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“Happy Birthday honey,” she said as he let the door swing shut behind him. “You’re just in time.”

Jack had been so caught up with work lately he hadn’t even remembered that today was his 39th birthday. It was a bitch of a drive home, as it always was on Friday evenings. This Friday was particularly bad. Sitting in traffic for over an hour and a half had made him late to help put his four-year-old son Michael to bed. He had expected to be reprimanded for his tardiness, but there was no hint of discontent in his wife’s voice.

Jessie and he had met more than 11 years ago when he was working his way up the ranks in his law firm. They recognized there was something very special and lasting between them quickly and within two years had wed. For Jack he found her to be just the perfect combination of the girl you take home to mom and the adventurous kitten in the bedroom.

“Jack I made your favorite drink… it’s on the end table.”

Jack was not a heavy drinker, but enjoyed a mohito or martini as much as the next guy. It usually only took one stiff mixed drink to relax him and take the edge off.

“I’m preparing something special tonight,” Jessica announced from the kitchen. “Please don’t come in or you’ll spoil the surprise.”

It had been a while since Jessica and he had enjoyed a nice quiet meal together. He threw his coat over the back of a rocking chair, slipped out of his shoes and walked over to the sofa.

“I’m sorry I’m late babe,” he offered as he reached over to snatch up his drink from the end table.

“That’s ok, I was pretty busy preparing your birthday surprise,” she answered.

He took a long slow slip of the drink – a mohito. It smelled stronger than usual, but the combination of rum and mint was delicious.

“How much rum did you put in this drink babe?”

Jessie avoided the topic, “I hope you are not too tired, I have a big night planned for us.”

For a few minutes Jack sat back and enjoyed the drink and the soft household sounds that accompany the act of cooking. He reflected on the long road that brought him and Jessie together, to start a family, to buy this house. While it hadn’t always been a bed of roses, the good times far outweighed the bad, and they had made a very happy life here.

Jack took another long slow drink, and realized he had come to the bottom. It wasn’t like him to suck down a drink that quickly – his tolerance was low and alcohol went straight to his head.

“This drink was great Jess,” he called into the kitchen.

“Wow, you polished that off fast, let me bring you another,” she replied from the kitchen.

His first instinct was to decline, but damn if that didn’t taste good, and it was, after all Friday.

Jessica crossed from the kitchen into the living room carrying a pitcher of mohito. She was wearing that sexy evening dress that always drove him wild.

“I thought you might like it, so I made a whole pitcher.”

She set the pitcher on the end table and leaned over him to kiss him. Jack loved the way her blonde hair fell forward and tickled his face when she kissed him. He was surprised to feel her tongue in his mouth, and he reciprocated. As they kissed, he noticed her breasts, full and beautiful in the low-cut dress she wore. She slid her hand up his leg to his groin and his cock pulsed back against her touch in response.

“You look amazing baby,” Jack told her. “That dress always gets me so hard.”

She smiled at him, “I thought you might like it.”

She moved to the end table positioning her back to him etiler escort as she reached for the pitcher. As she bent to refill his drink she pulled her dress up, showing him the string-thin black thong she was wearing underneath. Jack felt his cock twitch in his pants, stretching to break free of his boxers. Before he could reach out to pinch her tight ass she let the dress fall back down and started pouring the drink.

“Your surprise is almost ready honey,” she said. “Relax a little more and calm down that dick of yours.”



Jack called out, “Are you expecting anyone baby?”

Halfway through his second mohito he was really starting to feel the alcohol.

“That must be part of your surprise honey,” Jess called back.

He heard her footsteps in the hallway moving to the front door. She opened the door and he heard a second female voice at the door. Hushed whispers. Door closing. Two sets of footsteps moving back down the hall to the kitchen.

“Is everything ok Jess?”

“Everything’s fine Jack, finish your drink,” answered Jess curtly.

“What the hell,” he thought, his willpower all but completely wiped out by the sweet rum mint concoction. He tilted the glass up and drained the last of the drink.

“Hi Jack,” an unfamiliar voice addressed him. “Jess has told me a lot about you.”

He put down the drink startled and looked toward the hallway as Jessica and the stranger approached.

Dressed in a tight slinky black dress the stranger walked slowly toward him. Her long straight black hair was exquisite.

“Nice to meet you,” Jack offered, getting up slowly from the sofa.

Jessica introduced the stranger, “Jack, this is Lia. I invited her to come over tonight.”

As Jack reached out to shake her hand, he realized he was staring at Lia’s tits. Hard to miss, they were practically falling out of the dress. He glanced quickly at Jessica, hoping she hadn’t noticed his interest.

Instead Jessica walked up behind Lia and slid her hand slowly down her back, to her waist, to her firm ass.

“Jess, what’s going on?”

Jack was shocked to see Lia turn her head to Jess, open her mouth and take Jessica’s tongue in her mouth. He felt his cock grow three inches in his pants, busting to escape. As he watched, he saw his wife’s tongue caress Lia’s lips and tongue.

“Jack, have a seat baby, the show is about to start,” Jess said softly.

“Shit Jess, are you sure you want to do this?” Jack replied. He watched as his wife unzipped the back of Lia’s dress, watched it fall to the fall.

“Sit down Jack.”

Jack sat back down on the sofa, his dick pitching a stiff tent in the crotch of his pants, a wet spot forming atop the head of his cock.

Lia had on G-string panties, and her tits were even more lovely than he first imagined under that dress. She was helping Jessica out of her dress, that black thong looking just as good the second time. The pair went over and sat on the opposite couch, kneeling to face each other.

“Do you like watching me with another woman, Jack? Do you like watching me kiss her?”

Jack thought that was a no-brainer. “Shit yeah baby, kiss her again.”

“Whatever you want Jack.”

She began trading tongues with Lia again, and the women began to fondle each other’s tits. Jack watched as their nipples swelled with delight, and the wet spot on his pants reminded him that his dick was rock hard.

“What else would you like to see, Jack?” Jess whispered from halkalı escort the couch.

Jack felt like he was going to explode. “I want you to tell me if Lia’s getting wet, baby.”

Jess slid her hand down from Lia’s ample tits down to her panties. He watched as her hand slid slowly inside her panties. Lia moaned softly as Jess started rubbing her clit. “She’s getting nice and wet Jack, but I think we can get her much wetter.”


“Jack, I want to watch Lia suck you. Do you want Lia’s mouth on your cock?”

Jack paused for a second as he pondered whether this was a trick question.

Jessica asked again, “Jack, I want to watch Lia suck you baby.”

Jessie and Lia walked toward Jack, slipping out of their panties as they crossed the living room to the couch. Two shaved pussies, Jack noticed.

Jessie knelt between Jack’s legs, unhooked his belt, and opened his pants. Jack slipped his pants and boxers down simultaneously, letting them drop to the floor.

“Let’s get rid of these baby,” Jessie said as she removed his pants and tossed them across the room. “Let me taste that dick baby.”

She grasped his cock firmly at the base and ran her warm wet tongue up the length of his shaft, starting at his balls and moving slowly up to the head. A bead of his pre-cum had oozed out of his dick, sitting neatly at the top. “Lia, come lick this off his dick,” she commanded.

Lia knelt beside Jack’s wife as Jessie held his cock for her.

Jessie whispered to Lia, “Come on baby, lick that off his cock. It tastes so good.”

Lia’s long tongue started below the head of his dick and neatly flicked the bead off his cock, balancing it on the tip of her tongue. Jessie immediately shared it, her tongue licking Lia’s.

Jessia begged Lia, “Lia baby, I want to watch you suck my husband’s dick. I want you to blow that cock of his.”

Lia stared at Jack, “I thought you would never ask.”.

“Are you sure about this Jess?”

Despite all the alcohol, Jack still felt like he was being unfaithful for wanting Lia to suck him raw.

“Shut up and enjoy this Jack,” Jessica ordered.

Lia started licking Jack’s cock, her tongue so warm and wet on his dick.

“Oh god that feels so good,” Jack moaned, his head rolling back on the head rest of the couch. Lia took his dick in her mouth, gently sucking out his juices, tasting him.

Meanwhile Jessica had positioned herself next to Jack on the couch, laying back with her legs spread, fingering her pussy.

“Jack, it makes me so hot to see her suck you.”

“Stand up Jack and fuck my mouth,” Lia commanded.

Jack obeyed, standing with his dick firmly plugged between Lia’s tight lips. He held her head and started fucking her mouth deeply. Lia opened her mouth and took his cock right to the back of her throat. A trail of spit hung from her mouth to Jack’s cock as he alternated between fucking her throat and pulling his dick out to let her stroke it.

Lia spit on his dick and worked his cock with her hands.

“Jess baby, come over here and help me,” Lia asked.

Jess came over to Jack’s cock positing herself opposite Lia. They began licking both sides of his dick simultaneously, tasting each other and Jack’s cock.

Jack felt like he was going to explode. Sure he had fantasized about having a threesome with his wife, but those were just fantasies right?


“Jack I want you to fuck her.”

Under normal situations Jack could never imagine that he innovia escort would want to fuck another woman in front of his wife. But juiced up on mohitos, his cock throbbing from having been double sucked by two gorgeous women, noone would have to ask him twice.

“Do you want to fuck me Jack?” Lia asked coyly.

“I want to fuck you so bad,” Jack replied.

Lia got up, went over to the opposite couch and knelt on it, her ass waving at Jack from across the room. She spread her legs, reached back and fingered her pussy.

“Jack I want you to put your cock right here,” Lia instructed as she used both hands to hold open her pink juicy cunt.

“Go fuck her Jack,” Jessie ordered.

Jack crossed the room, his hard cock straining to reach Lia’s pussy. He grabbed Lia on each side of her tight ass and Lia grabbed his dick. She started rubbing his cock all over her pussy.

“Maybe we better use something Jess,” Jack suddenly remembered.

“No Jack, I want you to feel her wet pussy. I want her to get your dick all wet.”

Jack pushed his cock slowly into Lia’s wet gap. The lips of her pussy sliding down the length of his shaft, her warm walls inviting him deeper. He pushed his dick until his pelvis met her ass, then retracted his cock and started to slowly fuck her.

Jessie crossed the room and knelt behind Jack, rubbing his ball while he gradually started pumping his dick faster and harder into Lia’s cunt.

“Fuck her wet pussy Jack, fuck her nice and hard!”

Jessie started licking Jack’s balls, sucking on them softly. From there she let her tongue slide back to his ass. Jack never thought his wife would want to do something like that. Then again he never thought he would want her to. But it felt so good having her warm wet tongue play with his ass.

Jessie reached around and pulled Jack’s cock out of Lia’s pussy. She quickly put it in her mouth and started pumping her head up and down on it, taking it deep in her throat.

She pulled back, “Jack do you like Lia’s ass?”


“Her ass looks so tight Jack,” Jessie whispered. “I want you to fill it with your cock. I want to watch you fuck her tight ass.”

Lia held her ass open while Jessica spit in her asshole. Jack saw how tight her ass looked, imagined how good it would feel around his dick. He rubbed the head of his cock around her asshole, gradually working it inside. He felt the muscles of her ass which were at first tight and resistant slowly relax and allow him entry.

He worked his whole cock into her tight ass and started to slowly fuck it.

“Do you like her ass Jack?” Jessica asked.

“I love having my ass fucked hard, Jack. Fuck me harder,” Lia begged.

Jack started pumping his dick harder working Lia’s tight ass and his cock to the brink of explosion.

Lia’s ass felt so warm and tight on his bare cock. He imagined what it would be like to unload in that ass, to fill it with his hot white cum. He imagined his load dripping out of Lia’s asshole, and almost lost it.

Jessica moaned, “Jack, I want you to unload on her face. I want you to shoot a hot messy load all over her.”

Jack pulled his dick out of Lia’s ass, noticing how her asshole stayed stretched open, inviting his cock back in for more. His dick was ready to explode.

Jessica and Lia knelt on the floor in front of Jack as he pumped his dick vigorously. The women took turns licking and sucking his cock as jacked it. He suddenly tightened up, feeling his balls tighten and even more blood rushing to his dick.

He started shooting his load on Lia first as she held out her tongue to take it in her mouth. His first shot hit her tongue, the second her cheek. He aimed for Jessica and shot the rest of his load all over her face.

The women started kissing, sharing his load, and then sucked his dick dry.

“Happy Birthday, baby,” Jessica teased. “Did you like your present?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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