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I kidded Donna often about her cheerleader thighs. She had great legs for any age, never mind being almost 70. She’d gotten me back on that comment. We went to a costume swing party for Halloween, I as a football player, she as a cheerleader. It’s a cliché, I know, but the theme of the party was “homecoming”. Despite the cliché, it was a popular theme-after all, what guy doesn’t like a cheerleader??There were a good number of cheerleaders and football players, as well as a few basketball players. She had modified the panel under the skirt so that it covered only part of her pussy, and she spent most of the night flashing me. It was hotter than if she had not had anything under her skirt; as it was she had no panties on anyway. She’d disappear for a while, then when I saw her again, she flashed me, and I could see the crotch panel was soaked, as were her pubes that were sticking out from the leg bands. When she saw me looking, she blew me a kiss. I went over to her and asked if she had fucked the whole team. She said, not yet, but she was working on it, after all, she was senior cheerleader.

“You show ’em how it’s done,” I said.

“You know I will, even if it takes all night,” said Donna, giving me a quick kiss. “But don’t worry, honey. I’ll save the last dance for you.”

“I know you will,” I said. Donna and I always made sure that no matter what went on at a house party or other encounter, the last time we had sex at any event would be with each other. It was an affirmation of the love we had for each other, that no matter what went on, our hearts were together. Six months into our marriage, it was something that strengthened our bond.

“Let’s go have some fun. I saw our bank manager friend here. I think she likes you,” said Donna with a smile. Just then one of the guys called for Donna.

“I think your team needs some boosting,” I said, laughing.

“I’ll get their team spirit up!!” Donna winked and kissed me again. “Go have fun. I’ll see you in a bit.” We squeezed hands, and parted. I watched as Donna went over to a group of footballers who had developed an interest in her. She was soon eagerly sucking cock as another “player” was lifting up her skirt, his cock out, ready to penetrate her from behind. I watched as the man behind Donna pushed into her now sloppy cunt, pulling back out and rubbing his come slick cock into her ass crack, as if he were using the come in her pussy to oil up her brown eye. He did this a couple of times, prompting Donna to look back at him as he was rubbing his dick around her sphincter and tell him, “Go easy back there, I’ve only done that a couple of times.”

As I stood there, watching that spectacle, I heard someone say hello. I turned to see Lauren, the manager of our local bank branch, standing next to me. She had embraced the theme of the party, dressed in the uniform of the local high school cheerleaders.

“Go, Wildcats!!” I said to her. “You look like you could go on the field right now. That’s about the most authentic cheerleader uniform here.”

Lauren laughed. “This is my actual uniform. I went to high school here and was on the squad. The year I graduated, they changed the style. I had this in my closet, and it never got back to the school. It comes in handy now and then. Of course, I couldn’t wear it on the field now.”

“Really?? Why??” I asked. It looked good on her, and fit well, accentuating her long legs and grapefruit sized tits. She lifted her skirt. Under it, she had removed the modesty panel to reveal the rest of her lovely thighs and a thick dark blonde bush. “Ah, I see,” I said with a chuckle. “That might get some attention from the administration.”

“Not the kind I want,” said Lauren. “As it was, most of us didn’t wear panties under our uniforms anyway. That made it a lot easier for our boyfriends to play with us on the bus during the trip home from those far off away games. I see your wife is having a good time,” she said, changing gears.

“She always does,” I said. “It really gives her a chance to let out her slutty side. She seems to be pretty popular.”

“I’ll say,” said Lauren. “She has a lot more energy than some of the women 20 years younger than she is. I’m glad she’s part of our group.” Lauren and Donna had met shortly after we got married, when we went to the bank to get the usual updates done after such an event. The girls had hit it off well, though I had known Lauren since she took over the branch about two years earlier. Donna noticed Lauren’s ankle bracelet, a nice gold chain, and commented on it. Lauren had told her that it meant she was shared. Donna said that she was shared as well. A little more discussion followed, and we were soon at a party with Lauren and her husband.

“I am too. She really enjoys our parties.” Lauren’s eyes met mine.

“Wanna go play??” asked Lauren.

“Sure. I think Donna has already had your husband by now anyway.” We went into an empty bedroom, starting to kiss as soon as the door was locked behind us. Lauren reached down to find my cock already hard Ankara travesti under my football pants, and I was fingering her pussy under her skirt. She was opening up easily. I moved her to the bed and sat her down, pulling her sweater off once she was seated, freeing her shapely breasts. She pulled my pants down and took my cock in her mouth, sucking the head first, then taking most of it in. Her mouth on me was wonderful, and I would have come quickly, but I pulled out after a few minutes.

“Slide up on the bed,” I told Lauren. She did, and I climbed up and knelt in front of her. I lifted her skirt to find she was already quite aroused, her labia spread, nicely framed by her thick dark blonde pubes. I went in to lick her, tracing her outer lips up and down.

“Sorry I didn’t trim it,” said Lauren, sounding mildly embarrassed. “A guy shouldn’t have to go through that forest to get to me.”

“Don’t be ashamed,” I said. “A real woman has hair. For me, the thicker the jungle the better the exploring. You’ll never have to trim it for me.”

“My husband keeps bugging me to shave it. I like it the way it is, and it’s less work to just let it go, although I trim it back in swimsuit season.”

“I’m with you,” I said. “I like it just the way it is.” I licked up and down again, this time getting a little closer to her clit. I sucked gently on her inner lips. “And you taste wonderfully sweet.”

“Thanks…Ohhh!!” said Lauren as I hit her hot spot the first time. “Oh, that’s great. I love when a guy goes down on me and takes his time.” I was in no hurry, and I continued to lick in and around Lauren’s furry twat, finally taking her clit in my lips while sticking my tongue in her as far as it would go. I swirled it around on her, making her thrust at my mouth, irregularly at first, then a long thrust that almost suffocated me.

“Make me come!! MAKE ME COME!!” Lauren cried out. I clamped down on her clit and licked furiously side to side, then stopped, then a long lick up and down, pressing on her clit when I reached it. She cried out and flooded my face with juice, her hips bucking at me as she had a crashing orgasm. She came down finally, and I moved up over her, my cock bobbing above her bush. She reached up and stroked it, slowly. A drop of precome was already leaking from the tip.

“I want it in me,” she said, still stroking, now pulling me closer.

“Are you OK with me going bareback?? Are you on the pill??” I asked, not wanting to risk getting her pregnant.

“My husband thinks I am,” said Lauren with a sly smile.

I looked down at Lauren. “You sure you want to do this??”

“Yes,” she replied. “When we got here two years ago, we were planning to have a baby once we got settled. I’m ready.”

“How about him??”

He’ll come around,” said Lauren with a smile. While we were talking, she was stroking my cock, which was now leaking a steady stream of precome. She played the head around her clit, making her hips shake as the heat of my cock and drooling sperm seeping out teased it. She pulled me to her, and then the head was inside her. I pushed in about halfway, then pulled out, then pushed in again, all the way in til my balls rested on her ass. Lauren grimaced a moment as the head hit her cervix. She adjusted to my cock, then a big smile came over her face.

“What are you so happy about??” I asked.

“I’ll let you in on a little secret,” said Lauren, still smiling, her green eyes sparkling. “For months, I’ve had the biggest crush on you. I’d sit at my desk and think about your cock in me like it is now. So this is a dream come true. Besides, it’s every girl’s dream.” Lauren and I had always been friendly, flirty at times. We had an easy rapport, and got along famously. I wasn’t surprised that she had a crush on me.

“What’s that?? I asked.

“Pregnant by my crush,” Lauren said, smiling up at me.

“Is it as good as you dreamed about??”

“Better,” she said. “I love how you fill me, and your balls are so big on my ass. I just love a big pair of balls banging on my ass or my clit when I’m getting fucked. It makes me feel like the guy has a big load for me.” I pulled out, teasing her clit with the head of my dick, then went into her hard, my balls slapping on her ass. “OH!! Oh that was so good.” I pulled back and repeated, again making her hips thrust up as my cock bottomed out and my balls hit her ass hard. We were soon into a steady rhythm, Lauren meeting my every thrust, grinding her pussy into me as I plunged in and out of her increasingly wet pussy. The feeling of my balls on her and my cock hitting the entrance to her womb soon had her in a trance.

Lauren started whimpering as her arousal heightened. “Oh baby, come inside me, fill my hairy cunt with your hot seed. Make a baby in my belly.” I pushed in as deep as I could, my balls resting on her ass. The head of my cock swelling against her cervix set off her orgasm. She cried out and again in a whimpering voice, “Oh God, yes, fill me!! Flood my womb, make Konya travesti me pregnant!!” I stroked in and out of her again, this time I was ready. I let go a torrent of semen into her wanting vagina, burst after long lush burst, filling her. I could feel the come spilling back out of her, making her thighs and my balls sticky as it overflowed her. She wrapped her legs around me, holding me in even as my orgasm subsided, the last of it still seeping into her soaked pussy.

Finally, Lauren released her hold on me, and I slowly pulled out of her, my sperm immediately spilling out of her. I pushed it back in her with the head of my cock, making her squirm. “Don’t want to lose any, you’ll need every one of those little swimmers if you’re going to get pregnant.”

“I don’t think losing a few will matter much,” said Lauren with a smile. “It looks like you gave me way more than enough.” She played in her pussy with two fingers, pulling them away after she’d scooped up some of my come, and licking them. “Mmmm, and your come tastes sweet!!” Lauren sat up, moving to the edge of the bed. I moved over and sat with her.

“You sure you’re OK with this??” I asked, well aware that it was a little late for that question.

Lauren kissed me, and looked at me with a smile. “I’m more than OK with this. When I met you, I wondered what it would be like to have you inside me, blowing your load into me. After that happened, I wondered how it would feel if you got me pregnant. Hopefully I’ll find out in a few days. So far, it feels really good.”

I was caught off guard, but flattered that Lauren, an attractive young lady who could get any man’s attention, would want me to father her baby. Lauren went into the adjoining bath and got a washcloth, which she used to clean herself up some so my come wouldn’t be running down her leg from under her cheerleader uniform-not that such a thing would have been out of place at the party. As she was getting herself straightened up, I asked how she would know I was the one who made her pregnant, since these parties usually involved multiple partners.

“You’ll be the only one I let come inside me tonight,” she said, a thoughtful look coming over her. Anyone else who fucks me tonight will have to use a condom.”

“What about your husband??” I asked. “He might expect you to take him bareback.”

“True,” replied Lauren. “I guess I’ll have to figure that out when the time comes, though he sometimes likes to fuck me til he’s ready to come, then have me suck him off the rest of the way. I won’t have any trouble getting him to come in my mouth!!” Lauren finished cleaning up, and we kissed briefly before we left the room. We parted as we reached the living room, mixing with the rest of the attendees.

A while later, Donna and I caught up again. “How’d it go with Lauren?? You two have a good time??” she asked, giving me a knowing smile.

“It went very well,” I said. “We gave each other a pretty good ride. I flooded her. She was pretty insistent that I come inside her. I may have made her pregnant.”

Donna smiled and reached up to kiss me. “That’s my guy,” she said, still smiling.

“Why, what do you know that I don’t??”

“Oh, nothing,” said Donna, looking away. “Hey, I just saw Rob and Allie. They want to meet us in a little while,” she said, taking my hand in hers.

She had run into our friends Rob and Allie, a couple in their early 50’s who were regulars at our parties. Allie was an adorable little pixie, about 5’4″ with bright blue eyes, shoulder length brown hair, apple sized tits, nice ass and legs. She looked good in a short skirt. I had worked with her for about seven years, up til my retirement. I’d had an eye on her from the first day we worked together. About three years earlier, we had spent a couple of weeks in the northeast, setting up a new account for the company. We’d always been flirty, though nothing had ever come of it before then. Three days into the assignment, after a dinner at a nice place I knew, we fell into bed together, spending every night after that with each other. We played as hard as we worked, making what could have been an ordeal into a very fast two weeks. I don’t know if she ever mentioned our affair to her husband. If he was aware, he didn’t let on. I had told Donna about it after we met them at an earlier party.

Rob was tall and thin, in pretty good shape for his age. I had heard he had a long cock, not especially thick, but also that he came like a fountain. Donna had apparently heard this too, telling me she wanted to feel him coming inside her.

“Sounds good,” I said. I didn’t mind having another crack at Allie. “We’re going to share a bed??”

“Yes. We’ll be side by side. It’s a king, so we’ll have plenty of room. That will be really interesting, watching each other with someone else.” Donna seemed intrigued by the idea.

I laughed. “We can change partners in the middle of the action. We can rotate, like in volleyball.”

Donna laughed, then thought a moment. “That İzmir travesti will be fun!! But I want Rob to come in me. They say he comes like a fire hose.” Just then, Allie and Rob came up. We greeted them and headed for a bedroom. Once inside, we got started, Rob making out with Donna, I with Allie. Rob had come as a basketball player, and his excitement over getting with Donna was obvious. The head of his cock was sticking out of his shorts, and I could see the rumors were true. He was not thick, but he had to be 10″ long. I could see Donna was in for a good ride. She was sitting on the bed, stroking him as they kissed, and he was soon at full mast. Donna gave him a slow stroke, then had him stand in front of her to pull his shorts down, letting his cock stand up, and allowing us all to see his big hanging balls. She kept stroking him, her eyes fixed on his long tool. Allie and I watched, she rubbing my cock through my pants while I played my fingers under the crotch panel on her cheerleader skirt, caressing the thick patch of dark hair it was hiding.

“Damn, Allie!!” exclaimed Donna, “They weren’t kidding!! That’s one long dick!!”

Allie laughed. “Yeah, he’s a full ten inches. I should know!! Wait til he comes, Donna. You’ll think your pussy is drowning.”

Donna looked up at Rob, who was enjoying the tribute. She sucked on his cock for a minute or so, then lay back on the bed, sliding up, shrugging off her skirt as she moved up the bed, presenting her spread twat to Rob to ravage with his massive dick. She pulled Rob by the hands so he was above her, his long cock dangling down. He went to lick Donna’s pussy, but she stopped him. “I’m already so wet. I just want that thing inside me.” Allie and I watched as Donna took Rob’s cock and guided it to her slick labia, already coated from the several loads she had taken that afternoon. She put the head at her opening, and he pushed in slowly, getting about 7″ inside Donna before he met resistance. He held there, allowing her to get used to his length. She had sat up on her elbows to watch, and now her head tilted back as she felt his cock pushing on her cervix. He pulled out til we could see the head of his erection at her pussy lips. He teased her clit, making her jump, then slowly pushed inside her again, this time going all the way inside her, his hanging balls resting on her ass. Donna opened her mouth wide, but no sound came out, then her hips shook as she had a small orgasm from Rob’s cock being so deep in her. She looked at Rob as she came off it.

“Damn, that’s a lot of cock,” she said, slightly out of breath.

Rob smiled. “That’s a sweet pussy for me to put it in. I didn’t think it would be so easy to get inside you. Most girls take a little longer to get me all the way in.”

“Well, I’ve had a little warm up,” said Donna. “The secret is, you’re not my first today.”

Rob laughed and feigned disappointment. “No?? You weren’t saving yourself for me?? I’m hurt!!” We all laughed. Rob continued, “I noticed you’re pretty popular. Exactly how much warm up have you had??”

“You’ll be my eighth today. Well, ninth. One guy came in me twice. And I swallowed two. Actually, one of the two I swallowed came in my pussy too. Hope you don’t mind sloppy, um, whatever. The guys like that I let them go bareback, since we all know I’m not going to get knocked up.” Donna looked over at me with a wink. “And I love going bareback.”

“Damn, Donna!!” said Allie. “No wonder all the guys like you!! I thought I was getting doused. Tom will be my fifth. I feel like an amateur,” she said laughing.

I looked at the girls, then up at Rob. “Cheerleaders are such sluts,” I said, all of us having a good laugh.

Allie had reached into my pants and was now fondling my balls, alternating with an occasional stroke up and down my shaft. I had reached up under her sweater and was playing with her tits, making the nipples hard. She pulled my pants off and rolled me onto my back, straddling me. I pulled my hands out from her sweater, letting her nipples poke through it, an enticing sight. She pulled the front panel of her skirt aside and slowly impaled herself on my erection, letting it work between her labia til the head was inside her. She grimaced as she felt the first plunge of it spreading her, even though she was already quite slick from being spermed multiple times earlier in the party. Once inside her, I slid in to my balls, feeling them on the crotch of her skirt, and a little of her thick bush. She looked down at me, her blue eyes shining, as if to say, “welcome home.” It was nice to be back inside the pussy I had so enjoyed several years before.

As Allie rode me, I looked over at Donna, who was getting her pussy plumbed deep by Rob’s long cock. He was poking her cervix on every stroke, judging by the way Donna was bouncing and her head thrashing back and forth. I was taking a slower approach to Allie, letting her ride back and forth, holding my cock deep in her. She looked down at me. “I love your thick cock in me, I feel so full,” she said softly. “I love Rob’s, but it’s so nice to have someone different once in a while.” I looked up at her, pulling her ass down as I pushed up. I could feel her cervix, and I wanted to blast my sperm into it so she could feel my come filling her deep as my cock filled her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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