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Let me start by saying…..I’m a man of many ‘tastes’. There is a LOT of things that turn me on. This story is based on real people, but is a fantasy that I’d love to live out!

I’ve done some handyman work over the years. A few extra bucks here and there, and help out some folks who need stuff done. Win/win right?

So I agreed to go to a friend’s house and hang some new light fixtures. I’d done some work at her rent property a few times, so she asked if I’d mind working at her house. She has small kids, and not a lot of free time, so I thought it’d be good to help her out. Not to mention she’s always fun to hang out with….AND she’s freakin’ HOT!

Melissa has an amazing smile that just gives that hint of deviousness. Amazing curves, and big, beautiful breasts. One of her best features is having no clue how hot she really is. Although, vaguely aware of my dirty streak, she and I have never so much as hugged too long….unfortunately.

I walked in that morning and she was wearing a really cute skimpy summer dress, hugging her curves perfectly, and showing a lot of cleavage. I was in shorts and a t-shirt….nothing too exciting. Unbeknownst to her, I was wearing a pair of silky, low cut, boy short panties underneath my shorts. I think she may have known about my lil panty fetish, but we haven’t discussed it much.

OK….so on with the story. I got there as she was packing the kids up to go to the sitter for the day. She explained she had some errands to run after dropping the kids off, but would be back before I was done. I went ahead and got started on my work. The first thing on the list was a ceiling fan in her bedroom.

I was busy removing the old light when she came in to tell me she was leaving, I just grunted my response and kept at my work. When I heard the garage door going down I realized I was now all alone in her bedroom. I quickly finished removing the old one….so I could have a few minutes to look around before she returned home.

I immediately noticed the open clothes hamper in the corner…as well as the top dresser drawer open a couple inches. I started at the dresser. And wow….she must own 50 pairs of panties! All kinds, cuts, fabrics, styles….you name it. Not wanting to get TOO sidetracked from the hamper, I focused my attention there. Bingo. Right on top…a pair of silky boy shorts with lace around the top. Not too unlike the ones that I was wearing, except these….had been on that amazing body. With just a lil digging I found a couple more pairs close to the top…all the same wonderful material.

I quickly put them all back in place, knowing I needed to get SOME work done before she returned, otherwise I’d have some explaining to do. So I turned some music on and got back to work. Quickly getting the new fan hung, and running smoothly. The next thing on the list was the light in her closet. A large walk in one….that came with only a single bulb fixture. I got the old one removed and the new one assembled and ready for installation in short order. Then the hamper was calling my name again.

I decided to take a quick bahis firmaları break and have a closer look at the sexy pink panties on top of the pile. Now….there is a lot about panties I find sexy. The feel, the look, the sensation of wearing them, the sensation of jacking off with them, you name it….I love em. So, needless to say, by the time I got my hands on them I was growing hard in my own pink panties. As I said, we have never so much as hugged too long, so I have never been so close to her panties or what they cover. It didn’t take me long to bring them to my face to inhale her scent. And wow….as amazing as I had imagined!

It didn’t take but a second to get my shorts down to my ankles and my hand on my, now hard, cock. Stroking while wearing panties is high on my list…doing it while enjoying well-worn panties….HEAVEN. I was taking in her musky scent, and slowly stroking myself through the now damp panties I was wearing so I never heard the door slowly open behind me.

Eyes closed, head back, inhaling deeply with her panties on my face and I’m startled to reality by the crack of a belt across her palm!! I froze. Terrified. Cock in hand…panties over my mouth. When Melissa slowly walks around to face me. A most displeased look on her face.

“What….in the FUCK….are you doing you PER VERT!?”

I just stammered….unable to string together even a couple words that made sense. The one thing that was evident was that I was not losing the rock hard erection though. I had no idea how terrifying OR how hot it would be to get caught!

“Sit your dirty, perverted ass down and listen to me carefully….NOW!”

I scampered over to the chair next to the dresser and sat down carefully. She proceeds to tell me that she knew all about my “disgusting panty fetish” from our mutual friend who had apparently figured out that I had ‘borrowed’ several pairs of her panties in the past. Before she left the house she had seen the pink lace peeking over my shorts and quickly dropped the kids off and quietly returned home to make sure I wasn’t helping myself to her most personal of undergarments.

The craziest part….I was only getting harder. The more she berated me…the more I seemed to like it.

“So, panty sniffing pervert….what shall we do about this then?” Again….totally unable to respond intelligently.

“Well….then I’ll decide how we fix this problem and you WILL go along with every bit of it, or all of our friends will quickly know that you are a panty stealing pervert…DEAL?!” All I could do was nod in the affirmative. My head was spinning a million miles an hour, knowing this was NOT a good idea….but totally incapable of stopping it.

“OK then. Strip off the rest of your clothes. But leave on those pathetic lil bitch panties.”

As I stood to remove the shorts from my ankles and my socks and shoes, I moved to set the panties down I was still holding in a death grip. “Put those back in the hamper….you don’t deserve them yet!”

I didn’t know what to think! Melissa is normally a smiling, giggling, fun loving kaçak iddaa girl. And her she is….barking orders and with a VERY forceful tone! “Melissa….please…I can explain. Don’t do this!” CRACK! She smacks her palm with the belt she was still holding. “DON’T talk! You are only to talk when I tell you to. Is that CLEAR panty bitch?!” Yes ma’am.

I gently set the panties on top of the hamper and quickly removed the rest of my clothes. So, there I stand….in only a tiny pair of silky boy short panties with a lace top….and my raging hard cock poking out of the top. Only now did she crack a smile for the first time. But it wasn’t a happy smile…it was devious looking!

She then slowly walked around behind me until I could no longer see her. She eased up close to where I could feel her breath on my shoulder. CRACK! The belt came across the back of my knees…making them buckle. As I drop to my knees she moves quickly to grab my hair and spin around in front of me. Looking down, across those amazing breasts, she smiles again and says, “Lay down panty bitch…I believe you owe me for your lil snooping adventure.”

I laid back flat on the floor. Looking up at the most amazing sight. My sexy friend, standing over my chest, her amazing tits jutted out in front of her and her legs spread wide enough that I could see her, now wet, white panties. In one quick motion she drops to her knees, pinning my shoulders down and pushing her panty clad pussy over my mouth and nose. Without time to inhale before she was on me…I quickly squirmed to try and take a breath. No such luck. She held me there, skirt over my head, for what seemed an eternity! Almost instinctually my hands moved to my cock. Even on the verge of suffocation I NEEDED to cum. She quickly realized what I was doing and raised up off my mouth.

“You will NOT cum until I tell you….understood?!”

Still out of breath I just nodded. My senses were all on fire. I couldn’t see much besides her pussy covered by wet panties. All I could smell was her arousal. And it felt as though my skin was on fire! I have never in my life been so turned on.

For the next half hour or so (maybe an eternity for all I know!) she would ride my face until I was about to pass out from lack of oxygen and then sit up, rubbing her clit vigorously while I caught my breath. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore. She reached under the skirt and pulled the soaked panties to the side and lowered her dripping pussy to my mouth. Literally….fucking my face for all it was worth. My tongue was working as fast as I could, as deep and hard as I could get. When she would slid forward I’d bury it deep into her tight ass then as deep in her pussy as I could reach. Every time…feeling like I would drown from the juices flowing from within her.

I knew she was getting close because the pressure from her legs was increasing on my head. I began to realize I was dangerously close to cumming myself without even touching my cock!

Then, without warning, she sat down HARD on my outstretched tongue and began to cum. And cum. And cum. I swallowed kaçak bahis as fast as I could. Unable to take a breath. Until finally…..she bucked forward and off of my face.

I was COVERED in her cum. Down my neck, all over my face, my hair….everywhere.

She rolled over to her back and quickly pulled her dripping panties down and off. Threw them on my face…..”clean yourself up pervert”

As I wiped my face clean with her panties I was still on the verge of cumming. This was the absolute hottest experience of my life!

All of the sudden I stopped….pulled the panties down from my face. What was that sound??

A camera!?! She was taking pictures of me laying on her bedroom floor, wearing panties with my hard on, jutting out of the top and wiping my face clean with her cum soaked panties.

“No NO panty bitch….this is my insurance. Keep cleaning or everyone sees these”

When I finished I started to get up. Her barefoot against my chest stopped me. “stay there….you’re not done. You’ve been fairly compliant. So I think I’ll let you cum. Would you like that?”

Ummmm….Yes Ma’am!

She spins around….dropping to her knees next to my head, facing my feet. Her swollen, wet pussy just an inch over my face. Grabs the panties from my hand and stuffs them deep in my mouth. Then sits forcefully down on my face. Nose and mouth buried deeply. I faintly make out her say “OK bitch….stroke”

I didn’t need much incentive! I started stroking my rock hard cock with all I had. As I start getting fairly close to cumming she raises up off my mouth and removes the panties….barely enough time to take a breath before sitting back down.

She then drops the wet panties on my cock for me to stroke with. “Cum on them….all over them when I tell you to, and no sooner”

Well….it took all I had to not cum immediately! I slowed my strokes and concentrated on trying to breathe. She began to slowly slide her pussy back and forth across my face again, affording me the chance to take a few small breaths. I could feel she was getting close, and in fact, she came again. A small but very wet orgasm. As it rolled through her she clamped down on my face and told me to cum. I obliged almost immediately! Spurt after spurt into those poor abused panties. It seemed to go on for EVER! What a feeling!!

As my orgasm subsided I felt her gently pull the panties from my hand and she again sat up off of my soaked face. Without warning she shoved the thoroughly soiled panties into my mouth. And again with the camera!

Several pictures of me sucking our cum out of her panties later she disappeared into the bathroom. I laid there in shock and listened to her shower. A short time later she emerged, fully clothed and looking amazing with her wet hair.

“I’m paying you to hang lights aren’t I? Well….you need to hurry because you’re behind schedule”

And just like that….the hottest morning of my life went back to normal! I carefully finished my list of work while she worked in her office. The check for me was on the counter in the kitchen, with her filthy cum filled panties next to it and a note….”Thanks for your help, see you next time.”

I hope she needs more work done soon!!! I will definitely charge less next time! Hope you enjoyed the story as much as I did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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