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It was Saturday night, the end of a long, hot summers day. Rob was checking in at the hotel, his over night suitcase at his side. Room 69, “how apt a number” Rob thought. He took the key and thanked the receptionist, pulling his suitcase behind him as he made his way down the corridor and to the lift.

Rob went up one floor and turned left, he headed towards his room, and inserted the key card, watching as the light turned green, pulling down the handle and walking inside.

His eyes caught the red suitcase at the end of the double bed, and he knew she had already arrived. He saw the coat hanger discarded on the bed and his mind raced, curious as to which dress she would be wearing tonight. It wouldn’t be long until he found out, he could already feel the excitement in his stomach as he took off his jacket and checked himself out in the mirror. He smoothed his hair and splashed on his cologne. He was ready.

Down in hotel bar, Danni stood in her short black dress, A little dress, which left a little to the imagination, and her long, red wig. The one that always got her the looks, the drinks, the phone numbers. She lent over the bar and made eye contact with the bar man. “May I have a fruity cocktail please? Something gin based.”

“Certainly ma’am.” The bar man responded and got to mixing. Danni looked around the bar, searching for any potential single man who might like to keep her company. And as though the universe had heard her silent prayer, she spotted a businessman heading towards the bar. He pulled up a chair next to her and sat down. Danni uncrossed and crossed her legs in a seductive manner, making eye contact with the businessman, twirling the straw of her drink with her tongue.

It worked, the businessman smiled and introduced himself. “Hi, I’m Michael. Are you here for the conference?”

Danni Escort bayan smiled, “Oh no, strictly pleasure tonight! I’m Danni.” She giggled and raised her eyebrow, she knew exactly what she was implying.

Danni and Michael flirted up a storm, Danni was now sitting so close that she was brushing her bare leg against Michael. She took full advantage of touching him at every opportunity, stroking his chest, and his arms, commenting on how strong he felt. As Michael became confident enough to slide his hand further up Danni’s leg, she spotted him. There across the room was Rob, chatting to a blonde lady, with his hand on her hip. He looked straight at Danni and tipped his glass to her, with an cocky smile. How long had he been there? Danni watched as he moved his hand to the woman’s bum, running his fingers along the curve of her cheek. She felt the burn of desire and leant in close to Michael, whispering that she would be back in a moment. She walked straight past Rob and felt his eyes on her as she walked away.

As she entered the lift and pressed the button, she pulled out her phone from her bag. She was wet and frustrated, it had to be now.

Just as the doors were closing, an arm reached in, opening the doors. The intruder grabbed Danni, pinning her against the mirrored wall, one hand on her face, the other already under her skirt.

Danni knew this kiss anywhere, she pulled away. “What took you so long?” She gasped as her hands found Rob’s belt, unbuckling it as the lift doors opened on their floor. She pulled him out of the lift by his trousers, kissing him as they felt their way to the door. Rob fumbled with his key as Danni’s hands gripped his hard cock.

The door opened and Rob lifted Danni, his trousers around his ankles, as he walked to the bed, carrying Bayan Escort Danni kissing her and rubbing his dick against her wet pussy.

He collapsed onto the bed as he told her “It drives me crazy when you play those games.” She pushed him onto the bed and straddled over his torso, licking him, teasing him with her lips.

“You know it’s only you.” She whispers against his dick.

Rob grabs her hips and pulls her pussy to him, he’s completely in control as he runs his fingers over her clit, pushing a finger into her, as she moans and arches her back. She wants to push against him, to feel him deep in her. His tongue begins to explore her, and she moans. She takes his dick into her mouth and moves up and down, her rhythm interrupted by gasps as Rob’s tongue goes deeper, she’s so wet and she wants him so badly, but it feels so good, she doesn’t want it to end.

Rob runs his tongue over Danni’s pussy, he’s feeling naughty as his fingers run over her backside. He can feel her getting wetter, and he can feel himself getting closer as she speeds up her rhythm, concentrating on the tip of his dick with her mouth while her hand worked the length.

“I have to fuck you now” Rob breaths, as he kisses Danni’s thighs and bites just below her cheek. She lets out a gasp, the type that does things to him, he slaps her backside as she turns her body around, lowering herself onto his throbbing dick. Watching each other’s faces as he enters her, they both moan.

“Ahh Rob!” Danni sighs as she rocks her body forward. His hands make their way over her body. Rubbing her nipples and down to her hips, rocking her forward and backwards while he thrusts up and down.

Danni’s nails scratch over Rob’s chest as she pants. He is so deep in her, with every thrust he gets harder. Danni moves her hand Escort down Rob’s body to her clit and rubs herself. She knows Rob loves to watch this, and it feels so good for her, the moaning increases and Rob can’t hold off for much longer.

He rolls Danni off of him, so he is now on top, she tightens her grip around his waist with her legs and digs her nails into his back, her teeth into his shoulder. She feels his weight on top of her and his sweaty, firm body against hers. She thinks to herself that she’s never enjoyed sex as much as she is in this moment, and she tries to kiss him, but he is thrusting too quickly and she can feel his closeness. He whispers those three little words she loves to hear. “I’m gonna cum”.

“Ok.” She responds, she knows what this means, and there is no denying how much enjoyment she gets from it.

With one final thrust, he pulls out of her pussy and moves onto his knees between her bare, beautifully tanned, legs. Danni sits up and holding onto his throbbing dick, she quickly takes it in her mouth as she can feel him empty his load. She swallows his nectar and licks him clean, making sure she gets every inch of his dick. With her legs still wrapped around him she pulls him back on top of her, kissing him. He kisses her back, hard, and lies next to her.

“Will you watch me while I finish myself?” she asks him, giving him her biggest, pleading eyes. He knows how this kink goes and knows full well that after five minutes of watching, he will be back between her legs.

“Of course I will” Rob responds, as Danni has already moved her hand to her pussy, rubbing her clit. Her mouth opens and she lets out small moans, with her other hand on his chest. Rob leans forward and takes Danni’s pierced nipple in his mouth, rolling his tongue over it. Danni’s moans get more intense and the grip she now has on his shoulder is getting tighter. Her breathing speeds up and she begs Rob not to stop. He doesn’t and is soon enough rewarded with Danni’s convulsing orgams.

“Ohh Rob! Oh fuck, yes.. ahh I’m cumming, ahh Rob!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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