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It was a Friday night like any other. Myka was going out with a couple of friends to her favourite club in town. Like every Friday she has gone out looking for a date. But every week she has gone home alone.

Myka considered herself to be just an average woman. Size 10 with B cup breasts. Her hips were small but shapely showing off what she thought to be her greatest asset her ass. Though small her breasts were round and firm. Her areolar were small dark circles the size of a two pound coin with delicate firm nipples.

It had been so long since Myka had a man in her life. The last time had ended badly. She was forced to move. Change her name and leave her past behind.

But now she was beginning to get desperate again, her collection was no longer fulfilling her need and now her appetite was becoming unquenchable. And there seemed to be no men that would look at her.

She stood at the bar scanning the crowd watching her friends dance with the typical bar guys, slim, well toned and tanned. Shrugging her shoulders she went back to her drink. As the night wore on Myka began to lose hope she would find her man that night and decided to call it a night, What’s one more night alone after all.

As she was getting her coat and purse from the cloak room a young man caught her eye as he left the club. She couldn’t figure out what it was but she knew she had to have him.

Myka tried to get his attention but he seemed totally oblivious to her but Myka couldn’t let him go. She knew it was a bad idea but she decided to follow him and try to talk to him, maybe the night wouldn’t be a total waste after all.

As she followed him she noticed it was the same route she had walked to the club. This guy couldn’t be a neighbour, could he? She walked far enough behind not to draw attention but close enough not to lose him. She rounded the the corner she almost doubled over in shock. It was her apartment block. Myka hurried into the entrance and almost ran right into the guy.
She stammered over her words as the guy tried to steady her,
“hey hey, hold on, are you OK?”
He said as he caught her, looking into his eyes she smiled. Once steady on her feet once again she held out her hand,
“Hi I’m Myka”
She blushed as she held out her hand, the guy smiled and took her hand shaking it warmly,
“I’m Aaron, nice to meet you, do you live here?”
Myka nodded and pulled out her key showing she did, he did the same and showed his flat number,
“Oh God mine is right down the hall, would you like to come in for a drink?”
Myka exclaimed happily and watched him hopefully, Aaron thought for a second then nodded. They began making their way up the stairs as typically the lift was out of order.

They got to the door of her flat and Myka let them in. Now happy she had spent half the day cleaning and showed him where to hang his coat and put his shoes. Leading him into the living room she moved the fur blanket from the sofa, folding it over the back rest to add a little extra comfort.
“Please get comfortable, tea or coffee?”
Myka headed for the kitchen as she asked the question, Aaron called his answer of black coffee and no sugar.

Aaron sat in the living room. Looking casually around and taking in the art work that Myka had on display. He saw she was a fan of classic art and not the modern bullshit on show in all the galleries no a days. Beautifully painted pots and anatomically correct statues that almost made him blush. The paintings on the walls were prints of great master pieces from Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet and Paolo Ucello.

As Myka prepared their drinks a small dark part of her mind began to whisper, it was just an itch at first but soon it began to make sense. That Voice! The one that had ruined her life before. But it was so insistent and spoke straight to her need. She needed cock, she needed to be fucked, but above all she needed to cum. It had been so long and it was getting harder everyday to satisfy herself.

Myka took the drinks back into the living room. The voice going from soft purring encouragement to berating insults. Calling her a coward and a whore before telling her she was worthless and no man would Sex hikayeleri ever want her. She made an excuse and went to the bathroom to collect her thoughts.

Myka looked in the mirror and stumbled as her reflection flickered, the glass moved an rolled like mercury, shimmering like a drop in still water, then it spoke.
“Look at you, a hungry, useless whore. DO it, knock him out and take what you need, DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!”
Myka slammed her hand against the mirror, not hard enough to break it but enough to hurt her hand and the voice screamed FOOOOOOOLLLLLLL!!!
Myka staggered back, her hands flying to her face in shock. The voice had gone quite for now but she knew the silence would not last for ever.

The woman looking at the mirror was no longer the quiet shy Myka that had stumbled over her words in the lobby. Now she was a sex starved predator who desired one thing, cock, and she didn’t care how she got it.

Myka opened the bathroom cupboard and took out a brown bottle with a faded old label and an old rag. She poured a small measure from the bottle and made sure she didn’t sniff it. She had made that mistake before.

She walked back into the living room and sat on the sofa next to Aaron keeping the rag out of site. She gently placed her hand on his leg and cleared her throat gently Leaning into him.

Aaron turned his head and opened his mouth to ask a question. Myka moved faster than he could see and covered his mouth and nose with the rag while her other hand moved to his crotch and squeezed his balls. In a second Aaron was unconscious and his body had gone limb.

Myka dragged Aaron’s limb body into the bedroom before pulled him up onto the bed. Taking great care she stripped him and tied him to the bed using the restraints she kept hidden under the covers. Once he was secure she stripped off her own cloths and looked over the body before her.

The desire that had been building all night now broke and she could contain herself no longer, fully giving in to the dark desires that coursed through her body.

She studied the penis, eight inches of thick solid meat with the girth of a coke can. Her mouth watered just looking at it. Climbing onto the bed she began to play with the penis, slowly pulling back the foreskin exposing the thick red head. She wanked the cock until it was almost fully hard before she began kissing and licking up and down the shaft. he had never had a cock so big in all her life.

Myka began licking around the head, savouring the pre-cum that oozed from his cock, he tasted sweet. slowly she began sucking the head, taking more and more of his cock with every swallow, she only got a third of his cock in her mouth before she couldn’t take anymore. But her desire wouldn’t be denied and she forced his whole cock back into her throat. The size of his cock made her gag but she savoured the sensation.

Myka continued to suck his cock until it was dripping with her spit and drool and her pussy was burning with desire. She had been fingering herself the whole time she had been sucking him and now wanted his thick cock deep inside her.

Myka reached under the bed and pulled out one of her butt-plugs and a tube of lube, she wanted to push her senses to the edge and feel like she has never felt before. She squeezed a generous amount of lube out of the tube and spread it over her warm twitching anus, sliding a finger in and teasing her spot before pushing in the butt-plug.

With the butt-plug firmly in place Myka straddled the still unconscious Aaron and rubbed his throbbing penis against her dripping pussy. She gently lowered herself onto his cock, the head stretching her pussy more than she had ever been stretched before. Just the head inside her caused her to orgasm, but it was not enough to sate her burning hunger.

Slowly she began to take more and more of him inside her. With every thrust she felt her body stretched like never before and an ecstasy she had never felt was beginning to build inside, maybe for once the dark hunger would be sated.

With a wild passion Myka began to ride Aaron’s throbbing cock, moaning and groaning in pure pleasure. She was now taking his full length Sikiş hikayeleri inside her,
She could feel the head of his cock pressing against the opening of her womb. If he had been any bigger she would not of been able to take all of him.

Myka began to ride him faster and faster until the waves of pleasure overtook her and she screamed in orgasm, but her hunger was not sated, not even close.

Myka slid off Aaron’s cock and gently pulled the butt-plug from her ass.
The need was so strong within her as she straddled him once again. Myka gripped the still hard cock and lowered her ass onto the throbbing head.
She gasped as the head popped into her ass, stretching her anus wide.
Slowly she began riding him, taking his whole length deep into her ass.

As Myka rode her ass on Aaron’s thick throbbing cock he began to wake up, but she didn’t care for the pleasure was too great. He tried to move but the restraints held him in place. Myka lifted the butt-plug from beside her on the bed and shoved it into his mouth so he couldn’t shout out or scream.
She began to ride him faster, her ass cheeks slapping against his legs as his cock stretched and filled her beyond belief. as she rode him she moaned,
“relax and enjoy the fucking of your life”
His body shook with pleasure and she felt his cock pulse deep inside her.
She dug her nails into his chest and rode him as hard as she could until he groaned in orgasm and filled her ass with his cum. Myka groaned in pleasure and began to orgasm again, She continued to ride his cock keeping him hard.

Once her orgasm had stopped she slowly slid off his cock and stood watching him, he lay still breathing heavily from his own orgasm. Myka rubbed her pussy and felt the burning need rise in her again. She needed more.
Seeing Aaron was still hard Myka decided to ride him again and climbed onto the bed once more. She straddled him, this time facing away so she didn’t have to look into his pleading eyes and rubbed his cock against her pussy before sliding onto him once again.

Myka no longer cared that he was awake once again, all she cared about was the fucking. She rode his cock as hard and as fast as her body could take it. Her moans and screams of pleasure drowned out his cries. He had managed to get the butt-plug out of his mouth and begged her to stop, but she was oblivious to him, all that mattered was the cock filling and stretching her pussy.

Myka looked back over her shoulder, her face twisted in cruel pleasure.
Rolling her hips to feel the full length of his cock inside her, his breathing was still rapid and his body shook with uncontrollable lust. Myka let her dark lust take hold once again and she gripped his ankles and rode as fast as she could. Her body screamed to be fucked, her pussy ached from being stretched but it was not enough, it was never enough.

Aaron came again, filling her pussy with his cum and begged to to stop but she couldn’t, her personal demon had been released and would not stop until she had taken her fill.

Myka slid off his cock and went over to her draws, opening the bottom draw she pulled out a silicone ball-gag and a thick strap-on. As she approached the bed again she saw Aaron’s eyes bulge in utter terror. He thrashed against his restraints but it was no good they were too strong.
Myka forced the gag into his mouth and pulled the buckle tight so he could not force it out like he had the butt-plug. Once she was satisfied she lubed up the strap-on and Aaron’s ass before pushing the entire length into him in one merciless thrust.
At the sudden invasion Aaron tried to scream but the gag kept him silent.

Myka straddled him again and once more forced his cock into her ass. She kept a firm hold on the straps of the strap-on and lent forward and began to bite his neck and chest, each bite getting harder and harder until she had him screaming in Pleasure and pain.

With his reaction driving her on Myka continued to ride and bite him until once again she came, she screamed as her orgasm gripped her and screamed the name of the goddess she served.
“Hedone! Accept my sacrifice!”
She screamed in pleasure and called her goddesses name Erotik hikaye as she continued to ride the throbbing cock that filled her ass.

Myka arched her back as once again her orgasm claimed her, she lent back and let the pressure of the orgasm erupt from within her. Her juices flowed and squirted over Aaron’s stomach and chest. His cries had grown quieter and quieter as she rode him. His cock remained hard but he had stopped fighting.

Myka lent forward and bit into his neck as she forced her ass down on his cock, the force of the bite was enough to draw blood which she drank greedily as she continued the pressure of her bite. Blood filled her mouth and began to leak down his neck.

Aaron’s eyes had taken on a dull glaze, one that Myka had seen before but she did not care. he was dying, he was not strong enough to fulfil the sacrifice and survive.

Myka swallowed his blood and felt her body sing in ecstasy. She was fucking the very life out of him for her pleasure and the pleasure of her Goddess. Myka slid his cock from her ass and took it into her pussy once more, she watched his eyes bulge and his chest swell with the scream he wanted to unleash but remained silent thanks to the gag. All that could be heard were his moans.

Myka slowed her riding until she could feel every inch of him sliding in and out of her. She could feel his pulse slowing and saw the colour drain from his flesh. Aaron took one last long breath and with the last of his strength thrust up into Myka as hard as he could, driving his cock deeper into her than any cock was meant to go and exploded in orgasm as his heart gave out. His last breath left his body and his last act had caused Myka an orgasm more powerful than she had ever experienced.

She sat still on his now lifeless cock as her body shook with the pleasure. Myka slid off his cock and looked in the mirror that stood by the bed. The reflection shifted and she saw the image of herself crying in pain and despair. She laughed at the pathetic excuse of a woman was now trapped in the mirror and she was free.
“Hedone, I offer this man’s fluids and soul to you, may you enjoy his body as I have”
Myka went to clean herself when a voice whispered,
‘your not done yet, slut, his ass is still virgin, fuck it’.
Before Myka could argue her pussy began to ache and her clit began to burn. In a flood of pain and pleasure her clit erupted into an eight inch cock, not as thick as Aaron’s but not far off. As the pain subsided she heard the whisper,
‘I give you my form now take what is mine, fuck his ass’.

Myka undid the restraints holding Aaron’s lifeless body in place and pulled the strap-on from his ass. Myka stroked her enlarged clit and smiled at her reflection before driving it hard into his lifeless ass. The hunger in her drove her to fuck his ass with a ferocity she could not of dreamed of.

Digging her nails into his lifeless less and biting his neck in her passion she fucked him until she felt her orgasm building to a height she had never expected or believed possible. Myka drove every inch into his ass until finally with a scream of pure animal pleasure she came, filling his ass with cum. She had torn the flesh of his back to ribbons with her nails and great chunks were missing from his neck.

Myka continued driving her clit into him until the orgasm subsided. She pulled out of him and wiped her dripping clit on his ass cheeks. She stepped back from the body and looked down at her clit,
‘your sacrifice is accepted’
Once again Myka’s clit burned. She looked down and watched as it shrunk back to normal. She pulled a towel from the rack by her bed and began to wipe the sweat from her body. She turned towards the bed and was about to ponder what to do with the body when a shadow moved over her vision and the whisper returned
‘the body belongs to me, just as yours does now’.

Myka turned back towards the bed just as the body erupted in purple flames, in seconds no evidence remained of what had happened, Myka lay on her bed and looked over at the mirror on last time,
“I think you can stay in there for now, I do so hate being in that damn mirror”.
Closing her eye’s Myka slowly drifted off to sleep, more satisfied than she had ever been and so sore she knew she would bear bruises tomorrow. But exhaustion claimed her and such worries were forgotten. Until the next time her hunger grew.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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