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It actually happened on Valentine’s Day, which took me by surprise me as I have never been over fond of that particular date, mainly because it reminded me that I was 34 years old and single.

Unlike most of my colleagues I didn’t get flowers, chocolates and romantic heart shaped cards from a loved one or a stranger intent on wooing me from a distance.

I wished that Valentine’s Day had fallen on my day off, and then I wouldn’t have to put up with the squeals of delight from my female counterparts as flowers were delivered where I work and boyfriends popped into the office with chocolate kisses and soppy romantic messages.

The only satisfaction I felt was when it started to rain. And I mean rain. It absolutely poured down, like God had turned on the heavenly taps and then gone to bed and forgotten all about them.

I immediately felt guilty about being so mean minded. Girls wailed to each other that their evening out with their beloveds would be spoilt if the weather didn’t improve soon.

I work by the way at a Police Station as a civilian support member of staff.

There has always been a divide between those who are Police Officers and those who are support staff, money is the biggest difference, our pay is crap, but at least we have job security.

However we are allowed to do flexi-time and this was something I did regularly. I get more done when the office is empty and also I get left alone.

I was on good terms with most people in the Station I worked in, Police and fellow support staff but I wouldn’t say I was close to anyone in particular.

I did have a fairly good rapport with one quiet young Detective Constable who had a desk in CID which was next door to where I worked in Administration.

His name was Tris, and he was some six years younger than me, so I didn’t see him as anything other than a casual friend from work who liked to chat to me by my desk when he got the chance.

He also liked to work after office hours too, he liked it when the phones stopped ringing and went onto answer phone and the thoroughfare of people coming in and out of the swinging office doors slid down to a non-existent trickle.

By the time it was evening it was an absolute hurricane outside and I watched with an aching envy in my heart as my female colleagues struggled to hold up their umbrellas as they rushed home to get ready for a romantic evening out or in, depending on their partner, spouse or boyfriend.

The rain was flinging itself from the heavens in a constant tidal wave of icy cold water, the wind was blowing a gale and there were occasional cracks of thunder and flashes of lightning in the sky.

I walk to and from work so I was hoping the weather would lessen off but it didn’t, in fact it got worse. I sat by my computer and stared through the window, watching the rain lash down, and the wind rip its way through the deserted streets below.

As I watched the rain falling forcefully from the sky, I was acutely aware that my colleagues would probably be spending a night of passion in the arms of their lovers and this made me feel very hot and bothered.

My crotch throbbed, a low dull ache, not unpleasant but it made me squirm on my leather chair. I felt the dampness in my knickers, moist, stick and hot.

I licked my lips and found myself pushing my hand between my skirted legs, pressing against my cup of Venus, slowly rubbing back and forth as my eyes took in the glory of evening storm before me.

This friction helped ease the ache and I moaned softly, aware that if I wasn’t very careful I would end up masturbating myself to a climax. Not a good thing to do in a Police Station, not even one that is practically empty of personnel.

“It’s going to last all night you know,” the voice made me jump, my hand shot away from my crotch and I tried not to look too hot and flustered; “Some Valentine’s evening, huh?”

I hadn’t been aware that Tris had entered the office. I thought I was the only one left in my section.

I turned, hoping I wasn’t blushing but he just he smiled at me from where he was standing a few feet away, hands in his trousers pockets, leaning against a metal filing cabinet.

If I didn’t know any better I would have said he had been watching me for quite some time, the thought horrified me, had he seen me rubbing my crotch, heard my moan? Oh God, I hoped not.

Nothing he said or did though gave me that impression and I slowly relaxed. I was just being paranoid, that was what working in a police station does for you.

Tris was a freckled faced young man who looked a lot younger than his 27 years. He had soft grey eyes and a friendly good natured smile. His short hair sandy brown hair was spiked up with gel to give it more body.

He was tall too, just over six foot tall, and he had long slender hands, with a piano player’s fingers. Like all Detective Constables he was smartly dressed in civilian clothes, he had a liking for pastel coloured shirts with crisp collars and cuffs. I never saw him without a tie and aydınlı escort his trousers never lacked a neat crease in them.

“Great!” I said finally in response to Tris’ words of doom, “Just what I need, a night at the nick! Well at least it is only Valentine’s day and not bloody Christmas!”

“It will be uncomfortable sleeping at your desk,” Tris observed, “But I don’t blame you, I’m not leaving until it calms down, it’s like a blooming tornado out there!”

“Not taking anyone out for rainbow and roses?” I asked him my eyes wandering around the office which was littered with flowers and cards some of my colleagues had left behind on their desks.

“Nope,” he said easily, “It’s just me and an egg salad when I get home, whenever that will be that is!”

I laughed as I logged off my computer and switched it off at the mains.

“I think I’ll go down to the old bell block,” I said taking him by surprise, “Might as well be comfortable if I have to stay here for the night!”

Only three months ago our old cell block had been moved to a brand new custody suite across town and the old one under the Police Station closed up until it was to be renovated in six months time. It would become new offices for the Police Station. But until then it was being used for storage.

“You won’t be comfortable down there!” Tris exclaimed and I laughed again.

“Oh yes I will,” I assured him with a smile, “There are some brand new mattresses and blankets down there that haven’t been sent over to the new suite, plus the kitchen is still functioning, the fridge is still on, and there is a microwave and kettle, not to mention an old radio that some Officer left behind, I will be very comfortable thank you very much!”

“It’s locked,” Tris pointed out.

I reached into my office drawer and pulled out a bunch of keys and jangled them.

“I’m doing the stock taking down there,” I said, “Perks of the job!”

He laughed then.

“Can I join you for a Valentine cup of hot tea then?” he asked and I smiled.

Why on earth not, I thought? After all it was Valentine’s Day or rather what was left of it and I hadn’t had any better offers had I?

“Sure,” I said and a few minutes later we had both gathered up our belongings and had headed down three flights of stairs to the now defunct custody block.

The heating was still on in the old block. Maintenance had yet to find a way to turn it off so it was warm when I unlocked the heavy metal door that led into the long drab badly painted corridor that made up the basement cells.

“You have the right to remain silent…” Tris said with a dead pan face as I banged the door shut behind us and locked it. I laughed and shook my head in amusement.

“Idiot,” I said.

He followed me to the room with the mattresses and blankets which happened to be next to the kitchen. There were six new three foot wide prison mattresses of which I dragged three out, stacked on top of each other with Tris’ help in order to make a sort of sofa bed, with the other three being used to lean on when you sat down.

I went to make us some tea. As I was down in the old cells regularly doing the last of the stock taking it was easy to keep tea, sugar, milk and biscuits for myself in the still functioning kitchen.

Tris was leaning against the makeshift headboard of the sofa bed. He had taken his off tie and tossed it to one side, unbuttoned his shirt and his eyes were closed and his breathing relaxed and steady. I nudged him gently with my foot as I was carrying two mugs of steaming tea.

His eyes shot open, and for a second he was startled, then he saw who it was and his face relaxed into a good natured smile.

“Thanks Shoni,” he said and took the proffered drink from my hand and sipped it appreciatively.

I sat beside, leaving a wide enough gap between us so we weren’t invading each other’s space.

I glanced at my watch; it was half past seven, even in the depths of the old cells I could still hear the drumming of water thrashing against the walls outside. The storm outside was unabated.

“You’re going to have a hell of a drive back home whatever time you leave I think,” I observed.

“Yeah,” he said and closed his eyes again, resting his half drunk mug of tea on his chest.

I felt a little guilty; I was trying to get rid of him. Though I didn’t mind him having a cup of tea with me, what I really wanted to do was settle down on the built up mattress, with a couple of blankets over me, the radio on in the background, and read the book I always kept in my handbag to wile away a few hours before I finally fell asleep.

I would use my mobile phone as an alarm clock and in the morning I could make use of the old cell showers for a quick wash before returning to work, no one any the wiser that I had stayed behind at the Station for the night.

We drank our tea in silence, I’m not a real good conversationalist, I’m more of a thinker really, I like to mull over things, work bağdat caddesi escort things out in my head. A lot of the time when I am working with Police Officers, typing their letters, taking their messages, doing basic statements for victims and witnesses of crime,

I often find myself wondering why certain questions haven’t been asked, or why a Police Officer hasn’t looked at something that on the surface appears mundane but deep down I know is important.

Of course I never voiced these opinions, anyway it wasn’t my job and I wasn’t paid to ask questions, it wouldn’t be appreciated anyway; I was smart enough to know that.

I felt I should try and make light conversation with Tris before I dropped really big hints about him thinking about heading off home. He had a car, I didn’t so when the weather got a bit better he would be able to drive home safely, I would be better off staying where I was.

I racked my brains to think what we could talk about but to be honest I didn’t really want to talk. I was just beginning to feel a little uncomfortable when Tris suddenly spoke. He raised his head, opened one eye and looked at me squarely in a quizzical manner.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” his question took me totally by surprised. I blinked.

“No,” I said shortly and perhaps a little sharply.

“Sorry,” he realised quickly he had hit a nerve.

I shrugged my shoulders and then tried to make light of his question, “Well I’m not exactly Claudia Shiffer, am I?”

“Don’t put yourself down,” he said being sharp now.

“I’m not,” I said bluntly, “I’m just being honest.”

And I was being honest. I am a very plain person, short slightly wavy black hair, a round face, huge dark eyes, dimples in my cheeks, short in stature, just five foot four tall, with a plump curvy body. I wasn’t fat but nor was I a slender leggy blonde that all men seemed to prefer.

I didn’t dress to impress, at least not my external clothes. I was wearing a plain pinstripe skirt and a well washed faded cotton blouse. I hated stockings, so I very rarely wore them even in awful weather.

Luckily I have nice shaped legs which don’t need to be hidden by nylons, there’s something to be said for a person who tans naturally is all I can say!

I did have a secret wicked streak though, I wore thongs and my bras were made of delicate but good quality lilac lace, I did have great boobs but you can’t show them off too much when you work for the police can you?

“You undervalue yourself,” Tris said disapprovingly.

I laughed then, I was both amused and annoyed at the same time.

“Get real Tris,” I said surprised I was being so open, “This is a man’s world, women like me don’t have boyfriends, we have sex, we get shagged, but we don’t have boyfriends, they’re too busy trying to get off with those girls who will look good on their arms.”

I had said too much. Tris was staring at me, a curious expression on his face. Was he embarrassed, instinct told he wasn’t, but I was beginning to feel embarrassed even if he wasn’t.

“Well,” I said exhaling loudly, “That is how it is; do you want another cup of tea?”

I held out my hand for his empty cup but he didn’t give it to me, instead he put it on the floor and then he shocked the hell out of me by leaning over, his hand reaching behind my head and pulling my face to his and kissing me. It was a long soft, sweet, warm kiss that totally took my breath away.

I was so startled I didn’t react when he finally pulled away from me. My mouth tingled, my lips were flavoured with hot tea and mint and I could still taste his tongue in my mouth, soft, wet and hot.

I wanted to be outraged, I wanted to want to slap his face but I couldn’t, because I had kissed him back, more out of instinct I guess, or perhaps because he had so shocked me I didn’t know how else to react.

“Whoa!” I said and I held up my hands, pulling back, confused by the heavy thudding of my heart in my chest, “Let’s not go here, Tris.”

“Why not?”

He was asking me why not? Was the man the Police Village idiot?

“There’s one thing I’ve learnt in my life is, you don’t fuck your colleagues, it just brings you whole heap of grief and I can do without that sort of grief thank you very much.”

“You talk from experience?” Tris said smiling at me as he stroked my cheek with a long and slender finger.

“I talk from other people’s experience,” I said coldly pulling back, trying not to shiver, his touch aroused me despite the harshness of my words, “You better go Tris, I’ve got a book I want to read.”

What I really wanted to do had nothing to do with reading books, I was thinking about what day it was.

Bloody Valentine’s Day and I was stuck in an obsolete cell block with a Police Officer who wanted to get into my knickers and what was even worse was I wanted him to get into my knickers!

He started to get up, I almost sighed with relief but then he was right beside me, his mouth bostancı escort was on mine again, this time pushing against mine more urgently, his tongue probing between my lips, his hands sliding down my arms to the crumple pale blueness of my blouse.

His fingers easily flicked open the buttons and I cried out as two warm hands slid under my lacy bra cups and his palms rolled my hot and over heated mounds of flesh with steady even strokes, fingers pulling at my nipples, tweaking, tugging, squeezing at them.

“Stop it Tris!” I gurgled pulling back but it was too late, he was pushing my lacy bra over my breasts and before I could wail out another protest, his head had descended and my whole body went into spasms of pure pleasure as his mouth found a rosebud nipple and his lips covered it, sucking, licking, stroking the straining hot buds of tender flesh.

His hands slid down to my hips, feeling my body quivering, knowing that he was arousing me.

I had to get control of myself, I had too!

I finally managed to push him from my heaving breasts.

I opened my mouth to tell him he had to leave but he was kissing me again, I groaned, closing my eyes, letting him kiss the side of my lips, his tongue moving across my lips, leaving a trail of silver wetness against my skin.

“I want you,” he whispered softly, his breath was warm against my heated flesh, kissing the inside of my ear, biting gently on the fleshy sensitive part of my lobe, “Don’t think I didn’t see you rubbing yourself in the office, I almost came there and then, God, it was so sexy!”

I almost died there and then with this revelation. He had seen me! Oh bloody hell, blood rushed to my cheeks, but mingled with this was a feeling of elation, he had been watching me and it had turned him on!

Tris caught one of my hands in his and drew it down to his crotch, and a little cry escaped from my lips. He was hard, straining against his trousers. My fingers spread out like a piano player trying to span an octave over the solid wall of flesh that was constrained only by thin pieces of fabric.

“Do the same to me,” he whispered, “Rub me in the same way…”

I desperately wanted to comply, I wanted to feel more of that wonderful hardness under my fingers, I wanted to tug down the zip on his trousers and let my hand slide deep into his boxer shorts and grasp the pulsating warmth that I knew was there waiting for me.

I took a long deep breath, I would resist, I would…oh God please let me resist…..

“Tris…!” I began trying to get my breath back and then I heard a sharp click of metal and something smooth and cold snapped onto my left wrist making me cry out in surprise.

Tris was smiling wickedly at me; he had somehow pulled his handcuffs out of his back trouser pocket without me noticing and snapped one rounded metal end onto one of my wrists locking it instantly before I could yank my hand away, the other part of the handcuff was around his wrist and I heard the grating sound of metal meeting metal as it locked shut.

We were handcuffed together!

“Tris you haven’t…” I shouted in horror when realisation of what he had done sank home, “Oh God, where’s the bloody key? I don’t believe this!”

Tris held his free hand up, holding the small metal handcuff key between his finger and thumb so I could see it.

“Give it me!” I cried trying to grab it from him. He moved his body, pulling me toward him, I fell against him unable to resist because one of my hands was locked to his.

“Let’s play hide and seek,” he said with a wicked and sexy smile on his lips and then the precious key was being pushed deftly down the front of his trousers and into his boxer shorts.

“Oh bloody hell!” I heard myself say but my words were cut off with yet another hot kiss and with his free hand he was drawing my hand once again to his crotch.

“If you can find it,” he said teasingly his breath increasing as my fingers instinctively and desperately moved over his crotch, “You can have it.”

I had to find that key! Oh God, the thought of having to go upstairs to the front office and get someone to unlock them… everyone would know what we had been up to, even if we didn’t do anything! I’d never live it down.

I had no choice, I tugged desperately at Tris’ trouser zip, unable to swear or curse because Tris was kissing me again and despite being angry, I was also turned on and beginning to sweat.

The zip came down with the trousers which I had to tug at so that they slid over his hips. I was unable to avoid looking at the swelling in his pants. Oh God, he was bloody huge! My hands fumbled with his boxer shorts, he was damp and hot to the touch, like me I thought with a groan, I could feel my own juices rising in my crotch, my knickers would be saturated soon if I didn’t try and hold out!

“You bastard,” I spluttered trying to get my free hand under one of the legs of his boxer shorts to see if I could locate then elusive key but he was leaning into me and with the weight of his body, forcing me back onto the mattress, with him on top of me I couldn’t fight him all that much; we were bloody well locked together at the wrist!

My free hand was suddenly cupping the throbbing shaft of his cock, I felt the silky brush of his pubic hair, the swell of his balls, hot and pulsating, and he began to move his hips back and forth, pushing not only against my hand but my crotch too.

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