just gave in and blew his cum straight up into her in what felt like a giant glob of hot goo he could immediately feel surrounding his dick within. She reacted immediately to the unexpected shock of his load in her, and shouted out as her orgasm hit hard, causing her whole body to convulse. Together they held on as both of them clenched forward at the intensity of it. He held on to her hips and she held his head to hers with her free hand to keep them from knocking into each other as they wracked with pleasure, shouting and moaning throughout, until at last it began to subside.

She was slowly milking his cock into her ass, squeezing the cum from him as she drew him out. He kept flexing his dick, offering more to her each time, until he had nothing left. But the sensation still felt good for both of them, and she rocked back onto him, taking him all the way back in, and laid down on his chest. Every now and then she would either squeeze him for let him slide a bit to tickle her. She began kissing him again, gently and lovingly now that the storm of lust had passed. After a few minutes, and regardless of his efforts, he began to soften and eventually slipped out, pulling small stream of semen with him.

She got up carefully off him and went in to the bathroom to clean herself up, then returned with a warm washcloth and carefully attended to Cal. “See, I’m still a good helper,” she said, but then tossed the cloth to the floor. “Sort of.” She climbed back in and pulled up the covers, curling up with him as they noticed the sky growing light outside, just before falling back asleep.

Cal awoke much later to the sensation of a pair of breast gently rubbing his hips as he lay on his back. He opened his eyes to see Stephanie, her long blonde hair dangling over her shoulders and spilling onto his skin, looking back at him as her beautiful 34Cs pressed into him, her hard nipples tickling his thighs.

“Good morning,” she said, just above a whisper so as not to disturb Vicky, still asleep beside them. “I know we have to go soon, but I couldn’t stand leaving before I have some of this one more time.” The sun was now high in the sky, bathing the room in mid-morning light. She eased herself back and lowered her face to his still soft dick, wrapping her mouth around it and completely taking it in. She sucked on him, running her tongue over his still pliable penis as he gradually lengthened in her mouth. Letting him fall out, wet with her saliva, she began to administer a very sloppy blowjob, making him as wet as possible while using her hands and tongue to bring him to firmness. With him now stiff and slippery she stroked and sucked him hungrily. “I woke up so horny, then realized Vicky had already beaten me to you. But I’m going to get what I need from you, Uncle, so you just lie there and take it.” She pushed even more spit off her tongue onto him, and by now there was a puddle of wetness around the base of his cock, which he could feel dripping down past his balls. He was still half asleep, but thoroughly enjoying his wake up call.

She rose up and moved forward, straddling him and grinding her pussy, pressing onto the mess she’d made. She reached down and held him to her lips, rubbing him in and opening her up as she made herself wet before rising up and lowering herself down onto him slowly, easing him up into her gradually as she rocked downward. Once she had him fully in she began to fuck him harder, sitting back on her hips while fingering herself. The motion of the bed, of course, had awakened Vicky, who just laid next to them, quietly masturbating as she watch her girlfriend fuck her own uncle.

Steph was quickly bringing herself to orgasm, using her free hand to play with her breasts as they bounced up and down with her body. After just a few minutes her moans were becoming much louder and intense, and finally she began to cum on him, still fucking him hard, jamming his cock in to full depth each time she dropped down. Her head was tossed back as she screamed out, cumming wildly while her body shook and contorted, and ultimately she collapsed down on top of him, her head resting on his chest while her pussy continued to squeeze his still hard dick.

Vicky raised up in the bed and pushed Stephanie off him, where she just lay still, catching her breath, and began to stroke his full hard cock. “How about a handy helper hand job to finish off the weekend Cal?” she asked, softly. “I know you have one more load in there for us, right?” She stroked him fast and hard, intent on jacking him off. “You gonna cum for your to naked teen lovers, baby? Yeah, that’s it. Get nice and stiff for me. Mmmm, good boy. Give your little girls some more yummy cum before we have to go.”

Stephanie was now curled up to him, kissing his cheek and rubbing his chest while Vicky continued to talk the cum from his cock and into her hand. “Cum on, baby. Gimme that hot juice. Put it right in my hands. Yyyessss, that’s it.” She could feel him starting to cum. He was moaning now, and his hips were rising involuntarily, trying to fuck her hand as she tugged his slippery dick. Just as he at last grew rock hard in her hand, she leaned in and placed her mouth over the tip, which sent the first shot of his ready load immediately down her throat. He bucked up and fucked her face with long, slow strokes as she pumped his last hot spurts onto her tongue, swallowing everything he gave her. As his rhythm slowed and the cum ebbed, she held him gently in her hand, keeping him in her mouth to get every last drop from him. He lay panting, spent, and wrapped in the naked bodies of his two young playthings, amazed at how the weekend turned out.

“I don’t suppose I can just keep you two here, huh?” he asked between breaths. “Holy Christ, you girls are fucking unbelievable.” They smiled at him, happy to have given him so much pleasure.

“We’ll have to think of something. I’m pretty sure mom trusts you with us, so maybe she’ll let us come back.”

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