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I am on my knees.

I know the position well.

I am kneeling on cold, hard tile. My head is bowed down limply, and my hands are folded in my lap gently.

I am completely naked.

I await the arrival of you, my goddess.

After an irrelevant amount of time I hear a door open behind me and then your footsteps as you approach. I dare not look up as you near me, knowing that you do not approve of such familiarity. I am bold enough to steal a glance toward your feet as you circle around me. You are wearing black boots that come to just below your knees and which give your footsteps a sharp, authoritative staccato. My averted eyes and ears follow you as you circle me fully once, and then stop directly in front of me, feet shoulder-width apart.

I wait.

You remain like that for a minute, examining me, deciding what you will take. Without warning, I feel you bend over, an instant before I feel your hand gently reach under my chin, lifting my head up for you to see. I immediately notice that you are wearing nothing but those wonderful black high-heeled boots that rise to just below your knees. Your body, in all its full, feminine beauty, sweeps through the arc of my vision as my eyes move to meet yours. You stare deeply into my eyes, my soul, for a long moment before you unexpectedly lean forward and kiss me fully on the mouth. I feel your lips part and your tongue enter me ever-so-briefly before you pull away and again stand up straight.

Again I wait.

This time, the wait is not long. Within a few seconds you utter a single word to me: tongue. I have been in this position before, and I have heard that word before. It is not a question nor is it a request. In that single word you have told me what to do, and I know exactly how to comply. I press my tongue out of my mouth, as far as it can reach and make it as rigid as possible. I hold the rest of my body perfectly still, my hands still folded in my lap.

And I wait.

You immediately step forward. So that your womanhood, your sex…your pussy…is at the exact level of my tongue, scant millimeters from touching it. After a moment’s study, you unceremoniously grab each side of my head by my hair and pull my tongue into you. I know casino şirketleri to be still as you position me, finding the place where you want me to be. You roll and swivel your hips so that I am exactly where you desire. You hold me tightly and we both remain motionless for a moment, my tongue pressing firmly against your already-swollen clit.

And then you begin to fuck my mouth.

You grind your hips into my face, sliding your clit along the length of my tongue before pounding it against my upper lip. There is nothing easy or gentle about this. It is you, holding me tightly, pulling me in, and using me for your pleasure. There is no resistance from me, no struggle. I know my role, and I follow it well, as always. I keep my tongue rigid and respond to your every move, insuring that I present exactly what you wish to take from me. I remain in position as you continue to slam your hips into me. Five, ten, fifteen strokes and you are ready. I hear a roar boil out of your mouth as you begin to climax. There is no break in the assault you are unleashing on me as you ride your orgasm through another ten strokes. As your wave finally crests, you pull my head in tightly and hold it there. I can barely breathe but I dare not move. Finally you release me and step back, awash in pleasure and desire.

I wait.

I watch your chest heave, your beautiful breasts rising and falling as you regain control of your breathing. We remain like that for several minutes, staring at each other, both relishing the place that we have, the roles that we play. It is not very long before you are ready to use me once again. This time you step forward, my nose nearly touching your belly before you utter your command: Suck my cock. Once again, those are words with which I am quite familiar. I immediately lean forward, probing with my tongue to find your cock. It is not as long or thick as mine, but it is every bit as hard and easily located. I wrap my lips around it and begin to carry out your command, sucking it eagerly into my mouth. As soon as I begin, I feel your hands take hold of my head, again forcefully by my hair. As before, you start thrusting your hips into my face, forcing your tiny, swollen cock through my lips and into my mouth. I work your shaft casino firmaları with my lips continually as you fuck my face once again. This time I do not have to wait long before you start to cum. I never break contact with your cock as you moan and grunt with each thrust of your hips. You hold my face tightly into those swaying hips as you ride this orgasm to its peak and then tumble down the other side. You slowly cease moving and then, when you are completely done, release me, once again stepping back from me.

Once again, I wait.

My head remains up, my eyes focused on yours, watching as you regain your orbit. I hold my position until you reach forward and push my head back down into my previous, supplicant position. I again can only see your boot-clad feet as you step slightly back. I am unsure what you will have me do next, but I know my place well enough to not do anything but wait, humbly, with my head bowed before you. We stay in our respective positions for several minutes before I hear your breathing quicken ever-so-slightly. A moment later you step forward. I can tell by the position of your feet and the heat emanating from you that you are once again positioned just in front of me, your pussy several inches above the top of my bowed head.

My heart-beat quickens.

Could you be on the verge of doing what I am thinking? Your breathing grows rapid and shallow, and I am positive that I can hear your fingers strumming your clit just inches from my ears. Are you really about to do it? I receive my answer seconds later as I feel your hot liquid rain down on my head, drenching my hair. Yes, you are pissing on me. As your precious, golden fluid streams down my head and runs down my face, I hear you start to cum. Your stream never stops flowing as I hear you grunt and moan your way quickly through your first climax. I can tell you are rushing as quickly as possible, hoping to take as much pleasure from my degradation as you can, before your flow reaches its end. I am just beginning to wonder how much you have to pour upon me when you reach down and roughly take hold of my chin, lifting my face back up to bask in your golden glow as well as your golden rain. I instinctively close my eyes as your spray passes over them but güvenilir casino you immediately demand that I open them. I of course comply immediately and am greeted by the most beautiful and humiliating sight I have seen in many months. In an instant I take in the view: You stand before me, the fingers of one hand moving in a blur over your clit while your hips jut forward so that your piss stream arches just perfectly to land on my closed lips. No sooner have I taken that in than you make your next demand: Open your mouth.

I open my mouth.

I dare make no further movement as you use me as your vessel, filling me with your cast-off fluid. I am compliant and willing as you empty your waste into me. I remain still as my mouth becomes full and begins to overflow, running down my chin, my chest, my hard cock before eventually pooling on the floor. I look up to your face and it is beautiful, a visage of power and lust and disgust and…maybe…love. As I make eye-contact I see an imperceptible change in those eyes. You are ready to cum again but you will push me just a little bit farther to enhance your pleasure. You issue one more command: Swallow. And of course, I do. Without hesitation I drink your salty, acidic piss, relishing the unique way it feels as it runs down my throat and into my belly. This last act of compliance is what you wanted to see. My eyes remain locked on you as your hips start to buck, as your finger and my humiliation bring you to a thundering climax. This time your voice is a loud, unashamed scream that lasts fully ten seconds before it begins to quiet. As your voice diminishes, so does the stream that you have been unleashing upon me. The two terminate at the exact same moment, leaving your last golden rivulets to complete their gravity-pulled journey to the floor around me as the echoes of your roar bounce from my mind and into silence.

I wait.

My eyes remain locked on your face, awaiting some indication that I have served you well, that I have done what you required. For several moments I am afraid as I get nothing but, then, one edge of your mouth curls up ever-so-slightly. Joy! My heart leaps for I know that my Goddess is pleased. That is all you give me, but it is all I need. I am aglow as you reach out and gently push my soaked head back down into my proper bow. My eyes furtively watch your boots as you unceremoniously and wordlessly walk back the way you came, leaving me once again alone.

I am on my knees.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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