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Watching his toned body moving off the sheets ever so seductively, her hands sliding over his back softly, the feel of his skin sent electricity straight to her pussy, moving onto her knees wrapping her arms around his broad shoulders, kissing licking and nibbling his neck lightly.

Pressing her hardened nipples into his back, his head leans to the side moaning softly to the feel of her lips, her hands working down his chest her fingers running over his nipples lightly.

“Ohhhhhhh what are you doing?” he asks in a soft sexy moan

“Come on baby 5 more minutes, stay with me” she replies whispering in his ear.

Turning his head by his chin looking deep into his eyes, his body turns their lips meet, the heat and passion builds inside them as their tongues search out one another, her body pressing against his, he knew he had to be strong he had to go, each time he tried to slip away he couldn’t, her touch sent intoxicating waves of pleasure through his being that he hadn’t felt in over 2 years.

Laying her back gently on the bed his hands moving slowly over her every curve…

“Baby why don’t you go back to sleep it’s still early yet”

“Just hold me for a couple minutes and I might just do that” she replies softly.

Lying on her side, küçükçekmece escort her body pressed into his, his arm falls over her gently holding her against him, his hand massaging her breast gently, slowly she drifts back to sleep, kissing her neck softly, he slips out of bed.

As he starts his work out she comes into his mind, he couldn’t help but think about the beautiful girl he left sleeping upstairs and how she made him feel, the thoughts running through his head were driving him crazy, although he tried not to let them get to him he couldn’t help it.

His cock hardening in his shorts, he tries to ignore it, but the throbbing tells him differently, as he envisions that beautiful girl with her soft warm wet lips wrapped around his aching shaft, making love to it like no one has before, her tongue encircling the head gently, her teeth dragging over the tip in a very teasing manner, her tongue exploring every inch of his manhood, slowly up and down his main vein, paying special attention to the very sensitive spot, cupping his balls in her hands massaging them gently, sucking him deep into her throat.

Finishing his work out he could take no more, he had to relieve this, knowing if he küçükyalı escort went back to bed with her he would never go to work today, sliding his shorts off slowly his cock sprang free, taking it into his hand he strokes it gently, his thumb rubbing over the tip while his fingers worked the length of his shaft.

Rocking his hips back and forth he moans softly, he didn’t want to wake her, his eyes close as he enjoys the thoughts. She awakens to hear him in the weight room, quietly she goes down standing in the door way to find her man with his cock in his hand stroking it ever so gently, she couldn’t say anything she just stood and watched, her hand sliding down to her pussy, rubbing her clit as the other found its way to her breast tweaking her nipples gently.

She needed him right then and there, walking over to him quietly, getting on her knees on the side of him, teasing the tip of his cock with her tongue, his hand moves, he feels those warm wet lips wrapping around his hard throbbing mass.

“ Is it him lost in a dream this time?” “Is he really feeling this?” feeling her mouth devouring his shaft deep into her throat, his balls in her hands, she can almost hear him calling out her name, opening maltepe escort his eyes to find her with his cock in his mouth, looking up at him with a desire of passion in her eyes.

Standing, she straddles over him, taking that cock into her hand sliding her hot wet pussy slowly down his cock, he gasps as his back arches off the bench, grabbing onto her ass pushing himself deeper inside her grinding her hips into him her nails raking over his chest.

Taking his hands she has him lock his arms in front of him, she grinds harder and faster sitting straight up on his shaft, his moans growing louder echoing off the walls, The louder he was the more it turned her on, the harder and faster she rode him.

Feeling him tense as her pussy grabs hold of his cock, slipping her hand between them she strokes off his main vein gently with her fingertips, feeling his cock swell and his balls tighten, feeling his hot cum rolling up his main vein, his back arches off the bench, screaming as he explodes into her pussy, breathing heavy, his heart racing, as he begins to relax.

Slowly she climbs off, taking his very sensitive cock into her mouth, sucking their juices off him, licking his balls clean, his body shutters as he runs his fingers through her hair.

Standing up he takes her into his arms once again,

“Baby I really need to get ready for work now” he whispers

“ Go ahead baby now I will let you go” she replies as her head rests on his chest.

And with that he goes and showers, gets into his uniform, kisses her deeply one more time and whispers in her ear…

“ Be waiting for me when I get home baby”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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