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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


Tommy wants me to go on a hay ride. I always had an eye for tommy and I think he likes me. We kissed once. Actually twice but I didn’t really count the second one cause it was just a peck. The first one was a good lip sucker. Pretty nice for Tommy.

Tommy is a cowboy. He tried to rope me all through this last year. I survived but kept him interested. He was slim, strong legs, tall, about 6ft1 depending on the weather. I was about the same except about 5ft9 depending on the weather. A little tall for a girl so we were a nice matchup. We kind of wrangled each other some but it was mostly fun.

They had this 25 foot truck with a canvas top and a tailgate about a third of the way up with a close mesh covering from the top of the tailgate up. It kept headlights from shining in too bright but we could see out and it was noisy so you could talk private when you were close.

Tommy is 18, almost 19. Me too. You had to be at least 18 to go. We had a monitor in case of emergencies, always sat on a hay bale right at the tailgate. They had a flashlight but never used it that I ever heard about.

Some of the bales of hay were mostly loose and spread out but there were a lot of small bales. Lots of privacy. You could lie down in between those bales and get lost very easily. I told Tommy I was going with my twin brother. I wasn’t but I didn’t want him to make any plans about me on the hay ride. I wasn’t ready for that yet.

He said he was going anyway and that’s ok. I’m about due to get an updated lip sucker from Tommy. Maybe a bit more. Tommy is casual, easy, loving, nice, moves along but not fast, easy to hold off, easy to get going, pays attention, gives whatever you want and only takes what you give back. I’m sure he has a couple of other girls that take up the slack. I’m just not ready for that yet.


Saturday. Twilight is almost gone. They always have a large stack of those furniture shipping quilts for us to use. No point in getting hay pokes all over your skin. The smell of hay and bouncing around those hay bales is enough to call it a hay ride. It gets a little chilly later on so they’re good for that too.

I’m wearing socks up to about mid-calf and a pleated denim skirt that’s been washed so many times it feels like a bra, nice and soft, goes down just below the knee. Really worn hoodie sweatshirt, larger than normal so it’s not restrictive. Sleep bra, same reason. Canvas shoes.

I thought about panties a lot. I got a pair of boy shorts, loose in the legs. The short kind so they didn’t wrap around my thighs. Low on my hips, almost hip huggers. I put them on at home and rolled around on the bed and they were great. Didn’t squeeze me anywhere. I call them my hay ride boy shorts. Tommy ain’t getting anywhere near them.

It was a really small wheat and corn country town so there was only about 20 going on the hay ride. Perfect for the truck size. An unspoken rule was nobody could bring a flashlight except the monitor. Nobody broke the rule. Nobody brought food. We always went to the drive-in for burgers before starting back.

My brother was with his girlfriend and we climbed in way towards the back but not all the way. I saw Tommy and said hi and he went down to the tailgate. A few minutes and they raised the tailgate and the mesh and we were off.

Country roads with practically no traffic at all and we always went about 30 or 35 so the bumps weren’t so bad. My arms and head were sticking out between two small bales and my brother and his girlfriend was across from me so we could talk. Kind of a little fortress. The rest of us were sticking out from the center between the bales like spokes on an old wagon wheel.

About fifteen minutes after we got underway I felt somebody getting comfortable down around my legs and feet. Not crowding. I wasn’t concerned, I knew everybody. Another five minutes or so and I felt a couple of fingers sliding slowly on my ankle. I didn’t do anything. A few more moments and I figured it was Tommy. Tommy likes to do that on my neck and forehead and ears. I always liked it.

I was on my side and started to kick his hand away but wondered how far he would go so I kept still. I had the foot of my top leg out in front and the knee of the other bent a little underneath. He slowly ran his finger up to where my legs met. He was on top of the socks so I didn’t mind, then I felt his other fingers on my other ankle, the one out in front.

He ran his fingers around and up and back slowly about four or five minutes. Then I felt his fingers on my skin, above my socks, and he slipped them between my legs below my knee and left them there. The bottom of my skirt was pulled up about knee high from stretching out so he wasn’t up under my skirt. I took a breath. That wound me up some.

A portion of my back and stomach were sandwiched Ankara Escort between small hay bales and I couldn’t see. Everybody was settled down and I didn’t want to cause any disturbance so I waited to see what he was going to do. His fingers were still between my calf’s and I felt his other hand on the top of my leg sliding up and down lightly. He pulled his hand out and I felt it on the back of my knee.

I instinctively bent my knees a little and brought them up about six inches or so, both together. He began lightly rubbing my calf and knee on top but didn’t rub the back of my knee again. It really felt good. It was great. I was enjoying his fingers very much. I wondered if he was going to pull my socks down or go above my knees or take off my canvas sneakers.

I felt the denim skirt draping across just about an inch above my knee moving. If he went any higher he would be up under my skirt. I had a lip in my mouth and stopped and told myself to grow up. My brother was working on kissing and hugging with his girlfriend so nobody was watching me. Tommy was just so close to my thighs.

I felt him rustling around and felt a quilt being draped over me and I reached down and pulled a corner up through the hay bales, loosely, to my chin. He was very polite that way. Nice and warm between the quilts. Private too. Almost immediately his hands were back. Rubbing my calf right up at the knee and on the side of my knee.

I knew Tommy. He would go until I said ‘whoa nellie’. If he didn’t get to my thigh I would kill him. If he did I would kill him. He got to my thigh, just above the back of my knee. He was circling his fingers on the back of my thigh. I could feel his hand bumping the bottom of my skirt then I felt him move up closer to me. I raised my knees up a little more then realized what I did but couldn’t reverse back. Tommy was close up.

His hand was rubbing the back of both of my thighs way up high. I was getting excited. Then he stuck his fingers between my thighs again, right up near my sweet spot. The edge of his fingers were so close to my clit I could hardly contain myself. I wanted to stop him but it felt so good. I wanted him to play around more. Just until I was turned on a little too much.

He lifted his arm over my thigh, under my skirt, and stuck them between my legs. He was between my thighs up high in the back and the front. I wanted to lift my leg up so bad it hurt. My knees were up some so he couldn’t get anywhere down in from the front but I knew there were places to go underneath. My sweet spot.

I suppose it would be nice if he rubbed me on the outside of my panties. On my bottom would be nice. If he touched me along my ridges I would die of embarrassment. Maybe he wouldn’t tell. That would be ok if he wouldn’t tell. I don’t think he would. If he did that would be it and he knew that. He wouldn’t tell.

It was so warm with his hands between my thighs. He moved his fingers and I lifted my leg a little. It was a reaction and I didn’t mean to do that but he slid his hand up closer but didn’t get all the way there. I held fairly firm when he wiggled them again then he pulled his fingers out and I felt his other hand move up on the front of my thigh.

He was right there at my pubic hair. The patch on top. I could feel him brush my panties right there, with a finger. So gentle. Brushing back and forth across my pubic hair on the outside of my panties. What did he think he was doing? This was practically sex. I couldn’t believe how much I loved that.

I come from a farm. Sex wasn’t all that mysterious. We knew all about sex. We saw animal sex almost every day. Monstrously big long dicks and wide chasm vaginas like bulls and cows and little tiny ones like with chickens. The goats and hogs were somewhere in between. My dad told me animals fuck all day and we were animals. I heard that on other farms too.

About a month ago I was in the loft and Tommy came around the barn and I watched him below pull out and pee against the barn. For a long time. He was really big. Next time I could I played on top of his pants when he was getting hard and never did find the bottom. I kept sliding up and down until he stopped me and never did get to the bottom. Not even his balls. He’s long.

He got his hand up on my rump and worked it up and down and pushed into my butt crack a few times. I actually thought he was a boob guy but he’s doing a surprising good job on my lower stuff. It was very exciting. What a feeling. He moved up a little closer and my knees came up more and hit the hay bale. My knees were up higher than my waist. My bottom and other stuff were hanging down like a freebie.

I thought I might be too exposed but I still had my panties on. He hadn’t gotten into my sweet spot from the back yet so it was ok. I liked what he was doing. I wanted more but just a little more. He had me turned on but not emergency type yet. Just wet my pants type. Not my fault Balgat Escort if I did. I only did that once before in the barn loft. It was raining on the tin roof and I just had to.

He was still rubbing my hair and he couldn’t get down below that. He would have to push to get to my clit. It wouldn’t be long before he would be on my sweet spot from behind. I don’t know why but I was waiting for that and then I would make a decision. His hand was hot on my butt. That was really sensitive, especially when he pushed in the crack.

He moved his hand a little high on my rump once and curled his fingers down inside the top of my panties and pulled but changed his mind and pulled his fingers out. I think he figured he had to bring me along slower or something. I bet he would shit if I slipped my hand down and pushed my panties down around my thighs. I was smiling at that one. That would get him. As a guy he would have to fuck or quit. Or he could just play with everything.

I felt something rubbing along my thigh and it wasn’t his hands or fingers. They were elsewhere. He must be really hard to push his pants out that far. If he ever got in me he would probably get all the way to my belly button. I don’t quite remember because I was watching him pee but I think its fat too. I wonder how many think he’s sticking it to me all the time.

He slowed down for a few moments and then put one hand on the outside of each hip and edged himself higher with his front up against my bottom and sweet spot. That was erotic, very exciting. I could feel him in his pants pressing up right along my pussy. He wasn’t thrusting but he was giving me a taste, saying, ‘want some?’. I was squeezing my backside and pushed down into him just a little bit.

He pushed back. Time stood still it felt so intimate. He slid a hand up inside each side of my pants on my bare buns. My pants were very loose. I could hardly breathe. It was the closest I had ever gotten to being fucked and we were still dressed. We pushed against each other for a minute or two and I felt him rustling around and then his bare thighs were against my bare thighs.

He slid his pants down, probably below his knees. I didn’t know if his shorts went down or not. I still had my panties on so there was still something between us if he did. I couldn’t believe how much I was starting to want to fuck. I couldn’t get pregnant and I didn’t have a thors gate left but I didn’t want to yet, I just wanted to get real close. This was a lot of fun and I loved it.

Maybe if I let him rub it around on me it would satisfy me. If he pulled my pants down and did that it would certainly satisfy me. That would be a thrill and he could do that for a long time. I would let him. He has desires too and I need to be aware of that. I need to let him satisfy himself to a degree. He would know when to stop and I would too but I’m not going to tell him to pull my pants down.

Then I felt him right up against my clit. How the hell he got there was bothering me until I realized with my knees up everything was there to be had. I was real quiet because it felt so good. It was hot and he could thrust so elegantly right into the face of my clit. I was taking deep breaths and just holding myself together. No way was he going to give me an orgasm. Not with 20 people so near.

Right in the middle of him thrusting right into my clit he pulled my panties down off my butt and right around to my thighs. He was holding them in against my clit with his big dick. If he pulled his dick back he would push my panties on down my thighs and he had a clear run right into my vagina. I figured I was going to get fucked and soon.

I felt squishy. I must have wet my pants or he did with his dick playing around in there. I didn’t care and I knew he didn’t. I was pushing my clit into him along with everything else. I couldn’t keep my hips still, it was like they had a mind all their own. It was really hot between us. He slid a hand under me and over me and started working my panties down and I felt him pull back his hips.

I didn’t want him to stop just yet. I needed just a little more massaging, a little more pushing with his dick, just for a little while more. He got my panties down clear of everything but not down to my knees. I wanted him to take them off. I don’t know why. Down where they were was fine. Wouldn’t bother him. Wouldn’t bother me. I just wanted them off.

He didn’t wait long. I felt his hands on either side of my vagina and then his fingers pulling everything apart, wide open, easy access. He was going to go in. A big smooth hot dick head right in my vagina. I thought, ‘Tommy, you better do this right or I’m going to have you for lunch.’

He was very jerky. I think he was trying to be smooth and it got to him. The head pressed in and jerked around until it was in enough to call a fuck. Then he backed out and went in farther. I was frozen it was so sexy. I was holding my breath Çankaya Escort but took a new one every time he started in again. It didn’t hurt. It was fantastic. Much better than I thought it would be.

Kind of like shoving a four inch pipe up a cats butt. It’s a shocker for a moment then it’s ‘give it another shot Tommy’. He was going slowly and I was thankful for that. He was smoother too, I think he found his calling. The feeling was off the charts and I could feel everything in great detail. Every time he went in it was like the first thrust. My vagina was swimming in clover and honey. He could do no wrong.

He finally got fully in and I kept my knees up against the hay bail. If I straightened them out I would break his dick. I got my ass moving but it was pitiful compared to what he was doing. He was putting it in all the way every time. He was going for broke, he was going for an orgasm. Not me. I just wanted to fuck for several hours until I got enough.

Somebody said something about hamburgers in about twenty minutes, twice. I about died and Tommy slowed down then got going much faster. He wanted an orgasm in the worst way. He worked for it so it was ok with me. It would drain on the quilt and my panties would do for the rest. There were nice big restrooms at the hamburger place with booths.

I absolutely loved him going fast. I didn’t know how far he was in but it was a long way. I was having the time of my life. I truly didn’t know it would be this good. I couldn’t wait to get him in bed or the barn loft. As soon as my daddy saw me he was going to know. He could tell by the scent. He would just smile at me.

I couldn’t believe the things going through my head when I was being fucked like this. Tommy grabbed my hips and thrust in hard and I thrust down hard and I could actually feel something warmer inside. I could feel his penis pulsing and jumping and him jerking. He was grunting as quietly as he could and I kept pushing when he did. He slowed way down but couldn’t stop fucking.

I think he stayed nice and hard. He must have been really wound up. He eventually pulled my pants back up on my butt and smoothed my skirt and I felt him rustling around getting his pants back on and he disappeared quietly. I rested and got myself together. I pulled my legs up between the hay bales and sat up in the little fortress.

About five minutes later the sliding window between the back of the truck and the cab opened with a loud ‘whap’ and there was Tommy. He was looking back from the passenger seat. He had been there the whole time. The truck hadn’t stopped. He couldn’t see me because it was too dark but the light was on in the cab and I could see him. I was frozen. Who was it? Who took my virginity?

I went to the restroom. I redid myself and threw my panties away, pushed deep down in the trash. Fixed my hair and looked normal. After eating a hamburger with my brother and his girlfriend we started back to the truck and there was Tommy.

“Hi Tommy,” I said. “I was surprised to see you in the front.”

“I put new springs on so it would be softer on the bumps,” he said. “I wanted to see how they felt up front. I thought I would maybe join you on the way back. I mean if you want to.”

I wasn’t done, I wanted more. “Tommy, I want you to go way in the back and arrange some bales so we have some privacy. Get two or three quilts. Spread one out so it’s comfortable and bunch up some hay for my head. I don’t have any panties on and I want to lose my virginity. I can’t get pregnant so you don’t need a condom.”

He stood looking at me intensely for all of five seconds and he was off like a shot. By the time I got to the truck he was at the tail gate waiting for me. He gently held my hand while I climbed up in the truck. He helped me all the way into the back and we sat on the quilt waiting for everybody else. He stared one guy backwards out of sight.

Everybody was in, the tailgate was up, the knit mesh was dropped, the truck was cranked and we were out on the road in the dark again. Tommy and I lay down and he spread a big quilt over us and I pulled my denim skirt fully up around my waist and put his hand down between my legs right on everything and rubbed it all around and he almost had an orgasm right there.

I said, “Tommy, I’m just ready. That’s all. I want you really bad. I want this to be the best fuck of my whole life. Have as many orgasms as you want. Go in slow. I want you to play with my clit and my vagina and my butt and I want to feel the head of your dick in me. I want to feel it way up inside and I want to feel it coming out and going in. I want some really good kisses and I want to get necked with you in the loft and do it some more. I want sex all summer long.”

He got the message and he was fully in agreement. There wasn’t much difference between his dick and the one that got me before. I was going to squeeze so he could see I was tight but it wasn’t necessary. I was tight. It’s very different with a guy on top. It was even more different when we were necked in the loft.

I had two orgasms with Tommy before we got back. My first with a guy. He had two. It was maybe five minutes between his first and when we started up again. I was pretty sure I knew who got my virginity. It was ok and besides I probably wasn’t going to stop no matter what.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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