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A few days later my upstairs neighbor texted me again. She asked me how I was doing, I asked her if everything was okay with her. And yes, we all know, when people do the stuff I have written down in the previous sentence, they tend to want something from you. So I just asked her, to shorten the conversation: “Is there anything I can do for you?”

The answer came a few seconds later: “As far as I know, and as far as I have seen on your Social Media accounts, you are good with photography. And we both know, I sell pictures and videos of myself. So do you want to help me out, to take a few pictures of me, and maybe film me a little bit?”

I didn’t had to think long about her over. She got the following answer back: “Yes, I’d love to help you out a little bit.”

Then we set up a date. We agreed on Saturday early afternoon, she also told me to not plan anything else on that day, because according to her experience, shootings tend to drag on forever.

When everything was set up, there were four days to kill until the shooting. I was curious about what would happen. Meanwhile I knew her content more than just well, and there were no male protagonists at all, but well, I was hoping, that I would be the first one. Or better said I was fantasizing of being the first one while my hand was sliding up and down on my rock hard dick.

Fast forward to Saturday, early afternoon. I was standing in front of my upstairs neighbors door. With all my camera gear either in my hands or in my backpack. Ready for nearly everything. Hoping for some nice fucking.

It didn’t took her long to open up. She was already dressed up for the shot. She was wearing some damn hot ultra conservative business attire: High heeled shows, some stockings, a long skirt that went below the knees, a shirt and some blazer that gave her incredible broad and huge shoulders. Her makeup was simple. And her her hair was tied to a strict not on the back of her head. My jaw dropped to the ground when I saw her. Her reaction was a very relaxed one: “I see, you like what I am wearing. Come in.”

When I unloaded my gear she offered me something to drink. I went for a big glass of water and a nice cup of coffee. While she was preparing my beverage, I went through her living room. To figure out a few shots, to check out the light and to play around with the additional lamps she had already placed.

While I had my cup of coffee, we talked about the shot. What she was going to do, what she was aiming for and what she hopped that we would achieve together. After my coffee mug was empty, we began to almanbahis place more lights. We made a few test shots and adjusted everything to a point were we were happy with the results we got.

Then it was shooting time. Non nude first. She working on her laptop, she opening her briefcase, she reading a bock, she posing for the camera in a very seductive way. Still with all clothes on. Material for her suitable for workplace accounts. She knew how to pose. And I caught a few more than just decent shots for her.

After the first part was over, it was time for a short break. She clearly was nervous about the next step. It was her first time undressing with a photographer in the room. I was nervous to. It was my first time taking nudes of someone that wasn’t my girlfriend. So we both took a few deep breaths in and out, then we went for it.

As soon as she began to take of her clothes my dick was raging hard. But besides that, all the nervous tension left the room. I took countless shots of her undressing herself, posing for the camera and me. Fuck, she was hot. Damn fucking hot.

The moment when dropped her panties to the ground incredible. When she sat down, she still was wearing some fine lingerie, spread her legs and began to play with her pussy for some time I nearly lost it. Horny me was in full swing. But I managed to keep on taking pictures. I staid hard, I resisted the urge to jump on her.

Luckily the end was near. She turned around, ass high up in the air, to expose both of her fuck holes. I took a few great shots of it, then the session was over. She put on a bathrobe that was laying on the kitchen counter. Then she looked at me. She had a huge thank you smile on her face. I, I had to take a few very deep breaths in and out. Calm down. Relax. It is over. Or at least I thought that it was over.

A few minutes later she asked me if I was hungry too. I told her that I was, and I was thinking why. But then I checked my watch. The whole afternoon was already a thing of the past. We agreed on Italian food, yes, pizza time, then she placed an order: “Don’t worry, it is on me. As a little thank you for your help.”

I blushed a little bit. A happy smile appeared on my face. Taking pictures of a damn hot girl all afternoon and now free food. There was only one way to top that: Fucking a hit girl all Saturday afternoon and then free food. But I am drifting off.

She excused herself, and told me to open up when food would arrive. She needed to prepare herself for the second scene. She told me to get comfy while I was waiting. She almanbahis giriş also allowed me to use the kick ass computer she had standing in her office.

A few moments later I was sitting at her desk. Her envying her for the rig she had. But I wasn’t planing on wasting my time by aimlessly browsing the Internet, I copied the pictures I had taken earlier onto her hard disc and onto her backup server. Yes, regarding data safety she was up to date.

Once the copying was done, I browsed through all the pictures and sorted out the better ones. Those that were in focus. Those that were working out composition wise. And those that gave me raging hard boner while just glimpsing on them.

My neighbor was finished before the food was there. And yes, she caught me in the act. She came into her office, without knocking, wearing her white bathrobe. She caught me sorting out the pictures for her. My doing put a huge smile on her face: “That is so nice of you. Thank you.”

She totally ignored the boner between my legs. Yes, she kept it all professional. And then, the food arrived. Over dinner we talked about the second shot. This time it was video and stills. She was planing to shoot some person only view content.

After we finished our pizza, we set up the lights once more. We also installed a microphone, because this time, we were recording video with sound. Her voice and my voice. Then again, we made a few test shots to figure out if everything was working. Then it was camera, action and roll.

Once she dropped her bathrobe, I was froze for a few moments. Damn it, she looked hot. She change into a different clothing style. She was wearing some high heeled leather boots, a short leather skirt and a corset. Her hair was still knotted to the back of her head. She really had something intimidating. And there was a decent sized strap on dangling between her legs. I was harder than a rock.

Then the show began. She called me pathetic looser. She told me to kneel down in front of her. She told me to suck on her dick. To take him deep down her throat. To gag on him. I immediately was in my role. I confirmed all her orders with a “Yes, ma’am.”

We kept on going for about fifteen minutes, she even made me lick her boots clean. She made me like my fake sperm of her boots. She humiliated me, she called me names, it all was nothing but a turn on for me. But, back then, me relieving myself, wasn’t a part of our shooting.

We shot the hole scene three times. To make sure that one of it was decent. After the third take, I was beyond horny. almanbahis yeni giriş My balls were aching. I was desperate for some relief. But we weren’t done. We still had to shoot a few stills: My upstairs neighbor posing with her strap on. Saliva might have been dripping out of my mouth during that last part. Fuck, I was really, really horny. Probably the horniest I had ever been to that point in live.

She was still professional. Calm. Showed no sign of real excitement. But she realized what was going on with me. And she ignored it. Or worse, she was trying to turn my horny level up to eleven.

After the shooting was done, she asked me to stay a little bit longer. To go through the results of shooting two. And yes, she promised me a very special reward. A reward that would make it worth my time.

So I staid. We watched all the content. She asked me serious questions about her posing, the light, camera angles and lenses. I tried to answer everything as good, as professional as possible. While constantly fighting the urge to jump on her, to rip the bathrobe of her body and to fuck the shit out of her.

And yes, horny me lost the fight back then. I was able to restrain myself. And once we were done, she gave me my special reward: “Take this. It is a flesh light. It is made to look, and to feel like my pussy. It is a prototype. So it would be nice, if you could tell me later, how it fells when you fuck it.”

While saying those words she had a very, very big smile on her face. Then she told me that we were done, and that I could leave when I wanted too. Well, I grabbed all of my gear, I wished her a good night and then I left.

Then I run downstairs, I stormed into my place, I dumped all my camera gear on the kitchen counter while dropping my pants and boxers to the floor. Then I unpacked the gift my upstairs neighbor gave me a few minutes before. Then I lubed myself up by using some kitchen oil. And then I slid my raging hard dick inside my new plastic pussy.

Fuck, it felt great. One hard thrust after the other. My balls were aching from the beginning. My moaning was filling the room. I finally was able to cure horny. A few hard thrust later, boom, I nutted a huge load inside the flesh light. My body was even trembling a little bit when it happened.

After all the tension had left my body, I went into the bathroom, to take a relaxing shower, then I went straight to bed. Checking my phone for new messages. And one was on it: “And, who does it feel?”

The message was accompanied by some winking emojis. Yes, she knew exactly what would happen once I left her place. So I sent her my honest opinion back: “It felt great. But it needs further testing.”

Then I turned of my phone, turned around and fell asleep. While fantasizing of doing more damn hot and incredible things with my upstairs neighbor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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