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Chapter One: Alexis comes for a consultation with a needy couple to set up the expectations for their upcoming sessions.

When the doorbell rang, Tom jumped with startle, even though they were expecting the visitor. He looked over to Elizabeth with raised eyebrows. She looked just as on edge as he was but they shared a look to give each other confidence. Tom stood and, after wringing his hands in slight hesitation, went to the door, Elizabeth close behind him.

He didn’t know what he was expecting when he opened the door, but anything would have surprised him even though he’d seen her photograph before.


He paused at the questioning of his name and couldn’t help but run his eyes over the brunette in front of him who had so brightly smiled when he answered the door. Coming out of his surprised haze, he nodded with a slight smile. “Yeah. Hi.”

“Hi,” She smiled, showing the pointiness of her eye teeth, and pushed her sunglasses up into her thick brown hair to show off her green eyes. “Alexis.”

“Come in,” He said, stepping back from the doorway for her to come inside. When she did, she moved with an air of confidence that made his mouth go dry as he followed her with his eyes, and then his steps as she started down the hallway that he gestured to.

When she turned into the living room, Elizabeth jumped up from her spot on the sofa and greeted Alexis with the same nervous energy as her husband had done.

“Nice to meet you,” Alexis said, stretching out her hand to shake Elizabeth’s firmly and confidently.

“Please, sit,” Elizabeth gestured to the armchair which Alexis did with ease and placed her bag by her feet. The couple hovered slightly and Alexis glanced up at them expectantly, prompting them to sit as if waiting for permission in their own home.

“So,” Alexis said, crossing one leg over the other. In her pencil skirt and heels, her movement only emphasised the thickness of her thighs and the curve of her hips. “You guys haven’t done this before.”

Elizabeth and Tom looked at each other as they sunk onto the sofa, side by side. “Uh, no,” They said together and Alexis gave such a warm smile that they both chuckled nervously.

“That’s alright,” She assured them. “It’s kind of my area of expertise. Shall we jump straight into it?”

“Yes,” Elizabeth said, swallowing the nervous bubbles in her stomach. “We read over your contract. Everything seems…put together.”

“Excellent,” She grinned and reached down into her bag for a folder which held her sales-pitch-come-contract. “So, what do you guys think? Any questions?”

Tom’s head was spinning. They’d come up with a few things they wanted clarified but seeing her in front of him had made all thoughts fly out of his head with the feeling of anticipation in the air. “Uh…”

The hesitation wasn’t new to Alexis, who had been in this situation a good few times before. Married couples who wanted to spice things up but needed guidance in how to do it. That was her forte. “Why don’t I start?” She offered. “Obviously, you know the ins and outs from the contract. I just want to let you know that I’m used to the exploration. My clients are generally those like you guys, who are trying to figure out how to start exploring. I’m just here to help. Think of me as a…trainer slash teacher slash sex istanbul travesti toy.” The first mention of sex made Elizabeth’s cheeks flush a little and Alexis tried not to laugh. They were very new to this, clearly. “I just want you guys to feel comfortable. When we leave this arrangement, I want you to feel confident together and continuing on your journey. So. Six sessions, right? Have you guys thought about how often?”

Tom licked his lips, wondering if it was too much to ask to start now. “Weekly? Or…every other week? What do you usually do?”

“For couples? Every two or three weeks. Sometimes monthly. I probably would advise against weekly but it’s completely up to you both. You guys are in charge. I’m just here to guide,” Alexis looked to them and watched as they shared a look.

“Every two weeks?” Elizabeth suggested. “I think that it’s- I mean, with our schedules.”

“Your schedules,” Alexis nodded. “You guys busy professionals?” They shared a look and told her that they worked a lot; Tom in computing and Elizabeth in marketing. “Wow,” She smiled complimentarily, even though it was very common to her other clients who could afford her. “So every two weeks for six sessions. Now, we can stop at any time. I only charge for sessions we do. And those sessions, I don’t charge by the hour or anything. The fee is a flat rate and I can stay for a long as or short as you went- up to twelve hours.”

“Twelve hours?” Elizabeth repeated with a shrill voice in surprise. “Sorry,” She covered her mouth for a second and Alexis just laughed. “I’m sorry, but who can go for twelve hours?”

Alexis tapped her pen on the paper with a grin. “Oh, usually that’s more the girlfriend experience. Stay for dinner, sleep together. And I take your lead with that. If you want me to stay, if you want me to leave as soon as we’re done, then that’s fine.”

“And what about — I mean, we looked at the contract,” Tom leaned forward. “Things that are on the table and off.”

“Mm,” Alexis nodded encouragingly. “The things on the red list are hard no’s. The amber are things I want to know about in advance and have an extra fee: anal, another person, public…those things.” She spoke so casually that already Elizabeth could feel a twinge in the pit of her stomach and the slight moistening of her underwear.

“I think the green list were things we were most comfortable with,” Elizabeth cleared her throat. “I mean, some of it we did have to google but…”

Alexis laughed and leaned her elbow on the arm of the chair. “I get it. I just prefer to put every possibility on the lists to cover all bases. And you have no idea how often I have to update them with new items.”

With the initial discussion out of the way — fees, rules such as safe words, not being too intoxicated and no recordings – the couple seemed to relax their tense muscles and sunk into the consultation a little better. “So, I tend to suggest a schedule of things we want to try a session or two in advance. It just makes everyone a little more comfortable, but like I said, we can change it whenever you want.”

“So, we’d tell you what we want to try?” Tom asked and she nodded in response.

“First session, to ease everyone’s nerves and get us comfortable, I tend to start off with massage,” She explained. “I’m actually qualified istanbul travestileri in holistic massage therapy so it’s really helpful with tension. It’s more casual and we take our time and if you want to stop at any point, we stop. But usually, the massage eases anyone’s concerns.”

“That sounds good,” Elizabeth said with a relieved smile. “Plus, I haven’t had a massage in ages.”

Alexis chuckled softly and scribbled down a note on the page to schedule. “And what about after that? What’s your kind of first fantasy or first think that you’d like to try?”

Tom, with a squeeze of Elizabeth’s leg, looked to Alexis with a slight shrug. “Well. Just being- seeing Lizzie with another woman. That’s kind of the first think I want. It’s why we started this. It’s nothing to do with wanting to be with other people. It’s just the sex. We’ve talked about it but- I mean, this is the first time.”

Alexis nodded, hearing a common tale. “I understand. What about with just you two? Is there anything you like to do? Roleplay or BDSM or kinks that you’d like me to join in on?” Elizabeth seemed to be trying to push herself into talking and Alexis immediately thought of the change she would see in herself in a few sessions time.

“We… when we first got together, it was more lingerie and things like that. We sometime roleplay as strangers,” She said with a forced confidence which Alexis gave a smile to in encouragement. “I mean- I have thought more about being watched by him, by Tom. Whilst I’m with yo- I mean, another woman. Being told how to do it, what to do.”

“And is that something you’ve done before? Even without Tom?”

“No,” She shook her head. “Not even kissed. But I’ve- it’s always been on my mind. I seemed to have skipped the experimenting part.”

“I get it,” Alexis said, shifting in the chair. “Newness can be intimidating, but we’ll find a balance of what you want. And Tom? Anything you’ve wanted. That maybe you haven’t done with Elizabeth?”

Tom had been trying not to get hard as he listened to his wife tell Alexis that she wanted to be bossed around by another woman, so his voice was a little croaky when he went to speak again. “Uh. I don’t know.”

“Do you watch porn?” Alexis’ blunt questioning didn’t do anything for his croaky throat. “Or have you in the past?”

“Um. Yes.”

“What do you like to watch? What would you click on?”

“I like roughness, I guess.”

“By you or to you?” She asked.

“Both,” he shrugged.

“Anything else?”

Categories popped up in Tom’s head and he dragged his eyes down Alexis’ body, stopping at the tits constrained in her dark purple sweater that he’d been trying not to look at the entire time. “Lesbian. Which we’ve covered. Seduction. Breasts, which I guess every man likes.”

“Big breasts? Fake? Tiny?” Alexis asked. From Elizabeth’s chest, she assumed it was the first.

“Big,” He replied. “Natural though.”

A smile appeared of Alexis’ face and touched her tongue to her top lip. “I can see why you guys chose me.” She was entirely aware of her major selling point as the couple chuckled softly.

“We were trying to figure out if they were real,” Elizabeth admitted with a slight blush.

“They are,” Alexis winked.

“What size are you?” Tom asked daringly.

“What size do you travesti istanbul think?”

He pursed his lips and tilted his head slightly to judge. “F?”

“H,” She corrected and felt powerful when his mouth parted. “What you’ve told me today, this isn’t an exhaustive list. I really want you guys to explore even when I’m not with you. That’s why I prefer not weekly because it gives you guys the chance to figure things out together. To watch porn, to read erotica, to experiment together.”

“So our homework is to watch porn?” Tom said with raised eyebrows. “I like this.”

The two women laughed and Alexis watched as it boosted Tom’s ego. “Yeah? We’ll find out more that you like.”

“What about you?” Elizabeth asked, feeling a surge of daring.


“What do you like?”

Alexis looked taken off guard for the first time since she’d come into the house. “Well. I’ve tried a good few things. I…guess that I’m kinda like you, Tom. I like big breasts. On me and on other women.” With her words, she glanced to Elizabeth’s chest which was tucked away under her crisp white shirt. Alexis just knew what would happen if she was able to unbutton it. “They’re kind of my on/off switch.” They both look slightly enthralled at her words but neither were confident enough to ask anything more so she decided to help them out. “Touching them, kissing, licking, sucking. All of it. I had a client who I did dry nursing with and it changed my life.”

“Dry nursing?” Tom repeated.

“As if he was nursing from me, but obviously I don’t have any milk. But the sucking works well for my enjoyment and his,” Alexis shrugged, spinning her pen around. “And there’s toys galore. Is that something you would be interested in?”

“The dry…?” Tom questioned.

“Well, the toys. But that too,” She shrugged.

“Yes.” He said clearly, not specifying which one, which made her confident that it was both.

“Do you use toys?” She asked. “Together or apart?”

“I have a vibrator,” Elizabeth said with a swallow. “I haven’t used it in a while. But that’s about it.”

“We can change that. Slow and steady.” There was a silence which fell between them for a moment and Alexis looked down at her forms to see that she’d written as much as she needed. “I think that’s about us. I just want to give you guys this as a preview for Friday.” She sifted through her papers to pull out the photographs to pass over to them.

“Oh my,” Elizabeth took in a breath as she looked at the photos which showed Alexis nearly naked. The first was of Alexis in a mirror: her thick, milky thigh encapsulated by black garters which stretched with suspenders upwards to the corset. Both Tom and Elizabeth’s eyes went to Alexis’ breasts which were pushed up like two rounded globes with a cleavage that seemed to go on for miles. The second one was from behind and showed off the dark red lace struggling to cover the smooth roundness of her ass with her long dark hair dangling over her shoulder. The final one almost made Elizabeth’s eyes pop out of her head. It was difficult to comprehend that the professional looking Elizabeth sitting across from her was the same one in the photograph that showed a black see through bra holding up her heavy tits and exposing her hardened nipples which protruded from the flesh.

“You better get used to seeing that, Elizabeth,” Alexis smiled with her tongue between her teeth. “I have a feeling that we’re going to get closer.”

Thanks for reading. If theres a fantasy session you’d like to see these 3 have, please comment and let me know xo

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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