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…continued from part one: the next sound we both heard was the gate opening and Juliette walking in…

Olivia and I literally froze and immediately went bright red, ridiculously attempting to somehow cover up our naked bodies but it was utterly pointless; we were in full view.

Neither of us could speak and, even if we could, what the hell would you say?

Juliette stood there looking at us and, after having such an incredible, fantasy-driven, sexually charged experience with Olivia, the reality of what we just did was about to come crashing down around our ears and everything we knew, everything we were, was about to change. Forever.

Fifteen years of love down the shitter – destroyed, and all for the sake of sexual desire and gratification. What had felt so incredible earlier, now felt awful. I was sick to my stomach and beginning to feel angry at myself for being so weak, especially as I had earlier been feeling so strong and empowered to push my luck with Olivia and then keep it going to such a wonderful, sticky ending. What a fool.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was really only a second or two, I snapped back to reality and looked straight at Juliette as she walked towards us.

I could sense the fear in Olivia; her close friend of eighteen years, but she remained still and quiet, just a feeling of guilt and dread, anticipating the inevitable.

Juliette walked up to me, stopped and bent down with her face directly in front of my face.

She put her hand around the back of my head and kissed me on the lips, forcing her tongue into my mouth, licking my tongue and teeth in a wet, sloppy, incredibly sensual kiss that lasted about 30 seconds. She pulled away, stood up, wiped the palm of her hand across her mouth and turned to Olivia saying, “I can taste your pussy on his lips.”

Juliette took a step towards Olivia, who recoiled with a slightly terrified/worried look on her face and tears beginning to well up in her eyes. She whimpered, “I’m so sorry Jules, it was like I…” but Juliette bent down right in front of her face and kissed her firmly on the lips too, forcing her tongue into her mouth.

I have no idea whether Olivia has any lesbian tendencies or not (and I certainly didn’t know Juliette had any!) but, despite the initial shock, she responded willingly returning the kiss full-on, open-mouthed, wet and with tongues intertwining.

Maybe it was a somehow a sense of relief for Olivia; perhaps a hope that this bizarre situation with us both being kissed meant everything was ok now, but at the same time having no real idea what the fuck was really going on here.

For me, I have to say, the fear immediately switched to excitement and I could feel my cock beginning to rise again watching this unfold. I was so confused but it really was such a turn-on!

Juliette stopped kissing Olivia, stood up and said, “…and I can taste his cock on your lips.”

We were both pretty stunned by what was happening here and still we said nothing; just thinking this was some kind of twisted joke on Juliette’s part, and still expecting the worst.

Juliette turned to walk away from us, then stopped, looked back, smiled and said, “Look guys, seriously, it’s fine. I’m not stupid, I’ve always known you two had the hots for each other, I see the way you look at each other and hug just a little too long every time we meet. It was only a matter of time before you ended up fucking each other, only this time I caught you doing it.”

“But it’s ok and I’m cool with it. Nothing has changed, I need no apologies, I mean it. I still love you both dearly and I’m glad we’re in this situation because now I can join in.”

“Get some drinks will you Alex? The three of us are going to have a lot of fun later.”

With that, she turned away and walked into the house.

I just looked at Olivia, smiled in a slightly shocked way and said, “What the fuck just happened? Are you ok? Are you up for this?”

She said, “Oh – my – fucking – God, are you kidding me? This is surreal, I thought she was going to kill us both! I can’t believe what just happened. Is she serious? I mean she’s really ok with this – catching us fucking and naked and now she wants the three of us to do the same? This is just too much to take in but soooo exciting. I can feel my pussy tingling with anticipation already. Yes, yes, I’m fine and yes this is amazing, I can’t wait. If it’s real, I can’t fucking wait.”

I sat there a bit dazed for a while just staring into space and trying to process the day’s events.

After two or three minutes, I put my shorts back on, gave Olivia a long, deep tongue-licking kiss and then went in the house, initially just to make some drinks as Juliette suggested.

Then I thought no, I really can’t ignore his; I have to go and talk to Juliette first to find out what the hell’s really going on. I have no idea if she meant what she said and that she really is up for Escort bayan a three-way romp, or if she’s in the bedroom loading a gun. As I walked through the house I could hear the shower running so I went into the bathroom and gingerly pulled-back the shower curtain over the bath.

Juliette was standing under the shower with one foot up on the side of the bath… full-on masturbating. She had her flat-ended vibrator pressed up against her clit and two fingers from her other hand buried deep inside her pussy. She looked at me and said, “Don’t say anything you bastard, just finger me and make me cum now.”

She pulled her fingers out and put them straight into my mouth as I rubbed my left hand over her pussy and eased two fingers between her lips and deep inside her. I sucked on her fingers, tasting her pussy as I finger-fucked her and she increased the pressure of the vibrator on her clit. I reached round with my right hand and pressed against her bum to add pressure to her clit on the vibrator and I let my middle finger slide between her cheeks, just nestling on her anus.

As she started to cum and her body was twitching she said quietly, “Tell me about Livvy; Is her pussy wet and sweet? Does it taste really good? Did you suck her clit really hard? Tell me you fingered her asshole while you sucked her clit, is she tight? Did she suck your cock and make you cum in her mouth? Did she?”

Before I answered she said, “later on I really want you to fuck me hard while Olivia is sitting on my face, do you hear me? I want you to finger me and fuck me till I cum again and again and I want to push my tongue deep inside her pussy until she cums all over my face. I want to taste her sweet pussy like you did.”

I couldn’t believe what Juliette was saying or the language she was using as I’d never heard her talk like this, but then I guess she’d never caught me fucking her best friend before and had the opportunity to express her own fantasy!

It was such a turn-on and, as I replied, it was clearly having an effect on her as she came, really hard, literally shuddering and convulsing as the water from the shower cascaded over her body. She relaxed and regained her composure, standing up and leaning back into the shower while pushing her hair back with her face under the raining water. She looked amazing and so fucking sexy.

I had to ask her – I said, “How come you’re ok with all this J? I mean seriously, what’s going on? I thought you would go berserk when you found us. Honestly, I’m so sorry. She came round early, we had a couple of drinks and I went over the office. When I came back out she was sunbathing stark naked and I just got completely carried away and…”

She stopped me, putting her fingers across my lips, and said, “Alex, it’s ok. I don’t know why, but it just is. Believe it or not I find Livvy as sexy and horny as you do, I always have – I’m not a lesbian but she’s gorgeous and for some reason I’ve always wanted to know what it’d be like to fuck her.”

“When we were both single I spent many a long, drunken evening out with her and, when she gets properly pissed, she’s virtually incapable of looking after herself. It can be pretty embarrassing and there have been many times that I’ve taken her home, stripped her naked, even given her a wash-down and then put her to bed. You know what it’s like when you’re drunk, she just sprawled out on the bed, arms and legs everywhere laying on her back. I would stand there looking at her, just staring at her amazing body and her pussy. Once or twice I’ve stroked her body while she slept, running my hands over her breasts and even up her inner thighs and over her pussy. I really wanted to take advantage of her finger her and lick her pussy but I just never have. Well, maybe once, a bit, but that’s another story.”

“It wasn’t that I was worried about what she’d think if she knew what I’d done to her as she’d always gets so completely pissed that she’d never remember what happened the night before anyway! But the fantasy was always there and still is, maybe even more so because of how fit she is and because of you.”

“I know you really fancy her, I see how you look at her slim, tight body in her slinky dresses. I see how you casually hold her hands or stroke her feet at any opportunity – in fairness she does have very sexy feet – and I hear how you talk about her, even though you try not to let-on how much you fancy her.”

“Obviously she’s married now but we both know their sex life is already non-existent and, given her appetite for sex – she used to fuck for England! – that will be driving her absolutely crazy. It’s the reason she threw herself into getting seriously fit with running, swimming, triathlons and all that stuff, to kind-of take her mind off it. Now she’s toned and tanned and more fucking sexy than ever, and I know she likes you – I mean really likes you, she always has, so I’m not surprised that you ended up fucking each other.”

“For Bayan Escort some reason, I have no idea why, but I find that a real turn on and I love the fact that she wants to fuck you. In fact I’ve always had this fantasy about watching you two together, y’know, like you tie her down, strip her naked, massage her from head to toe, finger her and fuck her senseless, right there on the floor in front of me while I watch.”

Juliette took a deep breath and said, “Anyway… I’m getting carried away. I’m serious Alex and I meant every word earlier. It’s weird but all good and now it’s all out in the open now so the three of us are going to have some really dirty fun later and in the future. Trust me, Olivia might have seemed shocked but she will be absolutely gagging for this to happen – probably more than I am. You forget how long I’ve known her and I know exactly how she thinks, what turns her on and what gets her juices flowing. I bet she’s out there on the lounger now, still naked and playing with her clit just thinking about what you two did together and what she wants to happen later.”

“So, no more talk, let’s get some drinks down us so we can all get a bit pissed and get naked again – and then just see where the evening takes us, shall we?”

“Now, do me a favour – go and get me a fucking drink before I die of thirst!”

We kissed again and I left her to sort herself out while I made some more G&Ts.

Outside, Olivia may well have been masturbating but she’d put her bikini back on and when Juliette came out we sat around on the loungers chatting about nothing really.

The first of the G more as a nervous response to being out there together than anything else I imagine. Not surprisingly it did feel a bit awkward to start with and we talked about anything except the elephant in the room, even though it was definitely the ONLY thing we were all thinking about.

It was quite weird but it helped that it was still so hot and sunny as it’s always ‘ok’ to lie back and shut your eyes when you’re sunbathing, so the easy, long silences brought some relief to the weirdness but I guess in doing so it also gave us all the chance for our thoughts to secretly run wild and think about what we were going to do.

By the time we’d had a couple more drinks over the next hour or so the girls were certainly relaxing more and becoming less self-conscious – much more like their natural selves; laying flat on the loungers, hands above their heads, stretched out, legs slightly apart. Such a great look; bodies glistening in the sun, and so sexy. It was quite easy for me to watch them both without them realising as I was staring at the thin bikini material being pulled tight into their crotches as they shuffled down the loungers. I did have my knee bent to hide the bulge in my shorts though.

Eventually I got up to make another drink, quickly turning away from them to hide my relentless boner. It seemed an odd reaction though, considering what Olivia and I had been up to earlier; the conversations I’d had with both of them and the anticipation of what might happen later but it just didn’t feel right to be brazen about it, not yet.

By the time I came back out with the drinks my hard-on had subsided to more of a semi. I stood beside Juliette to hand her drink to her and she sat-up on the lounger. Instead of taking her drink, she grabbed my cock over my shorts with one hand and cupped my balls with the other. I immediately went hard again and she used both hands to flatten my shorts into my groin either side, clearly revealing the shape and size of my erection. She looked across at Olivia and said, “I dunno about you darlin’ but this is making me hungry.” Olivia smiled and replied “I do like a nice sausage.” They both giggled like little girls.

Anyway, I handed them their drinks and decided to go and catch-up the work I’d meant to do earlier. To be perfectly honest I was in no fit state to be driving a computer but I thought it might give the girls a chance to clear the air a bit more without me being there.

I disappeared into our home-office which overlooks the garden and I could hear the two of them talking, giggling and laughing. As bizarre, and somewhat unbelievable as this situation had turned-out to be, I was so glad they were still good friends as it all could have been so very different. I was thinking I was probably one of the luckiest men alive and still couldn’t quite get my head around how this had turned out to be ok with Juliette.

If I’m honest I was feeling really embarrassed and ashamed as it was sheer, unadulterated cheating, and Juliette’s incredible response didn’t actually change that fact. The alcohol wasn’t helping me as I sunk deeper into self pity and I couldn’t help thinking that once the weekend was over and Olivia had gone, this might all take on a different stance.

However, at the same time, I was revelling in how unbelievable this fantasy-come-to-life Escort situation was – it’s the type of thing most men can only ever dream of happening and I was actually living it. Clearly, the only thing to do was to put the possible repercussions to the back of my mind and get on with having the time of my fucking life in what might be the only ever opportunity I get to do that.

I sat back and continued listening to the girls. After about ten minutes the chatting went quiet and I heard Olivia say “mmm, that feels so good.”

Carefully looking out the office window I saw, to my absolute delight, that Olivia had now removed her bikini top and was lying on her back, stretched out full length on the sun lounger wearing only her tiny g-string – and Juliette was massaging suntan oil onto Olivia’s legs.

She poured the oil directly onto Olivia’s instep and began to massage it all over her lovely tanned feet and in between her toes and the soles of her feet. Olivia sighed, stretched her arms out above her head and opened her legs slightly, bending her knees a little. Juliette continued to massage the oil up over Olivia’s knees, all over both thighs and then right up to her groin. She stopped and poured some more oil onto her legs, trailing a line of oil up her left thigh right over the soaked triangle of her g-string and down her right thigh to the other foot.

Olivia began to arch her back slightly and gyrate her hips as Juliette began to smooth the oil into her groin and around the leg seam of her g-string triangle, down and right across the underside of her crotch and up around the other side. Olivia bent her knees, with the soles of her feet together and her knees flat on the lounger so her legs were wide apart.

Juliette placed the palm of her hand flat onto Olivia’s pussy, pressing gently and making a small circling motion making Olivia take a sharp breath. The pussy-massage continued for a while with Olivia arching her back and forcing her pussy hard against Juliette’s hand, breathing quite heavily and squirming about.

Then it went one stage further – without saying a word Juliette tugged at the tie of her g-string to release the knot, pulled the material to one side completely exposing Olivia’s shaved pussy and said, “Oh now that’s better.”

Gently she touched Olivia’s puffy lips running her fingers up and down them just teasing her pussy. Then she eased just the tip of her thumb just inside the entrance of her pussy, sliding her thumb up and down the length of her slit. Juliette rubbed around the outside of Olivia’s pussy, pulling her lips from side to side, then slowly pushed her thumb inside, right up to her knuckle.

Olivia let out a little sharp cry and then a long sigh, “Oooh God that’s good,” she said. She began lifting herself off the lounger spreading her legs as wide as she could and trying to muffle the moans as Juliette pulled her thumb out and then slid it deep inside again, massaging Olivia’s clit with the palm of her hand at the same time.

I could just about hear the gorgeous squelching noises of Olivia’s juicy pussy as Juliette fucked her with her thumb. She quickened the pace to bring Olivia to orgasm, her body flopping back down on the lounger and I watched as Juliette put her thumb into her mouth to suck Olivia’s pussy juice from it. She then leaned forward and they kissed – a full on, open mouthed, deep wet kiss, tongues intertwining.

Juliette said, “I’m going in for a shower,” and got up and walked back into the house. Olivia laid there, legs wide apart, stroking her open pussy, running her fingers up and down her lips and gently teasing her clit as she closed her eyes.

She stretched out one last time then got up and went into the house, still naked. We all showered and got dressed. Olivia wore a short, white cotton dress and Juliette wore loose fitting short and a bra top – just as little as possible, given the warm weather.

Late afternoon became evening and evening became late. We’d had a meal, drunk a bottle or two of wine and all kinda stayed pretty chilled and quite drunk as we sat around just talking about nothing and listening to music.

As the evening wore on, Juliette was curled-up half asleep in the armchair, while Olivia was on the sofa directly opposite me and had slid-down so she was half-sitting on the edge of the seat with her bare feet towards me and her legs slightly apart. As she’d been moving around reaching for her drink and so on, her dress had ridden-up almost to the top of her thighs and I suddenly realised, in the low light that for her, ‘dressing in as little as possible’ meant wearing no knickers! I know she was doing this for my benefit but I was sort-of trying not to make it too obvious that I was looking up her dress and staring at her pussy, but she was trying to make her dress ride up even more, so that I would look.

This was about as blatant as it could be and was clearly a signal that Olivia was desperate to get the party started again. My cock was on fire, so I was so ready and I just wanted to go over and bury my face into her pussy – I just didn’t want to push my luck just yet as I felt Juliette should be the one to give the all clear, so to speak.

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