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When I was twenty-four, I met a masseuse named Jennifer who worked for the chiropractor I saw for treatment. She was thirty-six years old, and very attractive. I have always looked much younger than my age. I am a short man just under five foot. Six inches. I’m lucky to be thin, so when I started weight training in high school, I was ripped in no time at all! Now at the age of fifty-three, looking younger than my age is a big plus! I still work out and take care of my body.
The first time Jennifer massaged me, She asked if I went to the local high school! That was a little embarrassing, and I let her know that I had graduated that high school seven years earlier. She apologized and said that later in life I would appreciate looking younger than my age. I was a little nervous during that first massage, at that point in my life, I really didn’t have a way with women. My in-experience was obvious, and having a confident, very attractive older woman put her hands all over my body was a little intimidating. She really put me at ease, asking me questions about myself. She seemed to show a sincere interest and she kept me talking which stopped my mind from wandering into sexual fantasy. Over the next couple of months, I never mis-behaved while she massaged me, it was strictly therapeutic and she was a complete professional. She had also become a friend.
We ran into each other at the mall one day, she asked how I was and why it had been so long since my last massage. I let her know that she had no appointment times available and I asked her if she could recommend another masseuse. She thought for a while and then asked if I could do her a favor. She said that she helped massage students from the school she had graduated izmit escort bayan from by letting them practice on her, and at the same time try to help them improve there technique. She said it would be easier to have a body to demonstrate on, and joked that since I was young and in good shape, I would be the perfect specimen! She also said that since I would be helping, it wouldn’t cost me a penny! Of course I said yes, she gave me her address and told me to show up later that night.
She lived in a modest home in a nice neighborhood in suburban Orange County, in the So. Cal. area. I arrived at about 8:PM. There was a massage table set up in her den. She introduced me to a woman named Jill, who I figured to be in her mid fifties. She had a very pretty face and a slender athletic body. Her eyes were a stunning dark blue and almost had a hypnotic affect. She was a brunette and for a woman of her age she was quite a beauty. I thought that she really must of been a knock-out in her younger days. I immediately dismissed any sexual thoughts that had started in my mind. Since Jennifer had always behaved in such a professional manner, I didn’t want to offend her or her student. I was told to disrobe and lie face down on the table. I looked around for a towel to cover my bottom, but there wasn’t one there. I did as I was told and soon there was a knock on the door and they both came in.
They started on my neck, shoulders, and arms. Each of them on either side of me, it was great! Jennifer was instructing the “student” the whole time. They stopped at my lower back, and then started again at my feet, working their way up my legs. Jennifer parted my legs a little, to get better access to my thighs. In a flaccid state, izmit eve gelen escort I’m about four and a half inches. They had to have seen the underside of my penis, and my balls of course. She continued her instruction while she aggressively massaged and squeezed my inner thigh. Jill had stopped to watch, but left her hand on the curve of my butt. I could feel her fingers against my balls. I started to become aroused. I tried to fight it, but it was no use. I could feel my cock growing and swelling underneath me! I was sure that Jennifer was going to be angry with me. Soon they were both vigorously massaging my thighs and butt, and the sides of their hands kept brushing against my balls. My cock was rock hard and at it’s full nine inches. I didn’t know what to do. I mumbled out an apology and raised my butt to adjust my cock some how. As soon as my butt was in the air, Jill started to rub and squeeze my balls. I was in shock and ecstacy at the same time.
I ended up on my knees and elbows as they continued rubbing my backside, I was moaning uncontrollably. Jennifer told me to turn over and said that I was a bad boy!! I started to apologize, but she put her hand over my mouth. She said that sometimes these things happen, especially if a man is being massaged by two woman at the same time. She then looked right at my cock, and said that I had no reason to be ashamed. I was quite the sight! There I was, lying on my back with my cock sticking straight up into the air. I may be a short man, but I have been blessed with a pretty huge package. I realized that during all this talk, Jill had been staring at it with her mouth open.
They continued to massage my thighs and my balls but izmit otele gelen escort wouldn’t touch my cock. I was in agony, my cock was turning purple! I started to reach for it, but Jennifer said they would stop if I touched myself. They continued this for almost a half an hour. My cock had never felt this hard! They wanted me to beg for relief, and that’s exactly what I did! Finally, Jill said that she couldn’t stand it anymore and put the tip of her finger on the end of my cock. I started to buck my hips thinking I was going to explode! She lowered her head, puckered up and started rubbing the head of my cock against her lips. She had a tiny mouth and my helmet looked huge compared to her lips. I fell flat on my back, put my hands over my face and started to moan very loudly. She stopped, but very quickly I felt her trying to insert the tip of her tongue into my cock! I almost came right there! I opened my eyes to see that it was Jennifer who was licking my cock. Jill was frantically taking her clothes off. She climbed up on the table, and squatted over me. She took my cock and stared rubbing her pussy with it. She was soaking wet and rocked back and forth. I could feel her juices running down my shaft. She slowly lowered herself on to my cock She rode me for all she was worth. She was moaning out that it had been a very long time since she had a hard young cock inside of her. Jennifer was behind her squeezing her breasts and cheering her on! She started to moan very loudly as she ground her pussy against me. Her pussy started to make slurping and sucking noises as it continued to spasm on my shaft.
Considering how long they had tortured me, I lasted much longer then I thought I would. When I finally did get there, I must of shot at least a quart of cumm into her!! After that experience, I was willing to help my masseuse “teach” other “students” as often as I could! Funny, all of these students were older women .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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