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Thank you to my husband who supports me in all my crazy endeavors and to Antagonee for some awesome and professional editing on this story!


Waking up proved painful and challenging. My head was sore and my vision refused to focus, the lids of my eyes heavy. I thought about going to sleep again when a low-pitched voice started to speak.

“Quick! Get him gagged!” The sharp orders caused me to wince. My awareness of the sheer pain from the left side of my face was increasing with his volume. Three men dressed in black, from head to toe, hovered over me. With forceful hands they grabbed, pulled, pinched and yanked until a gag had been placed over my mouth. They didn’t stop: squeezing my muscles, punching my chest as I flexed.

I tried to scream but it just came out a muffled, angry groan through the fabric over my mouth. Two of them picked me up off the wood floor and threw me like a doll onto the bed my husband and I shared for 10 years. We kept it even though it was still too big for our studio apartment.

“Alright, we got the building on lockdown. We’re crawling all over, so there’s no escape. Don’t even think about it. And it’s not just this building, but buildings all over the city. You’re our prisoners now. What do you think about that, huh?” A fourth man stepped into view, his pink lips protruding from the blackness of the ski mask.

I tried to think. Think of someway to get out of this. If only Lao, my husband, was home. Maybe two could’ve taken on four. Too late now though, I was alone. My mind raced backtracking to see if I could remember something that might be helpful. I remember it being a normal night. I had just taken a shower and was in a pair of running shorts, my hairy chest exposed and my feet bare, as I cooked dinner. There was a knock at the door. I didn’t think to even look through the peephole since we lived in a secured our building. When I opened it, there were the three men in ski masks that exclaimed “We’re here!”

Now here I sat, head throbbing and unable to get any slack on these ropes. The man who initially spoke removed his black ski mask to reveal blonde, floppy hair and a square face with a strong jaw. His eerie phosphorescent blue eyes moved back and forth. The ropes clamped tighter as I tried to wiggle free, but there was nothing but chafing on my pits and nipples. It started to become hard to breathe. I looked at the blonde floppy-haired man and decided to do what I could. With a flash, I charged, knocking the blonde man over like a linebacker. I ran towards the shorter one, still masked, smashing him into our large black bookcase.

A heavy anthology of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman hit him squarely on the temple sending him to the ground and the bookcase on top of him. I was able to catch my bearings and jump back from the explosion of books, knocking into the tallest and skinniest of the masked figures, our TV breaking his fall from my lunge. I turned to see if I could take down the last masked man with dark plump lips, but I was too late. The blonde man had come to. Angry, stroking his floppy izmir escort hair to the back of his skull, he lunged and grabbed me tightly. My whole body writhed against his, trying to break free. The lanky one, recovering from the fall on the television, helped the shorter one from the bookcase, who now appeared to be limping.

“You little fuckers!” One of them screamed, a vein protruding from his forehead, a blue bolt of rage. I forced myself to stay calm in spite of an uncontrollable shiver of fear running through me.

The blonde man snaked over to me, slithering the words: “Isn’t he a feisty one. Maybe we need to work on him, huh boys? Show him who’s in charge around here now.” He maintained eye contact. The three still-masked men hooted in emphatic agreeance, reminding me of a cross between frat boys at a party and a troop of berserk monkeys. “Oh you have something to say about that, do you?” His face nearly pressed up against mine. His breath was hot and smelled of cigarettes and dehydration and his eyes studied mine. I maintained the eye connection; the silence lasted an awkward amount of time until he smiled and turned to the three others. “Let’s see what this faggot has to say. Maybe he’s got more sense in him than he showed us. I believe in in second chances, after all.” He squinted, backing away as the short one limped close and pulled the bandana off my head. The tall one fingered the waistband on my running shorts, teasing it outwards, his calloused knuckle rubbing against my skin.

“Stop, please.” I whimpered. How fucking pathetic I was, I couldn’t let them see fear. I needed to get myself out of here.

“I’m sorry my man! I can’t do that. See this here’s a take-down. A for real, genuine take

-down. Not some break in bullshit. I wasn’t joking about it either, okay!” The unmasked man started to get more agitated. The medium sized one had joined in fondling my shorts and cupping my ass as he licked his thick lips. “You see, I’m just carrying out orders. We’re just the infantry taking back the city that left us to squander for too long. And we’re doing it through terror, see? You’re scared now, I can see it in your eyes. Now those fascists have had their fun for long enough. So we’re here to put a stop to them, to show them how little control they actually have by fucking with imbeciles like you. You fucking idiots that have propped the system up and benefitted from it at our expense. Now it’s your turn to understand. To know how bad it has become, and just how bad it will get.”

“Please!” I pleaded. There was some strength left in me. But that didn’t stop his pacing like a dog behind a chain link fence.

“Look.” He caressed my face. “I’m no homo, bro, but since we’re in charge of this apartment and happened to get a faggot, your holes will have to do.”

I looked down. My head throbbed, my shorts hung loosely while the tall one slid his finger at the top of my crack. “Fine, I won’t fight back. I can help you. You can do whatever you want with me. Don’t kill me though. I have food, alsancak escort you can use my apartment, I’ll help. It’s a deal.” The three men snorted. The blonde man gave another creepy smile. I swallowed trying to hold back the tears streaming down my face. I had to do everything in my power to save myself, especially from these dirty dicks, and find Lao before he came home.

“First then, we’ll have to mark you.” He unzipped and pulled out a flaccid pink cock and waved it around. The other two unzipped as the strong, dark one pushed me down and unzipped too. Then the blonde one began to pee on me. His shower smelled gamey. The tall one had a short dick with the girth of a beer can. He started to spray me next, followed by the short one. Lastly, the one who pushed me down slapped me with his two-toned cock of fleshy pink setting into a dark brown. I was soaked, my hair dripped with their scent and my tiny shorts clung to my thighs.

The medium-sized one enthusiastically took off his shirt revealing a smooth, mahogany body etched with muscles and dabs of moisture hanging on his erect nipples. The taller one reached down with both of his spindly hands and ripped my shorts off, fully revealing a hairy untrimmed bush and my shriveled uncut cock, the foreskin tipped at the end like a nipple. I wanted it to grow, stand against them erect and unafraid, but the blood in me was rushing everywhere but there. Everything felt hyper-real. “Oh, the little baby is hiding! The pecker looks like a fucking baby’s for Christ sake! Cept for that foreskin! There’s enough there to feed all us hungry boys!”

Two of them grabbed me and threw me back on the bed. Yanking at my limbs and adding rope, they tied my hands behind my thighs so that my ass sat in the air and my face smashed into the mattress. I kept my eyes locked on the door, patience the only weapon at my disposal. All four of them were now completely naked, I could see their varying members hard and swinging between their thighs. I heard someone spit and then groan. It must have been the blonde one. I could feel his boomerang cock slide up and down my ass with only his spit as lubricant.

“Shit!” I screamed. He pushed his veiny steel cock in fast, sending pain rippling through my body. I tried to shift one way but there was a long skinny hard cock on that furry little short body pressing against me. I tried to shift the other way and ran into the bony, pasty body with an aluminum can for a dick. So I stayed put with ass in the air and his cock up my ass. I wanted him to pull out but there was nowhere to go. He held me by the ropes as he slowly pulled in and out, the boomerang stretching my hole and hitting my prostate. My body clenched with terror and the blonde man groaned in my tightening sphincter.

I had to relax and wait, otherwise it was going to be worse. I could feel my shriveled manhood start to grow as I let go. The undulation, the friction, it was too hard. “Oh, man. This feels so good” the blonde man heaved from behind. “I can see you getting hard you buca escort little faggot. You like this?”

“Can I try?” It must have been the skinny dick on my right side. I heard the blonde man laugh. “Fuck you.” There was silence. The other men were getting restless. “Fine, you can fucking try. But only if you’re a good fucking tool and lick my balls.” I heard him immediately drop to his knees. A warm, wormy tongue from his bristly bearded mouth worked its way between the blonde’s balls to the base of my hole.

The large, two-toned cock emerged in front of my face ready to join the action. He slapped it hard against my cheek. It was so heavy. The he poked at my face with it, getting his slimy precum on my eye. I could taste its saltiness on my lips. I stuck my tongue out and moistened the underside of his shaft as his smooth balls found my face.

To my surprise he yanked my head back by the hair and forcefully working his large cock between my lips. I gagged as he hit the back of my throat finding a place to fit. Tears streamed down my cheeks and my eyes bulged. I could feel the color start to change in my face from a flushed red to blue as I gasped for air. With both holes filled, I tried to let out a panicked scream, to tell them I needed oxygen, but it came out more as ecstasy than fear. The tall one now had my whole cock in his mouth. The boomerang was pounding my ass harder. I thought I was going to pass out. The two-toned cock released its grip. Viscous, long drool like melted cheese stretched from my tongue to the tip of his dick making the pink look pinker and the brown shiny, like melted chocolate glistening from the copper string lights we had hung around our bed.

The smaller one was next to play with my mouth, shoving it in just as aggressively, digging deeper than the cock before. I gagged again, almost vomiting. I could hear the taller one switch with the blonde and his Coke-can dick widened my hole even further. I winced at the stretching. My flesh pushed back, but it was too thick. I sucked in air from the intense pressure. He pulled out with a suction sound and I heard a “whoa” as they inspected my puffy hole and then he continued to pump, slapping my ass cheek as he rode.

The blonde decided he wasn’t finished with me. He pushed the smaller one out of the way and said: “Let me show you how to do it.” Then he grabbed my cheeks and squeezed, spitting first on my face and then in my mouth. His pink boomerang cock was plump from pumping my ass; shiny and succulent I took it in my mouth.

There came a knock at the door. The blonde one motioned for the shorter one to check it out with a hiss and a point. The two others released with a suction and pulled on their pants. The blonde finally pulled away from me, my openings stretched and tired and sore, then rolled me over onto the ground with a thud. I slammed my shoulder and head onto the hardwood floor.

The stinging was like the feeling of his cock when he shoved it into my shitter. The blonde and lanky one both crawled under the covers of our bed, as I lay bound and humiliated on the floor. I heard some whispers but couldn’t make out what they were saying; their language with each other had devolved to sound like cavemen. Maybe, I could muster enough strength to be saved. Maybe it was Lao, and then what? I slowly started to inch myself to be visible, when the door opened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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