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It’s been so long, she thought one night while sitting home alone. When a knock came at her door. Getting up she opened the door and there stood a handsome man about mid 40’s. “Yes, can I help you?” she ask. “Yes, I was told that you rented out rooms, and I was wondering if you would rent me a room. I’m in town for about three months working as a sub teacher at the college in town,” he said. Well, she thought to her self. He’s nice looking and he seems nice.

“Yes I do, come this way and I’ll show you the rooms I have for rent,” she told him. She went up stairs and showed him the three rooms she had. When they got to the last one, the closest to her room, he said he would take it.

“Here are the phone numbers so you can check me out with the Dean and Head of the college. I’ll be at the Motel in town waiting to hear from you,” he said. “If you like, you may wait here, I’ll make a quick call and be right with you.” she said. “Ok, thanks I will,” he said. Going into the kitchen she called her Uncle’s house and was told that he was working there and he had sent him over to her house. Hanging up she went back into the living room. “You check out just fine Mr. Adams. You can move in right away if you would like. Dinner is included in the rent, breakfast sorry to say, you are on your own,” she said. He said he would be back in about an hour and then he left. She watched as he left. “At least he’s nice to look at.” she said to the empty room. Just then the phone rang.

“Hello, yes Mrs. Peterman ,Yes there was a man in my house, yes I know I should be more careful, no Mrs. Peterman he’s going to live here for a few months. (Listening to Mrs. Peterman going on about how she shouldn’t have men in the house as she wasn’t married and that people would talk.) Mrs. Peterman, if I wanted to live with a man there’s not much you or anyone else in this town can do to stop me. Goodbye Mrs. Peterman,” she said and hung up .

Later that night she stood in front of her mirror looking at herself. She turned this way and that way, she had a nice figure she thought, her tit’s were kind of big, and her nipples were dark, sagging a little but she figured that came with her age. She didn’t like her long legs, but she couldn’t do anything about them.

He stood looking out the window, while talking to his brother on the phone. “No Way Bobby you can’t tell mom, dad or anyone where I’m living or working. Promise me Bobby. Okay I will call again next week,” he said, then hung up. He hoped like hell Bobby wouldn’t say anything. He left to get away from Bobby’s wife who had been coming onto him for the last few months. Looking out he saw that she had a hot tub in her back yard. Thinking that it would be great if he could use it right now. He left his room and was getting ready to knock on her door when he noticed it was open a little bit. As his hand touched the door it opened a little more and he saw her standing in front of her mirror.

He hadn’t been with a woman for a long time and even though she was older than him he thought she looked awful good. He noticed as she turned in the mirror just how nice and full her breasts were and he could feel his cock starting to grow in his tight jeans. He couldn’t help himself, he knew he shouldn’t just stand there and stare but his feet were glued to the floor. Just as he finally got the strength and composure to leave he noticed her pubic hair in the mirror. Oh, how his cock ached now. As he re-arranged it so it had more room, he realized he was thinking some pretty erotic thoughts.

What I would like to do to that woman he thought to himself. Just then she started to leave the mirror and go to the closet and he realized that when she turned around she would see him standing there with the bulge in his pants, so he bolted from the door. Safely back in his own room now, he noticed he still had his hard cock and it didn’t seem to want to relax and give him some room in his jeans. He thinks to himself,” what the hell am I, a peeping tom, or worse yet a pervert.” It didn’t matter now, he was safe in his room, but he couldn’t get the picture of the beautiful woman next door out of his mind. “Ah what the hell, I am going to enjoy what I just saw he says to himself.”

He didn’t even think about locking the door because all that was on his mind was playing with his cock that was hard and he needed relief. He pulled down his jeans and boxers and out flopped his big, aching cock. Oh, how it looked nice to him, as he started to pump it. It already had pre-cum leaking from the end, glistening in the low light. Without thinking he put his finger to the cum and wiped it with his finger and put it into his mouth. He loved the taste of his vampire academy izle own pre-cum. It tasted good to him and he imagined the wonderful lady next door sucking on his seven inch meat. He was really getting into it now and pumping for all he was worth. He wanted that exquisite, out of this world feeling from his cock, and he knew it wouldn’t be long now because his balls had started to contract already. He closed his eyes tight as he shot his cum, wad after wad in front of him onto the floor. When his cock started to go limp he stopped stroking his manhood and opened his eyes.

“Damn” he said to himself, “that was intense.” It had been a long time since he had cum that much or that hard. “That woman next door really makes me horny,” he thought to himself. Just then he realized that in his hurry to jack-off he had spurt his cum onto the carpet. He went and got a hand towel out of the bathroom and kneeled down to wipe it up and thought, “why waste it, besides I might like it, woman do, they say.” He wiped his finger thru the cum, careful not to touch the carpet and put some of his stringy seed to his lips and mouth, licked it off and decided it didn’t taste half bad. After he finished eating and cleaning up his sperm from the carpet he laid down on his bed and fell asleep thinking of fucking the woman next door and then eating his cum out of her pussy when he was done. He didn’t realize he was having a wet dream as he slept.

She slipped on her bathing suit and robe and left her room. As she closes her door she thought she heard moaning. Quietly she followed the sound, and stopped in front of the door to his room. The moaning was coming from his room. As she raise’s her hand to knock on the door. “OH GOD, YES I’M CUMMING!!” she heard him cry out. Stepping back she waited for him to finish, she knew exactly what was going on, then went up and knocked on his door. “Yes, come in.” she heard and opened the door. “Oh I didn’t know you were in bed, I was going to ask if you would like to join me in the hot tub in a little while to relax.” she said.. “I would love to, let me change and I’ll be down in a few.” he said.

She was laying back with her eyes closed and didn’t hear him walk up to the tub. He looked at her, she was beautiful, and sexy, and he could feel his cock getting hard again. “This is nice of you to let me join you. I was looking at it earlier and was going to ask if you wouldn’t mind if I used it once in a while,” he said as he got in the tub. “You can use it anytime.” she told him. Laying back he sighs.

“MMMMMMM, bet this would feel wonderful without any clothes on and just being naked,” he said. She smiles and tells him it does and that he can do it as long as he locks the side gate before getting in. “If you don’t Mrs Peterman will be peeking in on you and she would be calling me. “Ruthann, he’s in your pool thing and doesn’t have any clothes on, you better tell him to get some on, it’s not right to be outside without clothes on.” Believe me she will, she called me when you left the house earlier, telling me that i had a man in my house and how I shouldn’t be living with a man without being married to him.” He laugh and said He’d go lock it now. She watched as he got out and went and locked the gate. He got back in and slipped off his shorts under the water. Laying them on the side of the tub, he leaned back and closed his eyes and stroked his cock. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMm, feels so good.” he moans. For some reason he had more courage than normal and after jacking-off while he was thinking about her in the house, he was ready to lay all his chances on the table and see what she would do.

The routine was set, when he came home from work he would join her in the tub after dinner and stroke his cock. One night she asked him why he never went out on dates. “All the women I’ve met are either married or I have no interest in them,” he said. “Is there any lady who has your interest,” she asked him? “Yes there is one, but I haven’t asked her because she’s my landlord, and I didn’t want to be hitting on her if she didn’t want me to,” he said smiling and looking at her. She was in shock, but very interested, and it showed on her face as he looked at her. Standing up he walked toward her. Her eyes traveled down his body, watching the water run down.

When he stopped in front of her, she saw that his cock was hard and pointing at her. It was the most wonderful cock she’d seen in a long time. It wasn’t enormous, that would have scared her, but he was prefect as far as she was concerned. He had to be at least 6 1/2 inches long and boy, it was a thick cock! She raised her hand to touch it, but stopped. velma izle “Go ahead touch me, I’ve been sitting in this tub every night wishing and dreaming of your touch,” he said. Her fingers touched the tip, he was hot, and soft to the touch, but hard. Just as she remembered so long ago. As her finger slid down, around to hold him she leaned in and licked his cock head. The taste of him made her more bold and she moved forward to take more of his cock in her mouth. When he felt her mouth close over his cock head, he knew he had found heaven.

After she had sucked on it for only a minute, as he watched, he more horny than he could remember. He only thought he was hard in the house, when he had cum on the carpet. He was so hard now that it almost hurt. He couldn’t believe how good this woman was at sucking his cock. He hadn’t had much experience with getting his cock sucked, but by how it felt, he was sure she must be the best. If only in his own mind. He was also surprised at far she could take his 7 inches into her mouth and down her throat without gagging. It was really starting to feel too good, as he didn’t know how long he could last. When she licked the underneath side of his big fuck pole it just about pushed him over the edge. He loved watching her slide his cock almost out of her mouth and then thrust her mouth and head down toward the base of his shaft, in one quick motion.

He could see the veins sticking out and by the feel of the purple head of his prick, he was going to shoot real soon now. He begged her to suck it real hard one more time and asked, “Where do you want me to shoot my cum baby.” It had been so long for her since she had tasted cum she wasn’t sure, but she could tell he was going to cum soon when she said, “I want you to pump your big cock onto my tits.” He was more than happy to oblige as his big balls shot string after string of cum all over her huge boobs.

When he was done, she wasn’t, and she took his cock back into her mouth and cleaned off the rest of the cum and licked and sucked him clean. Just when she thought he had no more, she noticed he had some on his fingers, so she took them into her mouth and made sure they were clean too. She loved the taste of his cum and it was just as good as she remembered it to be. He was still so fucking hot from cumming and looking at her tits covered in cum he scooped some of his own cum up with his fingers and put them into his mouth and then hers. She knew then that she had rented the room out to the right person and wild, erotic images flashed into her mind of things she wanted to do with him. She sure hoped he was up to it.

As she crawled into bed later, she couldn’t believe she had sucked his cock, and enjoyed it so much, she was very upset that he had gotten a phone call and had to leave. Laying there she thought about what could have happened if he hadn’t gotten the call. Closing her eyes she moaned, and caressed her body with her hand. Over her tit’s, squeezing and pinching her nipples, down to brush over her pussy hair and lips. Using her feet she pushed the sheets off her and continued to play with her self. She drifted off to sleep thinking about his cock rubbing against her pussy.

He wasn’t happy about leaving her, without at least making her cum. She felt so good sucking his cock, He wanted so bad to lift her up and bury his mouth and tongue in her pussy, tasting her sweet cum. When he met his bother Bobby he cheerfully wanted to ring his neck. Now two hours later he was on his way back home, and hopefully back to her, if she would let him. Closing and locking the door he quietly went up stairs, changed out of his clothes and slipping on his robe he walked across the hall to her room. Opened the door and walked in closing it behind him, and stopped dead. She was laying naked and her hand rested between her legs.

Walking over he sat down next to her on the bed. He touched her face, with his hand caressing it. “Ruthann, your so beautiful, and I want you,” he said quietly. Opening her eyes she saw him sitting there. “I’m so sorry I had to leave earlier Ruthann, It was my brother,” he told her and leaned down to kiss her. As his hand caressed her legs, moving up till he reached inside her thighs and pussy. “UH,” she cried out when she felt his finger slide in her pussy. Moving around he went to the foot of her bed and spread her legs wide, moving in close he could smell her sweet scent.

He had never seen a pussy up close, let alone licked and eaten one. He had only heard his brother tell him, how nice it was. That didn’t slow him down though, he was ready and willing to give it his best shot. He didn’t want her to know vikings valhalla izle either that he had never sucked on a pussy before. Right off he noticed that she had trimmed her pussy up real nice. He thought to himself, “Just for me.” He starting by licking the outer lips and as soon as he got to the top of her slit she was moaning and he knew then he must be doing something right. Around and around her pussy he went with his tongue and he could barely see in the light that moisture was starting to ooze out of inside her pussy. He didn’t want anything to get away without him licking it up so he stuck his tongue gently in between her lips and lapped at the juice just like a puppy. By now she was bucking her hips up to his chin and he had a hard time keeping rhythm with her.

She really didn’t have a rhythm because her muscles were doing what they wanted and she really had no control over them. It had been so long since she had had her pussy assaulted by a man with a wonderful tongue. Her fingers just couldn’t do justice like a tongue could, his tongue. As he was making sure no cum escaped his tongue and with her bucking, he noticed a small protrusion starting to stick out of the top of her pussy lips. It looked so inviting and pink, could this be the clit that Bobby had been talking about? Gently he brushed his tongue over the top of it, when he did, she screamed, and started to quiver uncontrollably. Being pleased with his new found toy he proceeded to lick and then suck it into his mouth between his lips. One time he just held it there and sucked gently.

This pushed her over the edge and she started to really leak cum and so he figured this must be what it is like for a woman to cum and have an orgasm. He didn’t stop, but kept licking and sucking the sweet nectar into his mouth and then swallow. He wondered just how much of this sweet cum she had for him. When she finally quieted down and wasn’t jumping he took his cock and placed it by the entrance to her wonderful blood engorged hole. She was so short of breath, all she could do is try to catch her breath. She was fully aware what he was doing but unable to encourage him, just moan. He rubbed his cock around her pussy and then over the top of her clit. “Why is he teasing me like this” she wondered, ” why doesn’t he just ram that damn fuck pole into me, to the deaths of never.”

Not knowing what she was thinking he continued to rub her pussy and leak cum all over it. When she started to buck again he pushed the head in until he couldn’t see it anymore, then he withdrew it and then pushed it in again. On the third time she was tired of being teased and she raised her hips hard off the bed and buried him in her aching cunt. With that feeling of having his cock buried in her pussy he laid down on top of her and proceeded to bury his cock to the hilt. He held himself up with his arms and plunged his cock in and out. In and out he went, but he knew he wouldn’t last long. He could feel his cock being grabbed like a vise but he was to naive to know she had him with her pussy muscles.

She knew what she was doing and now it was her turn to be in control. The way she had his cock gripped, she knew he nor her would last long. One more thrust and he buried his cock as deep as he could and held it there and tried to hold her down as he shot his seed as deep as he could. She was moaning loud and lifting them both of off the bed as she climaxed, with what she was sure was the best in years, damn sure it was better than any old vibrator or her small fingers. As they both came down to earth again he rolled over and all he could say was, “that was the best load of cum I ever had, I love you.”

He doesn’t know where those last words came from, but he really was starting to like this new woman that he had gotten to know. For several minutes they just laid in each others arms and basked in the after glow. He was getting up to leave when she grabbed his hand. “No, please stay.” she asked. He laid back and pulled her into his arms and they fell asleep.

As the sun was coming up, RuthAnn woke up. Turning she saw he was still there and she slowly pulled the sheets away. She reached out and lifted his soft, warm cock, slowly she caressed him and lowered her mouth to him and licked his cockhead. “MMMMMMM.” he moan and lift’s his hips, but he was still asleep. She closed her mouth on his cock and moved down, taking him down to her throat. Up and down she went, sucking him harder each stroke up.

Her hands were playing with his balls. She felt his hands on her head, so she knew that he had woke up. Pulling her mouth off his cock she looked up at him, and raised herself up and moved to straddle his hips. He held his hard, throbbing cock as she eased her pussy down onto his waiting cock. “Oh God she’s so fucking tight.” he says to himself. She sighs when she reaches the base of his cock, and he lifts up to bury the last inch of his cock in her pussy. She closes her eyes and throws her head back and they went over the edge together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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