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My friend’s dad was 26 years older than me at the time, I knew what I was doing, and I definitely wanted to do what we did so the age difference didn’t matter and neither did my age. I was 18 for a week and I was certainly old enough to make the proper choice for me; that choice was the following actions. The first thing that popped into my head when I saw my friend’s Dad jerking off was I knew his divorce was newly final and he probably had been really sexually frustrated. Guys do that stuff; masturbation is totally normal. I had been doing it for years. I was a teenager after all. Then, I noticed how extremely tone and muscular he was, which got my heart racing, and I was attracted to how he looked at me in that brief instant our eyes met as he continued to stroke himself. I had never really thought much about him before.
I never turned away. We just stared at each other for a few moments as he grasped his penis, massaging it gently. He said “come here” and without thinking I walked to him and stood there as he brushed his hand through my hair. I remember it just felt natural. Then, without much hesitation he took my hand and put in on his cock and I started to jerk it for him. He looked so hot with his dark, hairy chest. I just kept noticing every muscle from his forearm to his calves. I got hard instantly. After about a minute I did what my instincts told me to do. I got down on my knees and spent the next five minutes or so sucking his cock dry. There is no reason to say anything else here. It’s what I did.
He was so into me blowing him he pulled my hands away and just deep throat fucked my mouth and throat until he was ready to cum. I had never had a person do that before. escort kocaeli It was hard to breath as he forced it in and out. It was so deep in my throat I kept choking. He told me repeatedly to “Just relax. Just relax. Open your throat. Open your throat. Don’t fight it. I will only fuck harder.” My eyes started to water. I know I liked it so I wasn’t crying. It just caught me off guard and it lasted like that for a couple of minutes. Finally, he pulled out and left the tip of his cock resting on my lower lips so he could watch himself cum down my throat. I remember he repeated four or five times, “Open your mouth wide, open it, open it, open it!”. When he squirted his warm cum inside my mouth he let out a deep groan first then this relaxing sigh, “Uuuuhhhhhhhggggggghhhhhh…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” I remember at the point when he was climaxing he was more gentle, yet firm, whereas before he just pounded my face hard. He stroked my hair and after his groaning said, “It’s okay sweetie. Look into my eyes. Take it in. Take it in. Swallow slowly sweetie.” I had never had anyone cum so heavy before in my mouth. Saying he came a lot would be an understatement. It was certainly a big load to swallow. “Swallow, swallow it all,” he added as he tilted my head back somewhat and closed my mouth by pushing up on my chin and down on my head. He held my mouth closed firmly during the swallowing. He surprised me as I gulped his cum down because he said, “Daddy loves it when his boy swallows it all like a good son.” I felt awkward by the whole “Daddy and son thing” but I was unsure of what to do. I just continued on as the word “daddy” floated around in my mind. And yes, for all of you out there wondering, I gagged kocaeli anal yapan escort repeatedly. I distinctly remember looking into his eyes while I gagged and then saw him grinning. He loved it.
I had done it. I took it in and swallowed it all. I felt proud because I had satisfied such a mature man. After he was sure I gulped it all he squatted down on the floor close to me, kneeled over me and then kissed me passionately; our tongues danced. He began to rub my groin as our adventure had continued on the bathroom floor.
We flat out sucked face as he rubbed me off over my pants. Him kissing me and rubbing me got me off very quickly. I was turned on enough as it was from the blow job I gave him, aside from the whole Daddy/son thing which I was unsure about, so it only took about 30 seconds of the kissing and him rubbing me off for the next part to occur which made me feel more awkward than him referring to himself as my “Daddy” as I swallowed him. I started to squirm in my pants and moan. He knew what was happening right away and said “Are you going to come for Daddy?” (that was the more awkward part for me…obviously).
“Mmm hmmm,” I just kind of grunted. Then, he just pulled my shorts off.
“Tell me what you’re doing,” he said. “Tell me.”
“I’m about to come!” I said as I grabbed my cock and stroked it.
“Come for who?” he replied.
“I am almost there. I am coming for you!” I moaned.
He said, “You are not coming for me, you are coming for your Daddy. Now tell Daddy you are coming for me.” He was firm too in his command. I was nervous to say that but each time he said “Daddy” it seemed to get me more aroused. I think after izmit yabancı escort a certain point I had realized I LOVED the Daddy talk and it wasn’t awkward at all. It was hot! I squeezed my cock so hard it must have been deep purple at the head of it and I jerked harder than I ever have before. Then…I did what he asked and when the orgasm hit it was like a rush I had never felt.
“I am coming for you…Daddy!” I exclaimed. “I am coming for my Daddy!”
“Come for Daddy…son, come for Daddy…son.”
“Daddy, Daddy!” I said as I came.
He grabbed the small cup that was on the bathroom counter and put it and the end of my penis to catch my cum as I jerked. He cupped his palms carefully so my cum didn’t shoot upward and it all went into the cup; he didn’t spill a drop that way. I wondered why he was doing that as I kept my eyes open and watched him gather my juice as I was squirting hard from my intense orgasm. One pulse after another I squirted into the cup until I finally laid back and relaxed. After I finished he said, “Open your mouth son.” As I laid on the floor with my mouth open I watched him bring the cup of my juice to my own mouth. He slowly poured in down my throat and…I actually drank all my own cum! I was so turned on! I even licked all my own juices off of his palms when I finished what was in the cup. I grabbed his hands and licked them and sucked on his fingers. We made out for another minute or so. He slipped his semi hard cock back into my mouth and told me to suck hard, which I did for about a minute, to “get all the juices out,” he said. I loved it. I wanted his cock hard and down my throat again. Then he got up and walked away leaving me there, half-naked, on the floor. He never looked back at me. The whole situation was about ten minutes of my life I will never forget. I still remember thinking that I wanted for him to have done more to me as he got further away and out of my sight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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