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Harriet is 33 years of age, 5’4″, long dark hair, DD breasts with sensitive nipples, slightly cuddlier than average but she looks real good for it. 15 years she has been with her husband, although their sex life was great, unbeknownst to Harriet she would soon be getting more than she signed up for.

It was a boring Sunday, her husband had taken the kids out and Harriet was scrolling on the Internet when an advert popped up for home trials of some new sex machines, the trial was for 6 months and every week you would be sent a new mystery device to trial free of charge, then write a report about, you got to keep the machines too, it sounded almost too good to be true.

Harriet clicked the link and filled out the relevant forms, the first machine would arrive tomorrow between 9 and 10 AM, perfect as it was her day off and that was after she had dropped the kids at school, her husband would be at work and she could test it for a good while.

Harriet decided not to tell her husband at this time as she wanted to see how it went.

The next day, after dropping the kids to school, Harriet rushed home and jumped in the shower, she scrubbed up and then freshly shaved her pussy ready for some fun.

Harriet dried herself off, slipped on a thong and a light, short summer dress. Her nipples slightly erect from anticipation and the chill in the air as it wasn’t quite into spring yet, the feel of the dresses fabric on them made sure they stayed that way.

The doorbell rung, Harriet opened the door to the delivery guy, on the floor next to him was a box, about 2 foot high 3 foot wide, her eyes widened, she didn’t think it would be this big, she had been expecting a new type of dildo or wand, how would she hide it from her husband. Harriet signed the drivers delivery form and quickly brought the package inside.

After lugging the quite heavy box up to the bedroom she tore the top open, there was a small tablet with a note on top “please turn me on before you get turnt on” Harriet giggled at the joke.

The tablet came to life and quickly booted up, the first screen was rules on what to do while testing the weekly devices.

Rule 1: Make sure the tablet is on while testing

Rule 2: Make sure the tablets camera is facing you while testing

Rule 3: Make sure your connection to the testing servers is active

Rule 4: Make sure connection between tablet and device is active

Rule 5: Have a great time

The next screen was 4 buttons, camera on/off, connect device, connect to server and end test.

Harriet brushed the rules off and quickly dug back into the box to get the machine, the anticipation had made her pussy moist already, she could feel the wetness between her pussy lips and on her thong.

She dug in the box, pulling out a few chrome tubes, a device that looked like a motor and a selection of various size and shaped dildos.

After 10 minutes assembling the machine at the end of the bed, Harriet realised it was just a machine that was going to fuck her, she’d seen porn with these in and secretly always wanted one, her pussy became wetter at the thought.

Her husband was a good 6 inches, which she was always happy with as he knew how to use it but fuck it thought Harriet, she picked the 8 inch dildo and attached it to the end of the machine, she lay on the end of her bed and adjusted the arm so the huge cock was the right height for her.

Harriet plugged the machine in and switched it on, she made sure the tablet was on, linked and connected to the servers before setting it up on a chest of drawers where the screen showed she and the machine were in full view of the camera.

Harriet slipped her thong zayıf gaziantep escort off, her nipples now fully erect through her dress, her pussy glistening from moisture. She lay back on the end of the bed and began rubbing her pussy, her hand sliding up and down her moistness, a finger dipping between her lips and stroking across her clit.

The machine whirred and automatically adjusted itself, the arm moved the dildo closer to her pussy, Harriet couldn’t take her eyes of the big cock close to her pussy. The machine paused for a second, then the head of the dildo opened and a tongue like attachment slid out and touched her wet pussy.

Harriet writhed at its touch, the machine began to lick her pussy, slowly at first, up and down, between her pussy lips, then it moved to circling her clit, Harriet rubbed her breasts as the machine ate her pussy, she tweaked and rubbed her stiff nipples, waves of pleasure tore through her as the machine moved to tongue fucking her wet hole.

Harriet hadn’t expected this, she could feel her first orgasm building already, the machine went back to licking her clit, she was just about to orgasm when the machine stopped and the tongue retracted back inside the cock which then thrust forward into her wet twitching pussy with perfect accuracy, filling her tight pussy with one swift thrust.

Harriet moaned loudly and arched her back as the huge, hard rubber cock filled her hole, then the machine began thrusting in and out, full strokes, filling her with each pump.

Harriet gripped the bed, raised her legs wide apart as the 8 inch dildo pounded into her wet pussy. It fucked her hard like this for a few minutes, she rubbed her clit furiously, her orgasm was building again, then the machine slowed down.

Harriet writhed and wriggled on the huge cock as it slowly thrust in and out, she bit her lip and pulled her sensitive, stiff nipples as this machine fucked her slowly and had denied her an orgasm for the second time.

Harriet could feel every inch of the rubber cock filling her hole, she was so aroused that she done something she’d never done before, in the heat of the moment and longing to orgasm she reached a hand around behind her, she teased her arsehole with a finger then as the machine slowly fucked her she slid her finger in, this combined with her clit rubbing as the device fucked her pussy hole sent Harriet into a spasming orgasm.

Her juices squirted from her pussy around the dildo,they ran down into her arse, she slid her finger deeper as she came hard on the cock a second time. She moaned loudly, her eyes wide, her legs shaking, she nearly blacked out.

The machine didn’t stop there, it increased its speed again and the rhythm changed to a pounding rather than a gentle in and out, it retracted fully out of her hole then slammed into her, over and over, like it was trying to cum in her.

Harriets moans became louder as it rough fucked her soaking wet pussy hole, she came twice more as the machine fucked her.

Harriet lay on her bed a sweaty mess, the machine slowed down to an almost sensual rhythm, taking slow, long, deep strokes into her pussy. Harriet lay back, looking up, enjoying the slow pace, feeling every part of her pussy get filled and stretched with each stroke.

Harriet could feel her soaked bedsheets beneath her, she didn’t even know she could squirt but this machine made sure she did, her juices still flowing from her pussy as the it slowly fucked her with all 8 inches.

In a final move that surprised Harriet, the machine pulled out from her wet pussy, raised up slightly and ejaculated a thick, warm gaziantep zayıf escort white substance all over her, arcs shot over her, covering her dress, her face and the bed, it came river’s of the stuff everywhere, it’s last 2 pulses shooting onto her pussy before powering down.

Harriet lay there, sweaty, covered in the toys cum, exhausted from the hardest fucking she’d ever had, her dress soaked and sticking to her. She lay there blissfully fulfilled.

Once Harriet had recovered, she picked the tablet up.

“Data recieved” was written across the screen and there was a section to write your review, she lay on her bed and wrote an essay about how good her first fuck with it had been and submitted it with a massive smile on her face.

Harriet showered, washing the machines cum from her body and hair, thinking over the experience turned her on again, she rub her clit while the water run down her body, she moaned as a slow orgasm built inside her and she came once again, thinking of her new robotic lover, she couldn’t wait until the following Monday.

That evening all Harriet could think of was the fucking she’d had earlier in the day, as she sat with her husband watching TV her pussy tingled at the thoughts running through her mind. Once the kids were asleep she disappeared to the bedroom and called her husband to come upstairs.

He walked in the room to Harriet stood in a black lingerie set, he walked over to her and took her by the hips and pushed her down to her knees, she rubbed his buldge through his shorts and looked up at him, her pussy already moist still thinking of her robotic fuck toy.

She released her husbands hard cock from his shorts, took hold of the base and licked the underside from his balls to the tip before taking his whole length into her throat, she wrapped her arms around him and deep throated his cock hard, he grabbed her by her hair and proceeded to throat fuck her, his cock twitching as it had been a while since they’d fucked.

Harriet thought as she sucked, her pussy had enough attention today and her husbands 6 inch cock just wouldn’t be the same, she stood up and turned around, her husband pushed her onto the bed and placed his cock head against her pussy.

“No, not there” whispered Harriet as she guided the head of his cock to her arse.

“Fuck my arse” she exclaimed with a naughty smile on her face

Her husband climbed over her back, then slowly pushed the tip of his hard cock into her arsehole, Harriet moaned as it slipped inside, she lifted her arse, forcing his cock deeper, she moaned again and bit down on the bedsheet, it hurt but felt good.

Her husband slid out slightly then deeper back in, he fucked her like this for a few minutes, both moaning loudly as he fucked her arse. He began ramming her arse hard as his cock began to twitch.

“Fill my arse with your load” screemed Harriet as her husband took one last stroke before his cock spasmed and he shot his load inside her arsehole.

They collapsed in a heap but all Harriet was thinking about was when she could next fuck her new toy.

After her husband had fallen asleep Harriet quietly pulled the machine from under the bed. She switched on the tablet and set it up in the same place, she noticed the camera had night vision and that it had detected a second person in the bed.

The machine stirred to life and as Harriet climbed back into bed the cock seemed to be tracking her movements, following her position. She lay back, next to her sleeping husband, bent and spread her legs, her pussy already wet.

She reached down between her legs and felt the head gaziantep zayıf escort bayan of the 8 inches there waiting for her. She began slowly rubbing her clit, constantly looking to her husband to make sure not to wake him, the machine slowly pushed its way inside of her wet hole, she braced against the headboard as it slid its full 8 inches all the way inside her slowly.

It’s like it new what was going on as it was making next to no noise and was sliding in and out extremely slowly, almost being gentle so they didn’t wake her husband.

Harriet rubbed her clit slowly, the machine slid in and out slowly, filling her with each slow thrust, Harriet could feel every inch with every thrust, filling her hole as she sped her clit rubbing up. An orgasm was building, Harriet slowly gyrated her hips as she edged closer.

Then her husband turned to face her, still asleep but she could feel his cock was erect and pressing against her hip.

Harriet, still filled with the robots cock, rolled onto her side so she was spooning with her hubby, she reached down and pulled his hard cock free from his shorts once more, her inhibitions had completely left her by now, she placed the tip of his hard cock against her arse once again.

As the robot fucked her pussy hole slowly she used her pussy juices to lube her sleeping husbands hard cock before pushing it into her arse.

Harriet bit down on her pillow as she’d never had both holes filled at the same time before and the feeling was sending her wild. She remained as still as she could with her husbands cock in her arsehole and just let the machine fuck her soaking wet, spasming pussy slowly.

It didn’t take long before she came, soaking the sheets again, her husband had began slightly thrusting his hips and placed his hand on her breasts, squeezing gently as he must have been having a sex dream about earlier, not realising Harriet was fucking his cock again, while he slept he came in harriets arse again, as he did the robot cock exploded inside her pussy, filling her with its hot warm fluid at the same time her arse was being filled up, she orgasmed again at the sensation.

The machine withdrew and Harriet pretty much blacked out with her husbands cock still twitching in her arsehole.

Harriet woke, face down, her husband on her back pounding into her arse again holding her head into the pillow. His hard cock sliding in and out of her arsehole, she didn’t know how long it had been but she didn’t care, his 6 inch cock felt great inside there, it felt huge. He pressed harder as his thrusts got harder and deeper, Harriet moaned into the pillow with each pound, her pussy pulsed, then she felt something slide between her legs…the machine…it slid straight into her soaking pussy as her husband has his way with her arsehole.

He was to distracted fucking her to notice the feeling of his wife being filled in her other hole as he pounded away where he never had before today. He pinned her arms to the headboard and rammed his cock deep into her back hole as his cock exploded, filling her again with his hot cum, he rolled off and faced away from her.

The machine still inside her, fucked her pussy slowly for a few minutes as her husband drifted back to sleep, Harriet was so turned on thinking in one day she had turned into a complete fuck slut that does anal and gets both holes filled, the fact her husband didn’t know turned her on more.

Once her husband was fast asleep the machine sped up, fucking her hard and fast, Harriet didn’t care at this point if her husband did wake up, she needed to orgasm again.

She span onto her back and spread her legs wide as the machine pounded into her soaking wet pussy hole. She frantically rubbed her clit, faster and faster, the rubber cock thrust harder and harder, then once again exploded inside her just as she reached her orgasm, spasming on the rubber cock as she came again.

Harriet climbed out of bed and packed the machine away under the bed, she hid the tablet, climbed into her soaking wet bed and fell fast asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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