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Blue Eyes

Henry woke up with a start, momentarily disoriented. Rather than the familiarity of the bedroom he had woken up in his whole life, he saw the cramped cab of Bob’s truck. With recognition came remembrance. He closed his eyes and thought about the way Bob’s cock had tasted in his mouth, how it had felt deep in his ass.

His cock stiffened at the memory and he began to slowly, luxuriously stoke it. He did not think about being on the road, away from home for the first time in his life, with only fifty dollars in his pocket and a few changes of clothes in his bag. All he could think of was the swelling pressure in his cock and the images of last night’s encounter that tumbled after each other in his mind.

The driver’s side door opened. Henry jumped up to a sitting position on the narrow bunk, his face flushing. Bob stuck his head between the seats just as he pulled a blanket into his crotch in an ineffectual attempt to cover himself.

“Well, what’s going on back there?” Bob laughed. “I thought you were just a sleepy head, but now I see you been busy.”

Henry laughed nervously in reply, realizing how absurd it was to be bashful in front of Bob, after what they had shared just a few hours before.

“Here, brought you a cup of java”, Bob said, holding out a styrofoam cup. Henry didn’t drink coffee, but he took it anyway, popped off the lid and took a sip.

Bob leaned in the narrow passageway , and looked down at the younger man, thoughtfully rolling a toothpick back and forth between his lips.

“I’ve got to get rolling before too long, got to get this load delivered.” He laughed at his own unintentional joke. “My pay load, that is. But how about we get some breakfast first?”

Henry realized how hungry he was. “Sure,” he replied, “that would be great.”

“Think you might convince me to pick up the tab?” Bob asked, running the flat palm of his hand down the front of his threadworn jeans.

Henry put his coffee down on the bedside shelf and slid forward to sit on the edge of the bunk. The blanket slid away and exposed his erection. Bob chuckled at the sight, and reached out to stroke the young man’s hair. Henry leaned forward and hooked his fingers into Bob’s belt. He fumbled with it awkwardly until Bob gently pushed his hands away and unbuckled it himself.

Henry unbuttoned the waistband, and with trembling fingers, pulled the zipper down it’s track. The front of Bob’s jeans opened, and his half hard cock flopped out from the flap of his boxer shorts. Henry looked up at the man’s smiling face and then down at the dangling cock. He extended his tongue and licked it from one end to the other. It twitched involuntarily as he tried to mouth it and bumped against the side of his face. Bob shoved the jeans and shorts down his thighs. As the waist of the shorts released his cock it sprang up and bounced against Henry’s chin. Henry tilted his face and it bobbed upward to his lips. He captured the head between them and drew it into his mouth.

Bob moaned and placed his hands on Henry’s head, urging him forward. Henry opened his mouth and let the length of Bob’s cock slide along his tongue. When he had taken in as much as he could, he wrapped his lips around it tightly and slowly sucked his way back until the head popped out from between his lips with a loud smacking sound. He plunged down on it again, and held it, feeling it swell and harden in his mouth.

He pulled back again, took the shaft in his hand and slowly pumped it as he swirled his tongue around the head. Bob reached down, took his other hand and placed it on his balls. Henry began gently massaging them while he sucked.

Bob began to pump his hips, slowly at first, but gradually increasing the pace and strength Halkalı Escort of his thrusts. Henry struggled not to lose control of his gag reflex, but saliva filled his mouth and he began to choke. He pulled his mouth off of Bob’s cock, gasping for breath.

“That’s OK”, Bob said, “Just take as much as you can.”

Henry wiped his chin with the back of his hand and placed his mouth on Bob’s cock again.

“Just relax” Bob instructed him. “Don’t try to take too much at once.”

Henry sucked the cock in and out of his mouth, letting it penetrate a little deeper each time. When he felt like he might choke again, he paused for a few seconds, consciously trying to relax his throat. When he pressed forward again, he was surprised at how deep he took the shaft. He held it for a minute, the head against the back of his throat, then released in with a loud exhale.

“Oh yeah, that’s good, you’re getting it now, boy!”

Henry smiled at the compliment then wrapped his lips around the cock head and looked up, making eye contact. Bob looked him in the eye and watched as Henry dove down on his cock once more. Again, Henry felt it touch the back of his throat, and felt the tickle of Bob’s pubic hair against his nose and chin. he felt an urge to gag, but fought it off, and with some difficulty, swallowed. Bob’s cock surged forward into his throat. He felt a second of panic, but he managed to fight it back, and hold the entire length of the shaft for several more seconds before letting it go.

He was breathing in short shallow gasps, but he did not hesitate to engulf the cock again. Bob was panting as well. He took Henry’s head in both his hands and began to pump his cock into into the young man’s hot wet mouth.

Henry gripped Bob’s thighs and surrendered himself to the cock plunging in and out of his mouth. He could feel his drool run down his chin and fall on to his bare thighs.

Suddenly, Bob pushed his full length into Henry’s mouth.

“Swallow” he gasped, “Swallow!”

Henry gulped the cock into his throat as Bob grabbed his head and held it immobile. Bob’s cock felt huge as it swelled with his climax. The hot liquid poured into Henry. He began to sputter but Bob held him tight, jerking his hips, pumping every drop down henry’s throat. Henry tried to swallow it all, but could not. As Bob withdrew, long strands of cum hung draped between his cock and Henry’s lips.

Henry was panting. His lips felt swollen and bruised, but he was filled with a sense of elation.

Bob flopped down on the bunk next to him. He put an arm over Henry’s shoulder, pulled him close and kissed the top of his head.

“Throw some clothes on, kid. We need to get you cleaned up and fed.”

He patted Henry on the knee and stood up, pulling his pants back up to the waist as he rose. Henry felt a twinge of disappointment that Bob had not reciprocated for the blow job, but he had agreed that it would be payment for breakfast, so he did not complain.

Bob ducked through the entrance to the front of the cab and slid across the driver’s seat and out the door. Henry hurriedly pulled on his clothes and followed him.

They were parked near the back of the lot surrounding a large truck stop. A dozen big rigs stood on the asphalt, glittering in the warm sun. Bob had already started to cross the lot towards the combination store and diner. Henry hurried to catch up with him. The smell of frying bacon wafted from the building.

They entered the building together. It was still early in the morning, but the dining room was at least half full. Bob moved between the tables towards the back of the room. A section was marked “Truckers Only”. He took a seat in a booth under the sign, Halkalı Escort Bayan and Henry slid in on the other side of the table.

A tired looking waitress came over to their table. For a moment Henry had the terrible feeling that she would look at him and know what he and Bob had done, but her face showed only bored apathy as she poured their coffee and took their orders of bacon and eggs.

“There’s a locker room and showers for truckers in the back” Bob said, “After we eat, why don’t you take a quick shower and then we’ll hit the road.”

“OK. How far are we from the Turnpike?”

“Be there in an hour or so. You want out there?”

“Yes, please.”

“Sure you don’t want to ride with me a while?”

Henry blushed. “No, thanks, I mean, that would be cool, but I really want to get to Florida and see if I can find my friend.”

“Well, who knows, we might meet up down the road somewheres. I’ll take you as far as the turnpike anyways.”

The waitress brought their food, and they ate in silence. Henry was tempted to stay with Bob, at least for a while. The idea of being alone on the road was frightening. But he had set out to find Paul and he was determined to follow through with that plan.

After they had swabbed up the last of their eggs with their toast, Bob drained his coffee in one long drink, and banged the cup down on the table.

“Come on, boy, let’s get you cleaned up.”

Henry followed him through a pair of swinging doors and down a hallway that led to a small room lined on both sides with metal lockers. At the far end of the room were two open doorways, one leading to the small shower room, the other to a mop closet.

“Stow your gear in a locker and let washed down.” Bob told him, “I’ll go settle up with Gloria for the chow.”

“OK” Henry replied. Just then a tall blonde man stepped out of the showers, wrapping a towel around his waist. He looked to be in his early twenties. The man nodded a greeting to Bob, who gave him a perfunctory wave in return and left the room.

Henry undressed and put his clothes in one of the lockers, while casting nervous glances at the blonde man. He was standing across the room with his back to Henry. He had removed the towel and was using it to dry his hair. Henry admired his taut ass and muscular thighs. He felt his cock begin to stir, and blushed as he hurried past the man into the shower room.

There was a shelf beside the door stacked high with towels and a plastic bucket filled with small bars of soap. Henry took a soap and unwrapped it. He looked around but could not see anywhere to dispose of the wrapper. He stepped back to the doorway and saw a trash can just outside the door. As he tossed the paper in the can, he saw the blonde man standing by the bank of lockers combing his hair. The man looked up and made eye contact with him. Henry quickly looked away and ducked back into the shower.

He soaped himself down, and let the warm water flow over him. He began to feel sleepy , but remembered that Bob would be waiting, and roused himself to finish his shower.

He took a towel from the shelf and quickly dried himself. He peeked around the corner into the locker room, but did not see the blonde man. He held the towel around his waist and stepped out of the shower room.

“Hey kid.”

Henry whirled around. The blonde man was still there, leaning in the corner next to the mop closet. He had gotten dressed but his shirt was still open. A few drops of water glistened in the light mat of hair on his chest.

“So, you been riding with Big Bob, huh?”

“Um, yeah, Well, just since yesterday.” Henry was trembling but could feel his cock begin to rise under the towel.

“Yeah, Escort Halkalı he told me about it this morning. Why don’t you come here a minute. kid.”

Henry was unable to move. He was confused, and a little scared of this man.

“Come on, buddy, I don’t bite. Much” The man grinned and stepped forward, putting a hand on Henry’s shoulder. He glanced towards the door to the hallway, and guided Henry towards the mop closet.

“Let’s go in here a minute.”

Henry followed the man’s guidance and stepped into the closet. The man entered behind him and closed the door. The room was small. They stood facing each other, only inches apart.

Without another word, the man lowered himself to his knees in front of Henry. He tugged the towel away and pressed him back against the sink. He took Henry’s cock in his mouth and began to suck it.

Henry was hard in an instant. He gripped the edge of the sink and watched as his cock disappeared and re-emerged, in and out of the man’s mouth. The sensation of pleasurable pressure on his shaft was overwhelming. He closed his eyes and moaned as the wet heat spread from his crotch and warmed his whole body.

The man worked quickly and efficiently on Henry’s cock, using his tongue and lips to coax it to throb and swell . Henry felt the tip of the man’s tongue touching at the hole, as if he were trying to tease the cum out. Without conscious thought, his hips began to rock, moving in rhythm with the man’s mouth. The man reached behind and put his hands on Henry’s ass cheeks and pulled him closer, taking the full length of the young man’s cock. Henry’s breath became rapid, as he felt his orgasm approach.

“Oh, oh, I’m going to come.” He gasped.

The man replied with a delighted, expectant hum, just as Henry felt himself spasm and the warm liquid flowed. The man swallowed hard, taking it all. Henry’s hips jerked once, and then again, as the man drained every drop of cum from him.

Henry was still catching his breath as the man stood up.

“Thanks kid, see you around.” he said. He turned and opened the closet door an inch and peered out. He then opened it wide, stepped out and crossed to the hallway. At the door he turned and gave Henry a low wave.

Henry was suddenly terrified of being caught. He rushed to his locker and threw on his clothes as quickly as he could. He combed his wet hair down with his hands and headed back to the dining room.

Bob was sitting at the counter, chatting with the waitress. He looked up and winked at Henry.

“Ready to hit the road?”

Henry nodded. Bob said goodbye to the waitress and led Henry out of the building and back to his truck.

Henry climbed into the passenger seat as Bob got in the other side.

“You get a nice shower?” Bob asked as he started up the semi.

“Oh yeah, real nice.” Henry smiled.

“Yep, I thought so.”

Bob pulled out of the truck stop on to the highway. Henry watched the scenery pass by, neither of them speaking. After a few minutes he drifted off to sleep.

He awoke a little while later, as Bob downshifted the truck to a stuttering stop on the shoulder.

“Well, buddy, I guess this is where we part ways.”

“OK”, Henry said. he felt a touch of sadness. He leaned into the back of the cab and grabbed his backpack and duffel bag. As he started to straighten up, he felt Bob’s hand on his shoulder.

Bob leaned close to him.

“You be careful out there on the road, kid.”

“I will. Thanks for everything.”

“No, thank you,” Bob said. He reached around and took the back of Henry’s head in his hand and pulled his face close.

He kissed Henry tenderly, and then patted him on the cheek.

“You be damn careful.”

Henry climbed down from the truck to the gravel shoulder. A chilly breeze was blowing, so he dug his jacket out of his bag and put it on. He watched the big truck slowly roll back on to the highway, and as it pulled out, he heard one long sharp blast of it’s air horn.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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