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On the train, he thought back to Dot’s video. He loved her new hairstyle, her tan and her body. She was something else, and her intellect was staggering. He was honestly looking forward to Monday. He felt that she was thinking the same way. He had checked all the websites she used. He got this information from her naughty email address; she had deleted every roleplay and dating site that she was on. Her Skype account had also been deleted.

He received a message from her that read, “Darling, am in town this morning with Jean, it’s years since I was on a bus. Saw the latest model from Jean’s camera and I bought it. We can use it in France. I was so horny last night; I think of you a lot. I can’t get you out of my head. How was Sal? I’m happy that Jill and Sal are there for you. It means that you don’t need to wander. I am sure that you will have an exciting night tonight with Jill. Keep me posted. I Love You, Dot.”

He replied, “Darling, I had a good night with Sal. I came three times. Sal had multiple orgasms. I can’t get you out of my head. I am so happy that you sent me that message telling me that you wanted me to fuck you. I feel that we have both come a long way since my first WhatsApp message to you. I am happy that you got the camera. It will come in handy in France and capture a lot of memories for us both. Keep me updated on what you are doing. I Love You, Tom.”

He then received a message from Jill; it read, “Master, I am now in my office. I have rearranged a couple of things. I can now give you pleasure at nine-fifteen until ten-thirty. I will be completely naked for you this morning. I have some of my Mistresses lube available if you wish to ass fuck me. I am looking forward to this evening. Your slut, Jill.”

He replied, ” Thank you, Jill, I will see you then. I will take advantage of your offer. Please apply the lube to your ass before nine-fifteen then you will make my cock hard then apply a coating to it. Your, Master.”

She replied, “Thank you, Master. I will apply the lube until I can fist my ass. Then if you wish you could fist my ass before you fuck it with your magnificent cock. If you would like, my cunt is available for fisting at the same time as you are fisting my ass. I will be prepared for my Master. Your slut, Jill.”

He didn’t reply. He went to his office, noting that Jill’s red light was on. He asked his secretary to bring him a coffee. He then checked his diary; he could leave at three this afternoon. He loved his morning coffee. He dictated four letters into his dictation machine. He arrived at Jill’s office at nine-fifteen. The red light was on. He knocked on the door and entered the office. She was naked sitting on her chair with her feet on her desk fisting her ass. He didn’t say a word. He took off all his clothes and walked towards her chair with his half hard cock.

She sat in her chair still fisting her ass with her right hand. With her left hand she took his cock then guided it to her mouth. She then started to suck his cock with the same tempo as she was using to fist her ass. Within five minutes she had trembled twice as she orgasmed twice as with her fisting she was stimulating her G-spot. To show this, she took her left hand and slipped it into her cunt then started to fist her cunt as she fisted her ass. She said, “Master, I am now ready for you and have made your magnificent cock hard. I am your slut, do to me what you want and need.”

He then made her bend over her desk. He went behind her. He stroked the crown of his cock against her hard clit. He then moved the head of his cock found the opening to her wet cunt. With a gentle thrust, he slid inside her. He started to ride her pussy doggy style. After twenty thrusts he pulled out then slid his shaft into her ass. He soon had a fantastic rhythm going. Jill was moaning with pleasure as she rubbed her clit as Tom ass fucked her. He was going so deep. She said, “Master, it is marvellous, you’re filling my ass and stimulating my G-spot. I love it when you pound into me.”

He kept pounding her ass for the next twenty minutes. He then went back inside her dripping wet cunt. He was now playing with her clit as he rode her. His powerful strokes were going deeper and deeper inside her. She was gripping him tightly at the base and top of his strokes. She was also pushing her ass against him. She was so wet, yet so tight. He was enjoying it; she knew how to give her partner pleasure. Thirty minutes later they both climaxed within seconds of each other. He exploded inside her. She said, “Master, that was incredible, thank you for giving me such a powerful orgasm, I felt your spray deep inside my cunt.”

When he pulled out she had to use several tissues to stem the flow of juice coming from her cunt. She then invited him to join her in her private bathroom attached to her office. It consisted of toilet, shower, bidet and wash hand basin. The shower was big, a metre and a half square. She switched on the spray of the bidet, Ankara travesti she adjusted the temperature then squatted over the spray then washed her dilated holes. Tom was playing with her enormous breasts as she bathed herself then rinsed with warm water.

She then made him squat in the same position that she had taken. She then washed his still hard cock. She had a gentle touch as she cleaned his bulbous head, shaft and balls. She then rinsed and dried him. They dressed. As he left, he kissed her passionately then said, “I enjoyed that. I am looking forward to this evening. We will both benefit from the time we spend together.”

She nodded in agreement then kissed him on the lips, her tongue deep in his mouth. She said, “Tonight will be special, I can guarantee you that.”

He left and went back to his office. He had several things to do which he promptly did. He then researched hotels in the Champagne region. He was only looking at Relais & Chateaux hotels, privately owned hotels. Unfortunately, two were owned by large Champagne Houses. He chose a family owned hotel close to Epernay. He booked their best suite for three days. He also booked an overnight ferry for Tuesday evening. This would save him a lot of driving. He also booked a suite on the boat with a double bed.

He then called his old University Professor, who had spent his life studying Fine Wines. He explained to him that he was going to France as he hoped to set up a Wine Club and perhaps a Wine Importing Company. The Professor said he would email him a list of producers that he should visit. He told him that the Hotel was the best in the area and the food was excellent. In his email, he would list the Champagne that he should stock and get the owner of the hotel to arrange a meeting with the Houses that he had to recommend.

He told him of an outstanding small producer whose son had a restaurant that was being used by the big Champagne Houses who insisted that he sold their Champagne. His Champagne was better than most of the big Champagne Houses. He would also add the address for Burgundy, Chablis, Rhone and Loire.

He then said, “I have two things that you must do. One, learn how to spit. Take a jug of water into the bathroom. Then learn to spit the amount of wine you would take out of your mouth. Practice in your bath, and when you can spit between your toes, then you have made it. When you are tasting, they watch if you can spit. If you can’t spit, then you will pay more. Two, buy at the source or as close to it as you can get.

He had a message from Dot, it read, “Darling, how are you? Did Jill give you some relief this morning? I found an excellent string of Akoya Japanese pearls. They are beautiful and over fifty years old. They are sixty inches long. They have a fourteen-carat gold double safety clasp and powerful silk thread. I love them. When I get back to the hotel, I will take some pictures and send them to you. I believe that I got a bargain as they are in their original presentation box with a certificate of authenticity. They would cost over two thousand today.”

“I bought them in an Antique shop and got them for a thousand. I am so pleased about finding them. How is your day going? Write when you can. I Love You, Dot.”

He replied by telling her about Jill this morning. Booking the ferry and a suite in the hotel in Champagne for three nights. He said her how helpful the Professor had been. He told her that he now had the email with a comprehensive list of producers and he would now work through them making appointments. She laughed when he told her about the spitting. She told him that they both would practice every night when she got back. He finished by saying that he was looking forward to tomorrow night.

He left the office at three. He was clearing his desk for next week and was almost there. His secretary was now putting off any appointments for the next three weeks. He got home and continued his research. He had filled the fridge Champagne. He showered but didn’t dress. At five-thirty he had taken a Viagra. He put on a towelling bathrobe went downstairs got a wine cooler, bottle of Champagne and two glasses then sat in the lounge.

The doorbell rang two minutes to six. He opened the door, Jill was standing there but she had no centre parting. Her hair was now parted on the left and it changed her appearance completely. She was wearing a fawn raincoat and carrying a small overnight bag. She removed the raincoat to reveal a very tight fitting low cut top, which showed a lot of her massive breasts and a very short mini-skirt. She had a beautiful figure and gorgeous legs. He took her in his arms. They kissed. He said, “You look stunning. I love how your hair is done. Why don’t you come to the office like this?”

They went into the lounge and sat on the sofa. He poured the Champagne and they toasted each other. She said, “Master, I enjoy my miss prim and proper, I enjoy giving the impression Konya travesti of being straitlaced. My clients feel comfortable when I give this appearance. But Master knows what I am like. I would like to get comfortable now if that is OK with Master?.”

He nodded approval as he took off his bathrobe to reveal his massive hard cock. She removed her mini-skirt and top. Then the push-up bodysuit. She also removed her self-supporting stockings. They kissed and touched for the next few minutes. They were both hot. Then for the next five hours, apart for the twenty minutes they took to eat their meals, they had the most intense sex imaginable. When Jill phoned the order in he was ass fucking her. Within five minutes of getting to bed, Jill was asleep.

Tom checked his iPhone, he had a message from Dot and also stunning pictures of her wearing her pearls. The note read, “Darling, I love these pearls. A lady is staying in the hotel who has a jewellery business. She told me that I had got a bargain. I have sent three pictures one with a very long strand which reaches well past my pussy. Second with two strands which is my favourite. Thirdly with three strands. I like this too. We can also use them as sex toys. Pearls are one of the oldest sex toys in the world.”

“We can use them for clit and cock stimulation. Then you can hide the pearls in my pussy as you lick my pussy. As you lick you insert them inside me. When they are all in. You keep licking me and when I am about to cum you pull them out slowly

and then I cum. We both will have fun with them. I was thinking, how much money would we need for the initial purchases? I want to help with this. I have over twenty-five thousand patients, and they all drink wine.”

“You set up the wine company, we buy or rent a small warehouse, or we use the old stables initially at the house. I think it is a great idea. How many thousands of clients do you have? We could have a great little business going. I have so much money in the bank doing nothing for me. Could we pay them by PayPal? If we pay at order what discount could we get? I’m so happy we are doing this together. I am going to buy a lot of clothes in France. They have wonderful lingerie there, and it’s not as expensive as everyone is wearing it in France. Write soon. I Love you, Dot.”

He replied, “Darling, your pearls and yourself look stunning wearing the pearls. I am sure that we will have a lot of fun with them. Regarding the wine, I have fifty thousand pounds that I can invest in this project. At the moment we are selling a long established wine company as the owner died and his widow wants to sell the company. It has some good names but hasn’t moved with the times. She has been trying to sell for the last two years. There’s not been one enquiry due to the inflated price she is asking.”

“I spoke with her two days ago. I suggested that she was asking far too much and a price of sixty thousand pounds plus the wholesale value of the stock. She agreed. Tomorrow, I can conclude this deal. Her stock value is under thirty thousand. If you can help with this ninety thousand, then the deal is done. The staff they have are excellent. There are only four of them. I can conclude this tomorrow. I think we should do it. I go to bed now; if you like my suggestions, then we can have it done tomorrow morning. I Love You, Tom.”

The next morning they had a great session then showered and dressed. Jill made breakfast dressed in her respectable business suite. Her hair had the centre parting again. She said that after breakfast, she needed to go home to get some papers. She would also get the seven-forty train. He said, “Last night and this morning were wonderful. I won’t be visiting this morning as I have a lot of loose ends to tie up before Monday. Then we go on holiday so it will be a few weeks before we see each other again.”

She replied, “Master, it has been excellent. What we have done in the last twenty-four hours is incredible. Both my ass and cunt are tingling. I am happy that we have come together. You now must spend time with the Mistress. I know that you both are made for each other. You know that I am there to give you relief whenever you want.”

They kissed then had breakfast. They kissed again then she left. He had two messages one from Dot which read, “Darling, no problem with the money. I’ll transfer one hundred thousand to your PayPal account. If you need more, then let me know. Try and meet the staff. Mrs Clark is a patient of mine. She wants to sell. Set up a company then make the offer. It’s a profitable business at the moment but now needs some momentum. How was Jill last night? I was dreaming of you. I Love You, Dot,”

He replied, “Darling, we have enough now. I will phone Mrs Clark this morning then put in the offer for her warehouse and stock. Adley Wines is a great trading name; hopefully I will get the name at that price. I had a great night with Jill. I told her this morning İzmir travesti that I wouldn’t be able to see her until after our holiday. I won’t be having a threesome with Sal and Jill. We can Skype tonight then I will wait until Monday night for you. I Love You, Tom.”

The second was from Sal, it read, “Master, thank you for the wonderful night that I had with you. I know that you are busy, but if you need relief, then please let me know. Your slut, Sal.”

He replied, “Sal, I have a lot of things to get done before Monday. Thanks for thinking of me. I won’t be able to see you until after my holidays. I look forward to seeing you in the not so distant future. Your Master.”

He then got an email from PayPal saying ‘You’ve got money’ he had one hundred thousand pounds from Dot Peters. He left it in his PayPal account as he could transfer it quickly to the lawyer’s bank account. He then went to the station for the eight-ten train. He had a message from Dot which read, “Darling, I have transferred the money. PayPal is the way to transfer money. I think that you visit Kay Clark. I will call her and ask if she can see you today.”

“If she shakes your hand then you have a deal. She is a private client of mine. That means that she visits the Clinic for intimate personal stimulation. She is sixty-five but still has a high sexual drive. I will tell her that I want to buy the business for you as you are so interested in wine. I will tell her that Adley Wines, we must get the name, that we would build on its excellent reputation. I will also tell her that we will retain the four staff that she has. I have used her company to give out Christmas gift packs of wine.”

“They were good at it, but they didn’t develop that lucrative type of business. I am happy that you will be quiet until I get home. I’m looking forward to tonight. Do you want me to be dressed then do a peep show for you? I’m looking forward to seeing you play with your cock. My tan is getting better every day. I will phone Kay now. I may even give her your mobile number as that will make her feel special. If she flirts with you, then reciprocate as giving her a fuck she desperately wants will be good for us. I will keep you updated. I Love You, Dot.”

He arrived at the office and set up Adley Wines Limited with Tom and Dot Peters as Directors. He then phoned another firm of lawyers that would act for them if there was a conflict of interest. He then got a secretary to create an offer which would be sent. He had the money; he had the offer ready to go, now he needed to see the property. He was getting excited.

He got a message from Dot which read, “Darling, we have got it for the sixty thousand plus the value of the stock. She will phone you to arrange a meeting for ten this morning. They have software that gives a real-time value of the stock on the date it was purchased. So anything that has been in stock for a few years then we pay her the money she paid for it when it was purchased. She is happy that you are buying it and also happy that you are taking all the staff. If you meet the staff today, then spend time with them all and ask them all questions on how they think that you can improve the company.”

“Kay’s is annoyed that I can’t see her for over three weeks. She is hot this now. I suggested to her that if the two of you had chemistry, then you would give her some relief. Kay is oversexed but a nice clean, healthy woman. If she flirts, then you can have her but make sure that you are home later so that we can Skype. I Love You, Dot.”

He mobile rang, and he answered it, it was Kay, and she said, “Good morning Tom, this is Kay Clark, Dot has asked me to call you to arrange a meeting. How is ten this morning at the office, is that good for you?”

He replied, “Perfect, I will be there at ten.”

She responded, “Super, I believe that you are going to France on Monday with Dot. When would you like an entry date?”

He replied, “I would like to meet your staff first. If I am comfortable with them, then tomorrow would be possible.”

She answered, “We have May Roberts who is the manager. She is an excellent and so honest woman. We have George Grant, who handles all the warehouse work. We have Harry who does our deliveries. Then we have Beth Watson and Di Dixon, who both work part-time taking orders and doing invoices. It’s a great team, and all of them have been there for years. The business has never had an overdraft. I know that it could be a lot more profitable, but I wasn’t interested. I am now sixty-five, and I want to put my feet up. I look forward to seeing you at ten.”

They met at ten. Kay was a tall sensuous woman with an appealing figure. She introduced him to May, the manageress, she too was a tall voluptuous woman. She looked intelligent and was very polite. In the office, he met Di and Beth. Both impressed him. Then he met George, he was a pleasant man, and the warehouse was immaculate. Kay then showed him all around the warehouse. They had bought the warehouse over thirty years ago. It had previously been a frozen foods distribution centre. It had two enormous insulated drive in freezers. Which weren’t switched on, but allowed the wines to stored at a constant temperature.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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