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Eve and I had been invited to the Christmas party a group of us hold every year. It is a festive event, attended by a couple dozen people in one of the more expansive homes in our neighborhood. Eve, now that we are retired, spends most of her time in jeans and t shirts, maybe a sweatshirt in the cooler part of the year, cutoffs when it’s really hot. We rarely dress up much, so this is a chance to put on something a little more formal, and show that we can still look presentable. I enjoy these dressier events. While I’m not wild about the suit, I really enjoy seeing my wife in her party clothes. As good as Eve looks in jeans, she is gorgeous dressed up.

Eve, my wife, is a stunner. At 64(I’m 57), she’s still at the 110 pounds she was when I met her twenty years ago, and it is well distributed on her 5’2″ frame. Her blonde hair, once halfway down her back, now cut to shoulder length, frames her face perfectly. Her B cup tits sit nicely on her chest, just a little sag in them, and she has a perfect little round ass that looks amazing in jeans, and even better naked. What I like best is that when she smiles, she lights up the whole room.

The neighborhood Christmas party is an unofficial annual event, with the host duties rotated among 7 or 8 families with larger homes capable of handling a couple dozen attendees. A similar party is held for New Year’s and the other major holidays. It is a chance for all of us who are busy during the year to get together and catch up with a healthy dose of food and drink to spur on the good cheer. Tonight’s soiree was being held at the home of our friends Ben and Jan, a couple in their late 40’s. Eve and I would go to the party and usually end up separated as we visited with various friends and neighbors through the evening.

The night of the party, I was in a sport coat and tie, but Eve was dressed to impress, in a short green sparkly wrap dress that looked quite festive. The wrap part of it came to a deep V, showing a little bit of cleavage, with the bonus that it hung slightly when she leaned over, giving me a look at her bare right breast underneath-I spent a lot of time with her at the hors d’oeuvres table, and later at the buffet when we were getting dinner. The hem was about 4″ above her knees, and showed off her legs nicely. Black boots completed her look. I knew I’d enjoy seeing her across the room at the party.

As we usually did, we mingled in the early part of the party, then sat together at dinner. Once we finished, it was back to mingling, some of which we did together, some separately. We knew all the people there, some better than others, so it was easy for us to get separated as we’d get pulled away by various friends. We’d catch up with each other periodically, comparing notes on who we had talked to, and what they were doing. We’d part with a squeeze of the hands and a quick kiss, then go back to working the room.

Eve was well aware that I enjoyed checking her out, especially when she dressed up. She normally did not go braless, so it was a pleasant surprise that she did tonight. I think she lingered over the Vienna sausages on purpose, just to let me get a good look at her right tit, knowing it would get me started. Normally, she was not much for showing herself off in pubic, though every once in a while she’d surprise me by going braless to some event where I didn’t expect it, and I’d get a short, discreet flash of tit along with her thousand watt smile when she knew she’d gotten my attention. More rarely, she’d go without panties. The surprises would keep coming tonight.

We had gotten separated again as the party rolled on. I was talking to a couple of the guys, while Eve had been commandeered by some of the wives. She was sitting with them on a sofa when I saw her. I was headed to the bar, so I walked up to ask her if she needed another drink. She said she’d like that. I got her a glass of wine and returned. While I was getting the wine, I looked back over at her. Our eyes met briefly. As we gazed at each other, she slowly opened her legs, revealing her toned thighs and thin white panties. She held her position for a long moment, smiling at me, making my heart skip. I smiled back, and she nişantaşı escort closed up before anyone could notice. I brought her wine over and handed it to her. She gave me a knowing smile, and said thanks.

A little while later, while we were catching up, I said to her, “You’re going to get coal in your stocking for being such a naughty girl.”

“Not if I flash Santa my panties,” she replied, giving me a kiss on the cheek and walking off to chat with a friend. I just smiled as she looked over her shoulder at me.

A while later, I caught up with Eve again. This time, she was perched on the edge of a recliner talking to another couple of our neighbors. She was at an angle to them, so they could not see what I could. Her dress had ridden up a bit due to her position, and was really high on her thighs. I caught her eye, holding up my drink to ask her if she needed a refill. She nodded yes. As our eyes met, she again opened her thighs. This time, instead of the white panties I was expecting, I saw a lot of thigh and a wisp of blonde hair, barely hiding her slightly open slit. She smiled at me, I smiled back and shook my head at her. I brought her another glass of wine, enjoying the view as I approached. Our friends were clueless about the muff shot my wife was giving me right under their noses. As I handed Eve her drink, I mouthed “bad girl”. She looked at me and just smiled.

About 30 minutes later, I had broken away from a couple of guys and was looking for Eve. I didn’t see her, and thought maybe she’d gone to freshen up. As I was walking down the hall, the bathroom door opened. Eve stepped out, almost right into me. She looked up at me a moment, then grabbed my tie and pulled me into the bathroom, closing the door and kissing me hard. She lifted herself up onto the counter, her dress riding up and exposing her blonde twat. She reached down, undid my belt and opened my zipper, pushing my briefs down, breaking our kiss long enough to say, “We don’t have much time.” She had my cock out and hard in no time while I freed her tits from the loose top of her dress. She pulled me to her, and I pushed my cock into her open outer lips. Eve is small, and as a result, really tight. I rubbed the head up and down a few times to open up her inner lips, but I was still able to get only about half the head in. I knelt in front of her. She looked down.

“We gotta hurry, we don’t have time for that!!” Normally, I’d spend ten minutes or longer with my face planted in her little furry cunt, a tasty treat that I enjoy licking, and she enjoys getting licked. Today, I just wanted to be able to get in quickly. I gave her a long, slow lick, my tongue flat on her pussy, all the way from her ass to her clit. I dragged it between her labia, and slowly swirled it on her clit. A shock wave ran through Eve’s body. I had done what I set out to do. I kissed up her belly, then stood to kiss her face again. I put the head of my cock at her opening.

“Just helping things along,” I said.

Eve smiled. “I know how you like to linger down there. Much as I love it, and you know how I do, this has to be a quickie.” I pushed the head of my dick into her labia, now a much easier entry. I felt them spread to accept my probing head, then grip me as it fully entered her. I slowly worked my whole shaft inside her, the head pressing against her cervix. Eve sighed.

“See, thirty seconds of tongue makes everything go so much easier. And you’re tastier than the cannoli,” I teased her, licking my lips. I started stroking in and out of Eve, watching my cock push her labia in when I pushed forward, and distend them when I pulled back. She was leaning back on the counter as I held her little round ass, guiding our motion. I would pull all the way out every half dozen strokes or so, tease her clit and push back in. She’d jump when I did it, and smile at me. A couple of times, I just rubbed the top of my cock head on her clit, making her sigh more intensely each time, then pound into her pussy. Eve would close her eyes as my cock hit the deepest part of her, her hips bucking into my groin, her little tits shaking as I bottomed out in her. I pulled her a little closer to the edge of the counter kağıthane escort so I could go really deep, now that she was well juiced. I pounded harder, my balls slapping against her ass. I heard someone coming down the hall, and looked at Eve.

“Glad I locked the door,” I said quietly. We heard the doorknob rattle as someone tried to come in.

Eve looked up at me, her breathing now getting short. “Just a minute,” she said, hoping to stave off the interloper.

“Oh, sorry, didn’t know someone was in there,” came a female voice from the other side of the door.

“If only she knew,” said Eve, smiling at me. I resumed my assault on her little blonde pussy, changing my angle so my cock would be riding on her clit. She closed her eyes as the stimulation built the pressure, and I felt her boot clad legs wrap around me. I slowed my pace and pushed deep, letting her feel the fullness of my swelling cock inside her. A moment later, she kissed me hard, then pulled away, her mouth open to scream, but no sound coming out. Her pussy got really wet, and her hips thrust into me.

I was feeling the pressure too. “How about an early Christmas present??”

“Oh, baby, give it to me, you know how I hate waiting for Christmas morning,” Eve panted.

My cock swelled and began to splash come inside her. When I come, Eve almost always comes with me, and this was like every other time, only more so, perhaps due to the excitement of sneaking a fuck in our neighbors’ bathroom while there was a party going on. Eve let out a moan, then covered her mouth, a big smile coming over her face. Her pussy spasmed around my spewing cock, intensifying the feeling for both of us. It took a moment for the orgasmic high to settle, and we knew we had to get out of there quickly. I pulled out of Eve, rubbing my cock in her bush. A few seconds later, a long drip of my come spilled from her pussy onto the floor. As I watched it hang a moment, then drop as more seeped from her soaking hole, she smiled and looked up at me.

“Honey, would you like some egg nog??” she asked, smiling.

“I’d love some,” I replied, going down to taste her. I licked a long moment, gathering my sperm on my tongue, then stood up and leaned to Eve to kiss her.

“Mmm, that’s a tasty holiday treat,” said Eve as our kiss ended. She caught her breath for a moment, then pulled her panties out of the pocket in her dress. “Better put these back on, or I’ll be giving us away,” she said, slipping one side over her boot clad leg, then the other, pulling them up as far as she could. She hopped off the counter, pulling them all the way into place over her dripping slit.

I laughed. “Yeah, going around the party with my come sliding down your leg will make people think it’s a swing party.”

“Ha ha,” said Eve. “Not that half the guys here wouldn’t like a shot at me,” she said as she tucked her tits back into her dress.

“I bet they would,” I said, knowing Eve is one of the hotter wives in the group. We put ourselves back together, shared a quick kiss, and went back to the party. Eve shot me a couple of looks at her panties after we went back. They were quite obviously wet, which only served to get my cock starting to rise again.

We left shortly after that, having had our fill of holiday cheer and good food. As we rode home, I asked Eve if she had cleaned up the spot on the bathroom floor where my come had dripped out of her.

She looked at me and smiled. “No,” she said. “But it serves them right. Let them wonder who was fucking on their bathroom counter.”

“What brought that on??” I asked, taken aback by my wife’s sudden change in demeanor.

“Remember last summer, when we had the pool party??”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Well, I caught Ben and Jan screwing in our main bathroom.”

“Really??” I was surprised. They didn’t seem the type. But then, nobody does.

“Yeah. I walked past and I could hear what sounded like a couple going at it. I lingered in the bedroom for a few minutes, then looked down the hall when I heard the door unlock. They came out looking like the cat that ate the canary.”

“So a little turn about is fair play??”

Eve osmanbey escort looked at me with a big smile. “Absolutely. I wonder if they’ll figure it out when they find the puddle in front of their sink.”

Later that night, we lay in bed together, Eve’s back cuddled up to my chest. I had gotten hard again, and my cock was nestled nicely into Eve’s slippery blonde pussy, her right thigh up over mine. “Ya know, I bet we could sneak a quickie in every house where we go to a party,” said Eve. “Especially in the summer, when there are a lot of pool parties, and we’re only in bathing suits.”

I laughed. “Why not. Seems like at least one set of neighbors is marking their territory. Why not us too?? Who is doing the New Year’s party??”

“Lorraine and Bob. That would be a good place to sneak a quickie, too. Bob’s been hitting on me for a couple of years. It would serve them right.”

“If you’re not careful, and he sees you with come running down your leg, like almost happened tonight, it really could wind up as a swing party,” I cautioned Eve.

“Well, he is kind of cute,” said Eve, looking over her shoulder at me. “It wouldn’t take a whole lot of encouragement to get him to go for me.” I thought a moment. I had occasionally joked that we could turn one of these parties into a real orgy with the right mix of people, and maybe she might like to sample some of the neighborhood talent.

She was right about Bob-he was an attractive man, 55 or so, blond, surfer tan, and in pretty good shape for his age. His wife, Lorraine, was a looker, about 5’7″, auburn hair, nice tits, full, round ass, nice legs. She was approaching 60, but could be Catherine Zeta Jones’ twin sister. We all got along well. If Eve and I were going to do a swap, Bob and Lorraine were a good match and the most likely candidates.

“Tell ya what,” I said, half hoping to call her bluff, half hoping it would plant a seed. “You can go for Bob if I can have a crack at Lorraine.”

Eve thought a moment. “Deal!!” she said, smiling at me.

I leaned over to kiss her. It was an intensely erotic kiss, despite our odd angle. My cock pulled back, almost out of her pussy, as we kissed. I took hold of her right leg, using it for leverage to push back into her. I held deep, my balls on her clit. “Just think, a week from now, you could have my come and Bob’s inside you.” I felt Eve’s hips shake as I said it. “Hmm, I think someone likes the idea.”

Eve ground back at me. “I think someone else likes the idea, too. Or are you just excited about getting Lorraine in the sack??”

“Maybe a bit of both,” I teased her. I poured gas on the fire. “Maybe we can all meet in the same room, and watch each other, maybe switch off.”

Eve again looked back at me. “You just want to watch me with another man,” she teased. “I felt you getting harder.”

I was, too. I felt my cock filling Eve’s pussy a little more fully. “Could be fun, you taking some strange cock for the first time in, what, 20 years, while I watch. I have to admit, I would enjoy seeing that.” I reached around to play with Eve’s clit while slowly stroking in and out of her. I felt her pussy clutch my swelling hard on, then get very wet. “Oh, now who likes this little fantasy,” I teased her as she came over my cock. I held on while Eve climaxed, then relaxed. A few minutes more, and I unloaded my second barrage of semen into her that night. I stayed hard for another five minutes or so, and I could feel my come seeping out of Eve’s soaked pussy around my cock, dripping down her thigh onto the bed.

“Ya know, I was going to suggest you quit wearing panties to these parties, since it would make our quickies just a little quicker, but I think you’re going to need something to contain the mess, so maybe that’s not such a great idea.”

“Ha, you’d love nothing more than for me to have nothing under a short dress, even if it means everyone can see your come running down my thighs.”

“That will get the guys started,” I laughed. “They’ll all think it’s hot, and want you more than they do already. The wives will think you’re a slut, while secretly wishing they had the nerve to do it, too.”

Eve laughed at my assessment. “You’re probably right on about that!! But I’ll have to do something. Maybe crotchless panties.”

“Now that’s exciting,” I said. “We’ll have to go shopping.” I kissed Eve and we fell asleep together. New adventures awaited.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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