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Their relationship began innocently enough.

Deb was a young looking 50 year old woman, married to the same man for almost 30 years.

After raising two great kids, Deb returned to work part time in her husband’s orthodontist office. She enjoyed the patients and just the general busyness of the office and being married to the boss had it’s perks so she chose to work just Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Her schedule gave her the freedom to get together with friends, volunteer and take long weekends visiting her grown kids and their families. Life was good and then out of the blue she got a call from her niece.

“I’m stuck, Deb. The only dance class I could get Brittney into meets on Tuesday mornings at 9:00. I have to be at work by 8:00 and my parents are busy on Tuesdays. If she is going to take dance, I have to find another way for her to get there.”

The desperation in her voice was clear. Deb understood the frustration since she knew the grandparents, her sister and brother in law, were very rigid about their schedule and most likely wouldn’t flex to help out with their only grandchild. Irritated with them but feeling for the young mother, Deb found herself not only agreeing to drive the child to dance class but also to care for her until mid afternoon on Tuesdays.

Her niece, Lisa, thanked her over and over until Deb finally found an excuse to end the call. Walking past a large minor in the hallway, Deb looked at herself intently and said, “Sucker! There goes a chunk of your freedom.”

That evening Deb explained the plan to her husband. Scott was a bit put out but trusted that Deb would make it work. In the end they agreed that caring for little Brittney would take up most of one of Deb’s free days but she actually adored the 4 year old and soon she was

looking forward to spending time with her regularly.

The first dance lesson was scheduled for early September so Deb was up and ready when Lisa brought Brittney over early that morning. Brittney was excited about her lesson and about staying at Auntie’s house.

Arriving 15 minutes early, Deb and Brittney waited in the car for the other children to arrive. Soon lots of happy little girls, including Brittney, skipped into the small dance studio. An instructor came over to take the group of children into the other room and she invited the adults to wait in the small lobby. Strollers and diaper bags took up much of the space so Deb retreated to the peaceful quiet of the coffee shop located at the other end of the small strip mall.

No sooner had she ordered her latte and sat at a table, but a tall young man entered the shop. She couldn’t help but notice him since he reminded her of one of her son’s friends. Sipping her drink, she began fiddling with her phone. At first she didn’t even notice him standing next to her table but then he said, “Excuse me, Mrs. Nielson, you are Deb Nielson, aren’t you?”

Deb looked up at his handsome face and charming smile. It took a minute to place him but then she smiled and exclaimed, “Danny Taylor! How great to see you!”

They shook hands and she invited him to sit with her. Danny was an old friend of her son from Ankara travesti middle school. It had to have been at least 12 years since she last saw him.

“It’s Dan now.” He said with a smile. “How’s your family? How’s Brian? It’s been a long time.”

“Yes it has. The last time I remember seeing you, you still had your braces on. Then your family moved and you and Brian lost touch. Are you back in town now?”

“Yes, I’m going to Med school to become a doctor. I always loved living here and was happy to be accepted at the university.” He answered.

They exchanged small talk easily. She shared about the kid’s marriages and grandkids and he shared about his family and the intensity of Medical school.

Then with a start, Deb realized the time was getting away and said, “I’m sorry. I have to go and pick up my niece. She’s in a dance class and I can’t be late.”

Dan smiled and said, “I know, I watched you drop her off and walk down to this shop. I admit I followed you but seeing you was purely accidental. I wasn’t creeping on you, I promise.”

His boyish good looks disarmed her and she laughed. “I’m not concerned. It was great to run into you. I’ll be sure to tell Brian that I saw you and please greet your parents for me too.”

She offered her hand to him but instead he reached over and hugged her. “Of all my friends’ moms, you were my favorite. I always thought you were hot.”

Deb pulled away and looked at him curiously. He winked at her and squeezed her hand as she turned to go. Quickly she dismissed his comment as teasing. After all, what 28 year old, good looking guy would be interested in a 50 year old grandma?

The rest of the week flew by. Brittney called Deb a number of times to remind her of dance and their play day coming up on Tuesday. As she had a number of times before, Deb silently questioned the sanity of parents who supplied a 4 year old with a cell phone, but she couldn’t blame Brittney for their stupidity. Besides, Deb really didn’t mind the interruptions. The little girl was a joy to have around and with her own grandchildren living out of state, Deb especially loved spending time with her.

As she walked in to dance with Brittney the next Tuesday, Deb saw Dan standing next to his car. After delivering the little girl to her classroom, Deb walked over to him and asked, “So, are you always here on Tuesday mornings? What’s up?”

Dan replied with a disarming smile, “Good morning to you, too, Mrs. Nielson. Tuesdays are my study days so I usually find a quiet coffee shop and study during the morning. Last week I guess I just picked the right one, since I found you.”

Flattered but suddenly tense, Deb answered, “Are you going to show up every Tuesday? I don’t think that’s a good idea, Dan. You know that I’m married and I’m old enough to be your mother. So, if that’s what you have in mind…”

Dan interrupted her, “I wasn’t sure what I had in mind today, but I like how your mind is working!” One look at the sudden tension on her face, he continued, “Don’t get worked up, I’m not going to force you into my car. I just want to spend some time with you. Coffee is great. Konya travesti More would be better but I’ll settle for coffee.”

His charm melted her resolve and she reasoned that coffee never hurt anyone.

For the next three Tuesdays they met in the coffee shop right at 9:05. They talked about their families, jobs, movies, politics, pets, you name it, it came up. Conversation flowed easily and they laughed often. He was charming and quite a gentleman. She was lovely and interested.

On that fateful Tuesday, Dan invited her to have dinner with him the next day. She had already told him that her husband was leaving in the morning for a conference and that she hadn’t made any plans. Dan watched her face intently as she struggled to come up with a reason to say no.

Finally Deb took a deep breath and said, “I don’t think that’s a good idea. Having coffee on Tuesday mornings is innocent, although you know I haven’t told my husband about it, but dinner feels different somehow. I appreciate the invitation but no, I don’t think we should have dinner.”

As usual they chatted until it was time to pick up Brittney. Dan walked her to the dance studio door and placed his hand on the small of her back. Leaning in close to her ear he said softly, “So what time should we meet for dinner tomorrow?”

Flustered and a little irritated she was interrupted by Brittney throwing her arms around her legs. “Dan, I told you no. Please respect…”

He forced a small piece of paper into her hand as he spoke over her, “Here’s my number, call me with a time.”

With that he confidently walked to his car, flashing a grin over his shoulder. Making sure Brittney wasn’t looking, Deb made a face at him before heading to her car. Well, I guess dinner wouldn’t hurt, she thought. Of course deep down she knew it very well could.

As he knew she would, Deb called him and they set up a time and place to meet. She wouldn’t allow him to pick her up but Dan still felt he had won a battle of wills. At 7:00 on the dot he stood in the lobby of a local Italian restaurant watching for her. He recognized her car and was sure to hold the door for her.

Deb had insisted that they go someplace casual but, Dan noticed, she was dressed elegantly in a simple black dress with a low back. The skirt flared out but was plenty long and the neckline kept her cleavage hidden. She chose it because it was conservative but still looked great.

Dan wore black dress pants, a blue shirt and tie and a leather coat. Deb thought he looked like a young business man but much sexier. She blushed as the thought entered her mind and then tried unsuccessfully to dismiss it.

Their table was soon ready and Dan ordered a bottle of wine. Soon Deb had relaxed enough that they were talking and laughing comfortably. Dan leaned over often to touch her hand or bump her knee. His behavior concerned her at first but soon excited her as the wine took effect and she relaxed. His company was charming, dinner was wonderful and dessert was sinful.

As they left the restaurant Dan suggested that they walk around the quaint downtown area for a while. It was an especially nice İzmir travesti evening and Deb agreed. Passing through a beautifully lit park they stopped to admire the view over the river. A few couples stood nearby, holding hands, snuggling close and kissing.

Dan reached out to put his arm around Deb and leaned over to kiss her. In a moment of weakness, Deb responded and slipped her arms around him, under his coat. She lifted her face to meet his and kissed him gently. Warm, soft kisses became harder and longer as their tongues began a sweet slow dance. For long minutes they stood together allowing the inevitable to happen. How long they kissed, Deb didn’t know, but she knew they had crossed a line and that she wouldn’t stop him from going farther.

After a while, Dan moved Deb until she faced the river and he pressed into her back, his arms tightly circling her waist. He whispered softly in her ear about all the things he would love to do with her. As if in a dream she listened and allowed him to mold his body to hers. Feeling his hard cock against her almost brought her back to reality but his voice was hypnotic in her ear and frankly, it had been so long since a man pursued her so aggressively. There was something so animalistic and primal about him that she couldn’t stop herself from moving forward.

In silent agreement they walked hand in hand to his car. He held the door for her and quickly got in his side. Taking her hand and kissing it, he asked, “Do you want to come to my place or should we go to yours?”

Startled, Deb answered quickly, “No, no we can’t do that. I guess we should go to yours.”

Dan drove to his loft apartment close to the University. They quickly ran up the two flights of steps and entered his place. He was suddenly and unexpectedly a little shy and offered her a tour. She said no by throwing herself into his arms which caused him to lose his balance and they tumbled onto the couch. They both laughed at the comedic domino effect but then he took advantage of their position and began to kiss her lips again.

Flat on his back with Deb laying directly on top of him, they kissed for long minutes. His hand reached down to slide up under her dress and he buried a finger in the elastic top of her thigh high. He growled a low tone as he fingered her leg and relished in the silky feel.

His lips moved to her neck as she threw back her head and offered herself to him. He moved his other hand to her neck and slowly began to explore downward. Deb reached back and unzipped her dress before getting up to slip out of it. It fell to the floor, uncovering her beautiful body. His breath caught as he took in the amazing sight of her in her thigh highs, lacy panties and matching bra. She was more beautiful than he could have ever imagined and as he reached for her he hoped he would measure up to her expectations.

Deb stood before him, mostly naked, wanting to see him too. She took both of his hands and pulled lightly, knowing she couldn’t pull him up but wanting him to offer himself to her too. He stood and together they stripped him to his briefs and socks. His young body was so hard and perfect, she stood in awe of him and hoped that she would measure up to his expectations.

Dan gathered her in his arms and kissed her deeply. “You are so beautiful,” he whispered.

A sigh was all she could manage before she allowed him to lead her into his bedroom.

Part 2 to follow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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