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I was a paper pushed for a large corporation.

“Benjamin Joshua Martin.”

The voice came from the next cube over.

“Who told you my middle name?” I asked.


Lisa was in the next cube over. She was older than me by a couple years, kind of chubby but cute. We were friendly in a brother-sister sort of way.

“I wish they wouldn’t have.”

“Its cute, ” Lisa said.

“I’ve never really liked it.”

I got up from my cube and walked the long hall to the file room. It was a quiet morning. The walls were lined with starving artist paintings and motivational posters. I took a right into the file room. The room was dark and cool, with long halls of shelving units. After picking up my files, I walked back to my cube. Jane from accounting stood talking to Lisa.

“Well if it isn’t B.J.,” Lisa said.

“Don’t call me that.”

Lisa laughed. Jane smiled at me. Jane was tall, too skinny and blonde. She had a habit of standing straight legged wit her elbows on her supervisors desk, planting her tiny butt straight in the air, giving any one lucky enough to pass by plenty to occupy their mind for the afternoon.

“You don’t want a nickname?”

“Not that nickname,” I said.

Jane was smiling more now. “Oh Ben,” Jane said. “Its cute.”

“I don’t like what it implies.”

Jane was wearing gray slacks and a light blue blouse. Her lips were full şişli escort and red.

“It doesn’t imply anything,” Jane said.

“Jane, for him it would,” Lisa said and laughed.

“Listen Lisa,” I said “Maybe I’ll ask John down in the mailroom what nicknames might fit you.”

Jane laughed, Lisa turned red. “Oh, go back to work,” Lisa said. “I have work to do. Get some work done Ben.”

Jane and I laughed. Jane smiled and walked away.

After lunch I was walking through accounting, and there leaning over her supervisors desk was Jane. She didn’t see me, but I got a look long enough to tell she was wearing cute little boy-shorts under those skin tight slacks.

Back in my cube, my mind got set on Jane’s rear, her cute little boy shorts and I started to feel myself twitch. I put my hand under my desk and gave myself a couple rubs. I was getting hard. I had to stop.


“What Lisa?”

“You answer to it now. You’re stuck with it.”

“Sure Lisa.”

“Will you run to the file room for me?”

“No way,” I said.

“Please Ben. I’ll do anything.”

I thought better of saying what I wanted to.

“Lisa. No.”

“Please Ben?”

“All right.”

I got up and leaned into her cube.

“Here, just a couple.”

I took the files from her and started for the file room.

I taksim escort walked to the back corner of the file room with my hand full of files. I shelved one.


I turned around. It was Jane.

“Great,” I said. “Its sticking.”

“I think its cute Ben.”

“I don’t know.”

“You just take it the wrong way.” She stepped a little closer. “It doesn’t have to mean you give blowjobs.”

“I think most would take it like that.”

“It could mean you receive.” She leaned in and pressed her lips into mine.

“Jane,” I said.

She hushed me, kissed me again and I felt her long fingers over my crotch. She rubbed as we kissed.

“Ben, you’re a big guy.”

She fumbled with my belt, then the button to my khakis.


Next she undid the button to my khakis. I felt her fingers tug my zipper down, then her tips on my cock through my boxers.

“I want to suck you, B.J.”

She sighed and then I felt her bare hand on my bare cock. I was rock hard, throbbing under her grip. She leaned over, licked my head, then moved to her knees.

I was looking in her deep brown eyes as her lips parted and moved over my head and down the length of my shaft. Her mouth was soft and warm, she worked her tongue underneath my cock. I sighed, softly humping her mouth, the soft sounds of wet mouth topkapı escort slurping on hard cock.

“Yeah Jane.”

She sucked, and licked, and I saw her hand move to the button of her slacks. She unbuttoned them, unzipped and started running her slender fingers over the crotch of her panties. I could feel the soft moans in her throat as she sucked my throbbing cock.

“Oh Jane.”

She moved her free hand and stroked my shaft as she sucked my head, then moved her hands to my balls. She rubbed, and sucked my head. I could feel it build in the base of my shaft. When she moved her whole mouth back over my cock, I felt the pressure move up my shaft.

“I’m coming.”

She tensed her lips as I pulsed in her mouth. I felt my hot load rush into her mouth. I felt the sigh as she took the first bit of my load, then another and another. She kept me in her mouth until I went soft, then tucked my cock back into my boxers. She zipped my pants, buttoned them, and re did my belt. She stood up.

“Your pants,” I said, looking down.

“I know,” she said. She took my hand and placed it on her tummy, guided me down over her panties. “Feel that heat Ben?”

“Yeah Jane.” I was stroking her through her panties with one finger.

“Feel how wet I am.”

I slid her panties aside and ran my finger over her smooth slit. She was soaked. I started kissing her, slid my finger between her lips and into her wetness. She moaned.

“Not now, Ben.”

“All right.” I moved my hand away from her. “That was good Jane.”

“I know Ben.” She was buttoning her pants. “Can I call you B.J. now?”


Jane smiled, squeezed my crotch and turned away. “Don’t come out right after me,” she said. “It might look suspicious.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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