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Needless to say, I slept like a baby. I hadn’t cum so much in one day since I’d had a 36-hour shore leave on Okinawa. No big tits there, but one amazing set of triplets!

It was almost noon the next day before Nurse swung into the room. The door closed behind her and she leaned back against it. Hands held behind her, she regarded me from across the room.

“I thought about what you said” she announced. “About tit-fucking.” Her voice dropped as she said the work as if she didn’t want to be over-heard. “I want to try it!”

As she slowly approached the bed where I sat I noticed that she was wearing a large, loose cardigan sweater over her uniform. My pulse was pounding. Could it be? Was she about to let me tit-fuck her super-sized tits?

“I had to look thru all my closets for this old uniform. Most of the ones I have are custom tailored and zip up the back. I don’t think I could get back into that if someone came into the room! I finally found this old one. I haven’t worn it for years!”

Slowly she unbuttoned the sweater. “I have to wear a sweater over it.”

I saw what she meant as she removed the sweater. She had buttoned each button that ran up the front of her uniform. But there were big gaps between the buttons. Stress from her immense breasts caused the uniform to pucker and her bra and skin were clearly visible thru the gaps!

“God” I breathed. “That’s almost obscene! I see why you wore a sweater! Does it make you too hot? I asked.

“You make me too hot!” She replied. “I’ve never acted like this before in my life! I can’t believe all the things we’ve done! And last night I hardly got any sleep because of thinking about you and what we could do today!”

“What we could do today?” I asked. “What do you mean? What can we do today.” I was hoping I knew.

“You know,” she breathed. “What you told me about. What you learned in Japan. I want to try tit-fucking!” Her voice was hoarse with passion. “I want to enfold your immensity between my breasts and let you stroke and stoke until you cum all over my big tits. My super big tits,” she repeated in a whisper. Her eyes glowed as she spoke.

Her hands went to the topmost button. “How do we do this?” she asked.

“Well,” I suggested, “you should unbutton your uniform.”

“I want to do this slowly,” she said. “I want to tease you and get you as excited as I can”

“Well that won’t be too hard!” I said. “I always get excited when you are around.”

“I want you to be as hard as possible,” she murmured as she toyed with the second button of the uniform. “I was surprised that I could fit into this uniform. It’s one of the first one’s I got when I started nursing school. But it still fits pretty well! Well, from the waist down.” She grinned at me.

“When I tried it on this morning and looked in the mirror I could hardly believe it! I’m practically bursting at the seams. There is no way I should be wearing this today. But I really wanted to try this ‘tit-fucking’ and this is the only uniform I have that doesn’t zip up the back. So, if someone interrupts us I’ll at least have a chance to get back into it!

“Do you want me to help?” I offered, reaching for the next button.

“No, silly, “she slapped at my hand. “I want to see how hard you get if I tease you. I don’t think we’ll be interrupted for a while. Let me play.”

“See how tight it is across my bust?” She stepped way from the bed and pulled her shoulder back in emphasis. As she did so the next button popped oven.

“Wow!” She giggled. “Did you see that?”

“Yeah,” I breathed.

“Slide out of that gown,” she commanded. “But don’t touch your self! I want to see you get hard while I undress a little for you!” I know you like big tits! Have you ever seen bigger tits than these?”

Half the buttons on her uniform were undone by this time and I could see creamy cleavage that stretched almost from her throat to where her uniform was still buttoned. Now that the top of her uniform was open her boobs were starting to spill out into the open! Large swells rose up like twin whales breaking thru the surface.

“You know I haven’t!” I said. “You have the biggest tits I’ve ever seen.”

“I’m glad,” she purred. “I like to see the lust in your eyes when you look at me. But despite how big I am, I’m really firm too!” She shook her shoulders to demonstrate for me. Her cleavage jumped and shook. The huge swells of flesh that were pushed above the cups of her bra rolled and shimmied firmly against each other.

“See? See how they shake for you,” she asked. “See how my breasts shimmy, I really want to set them free. For you to hold and caress.”

Quickly she unbuttoned the rest of the buttons and pulled her uniform off her shoulders and down to the waist. Proudly she stood in front of me, basking in my lust-filled stare.

“This is my tightest bra!” she announced. “I stood in front of the mirror last night and tried on all my bras. I thought this one was the sexiest that I had. It’s a little too small. Escort bayan It makes my boobs swell up out of the cups. Don’t you think that makes them look even bigger than usual?”

“I don’t know. This is the first time I’ve seen you in your bra.” I replied.

“But don’t you think that the way my tits surge up over the cups is sexy?” She pouted at me. “This bra is really tight! I look like I’m spilling out of it every where!

“Well, let me try to tuck you back in then.” I suggested.

I reached out and again she slapped at my hand. She giggled and pouted at me. “Let me show you!”

Her hands caressed the sides of her bra and then slid underneath. Her hands were lost from sight. She strained to lift them up, causing each breast to surge upward, rising toward her shoulders. Gently she shook the massive breasts, causing them to rock and shake. It looked as if they would escape the confines of her bra at any moment. I thought I heard the fabric groan. She pulled her hands way and we both watched as those fabulously immense boobs shook and shimmied until they settled into place.

“God, that feels so good. I never knew how much enjoyment I could have from my breasts!” she breathed. “It feels so good! And I like to see the look in your eyes while I play with them, too!”

She reached behind herself. “This bra has six catches,” she told me. “It’s hard to fasten them or to unfasten them. Usually I just turn the bra around and do it in from of me . But I want to be a tease, and this is sexier.”

She bent forward from the waist. Her tits surged forward strongly. Again I thought that they would escape the grip of her bra but no, it maintained its control.

“There!” She exclaimed. “That’s the last one!” Slowly she stood up and carefully slid each arm free of the straps of the bra leaving her breasts enveloped in the massive bra cups. Her tits settled lower on her torso. She cupped her hands over the ends of her tits squeezing her nipples thru the bra and squeezed them against herself.

“I love to do this,” she said. “I did this in front of my mirror last night. See how big they look!”

It was true! With her hands pressing her vast tits back against her rib cage they swelled outward to the sides. Her tits were crushed against each other in the middle of her chest and pushed at least a foot out to each side it seemed. Nurse Erika had a proud look on her face as she watched my slack-jawed stare of amazement.

“So big, aren’t they, honey? Would you like to feel your big dick slide up between them until you cum on my face? I’d like to feel that too!” she cooed in a sultry voice.

With a teasing twinkle in her eyes she allowed the bra to slide off her tits. It landed unnoticed on the bed between us. For the first time I gazed enraptured upon her bosom. Her hands continued to fondle her bosom.

My jaw dropped as I watched her manipulate herself. When she squeezed them together with her forearms, her breasts formed a cleavage that looked as if it could swallow a baseball bat! Her breasts ballooned outward fantastically from her chest. When she pressed her nipples inward the upper swells of her tits rose above her shoulders and the lower curves hovered below her navel. I couldn’t see her belly button! She rolled her tits from side to side, up and down. She piled them up, one atop the other and then rolled the upper one below the other. The nipple of the top boob was almost a foot in front of her mouth. She pulled them as far off her chest as she could, forming incredible cones of flesh that stretched out far, far in front of herself.

She pulled and twisted her nipples, forcing them to become massively erect. Using both hands she bounced one and then the other breast. They slapped heavily against her body and one another as she bounced them up and down, then swung them left and right!

“You like that?” Her face was alight with lust and passion as I stared at her. She was breathing fast, her tits falling and rising in front of me.

“Magnificent!” I sighed. “Just fabulous!” I was hard as a rock!

Centered upon each breast was a nipple, erect and quivering from her self-manipulation. Surrounding it was a light pink areola that spanned perhaps three inches. Despite their size they appeared diminutive when compared to the incredible vastness that they rode upon. They were situated just on the upper swell of each breast and seemed to be looking upward and slightly outward. Her lower sweeps of breast flesh rested several inches below her navel. The massive tits swept strongly upward and outward. The outer swells were much more than shoulder wide. Eight, maybe ten inches wider than her rib cage I guessed, now that they were not constrained by a bra. Faint stretch marks showed where her tits swept upward to join her body just below the armpits. Despite how far outward each breast swept they were so big that they were almost touching each other in the middle of her body. I thought that only a finger’s width separated them for the length Bayan Escort of those breasts.

“Turn sideways.” I asked her.

She turned, giving me a wonderful profile view. She stuck out so FAR!

“Put your hands behind your back!” I commanded. As she stood there her tits projected forward, thrusting massively outward from her body. The softly-pointed masses rose and fell with her breathing. “Now put your hands behind your head, please.” Her breasts lifted wonderfully with the movement of her arms.

“God, you are magnificent,” I said in a hushed whisper. “You are just magnificent. So huge, so firm, so beautiful.”

“Thank you,” she responded. “I’m glad you like me so much. I’m glad you admire my tits. I love having you stare at them!”

Her hands reached out and drew my hands to her bosom. “I’ve been waiting to feel your hands on my breasts for so long!”

“As long as I’ve been waiting, too,” I said.

“And your lips,” she pleaded, as she drew my head closer to the vast swells that my hands were gently manipulating. “I want to feel you kiss and lick my nipples. I want to feel your tongue on me. I want to have you suck my tits!”

Over the next ten minutes I did all of those things and more while her hands gently teased my super hard dick. Sometimes she would direct me from one tit to the other.

Finally she drew back and sighed. “Now, I want to feel your hard dick between my tits. I want to stroke up and down as I hold my tits tight around your cock. I want to feel you cum between my tits!” Her voice got more and more excited as she spoke.

I leaned a little away from her and held my dick upright with one hand. Smiling she slipped her forearms under her tits and gently parted them. I noticed that her breasts were longer than her forearms! She leaned slowly forward to capture my dick between her soft pillows of flesh. We both groaned in unison as my dick vanished between her titanic tits. Gently at first and them more vigorously she lifted and dropped, lifted and dropped. Her tits massaged every inch of my rock hard dick. Her tits were so big that my prick never appeared!

For several minutes she worked. Her eyes alternated between watching her gigantic tits and staring into my eyes. Her tits were like warm pillows around my dick. I could feel the temperature rising as she worked. Her tits were caressing my dick for it’s entire length.

Finally she lowered her bosom to rest on my stomach. Her tits covered me from below my crotch almost to my nipples. As she released the pressure on the sides of her tits they sagged gently to each side and the red, bloated head of my dick appeared out of her cleavage. Whimpering with lust she dropped her lips dropped onto their prize. For long seconds she sucked and licked. She gathered up all the pre-cum she could from her tits, her cleavage and my dick.

Then, with a small coo if success, she again enveloped me with her tits lifting and dropping them around my dick as before.

“Now!” she commanded, “I want you to come between my tits. I want you to spurt all over the biggest tits you’ve ever seen. I want you to drain your self between my boobs!”

She began to alter her motion. For a woman who claimed to have never heard of tit-fucking she was doing a hell of a swell job! Alternating left and right, up and down, rolling them against each other, then in unison. I was groaning with lust watching the huge swells of her tits as they massaged my dick. They shook and quivered, slapping softly against my stomach and each other!

I groaned deep in my throat and started to unload between her tits. Pulse after pulse traveled up my dick and wad after wad shot out to splash between her boobs. Finally she dropped the death-grip that she had maintained on her boobs and she grabbed my dick with both hands.

Grinning broadly she jacked the last few dregs of my cum onto the upper slope of her tits. She smiled proudly up at me as she wiped the head of my dick thru the ropes and puddles of cum that covered her upper body.

“Was that good for you?” she asked.

“That was the BEST!” I told her. “I’ve never cum so much in my life! I don’t think I’ll be able to get it up again for a while!”

“That’s too bad,” she said. “That was fun but I didn’t get off! I loved seeing you enjoy yourself between my super huge titties but it left me unsatisfied.

” Maybe I can make it up to you sometime?” I asked.

“Oh, I bet you will,” she said. I glanced at the watch while she started to clean us up. It was almost one o’clock. We had been at this for almost an hour! I was surprised that no one had disturbed us yet. But grateful!

I glanced back at Nurse in time to see her licking the cum off the top of her boobs. She saw me looking and with a nasty grin she made a production of licking her tits, her tongue searching out every drop of jism that I had spilled onto her. What she couldn’t reach with her mouth she scrapped up with a finger and sucked off with lurid sounds and Escort that dirty, nasty smile on her face.

I couldn’t believe it but I was getting hard again just watching her! Nurse was quick to notice the revival of my dick and seemed regretful as she picked up her bra from the bed where it had lain unnoticed.

“If you don’t mind,” she said, “I’ll get dressed in the bathroom.”

Holding the bra between the cups she sauntered to the bathroom. I took note of two facts. One; the bra clasps dragged on the floor — that was one really LARGE bra. And two; her breasts bobbed and swung solidly such that I could see both outer swells from behind her. God, did she have big tits! And a nice ass, too I noticed in passing.

The bathroom door had just shut and I was getting back into bed, trying to rearrange my stiff dick when the hall door swung open.

It was the Candy striper with my lunch.

“Here we are,” she chirped as she came in. “Sorry it took so long but we’ve been busy and yours is the last lunch I have to deliver.”

Her gaze seemed riveted on the bed as she brought the tray to me. She placed the tray on the bedside stand but let it sit there as she turned to me.

“It may be your lunch time, but I see something I want to eat” she grinned at me. “I can pick up where I left off!” she exclaimed as her hand grasped the thick tube of my dick where it lay under the covers. “I was hoping that I would find you still here today and look, here you are, and in the same condition that you were in the last time I saw you!”

Her hand was stroking my now thoroughly revived dick to full stiffness.

I noticed the bathroom door start to swing open and then close leaving just enough room for one green eye to gaze at the scene playing out less than ten feet from the bathroom door.

“I can eat later,” I proclaimed as I pulled the covers off my crotch.

“God, you’re a HORSE! I’ve never seen one so big! I hope I don’t get interrupted again!” She was practically panting with lust as she stoked up and down on my dick with both hands.

“Well, you’ll have to work fast then,” I told her. “Now get your lips on my dick and suck it! Like a big lollypop!” I held her hair up off her face with one hand while I squeezed her breast with my other hand. I didn’t want Nurse to miss a minute of this!

“Yes, Daddy,” She giggled. “I like this all day sucker!”

Her lips locked on, just beyond the rim of my dick head. Fast and furious, with no finesse but with boundless enthusiasm she worked on my dick. There was no way she could take much more into her mouth but it didn’t matter. Her hot lips and soft tongue worked in unison with her stroking hands to bring me quickly to a peak.

As I started to spurt I forced her mouth down onto my dick. In spite of all the cum that Nurse had gotten out of me I was completely replenished. Knowing that she was watching from the bathroom door had me as excited as I had ever been. The Candy striper was completely overwhelmed as I climaxed, pouring wad after wad of cum into her mouth. She choked on the torrent of cum she couldn’t handle, cum spurting out of her nose, drooling from the corners of her mouth and puddling on my stomach as she tried vainly to handle my cock.

“Good job, kid!” I praised her. She was wiping her face with a tissue and started to reach for me when I stopped her.

“You better get back to work,” I suggested. “Don’t worry, I’ll clean up in the bathroom!”

“Okay, can I stop by later and see you?” she asked as she walked to the door.

“We’ll see.” I responded.

As she left I stepped into the bathroom.

Nurse was sitting on the toilet. Her hands buried under her skirt, her face flushed with passion, she looked up at me as I stepped in front of her. Her arms were forcing her breasts tightly together in front of her. She had put her bra back on but not fastened it. Her uniform was gathered at her waist. Her breasts were shaking and bobbling all over her chest from the frantic activity of her hands and arms. I thought that they would break free of the bra’s restraint at any second.

“Your big dick… she couldn’t handle all of it. You almost choked her!” Her voice was hoarse and laden with passion. “So much cum, you fed her so much cum. I couldn’t stand to watch it!”

“She left a mess,” I pointed out. “Why don’t you clean up after her?”

I pulled her face to my groin. My legs brushed against her tits as she leaned forward.

At once her tongue swept out to lick up the gobs of cum that had collected on my lower stomach and in my pubic hair. She was moaning and sobbing as she licked and slobbered her way all over my groin,

“So dirty, so nasty,” she groaned. “Watching her jack off your huge dick and swallow all that cum! It made me so hot. I’m going to cum. I don’t want to cum, I’ll be too loud! I can’t stop!” She was fingering herself frantically as I watched her lick me clean.

“I can’t believe how much you came! I let you tit-fuck me and less than ten minutes later you came like a river for that little tramp. You came so fast!”

“I came so fast because I was thinking about your big titties and knowing you were watching us” I told her. “Her tits aren’t anywhere near as big as yours,” I pointed out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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