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Fred and Richard both graduated in the same class and after some time in the workforce decided to open construction businesses. Fred chose office blocks and Richard decided to concentrate on home units. After 30 years they both had successful businesses but Fred became very sick and they decided to amalgamate their businesses. Fred had a son Henry who was 25 and Richard had a daughter Roslyn 24. Both the children worked in the business and became directors of the new business.

Many people assumed, for no reason at all, that they would get married. While they got on very well together and worked well, there did not seem to be any romantic intentions from either side. They both worked extremely hard and worked late hours, sometimes together, late at night. Part of the problem was that they had known each other, literally from their first days, and never thought of themselves in a romantic sense.

It was only at the office Christmas party when they both got a little bit tipsy and let their hair down that they became more socially acquainted. Quite a few of the younger staff kicked on to a nightclub and they began to dance. From there things moved quite quickly. Dancing led to kissing and groping above the waist, but Roslyn kept his hand there. Things progressed quickly and there was soon talk of marriage in the air. She made it clear that she wanted to be married as a virgin and that the wedding would be very soon and then she would be his. Roslyn approached marriage with the same enthusiasm that she applied to everything else in her life. She wanted to be a bride.

Richard gave the couple a new apartment in one of his buildings while Roslyn organised everything for the wedding and the reception in a big hotel. After the reception they would go up to the bridal suite, and then she would go into the bathroom and take off her wedding dress and replace it with a sheer nightie and a sexy little triangle to cover her bottom. She would come out and twirl around twice and then remove the nightie and the little triangle and she would stand naked in front of Henry. If he hadn’t taken all his clothes off, she would take them off until he was naked in front of her and then they would go to bed and he would lie on top of her and they would make love.

She had prepared herself for a night of love but Henry couldn’t get it up and nothing they tried seemed to help. Henry’s hands were all over her body and between her legs and playing with her clitoris and making her wet, but nothing he or she tried could make it hard. She lay on her back and drew him down to her open pussy and encouraged him to lick her clitoris. He did this for some time and she had an orgasm. In the morning they tried again but still no erection and she had another orgasm.

They flew to London for their honeymoon with no further success. Roslyn was a bit puzzled by the turn of events and when Henry went out by himself for a business appointment, she took the opportunity to look in his laptop and found that he had been watching an enormous amount of porn. She googled to see if there was any connection between the porn and his inability to get hard and discovered that there was a proven connection. None of the sites that she looked at provided a definitive solution to the problem. It could be solved but it would take time. Roslyn did not panic and decided to try some of the remedies but nothing worked.

This went on for some weeks when Roslyn decided to seek professional help. She found a site which had good reviews and promised discretion. Jerry was a psychologist and Nicole was a psychiatric nurse and their hobby, after hours, was to solve sexual problems for couples. Roslyn made an appointment and they turned up at their apartment to try and find a solution to the problem.

The first interview was to determine just what the problem was. Roslyn made it clear at the outset that, in her mind, an unconsummated marriage was not a marriage at all. She would continue trying until there was penetration. They told Henry that they would need to interview him in depth to see what the problem was and that they needed freedom, both physical and mental, to treat him. The first question was to establish what the basis of the problem was. The first thing they needed to know was just what type of porn he liked watching. Henry’s answer was so wide-ranging escort kocaeli that they were no wiser.

Nicole asked Henry”, When you compare the size of your penis to the man in the porn, how you think you compare?”

“They’re much bigger than I am.”

“It doesn’t matter. I’m pretty sure you’re normal or above. I’ve got a ruler. Can I measure you?”


Nicole took a tape measure from her bag, and said. See, it is 4 ½”soft and I’m sure you’ll get much larger when you get hard. Are you satisfied it’s not small now?”


“Have you got any oil?”

“There is some in the bathroom.”

Nicole put a few drops on the shaft and moved her hand up and down but still nothing. Nicole loved doing this. It was one of the activities that kept her interested in counselling.

Jerry and Nicole made many suggestions; absolutely no porn; showering together; fellatio; trying to have sex in front of a mirror – nothing worked. They knew that it might take quite some time and encouraged Henry and Roslyn to keep trying. After almost 3 months with no improvement Nicole and Jerry decided to discuss the case with some fellow counsellors and came back with a novel solution.

Nicole said, “One of our friends said that it might be a good idea to make a porn movie and that that might do the trick. What do you think Henry?”

“Sounds very interesting.”

Nicole said, “We would prefer not to get involved physically and we try not to, but I think in this case, we are going to have to get physically involved with you to make it work. I’ve brought the sort of camera they use in porn so that we can make it look realistic.”

“Henry what do you think?”

“I’m all for it.”

“Roslyn, what do you think?”

“If you think it’ll work, I’ll do it.”

While Jerry taught Henry how to use the video camera, Nicole took Roslyn aside and explained. “We think Henry subconsciously wants to interact with a porn star. We’re going to make a porn video and you will be the porn star. Henry will direct it, and we will all follow his directions. We think there’s a good chance it will work. Are you happy to try it?”


“We’ll record everything on the camera and we’ll leave you the video card so that you can play it on your computer later if you need to. That way you can be sure the video cannot get out into the public.”

“That’s good to know.”

“I know the last thing you would ever want is for a video to be made of you having sex but we’ve tried everything else and nothing seems to work.”

“It’s so embarrassing, but if you think it will work, I’ll try it.”

“Good. You will hopefully forget a few minutes of embarrassment and remember many years of marital bliss. I think it’s a good deal.”

“A small time loss for a long time gain is always a good philosophy.”

They all got undressed and faced each other.

Henry said, “Practically all the women in porn are shaved. Nicole, you are, but Roslyn, you aren’t. Is it all right if I shave you?”

“Oh dear. Well, if that’s what I have to do, that’s what I have to do.”

“Roslyn, do you think you can shave yourself?”

“Well I’ve never done it to myself and I don’t think I know how to and I’m worried about cutting myself.”

Nicole said,” We could do it now if you like. Henry, go into the bathroom and bring a razor back and some lather and we can do it now.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, why not? “

Henry left and returned with his razor and asked Roslyn to lie on the bed. Jerry held the camera and focused on the scene.

“Three, two, one. Go.”

Roslyn was quite a hairy woman and the smell of her sex was mixed with some sort of perfume that she had used. Everybody was aware of it.

Nicole said,” I think it’s better if we get a towel and Roslyn lies on the bed.”

She could have kept her legs together but she opened her legs wide so that he could see her vulva. Every vulva is different but Roslyn’s was particularly nice. She must’ve had a very large clitoris because it was poking through the top of her lips prominently. Roslyn could see that Henry was enjoying the experience and played to the audience. It was an act of bravado.

He put a towel under her bottom and proceeded to use a pair of scissors to remove most of the hair. He was gölcük escort enjoying this. He was able to get a really good look at her vulva and to see that she had perfectly shaped inner lips and a delicious clitoris. It was not as if he had not seen it before but when the frame was removed, the picture looked totally different. Little by little, the hair came off until there was just short stubble everywhere. He applied the lather to the stubble and carefully shaved her. When she was all beautifully clean and smooth, he couldn’t resist putting his finger on her clitoris and stimulating it until it became hard.

“I’ll get a mirror and you can see yourself. You look good enough to eat.”

“Try me.


Henry had grown to like doing this and with alternating sucking and licking her clitoris, she was soon writhing on the bed. It didn’t take long and Roslyn had a massive orgasm, but still Henry remained soft.

“Henry, I want you to take the camera. You will direct and we will do what you say.”

“Okay. Jerry, I want you to kiss Roslyn on the lips and then her breasts and then her clitoris.”

Jerry could not have been more delighted. It was the first time he had been able to interact with a virgin and Roslyn was particularly attractive. She must’ve liked him just a little bit because she returned his kisses with passion and allowed his tongue inside her mouth. The skin on her breasts was very smooth and her breast soft to the touch. Some nipples have aureoles that are large and brown but Roslyn’s were small and pink with tiny little buds. As he sucked on her left breast, the nipple grew hard between his lips. Jerry had had years of practice with Nicole and Roslyn was soon showing extraordinary contentment.

The neural pathways from the nipple to the vagina were making her very wet indeed. While Henry had gone through the motions of doing exactly the same as Jerry, somehow it felt a lot better, or maybe she was just excited by the thought of having a new lover, even though he was only a temporary lover. Her body quivered ever so slightly at the thought that his tongue would soon be on her clitoris. Jerry opened her legs wide allowing the camera to take a really close shot of one of the nicest clitorises he had ever seen.

A clitoris is a combination of sight, smell and taste and Roslyn’s was first-class in all respects. Jerry had seen plenty in his time but Roslyn’s was unique in that what looked like the tip of a penis was showing from underneath her clitoral hood. Jerry had seen photos of almost complete penis shafts showing, but they looked slightly gross by comparison with Roslyn’s. Roslyn had not been aware that her clitoris was any different to that on other women and was delighted when Jerry said,” You have the most delicious clitoris.”

Roslyn could feel his erection against her leg and reached down to hold it. It was the first time she had ever held a stiff one and was trying to imagine in her mind what it would be like to have one inside her vagina for the first time.

Jerry’s nibbling had the desired effect and she started to wriggle and in her mind was already hoping that Jerry would stick his penis into her but she knew that that wasn’t going to happen. She was really saving herself for Henry and it was in Henry’s mind that he would be the first one to take her virginity.

“Cut. Nicole, I want you to seduce Roslyn.”

Nothing could have prepared Roslyn to be touched in any way sexually by another woman but when Nicole’s soft fingers gently touched her breasts and squeezed her nipples while giving her passionate kisses, she lost all her inhibitions. Nicole’s finger moved imperceptibly down to Roslyn’s clitoris and slipped down to massage the outer edges of her vagina and slipped in the smallest fraction of an inch. This was a new level of ecstasy. Nicole’s fingers continue to play around the edge of Roslyn’s vagina until she produced a nice pink dildo which she inserted into Roslyn’s vagina until the tip disappeared and then she drew it back and forth for a while. She was careful not to break Roslyn’s hymen and soon Roslyn had a new sort of orgasm that she had never experienced before.

A series of commands came one after the other as Henry played out his fantasies.

“Roslyn, I want you to massage Nicole’s breasts. I izmit sınırsız escort want you to diddle Nicole’s clitoris. I want you to turn the vibrator on and apply it to Nicole’s clitoris. I want you to push the dildo into Nicole’s vagina.”

“Jerry, I want you to suck Nicole’s nipples and then lick her clitoris.”

Roslyn watched with great interest. She had never seen a woman’s pussy at close quarters before. She realised she must look like that too. Roslyn lowered her head and began licking Nicole’s clitoris and nibbling her clitoral hood.

“Roslyn and Nicole, I want you to do a 69.”

“What does he mean?”

“You lie down and I’ll turn around and I’ll lick your pussy and you lick mine.”

“I’ve never heard of it before. That’s not right. I have seen it when I looked at porn.”

While the idea of doing 69 herself had never crossed her mind, she found it very enjoyable. The sight and smell of Nicole’s pussy combined with the sensations coming from her own bottom made her drift away from reality. She knew that she could do this with Henry and tried to imagine her mouth around his stiff dick.

“Try it with Henry later. You will grow to like it.”

Roslyn soon got the hang of it and was going for the lick of her life. Then she took the vibrator and applied it to Nicole’s clitoris and watched her squirm with delight and then pushed it into Nicole’s vagina. It was so interesting to watch the tip open her up and then slide right in and come out again. She thought that Henry’s dick would be more or less the same size as the vibrator, and imagined Henry slipping it into her. If only he could get it up.

“Roslyn, I want you to massage Jerry’s dick and play with his balls. “

Jerry was so hard and it felt so good. She hoped Henry would be like that soon.

“Nicole, while Roslyn is doing that, I want you to play with her clitoris and push the dildo in as far as you can go.”

“Nicole and Jerry, I want you to play with Roslyn’s breasts and clitoris at the same time.”

While they were getting into position and before Nicole could push the dildo in and break Roslyn’s hymen, Jerry glanced around, and out of the corner of his eye, could see that Henry had a nice big erection sticking out in front of him. In all the excitement of taking the video, he hadn’t even noticed it himself. Jerry motioned silently to Roslyn to look over at it. He motioned Nicole to remove herself from Roslyn’s body and said,

“Henry, I’ll take the camera now, and you can make love to the porn star.”

It is hard to imagine Roslyn’s excitement as she saw Henry’s long, hard penis in front of her, moving ever closer to her vagina. It had certainly grown from that limp bit of flesh in her hand another 2″ and the tip was bulging out. The skin was taut, shiny and smooth. Her knight in shining armour was about to slay the dragon and plunge his lance into her pussy and her pussy was eager and ready.

She instinctively drew her knees up and separated her lips so that he could see where to put it. He had seen her vulva before, but in its newly shaved state, it seemed even more attractive. As he got closer, her hand moved around his penis and guided to the entrance of her vagina. With all the stimulation that her pussy had just had, she was as wet as could be.

The opening to her vagina was now clearly visible. Oh Boy! Henry pushed in slowly into her well lubricated passage and slowly pushed past her hymen. Tears welled in Roslyn’s eyes, not from pain, but from the joy of finally having her marriage consummated. He was in. He was fully in. She was now a real bride. Henry kissed her and began moving in and out.

The camera zeroed in on her face and back to the point of action. Their eyes were on each other’s and they seemed oblivious to the presence of strangers watching this most intimate of acts. Jerry had been videoing the scene and did not stop until Henry pulled out. At that point Nicole and Jerry took their clothes into another room. Jerry took the video card out of the camera and left it on the kitchen table and Nicole wrote a note,

“Here is the video card. You can play it whenever you need it. I’ll send you the bill for the hire of the camera and for the video card. You can pay it later. We are very pleased that everything went so well and that we solved the problem.

Nicole said, “I’m so horny. You can’t believe it.”

Jerry said,” So am I.”

He spun Nicole around and bent her over from the waist and gave her a monster fucking doggie style. They dressed and left. What a great night! What a great success!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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