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After Paula left my office, I tried to regain my composure. The unexpected sexual liaison was enough to occupy my thoughts, but Paula’s last comment kept pushing to the front of my brain. “You know Geneen and I are close, but I don’t think you know HOW close. Tonight you are going to find out!” My fantasies started to take shape.

All day long I kept getting caught up in situations that took a long time to handle. I had to skip lunch, and was facing a late night at the office. Geneen and Paula didn’t come by my office for small talk as they usually did, and when I would see either of them in passing they would just smile and wink and hurry off, instead of engaging in our usual banter. The way they were acting let me know that they had something big planned for tonight, and didn’t want to give it away. My fantasies went into overdrive.

Somehow I made it through the rest of the day and I probably accomplished something – but I was not really paying attention to work. About 6:45 pm I managed to get away from the office, and I headed over to Gators for the Happy Hour. We usually stopped in there for a drink after work, just to blow off some steam and relax a little before heading home. Paula and Geneen had left work without so much as saying goodbye, and I was hoping to find one or both of them there. I didn’t see either of their cars in the parking lot, but that wasn’t too strange – Gators is in a Holiday Inn and sometimes parking is not available right at the entrance.

The Help Desk gang was there in our usual spot, and I waved to Tina, the waitress, as I took a seat. As I greeted my co-workers, Tina brought me my usual beer, and I scanned the room for Geneen or Paula. They were nowhere to be seen, and I commented on this to David.

“I thought Paula and Geneen were coming over tonight,” I yelled over the ‘background’ music. Even though Gators was supposed to be a place to socialize, they keep the music loud enough that casual conversation was almost impossible.

“I saw Paula earlier today,” David loudly replied. “She said something about having plans for tonight. I assumed you were in on it – you two are always hanging out together anyway.”

“Well I had a rough day and was barely able to come out of my office, let alone make plans for tonight.” I drank down most of my beer and waved to Tina again. “I guess that Paula and Geneen were swamped as well, cause I hardly talked to them at all.”

I was in the process of deciding to go home and get to sleep when Tina arrived with my beer. She placed it on the table in front of me as usual, and then she reached for my hand. She pressed something into my palm – a hard object wrapped in paper.

“This was left for you, Mark.” Tina looked at me with a smirk on her face. “I hope everything comes out all right!”

With that she left, refusing the money I offered to pay for my beer.

“It’s been taken care of, sweetie,” she called over her shoulder as she walked back to the bar.

I looked at the paper in my hand. As I opened it I saw a bright green plastic tag affixed to a key. Gold lettering on the tag proclaimed “Holiday Inn Room 1258”. The note simply said, “We’re waiting.”

I finished my beer in two swigs as all of the fantasies of the day came back to me. I made quick work of saying goodnight to my friends at the table, and strolled toward the main lobby of the hotel. Strolled? izmir escort More like ran as fast as I could!

The elevator took forever to arrive at the ground floor, and twice as long to ascend to the twelfth. I walked down the hall in the direction indicated by the sign, toward room 1258. The carpeting did little to muffle the noise of my racing heart even though it muted all sound of my footsteps. I reached the room at the end of the hall and knocked lightly to see if there was any response. Hearing nothing from inside, I opened the door with my key and walked into a darkened room.

Unless you are in a suite, a hotel room offers little in the way of places to hide. The ‘closet’ is usually little more than a depression in one wall, and the bathroom is hardly big enough to change your mind. The double beds are too low to the ground for anyone to crawl under, and there isn’t much else in the room to conceal anything. So I was surprised to find that neither Paula nor Geneen was in the room. I had expected to find them there, hopefully in a state of sexual desire. But I was alone.

An envelope on the pillow caught my attention as I turned on a light. I read the note inside. “You had a long, hard day. We want to have you long and hard tonight. Take a shower and relax; you’ll need all of your energy soon! Love, Paula and Geneen.” The note smelled of jasmine, bringing back the memory of eating Paula’s sweet pussy earlier that morning. I figured I would have a chance to feast on her again tonight, and I went into the bathroom to do as they asked.

As the warm water poured over my body, some of the tension of the day washed away. I began to lather my chest and abdomen, thinking of what the girls might have in store for me. This started my cock growing, and I quickly turned up the cold-water faucet so I would not waste any energy before I needed it. Rinsing off as fast as I could, I grabbed a towel and walked into the bedroom as I dried myself. Still no sign of the girls, but I noticed that the curtain to the balcony was moving slightly, and a warm breeze was blowing into the room. Wrapping the towel around my waist, I slid open the door and walked out into the night air.

Paula and Geneen were sitting on the patio chairs, sipping on champagne that had come from the wine bucket on the table. They looked up at me as I entered, and raised their glasses to me as if in a toast. What really caught me off guard was the fact that they were wearing matching teddies, and they each had their free hand in the other’s crotch, languidly stroking and rubbing each other’s pussy. The towel began to rise in front of me as I walked over to the table and took the extra glass of champagne that was there.

“Well it’s about time you got here!” Geneen exclaimed. “I was beginning to think that Paula and I were going to have to find someone else to play with tonight!”

Paula looked at me with her lust glazed eyes and said huskily, “But after this morning, I knew that you were the only one I wanted tonight!”

Geneen made a strangled sound and Paula corrected herself, “Well, the only MALE I want tonight!”

Paula leaned into Geneen and kissed her gently on the lips to apologize. The kiss started out gently, but soon became very passionate. I saw their hands start rubbing each other faster as their tongues intertwined. Their nipples were alsancak escort hard and poking out through the sheer material of their teddies, and the sweet smell of pussy filled the air. The contrast between Paula’s blonde body and Geneen’s blackness was mesmerizing. Needless to say, this was turning me on immensely.

I dropped the towel and approached the duo, my 7” cock sticking out proudly. Geneen was the first to grasp me, but as she began to move her lips to my slick head, Paula grabbed her hand and said, “NO! You’ve tasted him before and I haven’t! I want to feel his dick in my mouth. You can have it later!”

And with that she wrapped her lips around my engorged member and began to lick and suck for all she was worth. Her tongue swirled over the head a few times, and then she sank her lips down to my balls, swallowing me deep into her throat. She flexed her throat muscles and made it feel like I was being milked by a pro. She rose off my length until just the head remained in her mouth, and with a swirl of the tongue she went down my shaft again.

Geneen was not wasting time while Paula was busy. She stood up and came around me, kissing me deeply and passionately as Paula slurped below. I had one hand on the back of Paula’s head, and I brought the other one up to Geneen’s crotch, rubbing her already soaking pussy through the thin panties. I worked one finger under the leg opening, and moved my hand inside to rub her smoothly shaved pubis as I slid a finger deep into her steamy cunt. She moaned into my mouth as I diddled her clit.

Paula suddenly released my cock from her mouth and looked up at Geneen and me. “It’s a little uncomfortable in this chair. Why don’t we take this inside?” And without waiting for an answer Paula stood up, grabbed my cock in her hand and began walking back into the room.

Geneen and I stumbled briefly as we started moving, and it took me a second to get my hand out of her panties, but soon we were all on the bed. I was on my back, Paula was kneeling beside me sucking on my dick, and Geneen slipped off her panties and moved her slick pussy right over my mouth. She was facing my feet, and as she lowered her juicy twat onto my eager mouth I saw her reach out to Paula’s firm ass and begin to stroke her. Then her female flesh covered my face and I saw nothing more.

Geneen wears Cinnabar perfume, and she always tastes of it when I eat her pussy. Tonight was no exception. As the smell of her cunt juice and Cinnabar engulfed me, I began to lick and suck on her cunt like I had never done before. Soon her hips were grinding into my face and her juices were pouring out over my tongue. She tasted so good!

The next thing I knew, my cock was hit by a blast of cold air as Paula released me from her mouth. Geneen moved off of my face, and I saw Paula laying back on the bed, her teddy a crumpled heap on the floor. Geneen quickly moved into position between Paula’s legs, and began to feast on her blonde cunt. She raised her ass into the air and pulled her cheeks apart, silently inviting me to fuck her as she ate. I was more than happy to oblige.

The sight of a blonde goddess being tongued by a black Amazon was something I thought I would only see in pictures. Yet here in front of me, two of my favorite people were performing this lusty act as if it was the most natural thing in the world. buca escort And who was I to argue? Their moans and movements got me harder than I had ever been before, and I pointed my prick at the hot pink gash between Geneen’s ebony thighs. I grasped her hips and buried myself into her wetness, driving her mouth harder into Paula’s pussy.

As I began to stroke in and out, I watched Geneen’s hands fondle Paula’s tits as Paula grabbed Geneen’s head and pulled her tight to her cunt. My hands were under Geneen, rubbing her nipples as I fucked her tight cunt. We were starting to find the rhythm that we all wanted, each stroke from one adding to the pleasure of the other, when Geneen pushed me back and grabbed my dick. She rubbed my cock head up and down her snatch, and finally planted it at her asshole. Sitting back slightly, she let me know that she wanted me to fuck her in the ass, and I happily started to do so.

I had never had a woman like this before, and the tightness was beyond description. I slowly worked my dick in, grateful for all of the saliva and cunt juice which were acting as lubricants. As I finally got all the way in, Geneen raised her head and screamed, “FUCK! That feels so fucking GOOD! Pound my ass, Mark! Fuck my asshole and make me COME!!”

Paula looked up as Geneen’s mouth left her pussy, and sizing up the situation quickly she turned herself around on the bed. Now her mouth was under Geneen’s pussy, and her own blond bush was within easy reach for Geneen to continue her oral ministrations. I slowly pulled about halfway out of Geneen’s ass, and felt Paula’s tongue flick against my balls as I sank in again. Geneen went back to work on Paula’s hole, and we once again found the rhythm that satisfied us all. As I moved back, Geneen’s pussy was opened for Paula’ stalented tongue. As I moved forward, Paula was treated to more intense pressure from Geneen’s mouth. We slowly built up speed, and just after Paula started to scream in orgasm, Geneen and I both peaked.

We collapsed into a pile of satisfied bodies, looking like a negative Oreo cookie. Juices were flowing out of an assortment of holes, and our ragged breathing was the only sound we could hear for a while. As our hearts slowed and we were able to move again, we kissed each other and snuggled close, me in the middle, and my girls on either side resting their heads on my chest.

“So what do we do for an encore?” Paula asked innocently.

“Well the first thing I want to do is take a shower and get ready for what EVER happens next,” answered Geneen. “I don’t mind telling you that I could go on like this all night, but it will help to rest a bit before we continue.”

I agreed with Geneen, and suggested we all shower together. “I’ll be glad to wash your backs for you,” I offered, “and whatever else I think might need cleaning!”

“I want to make sure we get you clean, mister!” Geneen chuckled, “You have been in me on one end, but I want you in the other end too!”

“And I want some more of what I got this morning!” Paula chimed in.

“Well ladies, I am only too happy to be at your service. But I would like to know how you managed to pull this off. Paula said something about you two knowing each other a lot better than I thought, but how did it start? And why am I just now being invited to participate?”

Geneen and Paula smiled at each other, and then turned to me.

“We can explain that in the shower,” offered Paula.

“Yeah,” answered Geneen. “ And that should get us ready for the next round!”

So as the bathroom mirror steamed up and we washed each other under the shower spray, they began to tell me their story.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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