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Twenty-four didn’t seem too young at the time. The way she tells it, he had no choice. She had decided to marry him and he was just along for the ride from the start. In his mind it was somewhat different than that. It was true, she was intelligent and funny and he enjoyed spending time with her but in his mind, even now, after twenty years together it wasn’t a love story, it was erotica. It was, admittedly soft core at best, young lovers are seldom in need of the extras, but it always was, and still was today, a story about bare, raw, sexual attraction. She could remember it however she wanted to but for him, he remembered it best when he let his mind wander back to her sweet decadent young body and what he did when she shared it with him.

Their first meeting was brief but it was enough to inspire anticipation for more. They were assigned to a small team tasked with training new representatives for the company. The team was only four people. A Lesbian, a bible banging woman prone to one night stands, a tall, attractive, full breasted woman from the Midwest and a tall good looking alpha male who, despite having the least seniority of the group, had been put in charge of the project by the affable homosexual in charge of training. She still joked about how she wasn’t the only one in the group that wanted to bang him. Their first meeting was just organizational and the three women met separately afterward to discuss how to deal with the arrogant young asshole that had been put in charge.

“Why him?” the attractive blonde wondered.

“He’s a man.” Sneered the lesbian.

“I think he’s single,” swooned the Christian.

They discussed taking their complaints to management if he was too much to bear.

The first day of actual work was a Friday. The trainees would begin a Sunday to Thursday shift the next week but that first day was really just about getting them seated, showing them how to wear a headset and how to answer the phone. It was relatively simple but still took most of the new hires the better part of the day to figure it out.

She spent most of the day watching him crow about, the Rooster in the henhouse. The trainees looked at him with awe and wonder as his six foot plus frame strutted up and down the row of cubicles. She watched how they summoned him. Most of them were women, young and old alike they did their best to grab his attention when they had a question. The three women trainers intimidated them. It was awful to watch him beam at their attention and she hated that her natural reaction was to join the fray competing for his time and energy. She thought she caught him watching her once or twice but she had to be sure. As the afternoon drug on and they neared quitting time she mentioned how she didn’t make any plans. She was having eye surgery the next day and expected to be told not to eat or drink anything and had therefore left her usually competitive calendar free that night.

He didn’t say anything for the longest time and as they wrapped up and showed the trainees how to sign out for the day she began to prepare herself to take it the next step. If he didn’t say anything, if he didn’t ask her out she was going to ask him. Each and every time she caught his bright blue eyes looking at her she got closer to saying something.

Mary Anne, the professed Christian with more notches on her bedpost than any other woman in the call center tried to beat her to the punch. Mary Anne had been the only one of them that knew him before the meeting earlier in the week. She asked him if he wanted to get a drink after work. He smiled at her in response. “I don’t know, maybe,” he answered without committing.

The blonde, Diane stared him down. They were not standing very close to each other but they looked directly eye to eye across the room. She was not new to this. The look she gave him was usually enough. She expected him to come darting towards her. He didn’t. The arrogant SOB actually just smiled at her. She kicked up the intensity but rather then relent and come to her he just turned and went back to what he had been doing.

They had clocked out and were headed for the parking lot. He was walking beside her. After they went through the security doors one by one Mary Anne and the lesbian went one way to their cars, Diane went the other. He was a step behind her.

“Hey,” he called out. “Di.”

She took a few more steps playing hard to get but then stopped and turned. He had been chasing after her and nearly ran her down.

“Mary Anne and some gebze escort of the other afternoon folks are headed to the Square Cow. Do you want to go over there for a bit.”

“Not really,” she answered. She really didn’t want to serve him up on a platter for the large breasted hypocrite.

“Do you want to go some place else?” he persisted. She relaxed, her look still worked. He suggested Mexican food and she liked the idea. He knew a place not far away. She hadn’t heard of it and suggested she didn’t want to get lost. He suggested she just ride with him. She liked that idea.

He had been asking about her for three days ever since having met her. He was of course instantly taken with her. How could he not be? She was Christy Brinkley in the red Ferrari. She had the log legs of Farah Faucet in the poster on his dorm room wall and the bountiful breasts of Ursala Andress in that movie where she rises from the surf in the white bikini. He had to be careful. He had a reputation. He liked this woman and although he had picked up a similar vibe from her he needed to put forth himself as a respectable gentleman and not the player he was known to be on his side of the building.

The call center was divided into two halves. The rows on the east side of the building came in early; Diane he now knew got to work as early as 4am. The west side, where he had worked since he started worked late. He liked the four day per week shift and he liked working until Ten at night. A call center, any call center, is typically 90 percent female. He had, during the year he had worked there made a habit of working till ten and then getting a beer at one of the bars nearby. Most nights he talked another woman working the later shifts to join him. He had made his way through the majority of the attractive women he had met. He had recently been pursuing a petite blonde. She was the second most attractive woman in the building having only lost her spot as the best looking in the last three days to his counterpart on the training row.

He had been unsuccessful wooing the smaller woman because of his reputation. She didn’t want everyone talking about how she had been his latest conquest. For this reason alone he had to be careful with Diane. He had to establish his intentions as honorable even if they were primarily motivated by his desire to get the fuzzy white sweater she had worn on that cool spring Friday off of her.

Over dinner he did his best not to stare at her. She was almost too pretty. He had gained some confidence lately, having been so successful with a series of short though entertaining relationships but still, she was out of his league. Especially, he assumed, if she had dug up the kind of intel on him he had acquired on her.

He told her of his last real relationship. How it had extended throughout his college career and had only recently come to an end. He put himself forward as a serious person with career ambitions and struggled not to stare at her tits. He assumed it was working, as she didn’t express any interest in leaving. She kept looking at him the way she had the better part of the day. They discussed their families and their backgrounds. He paid for dinner and they changed bars, switching from margaritas to beer. She didn’t especially want to play pool or darts. He worried he was boring her. He suspected at any minute she would ask for a ride back to her car.

All she wanted was for him to stop talking about his ex girlfriend and ask her back to his apartment. It was true, she had heard he had a reputation. She knew he was popular on his own side of the building, but she was frustrated with his reluctance to make a move.

It got late. She didn’t ask for a ride home, he didn’t offer. They sat talking on a hill overlooking the city. She figured he would at least try to kiss her. She had to pee and was forced to dart out into the desert.

As the sun came up she demanded a restroom – real one. He knew a place. They sat in the diner and ordered milk shakes. It hadn’t been that long since the movie where John Travolta drank a milkshake after shooting up heroin with Uma Thurman. She thought he was just about as cool as John Travolta was if a little less psychotic. She liked his smile.

“I need to be at the eye doctor at nine.”

“Do you need to get to your car?”

“I’m not suppose to drive.”

“I can drop you.”

“I want a shower.”

He suggested his apartment but was again, hopelessly chivalrous göztepe escort even when she stepped out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel. He left her to dress alone in his bedroom.

In the parking lot of the eye doctor she finally kissed him. She flew out of his car afterward, running for the door of the surgical center.

He blared the radio out the T-top roof of his car as he drove home.

He called her Sunday before their shift started. Her car was still at the office. He said he would pick her up. She liked that idea.

They worked their shift together eyeing each other from time to time. He needed to be close for her to actually make him out but he stayed close enough when he could.

When their shift ended they stood talking at her car. A seemingly endless stream of people emerged from the office frustrating his attempts to kiss her. Eventually she said she had to go. He couldn’t let her, not yet. He was out of time and went to her almost clumsily. His approach may have been awkward but the kiss was not. She had wanted it to happen as badly as he had wanted to make it happen.

“I should take my car home.”

He looked down at the twenty year-old rusting BMW. “Why?”

“No reason, I guess.”

In his apartment they opened beers but they didn’t drink them. His room was large. He had a nice apartment.

They kissed and fumbled with each others clothing.

Looking back, it is almost comical how bad they were at it.

He trembled when he touched her she was so beautiful. It was neither of their first times doing this, they should have known what the hell they were doing but when he was on top of her, looking down at her, she wasn’t fully ready and he couldn’t despite the youthful strength of his cock get inside of her.

They rolled over in the bed and she was more successful on top. Her breasts were marvelous. They were like none he had ever experienced before.

Its silly how long ago this was. Where was the concern for safe sex?

She called it his Grover noise. He had never made it before with anyone else but he couldn’t stifle it now. It was a silly ridiculous sound but it was the sound he made that night when they bumped and thumped against one another.

It was better the second time. He was on top and they no longer felt the silly desperation to rush through it. He marveled at the sight of her beneath him. her smile, her long blonde hair, those breasts. Fuck, he made the Grover sound again.

They slept pressed against one another in his bed. He was stupefied by his luck to have such a woman there.

The next day they didn’t need to be at work that early and they explored a third position and he took her from behind. It was the single most lustful experience of his life. For her part, he could do what he pleased with her. She had decided she was done. She was marrying this one.

She can tell you what their days were like. They laughed and flirted and teased. She was not amused when the other woman would come looking for him, confused because he wasn’t around to ask them out at night. He combated her suitors with bravado and his natural size. There was a guy named Jeff who was unlucky enough to hit on her just after they had returned from lunch, having gone through the awkward process of trying to screw in the passenger seat of a Trans-Am. It was not as easy to manage as the Bandit and Frog had led everyone to believe but then again, Sally Field was not the tall buxom woman his Diane was.

He can’t remember as much about those early days, pretending to work, because his days were spent doing nothing more than watching her and anticipating their night together.

She knew men, young men like she dated, liked sex but she had never had anyone so completely obsessed with having sex with her the way he was. He seemed to think of nothing else. He didn’t just fuck he made love to her. He never seemed to be finished with her. She would ride him until she had gotten off and until she could tell he had come but even then, when she rolled off of him he would move almost immediately atop her. True, he loved her breasts and lavished attention on them but his cock was relentless, she struggled to completely satisfy him to the point he would leave her alone. Sure, it time this would bug the shit out of her but back then, it was a deep and meaningful expression of his love for her. She relished it.

When they weren’t joking playing and flirting halkalı escort during the day he was still watching her. She enjoyed it. She liked to stretch, slowly extending her arms over her head pressing the breasts he was so enamored of out and pulling her shirt high enough her flat tummy would appear above the waistband of her jeans. She would smile as she did it, knowing he was watching.

Her car sat at their office untouched for a week before she demanded she take it home. He followed her. They stayed in her small house that weekend. It wasn’t much of a house but they didn’t use much of it staying in her bedroom the vast majority of both days.

She finally got to give him head. He simply was too quick to get her pants off and get his cock into her she hadn’t been able to get to him quickly enough. Fresh from the shower she had to pin him down. He was not unfamiliar with a blow-job. Sure, it wasn’t as casual as it is today but women did it back then. In fact, his first girlfriend clung to her virginity by satisfying him orally. Her awkward attempts paled in comparison however to the masterful blowjob Diane delivered when finally she was given the opportunity. He groaned loudly as she sucked him with a devotion to her task he had never experienced.

It hurt as she struggled with his girth but he didn’t care.

When he came his groans became the Grover howl. He flailed about the bed. She didn’t release him. She prided herself on taking every last drop. She swallowed. He wallowed in delight.

He vowed to get even with her.

Despite his best efforts he had struggled his whole adult life to go down on a woman. He had read about it. He had seen it in pornos. He knew what he was supposed to do.

Only a few had even let him try. An older woman he dated briefly seemed bored as he struggled to figure it out. The crazy red head seemed to enjoy it but her comment to him afterward was that he was a very pleasant lover. Pleasant was not what he was going for.

This was twenty years ago. Even in playboy the girls had expansive tufts of hair between their legs. Later, as they learned and grew to understand what each other liked best it would get even better but that night on her ancient squeaky queen bed when he touched his tongue to her she delighted in his efforts in a way she had never experienced before. Fuck pleasant.

She came so hard she had to push him away. He only wanted to do it that much more.

They had known each other three weeks and a day and other than the night after her eye surgery they had not slept apart. They exchanged the L word. They found themselves looking in the windows of jewelers. They discarded their friends – they were too busy. Like every young couple does they planned a trip to Vegas.

They enjoyed the casinos and walking the strip but mostly they enjoyed their hotel room at the Hacienda. It’s gone now. He felt inspired to suck on her toes for whatever reason. He brought her to orgasm just from licking and sucking on them. You would think they would do it more actually.

Sitting at dinner she opened up to him. He could fuck her from behind more. It was really her favorite. He didn’t like that he missed seeing her breasts as he did it but there was something to the additional leverage.

Fucking like rabbits doesn’t go far enough. They fucked like horny sex addicted rabbits.

Sixty days exactly from the night he had bought her Mexican food he took advantage of his parents being out of town. After a take out meal served at the dining room table and a soak in the hot tub they lay in bed naked preparing to make love. He sat her on the edge of the bed. She knew it was coming and she started to cry. When he asked her to marry him he croaked more like Kermit than the best lover she’d ever had. She didn’t care. It was her plan all along.

After twenty years it’s not every day anymore. Sometimes they are lucky to get in even twice a week but when they do it is still better than what the average Tom and Jane Middleage are getting. They have experienced swinging and hosted an orgy. They have tried bondage; he likes eating her out when she is helpless to stop him. They have tried anal. She hasn’t gotten to the point where she can take his cock but he can take her strap-on. He wished she would wear lingerie more often and she wishes he would lose twenty pounds so that he could really give her a good pounding when that’s what she’s in the mood for but considering most people have cut loose and run at this point they are doing pretty well. Their story is still not a romantic comedy but it isn’t one of those dramas about dysfunctional families either. It also wouldn’t really get aired on Cinimax late at night either. Sometimes love isn’t a love story, sometimes its just a porno – just a good old fashioned amateur fuckfest. And for some people it’s better that way anyway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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