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WARNING – This is a wife sharing story with male bisexuality.

Thomas paid the tab and the trio playfully smiled at each other as they finished their drinks and made their way out the door. Lynne smacked them both on the ass as she strutted past them eagerly heading to the car. The locks on the doors barked out as Thomas hit the button on the key fob. Lynne bouncing on her heels opened the back door, while using her seductively soft and bratty voice, “Can Chuck ride back here with me, baby?” Thomas could never say no to her when she was like that, and she knew it. The three made their way into the car, Thomas immediately began adjusting the rear-view mirror so he could see the inevitable show that was about to be put on. He no sooner placed the vehicle in reverse when Lynne leaned over and unzipped Chucks pants. A loud car horn blared from behind as Thomas slammed his foot on the brake. Lynne looked at Thomas in the rear-view and laughed out loud while continuing to free Chuck from his jeans.

The drive to the house wasn’t long at all. It was long enough however, for Lynne to get Chuck’s large member fully at attention as she methodically worked her mouth and hands. Every few minutes checking the rear-view to see if Thomas was enjoying the show. The streetlights would shine in the car and illuminate her face for Thomas. Her hair lightly falling to the sides, creating a mysterious veil, shading the view of her deed slightly. Chuck’s hand laid flat against the back of Lynne’s head as if guiding her up and down. Lynne let the noises of suction and saliva echo throughout the car, exaggerating every sound so that Thomas was sure to hear them. Thomas could see Chuck raising his hips slightly while applying pressure to back of Lynne’s head, trying to get his large cock into the back of her throat. Lynne gasped loudly when she was released and sat up smiling. “Baby, Chuck is choking me with his large cock,” Lynne once again using her bratty voice as she grinned into the mirror. “What are you going to do about it?” she wiped her chin as she teased. Thomas only smiled at her, he knew his wife loved the attention. Lynne coyly leaned toward her husband kissing his neck while reaching between his legs. He was as hard as ever, that was all she needed to know. She kissed Thomas a few more times on the neck while rubbing him over his pants, before retreating to the back seat once again.

Thomas could hear Lynne gasping for air every few seconds and Chuck giving approving grunts as he jerked his hips and pushed her head down further onto himself. The brakes of the car gave a pathetic screech as they pulled into the drive. Thomas, expecting his passengers to acknowledge their arrival, unbuckled his seat belt and turned. Chuck spoke to Thomas directly, “This slut is going to make me cum.” Lynne started moving faster, “that’s what you want right slut? You want to make me cum?” Chuck looked Thomas in the eyes as he pushed Lynne’s head down one final time. His words only turning her on more. Holding her tightly in place he started grunting and shaking in his seat. His orgasm was quick and powerful as he unleashed it as far down her throat as physically possible. Thomas could hear Lynne struggling to swallow the massive load. The loud and carnivorous gulping sound she was making seemed eager and ravenous. Failing to consume it all, Lynne sprung upright gasping and choking, spit and cum dripping from her mouth and chin as she tried to catch her breath. She leaned forward and kissed Thomas passionately; her lips salty and soaked.

Lynne let out a breathy moan, “let’s go inside please,” and everyone in the car slowly started collecting themselves. Once the group had gained their composure, they exited the vehicle and walked into the house. The front door swung shut behind and Thomas secured the lock. He turned to see Lynne walking to the Livingroom, “I am going to play some music, you guys…” she looked them both up and down, “make yourselves comfortable,” a toying giggle followed her good-bye as she disappeared around the corner.

The two men stood in the door way for a few seconds. Thomas gave a cheeky smile at Chuck as he shrugged his shoulders and started off toward the living room. As they turned the corner, there was Lynne, swaying her hips at the casino şirketleri start of the first song wearing only her panties. She kept her back to the men as they made their way to couch and sat, swaying her hips in rhythm with the slow beat. Thomas, feeling very excited after the drive here, started undoing his trousers and letting his thickness rest against his exposed upper thigh. As though she could sense his unrestricted eagerness, Lynne turned and walked seductively over to her husband and knelt between the men. Still swaying to the beat, she took Thomas with her left hand and tenderly started stroking and playing, while using her other hand to once again free Chuck from his jeans. Her hair covered her face as her neck rolled to the song. She caressed the men with each hand while slow dancing on her knees.

She felt both he men harden in her grasp as she enticingly guided their blood flow. The first song ended, she flipped her hair back out of her face, and gave them both a sexy smile. With one hand still rubbing Chuck, she delicately started licking the tip of her husband. Her tongue manipulating itself up, down and around his sensitive flesh and after two or three laps around the track, she would slowly let him slide into her mouth. Her pace picked up considerably as the next song got more intense. It wasn’t long before she stopped touching chuck completely and lost herself in pleasing her husband. Chuck feeding off her new enthusiasm reached down and used his long fingers to spread Lynne open. He navigated his hand around every inch of her valley before dipping two of his fingers inside.

Thomas gathered strands of loose hair from the sides of Lynne’s busy face with both hands and pinned them behind her head. Knowing that she was being watched closely and having a rush from Chucks intruding fingers, she worked her husband with everything she had. Chuck was matching Lynne’s momentum with his fingers as she devoured her husband. She knew Thomas was on the edge when he tightened his grip on the handful of hair he had pinned together. His waste tightened as he let out a long exhale and pulled her head up and back making it impossible for her mouth to reach him. Dedicated to getting her reward Lynne slipped her hand up and down Thomas who was slick from saliva. Thomas, pulling her hair back so that her chin was protruding forward, and her head was tilted upward, leaned forward slightly as he unloaded his pleasure onto her beautiful face. Lynne exhaled a satisfied moan as the warm drops from her husband landed around and on her lips. Almost on the verge of climax herself she bucked her ass a few times as Chuck continued to fuck her with his hand. Licking her lips and still massaging her husband she gave one final push of herself further onto Chucks hand and shuttered.

Chuck, harder than ever and not giving Lynne a break, snatched her up off her knees and placed her on his lap. He put her facing forward so that they were looking in the same direction. Her legs straddling his, he almost effortlessly spread her open and vanished eight inches deep inside her. The look on her face, still reeling from orgasm, was void of logic and reason. She was whatever they wanted her to be, she was completely theirs for the taking. Chuck clasped his hands on her breasts from behind as he leaned back on the couch taking her with him. Clutching her soft chest, he surged himself back and forth in her dripping and exposed midsection. Lynne, seeing Thomas looking at her from the corner of her eye, tried to focus on her husbands face while being taken from beneath. The adrenaline and endorphins consuming every cell in her body made it hard to focus. She could tell he was smiling in appreciation, and as if on auto pilot, she grabbed his head and pulled him closer to her.

Thomas not resisting his wife, as if he ever could, allowed himself to be pulled over toward her. She cradled his head against her lower stomach and pressed firmly. Thomas, being inches away, could see his wife’s fluids glisten off Chuck’s shaft as he continuously advanced and withdrew. Lynne nudged Thomas’s head toward her currently occupied entrance and as he arrived, he immediately started kissing her wetness. Thomas didn’t attempt to retreat, but Lynne kept her hand on the back casino firmaları of his head anyway. Thomas’s tongue danced along her upper edges while Chuck smoothly glided back and forth less than an inch away. Mid thrust, at the same moment Chuck started to recede, Lynne shifted herself slightly and Chuck fully exited her warmth and pushed up between her folds and into Thomas’s open mouth.

The sudden change and awkward event shook Thomas causing him to flinch and as he attempted to lift his head away from the hard flesh in his mouth. Lynne, applying more pressure on his head and wanting him to stay where he was, finally spoke up as Chuck continued to throttle back and forth. “Oh baby, please. Please do it for me,” her words washed over him as his mind was bolting around at the speed of light. While lost in confusion and internal debate he relaxed as her hand loving started playing with his hair. He knew this would really turn Lynne on and he loved turning her on. He could taste his wife every time Chuck landed on to his tongue. The man felt strange as his girth filled Thomas’s mouth and stretched his skin as it entered. Thomas surrendered to the situation and grabbed Chuck’s base with his hand and started sucking the best he could. He allowed several thrusts into his virgin mouth before removing the man and assisting him back into his wife.

Lynne was getting more turned on than she’d ever been before. Her orgasm as Chuck re-entered and started going deep was quiet but robust. Her fluids came flooding around Chucks balls and onto the couch. Thomas seeing how excited that made his wife, quickly hopped off the couch and knelt between both sets of legs. He lustfully started lapping up every bit of Lynne that he could. He could feel her folds swelling as he licked completely around the man inside her. No longer afraid for his lips or tongue brushing against Chuck’s shaft, Thomas worked them both from every angle. Getting lost in Lynne’s excitement Thomas grabbed chucks base while he traced the outline of where Lynne ended, and Chuck began with his tongue. Thomas looked up at his wife, once she had made eye contact him, he removed the man from her and took him inside his mouth. Her eyes lit up with excitement as she watched her husband bob up and down between her legs while staring into her eyes.

Thomas, doing the his best to handle the hardness in his mouth, watched his wife lean her head back and whisper in Chuck’s ear. A nervous and uneasy feeling swarmed over him as they both looked down at him and smiled. Chuck pulled out of Thomas’s mouth and maneuvered himself out from under Lynne as she sank down on the couch where he had been. Thomas still on his knees between Lynne’s legs was confused and unsure. “It’s ok baby,” she said, as she scooted her ass to the edge of the couch closer to his mouth. Somehow relieved at the new situation, Thomas wrapped his arms around her waist and dove his face into her pulsing wetness once again. “Baby, you have to promise you’re going to let this happen. I want you to enjoy it, so you need to relax.” Her voice was soft and confident. “Just please, please, please just try it for me, ok?” her tone was almost begging and pleading with Thomas, who had stopped and looked up at his wife confused again.

“Lynne…” the doubt in his voice was earnest as he looked at his wife. “For me baby, please. I know you’ll like it and I am dying to see it.” She caressed his hair as she begged. Thomas gave out a reluctant exhale as he collapsed his head on her freshly shaven mound in defeat. He could tell Chuck was moving around behind him and his heart started racing. Lynne lovingly held his head close to her. Thomas could feel the heat and moisture from her excitement on his cheek as he closed his eyes and exhaled again. Lynne continually rubbing his head in effort to comfort her husband. The sudden application of cold was smeared between his buttocks, it felt slimy and strange causing him to startle and raise his head from Lynne’s area. He turned his head toward chuck who was kneeling behind him and preparing to enter. Chuck placed a hand on Thomas’s back and was using his other hand to guide himself. Thomas turned his head back toward his wife to see her fingers pleasuring herself in anticipation. He kissed her on güvenilir casino the hand as she fondled herself slowly, eventually working his kisses and tongue between her fingers assisting her efforts with his mouth.

Lynne used her free hand to lightly run up and down the back of Thomas’s neck as she watched Chuck make it deep enough to put both hands on her husbands back. She let out an excited gasp as a gush of excitement made its way onto Thomas’s tongue. The pressure was building on Thomas’s backside, but Chuck was skilled and patient as he methodically crept his way deeper into his friend. Chuck gave an affirmative smile and nod to Lynne when his large cock was at his deepest point. “that is the sexiest thing I have ever seen, baby,” her voice was genuine and excited as she cheered. Her hips started rocking back and forth on the couch forcing Thomas to rock back and forth with her. Chuck staying still, knowing his movement needed to be subtle, allowed Thomas to be controlled by Lynne forcing him to drift back and forth on Chuck’s hardness.

Chuck feeling Thomas’s body starting to move more freely along his shaft began to rock back and forth as well. As if on the same page of the same book, Lynne took notice of Chuck’s movements and stopped rocking. Thomas started letting out breathy exhales of enjoyment that seemed to motivate Lynne. “So, my handsome man, I knew you’d like it'” her words were reassuring and sexy. Thomas cupped Lynne’s breasts and started thrashing his tongue around and inside her dripping enthusiasm as Chuck built steady momentum and force. Thomas’s erection was flying back and forth beneath him from the movement. Not being able to take his erection being untouched he rested on one arm while he impatiently started rubbing himself with the other. Lynne, about to jump out of skin from excitement slithered off the couch and under Thomas, hungrily putting her husband in her mouth and allowing Chucks thrusts to move him back and forth. The sound of Thomas’s moans and Chuck’s legs slapping into his filled the room. Thomas felt wave after wave of exhilarating pleasure overcoming his body. His head tingled in Lynne’s mouth and as chuck continued to bury himself in Thomas’s ass, he could feel the climax building inside him. He had never felt such an intense and orgasmic feeling in his life.

Lynne was on her back under Thomas, eagerly awaiting the proof that her husband was enjoying himself. She was taking him in her throat as far as she could handle in this position, while toying and playing with Chucks balls as they collided into her husband’s backside. Thomas buried his face in the couch cushion and let out an epic muffled roar as he exploded from over stimulation in a way that he had never experienced. The force was unexpected, causing Lynne to choke and take her husbands pulsating volcano out of her mouth, allowing the rest of the explosion to pelt her hair and face. Thomas’s body relaxed completely, Chuck could feel Thomas losing stability as he grabbed his hips tighter and gave a few power thrusts before letting Thomas go. As soon as Chuck took his leave Thomas rolled onto his side next to his wife on the floor gasping in satisfaction.

Chuck, still ready to go, looked down at Lynne lying on her back on the floor. As if no words need to be said she simply opened her legs and started rubbing her own breasts. Chuck removed the condom and without hesitation grabbed her legs up against his chest and inserted himself causing her to gasp loudly. Still in pleasurable defeat, Thomas lethargically rolled himself around and placed his head on her stomach and closed his eyes. Thomas’s head rocked back and forth as Chuck thrusted faster and faster into his wife. He kept his eyes closed as he heard his wife climax again for their friend. Chuck pulled Lynne’s legs a little closer as the sound of their flesh slapping into each other rang in Thomas’s ears. Chuck let out a series of primal grunts before pulling himself free and finishing on Lynne’s mound and stomach and all over Thomas’s smiling face.

The trio spent the next few minutes on the floor catching their breath. The music was still playing in the background, orgasms still drying on their skin. Thomas was the first to move as he fixed himself behind Lynne with her back to his chest. Chuck made his way to the other side of Lynne and rested his back against the couch. Lynne, feeling like the luckiest woman alive, wrapped her arm around Chuck’s waste. They stayed there, cuddled up and naked, until the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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