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Chapter 7 Saturday

We arrived at the Mu House with a few minutes to spare. Every light was on in the house and we could hear music playing from inside. It sounded like they were having a party. I guessed we were the guests of honor. I knocked on the door and it was answered by Prof. Jorgensen.

“Come in.” She said. “Let’s go down to the basement so we can get started. As you can hear, the party started without you and a lot of the sisters are already wound up.”

We got to the basement and found the sisters of Zeta and Mu Sororities partying. There was plenty of alcohol and it looked like many were well on their way to a Sunday morning hangover. The Zeta Sorority was known as the black sheep of the sororities. They barely managed to meet the minimum standards needed to maintain a charter. Their sorority was like a female version of “Animal House”. They knew how to party and were in full swing by the time we arrived.

Some of the sisters were down to their undies and a couple were already topless. It looked like it was going to be an interesting night. Prof. Jorgensen had the Mu pledges come in the room. I spotted Beth immediately and gave her a smile. She ignored me. She had on her game face, after all, they needed to qualify for induction just like us.

The Mu pledges were dressed in two piece bikini swimsuits. They weren’t as revealing as the ones they wore on Monday, but they showed enough to get our cock’s attention. We were wearing our chastity devices so we couldn’t get an erection. Still, we tried.

A woman in her late thirties stood next to Prof. Jorgensen. She introduced herself as Prof. Sheila Jefferson. She said that she was a former Zeta sister and was recruited by them to serve as their faculty advisor. She was slightly taller than average for a woman, probably about 5’9″. She wore a long flowing dress which hid the features of her figure. She was a thick woman with an ample butt. Her hair was dark and straight and was parted in the middle. She wore glasses which didn’t help to improve her attractiveness.

“Tonight Sheila and I will be leading the competition.” Hanna Jorgensen said. “Since there are only 6 males competing, many of the events will be run in heats with an equal number of sorority and Alpha pledges participating in each heat. Each heat will allow the winners to earn points, and the loser to earn punishments. Participants will be able to earn up to 3 points per heat. Are there any questions?”

“Since the males will be participating in multiple heats per event,” Prof. Jefferson added. “They have the opportunity to earn more points than the female pledges. To even things out a little, the males will be handicapped during some events to keep things ‘fair’. During other events a male and female pledge will work as a team and compete against the other teams of pledges. During those events the winning team will be awarded points and the losing team punished.”

“Punishments will administered by non-competitors, although exceptions are possible.” Prof. Jorgensen said. “Pledges can decide which events they wish to enter, but they will not know how many events are scheduled or what they are. Therefore, it is in the pledge’s best interest to enter as many events as possible until he/she has earned enough points to be inducted.”

“For the males,” Prof. Jefferson added, “If you choose to participate in the first heat of an event, you must participate in all of the heats of that event. We don’t like quitters, so anyone who quits before finishing an event will suffer additional punishment, up to and including the awarding of additional demerits.”

I think all of the Alpha pledges had 5 to 6 demerits from the week’s activities and none of us wanted to earn any more. We would have to pace ourselves whenever possible. We had also devised a plan to work as a team to ensure that we all earned as many points as possible, even if it meant taking a punishment to allow one of our fellow pledges to win a heat or two. We didn’t want to have one or two pledges earn all the points and leave the rest of us lacking enough to be inducted. We would ‘fix’ some of the races when necessary to achieve our goals.

“Now for the final rule.” Hanna Jorgensen announced. “Males will compete naked.”

That brought a lot of whoops and hollers from the non-competitors and smiles to the faces of the female pledges. By now we were accustomed to performing nude in front of a room full of women. The only difference tonight was that many of those women were drunk. We stripped our clothes and handed them to the two faculty advisors.

“The first event of the night will be a foot race.” Prof. Jorgensen announced. “Males, please line up over here.”

All of us lined up against one of the walls of the basement. A path was cleared to the opposing wall.

“Alright,” she continued. “I need 6 female pledges to participate as well.”

When we were all positioned Prof. Jefferson announced the rules. We would race across the room and back 3 times. görükle escort The top three finishers would receive points and the last three to finish would earn punishments. The remainder would not receive either. Hanna then produced some straps that she called parachutes. They were fixed tightly around our balls and a weight attached to it. The weight tugged against our balls, stretching them away from our body. If the weights fell off during the race, we would have to stop and wait for them to be reapplied before continuing.

As Prof. Jorgensen blew the whistle to start the race we soon realized that sprinting on our part could easily cause the weights to fall. When they were replaced, they were replaced with a heavier weight to keep it from happening again. By the time the race was over, only one of us had managed to finish without losing a weight. He finished 2nd and earned 2 points. I had to stop 3 times and finished last.

My total time was 45 seconds. I was told that my punishment would be 1 stroke from the paddle for each second it took me to complete the race. Hanna asked for a volunteer to administer the punishment. One of the Zeta Sisters raised her hand and soon I was bent over taking my strokes from a heavy set blonde. There were still 4 more heats to run. Two of us managed to earn points during the 2nd heat and one earned points during the 3rd. None of us placed during the 4th or 5th as we had become winded and our balls hurt. By the end of the event, four of the Alpha pledges had earned at least one point. I had earned two.

The next event was the Horse Race. We knew that we would probably have to participate in all the events to have a chance to earn enough points to be inducted as an Alpha.

“This is a team event.” Prof. Jorgensen announced. “One male and one female pledge will form a team. The female will ride the male across the room and back. The first three teams to finish each heat will win points, the last three will earn punishment.”

We were lined up against the wall. A bit was placed in our mouths with reins attached so our riders could guide us. A butt plug with a horse’s tail attached was shoved in our asses for effect. We heard the laughter of some of the spectators. I looked over at Hanna Jorgensen. She was smiling. Finally we were blindfolded. We wouldn’t know who would be riding us as they steered us across the room and back.

I smelled a familiar perfume as my rider approached. She grabbed the reins and pulled them tight as she sat on my back. She squirmed a little before raising her legs and grabbing me around the waist with her thighs. She was not heavy but the added weight hurt my knees. She had on boots and I could feel something poking me in the thighs. Spurs! She had on spurs.

I was pretty certain that it was Beth who was riding me. I wanted to impress her as well as earn points for both of us. The whistle blew and I was off. She spurred me on and whipped my ass with a riding crop. I got to the wall and made my turn. I didn’t know if I was first or last, but continued pressing forward. When I got to the finish I felt Beth get off. She rubbed my hair a little before removing the blindfold. We had won. Three more points. I now had 5 with the opportunity to earn more.

We took a short break while the three losers were punished. They were each paddled based on their time. They received between 30 and 50 strokes depending on their finish.

The advisors realized that with four additional heats to go, that we would need some protection for our knees. We were fitted with knee pads. We were then blindfolded in preparation for the next heat. I heard my rider approach. She straddled my back and put some of her weight on me. Her feet were still on the ground but I could tell that she was heavy. I knew there were several pledges that weighed over 200 lbs. and Kim, Beth’s roommate was over 300. When the whistle blew to start the race, my rider raised her legs and kicked me in my thighs with her spurs. I immediately collapsed. I couldn’t get back up. Her weight was simply too much.

When the race was over, she bent down and whispered in my ear.

“You’re going to pay for that.” Kim then got off my back.

By the end of this round, all of the Alpha pledges had at least 3 points. The fourth and fifth place finishers received their strokes. Hanna Jorgensen approached me.

“You have earned additional punishments for quitting the race. The fifth place finisher received 50 strokes. You have earned the same. You also earn one demerit bringing your total to 7. I think you will try harder next time.”

“Prof. Jorgensen,” Kim said. “I think I should be allowed to administer the paddling since it was I who was denied points by his quitting.”

The two advisors huddled to consider the request. When they had finished Kim was allowed to give me 20 strokes in addition to the 50 I had already earned.

“I will be administering the 50 strokes.” Hanna Jorgensen announced. “I will apply them görükle escort bayan while you carry me around the room on your back. I will use this crop instead of the paddle as it is easier to swing while I ride you. If you collapse before I finish your cropping, I will start over.”

She sat on my back and dug her spurs into my side. As I carried this 180 lb. woman around the room I could feel her moving and rubbing herself at my expense. The bitch was trying to get herself off, and the more excited she got, the harder she hit. I was crying by 25, nearly collapsed by 40 and completely exhausted by the time she was done. She offered me a 15 minute break before we continued. I gratefully accepted. She pulled my between her legs and told me to lick her. She was wearing her riding britches but still managed an orgasm before we resumed.

All of the women who rode me during the final three heats were larger women. None weighed over 200 lbs. but several were close. I earned one additional paddling and two additional points. I now had 9 of the 17 I needed to be inducted.

Next was the peg race. The sisters brought out 6 benches that looked like sawhorses. Sticking up from each of them were six dildos. The dildos attached to the first three benches had been carved from wood on a lathe. The first one was about 7 inches in length and about 1 ½ inches in diameter, the end of it looked similar to the head of a penis. It was larger than the rest of the shaft, but not excessively so. The remaining dildos increased in circumference and length. The last one was about 12 inches long and 2 ½ inches in diameter.

The shaft of the third dildo was constructed with a bulge that looked like a doughnut located about mid shaft. The doughnut increased the diameter of the shaft until it was slightly larger than the head. It then dropped back to the original diameter of the shaft. The purpose of the doughnut was to stretch the anus more. Each time the anus passed over the doughnut, the anus would be stretched a little, causing additional pain.

The remaining dildos were constructed like the third dildo. The only differences were the number of doughnuts and their circumference. The widest part of the largest dildo was over 3″ in diameter and included three doughnuts.

The dildos on the final three benches were the same sizes as those on the first three benches. The only differences were they were made from silicon so they were pliable and they were smooth. They didn’t have any additional bumps along the shaft.

“We will include three males and tree females in each heat.” Prof. Jefferson announced. “The males will participate in every other heat allowing them a little time to recover after each race. For sanitary reasons, the dildos will be covered with fresh condoms after each race. The participants will start with the smallest cock and sit fully on it. When inserted, the pledge will lift their feet off the floor and spread their legs as wide as possible, holding that position for 3 seconds. The pledge will then stand completely. They will repeat the process five times for each cock on their horse. That is a total of 30 insertions. Their time will start with the first insertion and end following the final withdrawal.”

“Points are awarded for the three fastest time in each heat” she added. “There will also be punishments for the 3 slowest. Those that quit will earn a demerit in addition to their punishment. Boys, I’m afraid you only have one choice of holes; ladies, you have two. By the way, if you orgasm during the race, you will have to start over.”

Some of the female pledges had been masturbating between heats and between events. Some were already near squirting. I was hoping that at least some would have to stop during the race to keep from having an orgasm.

I was in the first heat. My ass had been well lubricated with Crisco. Beth had done it for me and I think she stuck her whole hand in there. That was OK with me if it helped me to earn a point or two. The whistle blew and we were off. The first two shafts didn’t provide much problem. After Friday night I was well stretched.

The third shaft was a little tighter and I could feel the effect of the mid shaft doughnut as my anus passed over it, especially as I withdrew. Three down and I was keeping pace with the girls. The fourth was more of a challenge. The length was OK but the diameter filled me. Pain shot through my ass when I got to the two doughnuts. Some of the girls were panting now and I guessed they were nearing orgasm. I continued down the line. Number 5 caused me to pant as I impaled myself on it. I needed additional lubrication, but there wasn’t any. The length and girth of this large cock was more than I had ever taken. I was stretched but continued. I looked over. Two of the girls had started to impale themselves on the last cock as I finished number 5.

I positioned over number 6 and closed my eyes as I forced all of my weight onto the shaft. The girls had frozen on their bursa escort sixth cock. They didn’t want to orgasm so they had stopped impaling themselves as they regained their composure. I heard moaning and whimpering as I continued to thrust onto this mammoth cock. I finally stood after impaling myself 5 times. As I cleared the bench I heard a round of applause as both sororities congratulated me on my accomplishment.

“You’ll be in high demand now.” One of the girls yelled.

“By both your brothers and sisters.” Another yelled.

Hanna Jorgensen was licking her lips, Beth just smiled. I went to take a break. 12 points down, 5 to go unless I earned any more demerits.

The remaining four heats earned me four punishments. I had given maximum effort during the first heat and just couldn’t muster up the drive to compete with the women who by now had masturbated prior to beginning their scheduled heats. The women were now well lubricated and easily beat us.

Prof. Jefferson picked volunteers from the sororities. We were told to lie prone on the floor while one of the sisters sat on our back. They then attached a device that separated our butt cheeks and exposed our assholes. They were given a small whip with many strands of rawhide and told to whip our assholes which were already sore from our experience. We all cried but managed to survive the ordeal.

We took another break while the advisors got ready for the next event, the chugging contest. I had chugged my share of beer over the years. All of the Alpha pledges thought they would be able to score some points during this event. We were told that male pledges would be competing against the female pledges. Each pledge would be given a beer to chug. The three fastest time would win points, three slowest in each heat would receive punishment. I felt good about my chances until I saw that the beer was a 32 oz. bottle of warm beer. I was still up to the challenge, but finished second during the first heat. Three of the Alpha pledges earned points, three female pledges received punishments. They were required to hold a two quart beer enema for 5 minutes before being allowed to evacuate.

We realized that the second round would be more difficult. We had already consumed a quart of beer and now had to consume another quart. By the end of the second quart we figured out we were in deep shit. The other three Alphas won points in the second round. Three more female pledges were punished. By the end of the third round we were unable to consume any more beer. We all earned 3 additional demerits and three beer enemas because we couldn’t finish the rounds. Our heads were spinning when Prof. Jorgensen announced the next contest, oral sex.

Being a little drunk, the thought of getting a blow job sounded pretty good to us. Our chastity devices were removed and our cocks sprung to life. The first six females approached us. I thought that some of the pledges might choose not to enter this contest, but they were feeling the effects of the beer as well and wanted a little oral action as much as we did.

We were told to lay on our backs. Our legs were spread and secured to the floor. Our arms were secured to the floor above our head. In our position we couldn’t close our legs or use our hands. Our arms kept our heads from turning to the side so we just lay there looking up at the women standing over us. The females were secured similarly to us except they were on their stomachs laying on top of us. Their crotch was buried in our faces and their mouths engulfed our cocks. Neither of us could get away from our partner’s sex even if we wanted to.

“Here’s how this is going to work.” Prof. Jorgensen said. “You will each try to make the other squirt. If your partner squirts be for you, you will be given a point. If you squirt first, you earn the punishment. Guys, you have two small problems. First, you have been locked in chastity all week so I know you have to be horny. That is evident by the number of erections I see.”

“Second,” she continued. “Most of the females have not had an opportunity to go to the bathroom since chugging the beer. It is very possible that your oral attention will stimulate them to do more than cum. I can tell you from experience that it’s a great feeling for a woman to let go completely. The experience for you guys may not be as enjoyable, especially after the fourth or fifth heat.”

I drew a Zeta pledge for the first round. I had hoped for Beth. The Zeta weighed about 180 lbs. and had a large rump and extra padding around the middle. I guessed she was an avid partier given the rolls of fat. She was not really pretty and was not someone that would normally arouse me.

She did give good head and was bringing me close to orgasm within minutes. If I got her off, I risked getting a mouthful of piss, if I didn’t I would earn an unknown punishment and no points. I decided I would provide her token service and let her get me off. I would then be able to hold out longer during the next round.

A few more minutes and she succeeded in getting me to shoot. It was a massive orgasm and I drenched her face with my spunk. She swallowed most of it but managed to get quite a bit on her face. I chuckled to myself at my plan. I stopped chuckling when I heard my penalty.

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