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I’ve gotten to know Susan very well in the year we’ve been together. I know her moods, her desires, her inhibitions, and her lusts. We are always open with each other, sharing fantasies and, I imagine like most couples, we knew most of our fantasies would remain just that, fantasies.

But there was one fantasy I was determined to make happen. She would never agree to it so I would have to do some coaxing. I knew I would have to catch her when she was vulnerable. And I knew she was most daring, most willing to take risks, when she was aroused. The best time to convince her would be after we were deep in the throws of passion. So I set about putting the pieces in place.

One night we went out to dinner and then some dancing. On the dance floor I fussed over her, letting her know how sexy she is and how much I wanted her. Holding her, touching her, guiding her across the floor, she could feel I was in the mood to posses her. My arm around her waist holding her tightly, my leg pressed between her legs, she looked up at me with her beautiful smiling eyes and I knew we should be heading home.

Cuddling in the car on the way home, we kept the mood alive and the anticipation building. Then it was fumbling house keys, kicked off shoes, tripping, giggling, grabbing, pulling, kissing, until finally we fell onto the bed, she in bra and panties, me in boxers. Lying on the bed, kissing and groping, my hand slid between her legs. I love the feel of satin panties, hot and damp with her lust. I could feel her pressing against my hand and so rubbed along her pussy, pushing her panties into her slit, feeling her moan against my mouth.

She grabbed the waistband of my boxers and pulled them off while I did the same with her panties. Pushing me down on my back she climbed on, straddling my hips. Grabbing my cock, she lifted it so the head was nuzzling into the wet folds of her pussy. Then looking deeply into my eyes, she lowered herself onto me. The look on her face as I enter her, as my cock slides into her pussy, as our bodies join together, still drives me wild. Looking up at her, I reach up and cup her breasts through her bra and begin moving my hips, thrusting into Bycasino her. And I know she is ready!

She is lost in the passion, swept up in the heat of our bodies, the fullness from my cock sliding in and out of her, and the smell of sex. She feels hands at the clasp of her bra, but doesn’t immediately realize they are not mine. I watch her face for the realization; her eyes go wide, her mouth drops open and she looks at me with panic on her face.

I smile at her and nod, my hands still on her breasts, holding her tightly, my cock still insistently thrusting into her pussy, making sure she knows that I am in charge. I can feel her body tighten, her eyes pleading with me, but when she doesn’t push away, the hands unfasten her bra and then slide forward until they have taken my place cupping her full breasts. She can now feel the body behind her, the arms against her sides and the two hands massaging her breasts. Emotions dance across her face, anger, fear, shame, but she cannot resist. Then the body presses against her back, a mouth lowers to her neck and nibbles at her soft skin. She realizes it is a man behind her and her eyes again go wide with realization and remembrance of our fantasy. She now knows what I have planed.

His hands on her breasts squeeze tighter, his nibbles become bites like a stallion holding his mare, she knows what is to come. Her eyes plead with me but I feel her wetness and know that her body wants this. She feels his dick pressed against her back, gages its length and thickness and shivers. I reach up and touch her hardened nipples. My fingers pulling and twisting them as his hands cup and squeeze her breasts. For the first time she feels four hands on her breasts. His chest presses against her back as he forces her down on top of me. As her face comes close to mine I kiss her, softly then deeper, reassuring her. She is trapped between us; her body sandwiched between two men,

My hands hold her face, our eyes locked together, her eyes tell me so much, tell me her fear, her excitement, her love! Seeing all this in her eyes makes me love her more. I can’t resist her soft lips and kiss them gently.

My Bycasino giriş hands now slide up to his chest. I feel his muscles rippling over his ribs. My hands slide over his smooth skin until I grasp his buttocks and pull him hard against her. I can feel his hard dick pressing against mine there in the wet confines of her crotch. He thrusts against us, the head of his dick sliding over female flesh, rubbing against my cock.

With the head of his cock pressed at her opening I continue thrusting in and out of her, spreading her moisture along the shaft of his cock. Now I have to hold her hips, pressing her down as both of our cocks thrust against her. I pull back, sliding out just to the point where the head of my cock is caught in her pussy and then, as I thrust forward, he pushes.

Her panting is interrupted by a gasp as she feels us both entering her. Our initial thrust impaling her on the heads of our two cocks. Pulling back for another thrust, we are caught in her tight pussy, so we press forward, sliding deeper into her. My cock, already wet with her excitement, slides deep while his entrance is frustrated. I keep thrusting in and out and he pushes deeper with each stroke, slowly filling her beyond any experience.

Now her rapid panting is punctuated by grunts and “Oh My God’s” and her body has opened its pores covering her in a sheen of sweat making our bodies slick against one another.

Having gained full access, his cock now also slick with her wetness, our thrusts become faster. Harder. Deeper. Entering her together, our powerful thrusts drive her breath out, “Ungh,” with each thrust as she approaches an orgasm. Feeling her impending orgasm grow, we speed our pace, losing synchronicity so now we are pistoning in and out, driving her on to orgasm.

She begins to scream, her body thrashing between us as the orgasm overtakes her. We hold on, pressing her tightly between us and continue thrusting as her orgasm intensifies.

I feel my own orgasm building and I thrust harder, my hands on her hips, pushing deep into her. My pants and grunts join hers as I am also overcome, my pores opening, whole body tensing as Bycasino güncel giriş i step over the edge and fall, pulled to my own climax.

Completely exhausted, we collapse. Lowering my head to the nap of her neck I taste her salty sweat, and whisper in her ear “I love you”. Turning her head to look into my eyes, I don’t recognize her expression.

“What the hell have you done?”

Suddenly it hits us; here we are, in a naked embrace with a man lying on top of her. A man she does not know, has not been introduced to or even seen!

“This was your fantasy, remember?”


It seemed a little awkward but as I tried to shift I realized my cock was still held tightly in her pussy. So I thought I should at least introduce them while we lay here.

“Well, um, this is Steve.”

And from behind her head, “Hi Susan, it is a pleasure to meet you, Bob has told me so much about you.”

Her eyes flashed at me, “How COULD you!” I could see the color rise in her cheeks as the embarrassment of the situation sank in. She too was wiggling but finding she could not dislodge our two cocks. In anger at me turned her head away with a toss of her hair.

And found herself face-to-face with Steve.

“Oh! Um, hi Steve, it’s nice to meet you.”

It’s funny how manners seem to come out even in the most awkward situation. (or maybe because of?)

“WOW You are even more beautiful than the picture Bob showed me!”

“The one in his wallet? I’ve tried to get him to throw that one out, I was drunk and showing way too much cleavage!”

“MMMMM well from what I can feel, the picture doesn’t do you justice!”

While those two were chatting away, I noticed that I was still quite hard. The crowded confines of her pussy must have held back my orgasm and I was finding Susan’s wiggling rather nice. So I began slowly thrusting.

I think Steve felt what I was doing before Sue, because I could feel his cock slowly sliding against mine.

“I am so embarrassed – I have never done something like this before!”

“Well if it helps any, neither have I. But when Bob told me about your fantasy and showed me your picture……well, he said you’d like it.”

Then Susan said, “Excuse me a second” and her had swings back to face me.

“And just what the fuck are you doing now?”

“Ummmm” I stammer, but by now I am thrusting fully into Sue’s warm wet pussy!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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