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“She knows all about us,” I told my brother one day, after a couple of weeks of our “lessons.”

He played dumb at first, like he didn’t know what I was talking about. He had never wanted anyone else to find out what we had been doing. I understood. I agreed completely. But Hannah was my best friend. We had grown up together. She knew me almost better than I did. And she had guessed.

I had to tell her that I was improving my blowjob technique, hand jobs, learning what pleases a guy. And she didn’t understand why I couldn’t fuck him as well. How could I explain it? And while I tried to avoid her questions and beat around the bush and got nervous and embarrassed – she guessed. She knew.

“She knows me too well,” I said to Tyler, summing up my story.

I never saw Tyler look so nervous. “But it had to remain a secret,” he half-whispered, as if Hannah wasn’t in the room listening to every word.

He quickly looked at her, realizing that his last statement had given up the secret. He had just confirmed everything we had said, and everything I had told Hannah in secret.

“So what is she doing here?” He asked me.

“Well,” I started, “She wants, you know, to see what I’ve been doing. Learning.”

He looked from me to her and back again. Unbelieving, he said, “To see? You mean watch?

It was Hannah’s turn to answer. “Uh-huh,” she said, with a shy smile.

After a little more discussion, Tyler knew he had lost. If we were to keep our secret Hannah had to have her way. He didn’t really think she would tell. After all, he had known her as long as I had. We were almost like family. Still, he could not take any chance.

“It looks like you might be interested, anyway,” Hannah said.

She was looking directly at his crotch. I had been sitting on the floor at his feet, which by this time had seemed quite normal. While there I had my hand on his leg, rubbing his knee and working up higher as we talked. Evidently, without being aware, the stroking and perhaps talking had caused him to begin an erection.

“All right,” he said reluctantly.

I smiled, but Hannah had a huge grin on her face. Even Tyler managed a small one.

Everyone seemed reluctant, not knowing what to do next. I had started pulling on his pants, but from his thighs. No real intent of pulling them down, just playing around. Finally Tyler spoke.

“Wait,” he said. “Are you trying to take off my clothes?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I answered, unsure.

“Is that what you want?” he asked Hannah.

“Uh-huh,” she nodded, smiling.

“Well, that doesn’t seem fair,” he told us.

We looked at him and each other, not sure what he meant.

He continued. “Shouldn’t you girls get undressed, too?”

I smiled. That sounded fine to me. In fact I preferred it, even in front of Hannah. True, we had compared our bodies before, but that was years ago when they had first started developing. Yet I had gotten very comfortable being naked in front of Tyler, so this seemed fine as well.

Hannah seemed much less sure, but when I took off my top she began taking hers off as well. I displayed myself for a minute before I removed my bra and waited for Hannah to take off hers. Then I threw it sexily at Tyler, landing on his head and sliding onto his shoulder. Hannah did the same, and we all laughed, getting used to being topless in front of the others. Then we started on his pants.

When Hannah bent over to reach his pants, however, Tyler had an opportunity. Hanging in front of him were two deliciously round breasts. Bigger than mine, they dangled there until one of Tyler’s hands cupped one, supporting it. I saw, but wasn’t sure if he was going to ruin it all by pushing too fast. Then I looked at the smile on Hannah’s face and knew we were fine. Her eyes met Tyler’s and both sent a look that said that it was being enjoyed by them both.

We both fumbled with his belt, getting in each other’s way more than anything, but finally got it unbuckled. The snap was much easier, then came the zipper. We deliberately took our time with that, enjoying the hard shaft lying underneath the material. When we finished unzipping, he raised up so that we could pull his pants out from underneath him. His pants at his ankles, we sat there staring at the tent he displayed in his shorts. I liked the sight, and looked at Hannah and saw that she loved it.

When we began to reach for his shorts, Tyler stopped us.

“If you do that I’m going to be naked.”

“Isn’t that the idea?” I asked.

“But I will be showing everything and you girls will only be topless. Just a couple sets of beautiful boobs,” he said.

The compliment actually seemed to help us accept his idea. I wasn’t quite as excited about stripping completely bare ass naked, but I was willing. Why not? I slowly began to pull off my pants and looked over to Hannah to see if she would follow my lead. I was surprised to see her pants dropped to her ankles. She was faster than me! We both stepped out of our pants and stood there in our tiny panties. We had şişli escort both worn very small ones, perhaps thinking that somehow we just might end up in this position. Tyler just sat there smiling. And his tent got even bigger.

With Tyler staring at our crotches but saying nothing, there was little to do but continue. Slowly, like strippers, hips grinding, we lowered each side in turn. As our pussies were exposed, Tyler just sat with his mouth hanging open, practically drooling. I was a little jealous when I saw that Hannah was shaved clean. I guessed that I was going to have to do that soon.

Stepping out of our panties, we kept our legs slightly spread, letting Tyler stare. Finally I thought he had enough (plus he wasn’t looking at me that much anyway!) so I bent over and pulled on his shorts. His dick was just starting to come into view when Hannah leaned in to help, but quickly quit helping and just stared. I pulled his shorts over his knees and let them drop, Hannah still just staring. Neither of us seemed to notice or care that he still wore his t-shirt.

I wrapped my fingers around Tyler’s base and moved his dick towards Hannah, “showing” it to her. She actually licked her lips while staring at it, and I thought that I had better start licking it myself before she took over and ruined my fun.

I was trying to remember all of the things that Tyler had taught me. This time I not only wanted to please him, but I wanted to show off for Hannah. Slowly and carefully I licked around his head, sticking my tongue out as far as I could and showing it off. I extended my licking on down the shaft, up, down, and around. I continued this for a while, keeping my eyes on Hannah. She was enthralled, and licking her own lips as well. I’m sure both of them were enjoying Tyler playing with her tits, stroking and squeezing, pinching her nipples. It excited me to even see it.

Eventually I put us all out of our misery and stretched my lips around the head, sinking the first two or three inches into my mouth. This brought a moan from Tyler, and I thought a little one from Hannah as well. I swirled my tongue around the head. Hannah could not see this, but it made Tyler moan some more. I began sinking more of the shaft into my mouth, then easing back on it until only the tip remained. Up and down, in and out, a little deeper each time until I reached my limit. I even gagged myself a couple of times, which caused extra moans from them both.

I had my hand wrapped around the base and stroked it up and down in time with my mouth, giving his entire cock the full sensation. A couple of times I sucked up the shaft a bit too far and, while I was still sucking, it came out of my mouth with a pop, which we all actually enjoyed. By looking at Tyler, as well as hearing his moans, I knew he was enjoying this greatly. But I was watching Hannah even more, and she seemed to be nearly as excited as Tyler.

Then one time I popped off his shaft and took a moment to get my breath. My eyes met Hannah’s for a moment. She had a strange look in her eyes. One that told me that she was horny as hell. She started to say something, then hesitated. I paused further, waiting.

“Can I try?” She finally asked.

“Sure,” I answered, then looked at Tyler in a silly effort to be sure it was okay with him. Of course it was.

When she slid onto the floor I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful her body looked. Long, lean, shapely hips, and those wonderful large breasts that still managed to sit high on her chest. I would have killed to have her breasts. She stood in front of Tyler – and me – for a moment before reaching out to take his cock in her hand. I had never seen Hannah with such a big smile on her face. She felt his cock and stroked it up and down, feeling its size and strength. They were looking into each other’s eyes as if communicating.

I was shocked when she turned around and bent over, her ass pushing towards Tyler and shaking it in his face. I was more shocked when she reached between her legs to take hold of his cock and pull it towards her pussy. Her huge smile faded as she let herself down onto his shaft, easing it inside of her. Not only did her smile fade, changing into an open mouth, but her eyes got huge. And then even bigger as his cock sank deeper and deeper into her.

I sat on the floor in front of them watching her go up and down on his shaft. I was in a strange position, watching them fuck from less than a couple of feet away. Right at my eye level. What was left to do except scoot backwards and get out of there, leaving them to it.

But I couldn’t do that. It was too exciting. I was too excited. I was so sexually charged after all the build up, and now I was the only one having no sex at all. And my brother’s big penis kept appearing – and disappearing – right before my eyes. There was no other choice but to reach out and wrap a couple of fingers around the base. Of course this was right where Hannah’s pussy kept colliding with Tyler’s pelvis. I squeezed on his penis, especially along the underneath ridge, mecidiyeköy escort when I could.

This became increasingly uncomfortable as Hannah was impaling herself harder and harder. I withdrew my fingers from Tyler’s cock, but placed them on Hannah’s pussy. I had been watching her, and couldn’t help but notice her clit all plumped and hard. I placed a finger on each side of it, squeezing in towards her clit. It was easy to rub her clit – she was doing most of the work herself as she slid up and down on Tyler. I mostly just had to work at keeping my fingers from being dislodged by all the movement.

Tyler was getting even more heated. He took over, grabbing her hips and pulling down hard every time she rose up. They were colliding quite hard. I was glad I had gotten my fingers out from between them. The force of their fucking was very impressive. Hannah was squealing from my rubbing her clit, and grunting each time Tyler bottomed out inside of her. I was getting wetter just thinking of how it must feel with a dick thrusting so deep and hard inside of her. He kept pulling her down by her hips harder and harder, amazing me at how hard they were fucking. He looked – violent. That’s the word that came to mind. He was just using her body for his relief. I had never seen him act so violent at any other time that I could remember.

Tyler was sweating and Hannah was nearly out of her mind as their fucking became ragged. She tried to find something to hold onto. Finally they lost it as orgasms took over. I felt her pussy spasm. I don’t know who came first. Tyler groaned and grunted, but he had been doing that all along, so I’m not sure just when he exploded inside of her. But Hannah squealed and yelled out as her pussy squeezed, her body out of control. She was more like a rag doll having little control over her movements, just being used for a fuck toy as Tyler pulled her down onto him while his shaft plunged inside one more time before she literally fell off him.

She actually pushed me over as she fell, right on top of me. I thought for a moment that she might be unconscious until her hand, which had landed on my breast, began squeezing it sensually.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, I thought because of my breast but it may have been for what she had just been through. She was certainly still aroused, and I was aroused too but with no climax to have enjoyed. I began thinking that I would have to leave them to go masturbate. I had to get off soon. That’s when I felt his hand on my pussy.

Ohhhh, it felt so good. It made me even hornier, but it was a relief to be stimulated. That, and Hannah massaging my breast, was really getting me going. Then I felt Tyler’s hand in my pussy and saw his other one in Hannah’s, an easy thing to do as she was lying mostly on top of me. Tyler stuck a finger in my hole and swirled around in there, making me moan. I assumed he was doing the same to her. She moved down my body slightly, enough to get my nipple in her mouth. She sucked and bit slightly on it, and between that and my pussy I was going crazy. We had never done anything except look at our changing bodies years before, but this was fantastic. Actually, at the time I gave no thought to the fact that she was a girl, only that I was more stimulated than I ever had been. Of course, Tyler’s hand on my pussy and finger in my hole added an awful lot to that feeling,

I exploded quite soon after they started this double attack on me. Oh, so much noise. But I couldn’t help it. Never have I felt like this. It was such a relief to finally cum. So much build up, so much watching them getting all the action, so much relief when it was finally my turn. But it turned out we weren’t done.

Tyler paused a bit as I exploded, shaking and writhing all over, but his hand did not withdraw a bit from my pussy, and Hannah’s mouth hung onto my tit the entire time. By the time I regained my senses they were both working me over again. I wanted them to stop – I didn’t think I could stand any more at the moment. Yet, I didn’t want them to stop. As it turned out I had no say in the matter. They kept on going. Tyler, of course, was also still working on Hannah’s pussy, and she was probably getting off additionally by sucking me. Her hand had joined in too, working over my tits.

Things changed when I suddenly felt Hannah’s hips lift off me. She actually just moved over a little, and I found out that it was really Tyler lifting up her hips. He positioned her hips right over mine. Actually it was our pussies that he was positioning. He lifted my leg up and out to make more room for Hannah, then lifted her to place our pussies together. Hannah’s rubbed right into mine. I didn’t think much about what was happening. It just felt so damn good. That was all I cared about. I raised my hips to make more contact between our pussies.


Both Hannah and I moaned long, gutteral groans as we felt our clits hit. Oh, my goodness! I never would have thought it would feel so good. I nearly came again at the touch. Now we were really in our own world, working like crazy to rub those clits together. Tyler continued fingering us. I hardly noticed it at all, though my body was responding to that as well.

Sadly, with the writhing we were doing to rub our pussies together, Hannah’s mouth and chest rose off me. Her hand kept squeezing my tit, but no more mouth. I noticed it, but did I miss it? With my pussy on fire and waves of electricity shooting through my body, it was not a concern. But then the worst thing. Her body slid down. Her pussy slid off me. I felt empty.

Her whole body slid down, and then her head laid on my stomach. Tyler’s hand had also vacated my pussy. I still had that electricity coursing through me, but it was left over from moments before. I began to feel deserted. Her head was somehow being pushed against my stomach. Then again and again. I finally realized that Tyler had lifted Hannah up and had begun fucking her doggy style. While she was still partially on top of me!

I was surprised. Not that he was fucking her on me, not after what we had been doing. I was mostly surprised that he was able to fuck her at all. He had just shot his load a few minutes before. How long had it been? 10 minutes? 20 minutes? Longer? Hell, I had no idea. After a guy shot off, he was done, right? That’s what I thought. Then I realized that I never thought of how long he would be done for. The night? A day? I had never even realized that I had no idea. Until now.

It took about 5 seconds for those thoughts to shoot through my mind. I couldn’t think about it more than that. He obviously had gotten at least hard enough to get inside Hannah, and that’s all that counted. Maybe it was easy for him with two naked girls in front of him trying to fuck each other. I laughed later on about this. Even with him.

But no sooner did I realize that he was fucking her, I was in for another shock. Hannah’s head pushed toward my crotch. Actually Tyler was pushing it there, then he held it tight to me.

“Go on! Lick her! Suck her!” Tyler was ordering her.

My pussy pulsed at hearing those words. Never would I have considered letting any girl do that, but now I was hoping she would. I would have begged her to. But in a few seconds I felt her tongue licking along the folds of my pussy. The flat of her tongue separated my lips. And then she was deep between them.

“AhhhhUNGH! AhhhhUNGH!” I moaned, yelled, cursed if I could have formed words. The feelings were indescribable.

Her head kept being pushed deeper with each of Tyler’s thrusts, which made me a part of their fucking. Her tongue couldn’t help but be pushed into my hole, another unbelievable feeling and experience. There was some pressure on my sore clit, and even some sucking on it. Her tongue and mouth kept licking and sucking, all over my pussy lips, clit, and inside me. Some she tried to do, some she did because she was forced to as Tyler fucked her furiously, pushing her face all over my crotch. I came again, I think twice, with a silent scream. I was out of my mind. Delirious. Finally Hannah screamed out as well. She fell on me, though her ass was still in the air getting royally drilled. Each of her hands grabbed one of my tits, I believe just trying to find something to hold onto. Her last step was to totally collapse, causing Tyler’s cock to pop out of her. She laid on top of me for a moment, then rolled off. Neither of us could breathe.

When we could, we opened our eyes, only to see Tyler kneeling above us with his prominent cock sticking out toward our faces as if being offered to us. I suppose it was. We looked at each other, trying to smile but hardly having the energy. The erection above demanded our attention, as Tyler occupied himself once again by rubbing our pussies.

I reached up to playfully slap at his cock. After two times we were smiling at each other and starting to come back to life. Hannah slowly sat up and took hold of his erection.

“This thing is not going back inside me!” declared Hannah. Then with a smile, “at least not my pussy.”

I understood immediately. “I suppose he deserves another cum. He was a very naughty boy.”

Hannah smiled and wrapped her hand around the shaft. “He was very, very naughty – and very, very good.”

I looked up at Tyler as I finally sat up. “Have you ever had a hand job or blow job from two girls at the same time?”

Tyler just smiled at us as his cock jumped in Hannah’s hand. She said, “He does seem kind of excited.”

“Ya think?”

I leaned in and took his dick head between my lips.

“Laura!” Shouted Hannah in surprise.

I looked at her, my mouth full of cock.

She said, “Do you know where that has been?” When I looked at her quizically she said, “That was just in my pussy!”

“That’s why it tastes so much better,” I said when I removed the shaft long enough to speak, thinking to myself that I cannot act surprised, or disgusted. Actually, I thought I might want to taste her pussy sometime, a thought I would not have believed. But then another thought. “Where did you have your mouth a few minutes ago?” I felt my pussy leak a little at the thought, and Tyler’s cock twitched. Hannah just looked embarrassed but carried on stroking his cock while I licked it some more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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