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My college girlfriend went to school about 90 minutes away from my school, so we would often go weeks in between seeing each other, but that meant our trips were often very sexually charged. My hands would roam all over her body the second we greeted each other with a hug and a kiss. Often we would be naked within minutes and wouldn’t pause for food or television for several hours at least. The 90 minute drive usually felt three times as long as my mind and body anticipated her lips on mine, her skin against mine, her taste on my tongue.

On one occasion, my mind spent the drive up to her apartment concocting fantasies of what would happen. Lisa was a biology major with straight, black hair, a flat stomach she liked to show off with short shirts or a sports bra at the gym, and a spectacular ass for an Asian girl. I’ve always been in pretty good shape, but at the time, I had yet to put on some of my bulk; instead, I was lean and explosive, a middle distance runner’s body with a six pack. In my mind I pictured our lean bodies together under the stream of the shower, her stomach pressed against my hard dick, my lips on her neck as I moved aside her sexy, wet hair; I couldn’t wait to have her kiss her way down my stomach and put her full lips around my cock, my hands against the shower walls to steady myself.

I paused a few minutes after parking to let my erection subside, then made my way to her front door, only to find it open already, and the voices of multiple people drifting out. Once inside, instead of being greeted by Lisa in her usual home attire of booty shorts and some ridiculously small top that I would have off in seconds, I saw her roommate’s entire family: parents, 14 year old sister, and 8 year old brother. Lisa was sitting at the kitchen table playing Uno with her roommate’s brother and sister, and I waved hello to everyone and made my way over to give her a kiss on her cheek before dumping my bag in her room and sitting on her bed with a long sigh. Now, as life has gone on, this momentary setback to my fantasies would be no big deal. At 20, this was devastating.

Once I had gathered myself, I made my way back outside and enjoyed myself as best I could. Eventually, however, Lisa and I got to talk, and she told me Sherry’s family was staying the whole weekend, and our options were share the apartment or I was springing for a hotel room. Ten minutes later we were at the nearest Ramada.

I let Lisa walk in front of me so I could admire her body’s movement, her soft, cotton dress displaying the essence of her hips and ass, her thong pushed against the material occasionally so you knew it was there. Her body distracted me enough that I didn’t immediately realize Lisa knew the guy behind the counter. It turns out Jason was in her physical geography class, a geology major with dirty blond hair and a patch of beard on his chin as his only facial hair. He was tan in a very natural way, as if his time behind the counter at the Ramada was his only time spent indoors.

As we checked in, Lisa talked to Jason about class, how long he’d worked there, and the result was a 20% family and friends discount on the room and a promise that we would meet him for a drink in the hotel bar when he got off at ten. I was very appreciative; or at least, I felt like I was, but in reality I was short in my thanks and already pulling Lisa to the elevator as we shouted our thanks. When the elevator doors shut I backed Lisa against the wall and began kissing her, our lips parting to allow our tongues to touch. My hand reached down and rubbed her left thigh, pushing her dress up to almost her waist, my fingers toying with her thong. I kissed her neck, her ear, and let my hands run over her ass until the door opened.

I had dreams of her mouth on my cock in the shower, but the reality was I couldn’t wait to get the shower going, and I threw her down onto the bed instead. I gently pushed her back down when she tried to pull me back to her mouth, and she eventually stopped fighting me from kneeling on the floor and pulling her thong off lifting her dress up enough to let me see her cleanly waxed pussy. The sight of her perfect, clean, Asian pussy always got me hard, and I undid my jeans and put my dick in my hand as I lowered my mouth to her pussy and tasted her. She was dripping wet. “Were you thinking about me?” I asked.

“Mm, yes, baby” she purred.

“I like that,” I said as I licked up and down the full length of her pussy lips, then let my tongue settle on her clit and start slowly working it. I could tell from her sounds that I had found the rhythm she liked, and I continued at that pace until she started moaning louder and more often. I picked up the pace just enough, then stayed with it until her body got stiff as she arched her back and came with her pussy against my face. I stayed between her thighs until she relaxed again. Wiping her juices on my hand, I stood up and removed my clothes, then crawled onto the bed and put the tip of my thick, 7 inch dick against her pussy.

“Do casino şirketleri you want me?” I asked. She answered by reaching her hands to my ass and pulling me into her. I stared into her eyes as I started to move in and out. Her pussy felt like heaven, warm, wet and tight. I licked her left nipple while I steadily slid in and out of her, then put myself as deep in her pussy as I could, angled myself just right to hit the spot I knew she liked. Then I repeatedly hit that spot until she came a second time. Lisa started giggling as she came down from her orgasm and kissed me deep with her tongue and told me to roll over.

She moved her body over my cock and lowered herself completely onto me. The result was a big exhalation from me that had me simultaneously lift my hips and drive deeper into her pussy, causing her to gasp this time. She leaned over and kissed me, then placed her hands on my chest and went to work, setting the pace, moving her hips at her own rhythm, front to back. She wanted nothing more from me then to lie there and be hard for her, and I let my head relax on the pillow and take in the curves of her body, her firm nipples, the athletic curve of her hips. My hands grabbed onto her hips to feel her rhythm. It felt so good, the only complaint I had was that I couldn’t see what her body looked like from the side or behind. I had vague fantasies of a mirror or a camera or maybe an out of body experience that would allow me to watch her work me over.

Lisa began angling her body’s thrusts so that the tip of my dick hit her spot, and soon I knew she would be coming again. I began pulling her hips towards me firmly with every thrust. Then, with my right hand pulling her towards me, I took my left hand and worked it around her body to her ass. I let the juice from her pussy lubricate my middle finger, then began circling her asshole. I lifted my head to her nipple, began sucking it and flicking my tongue over it, as I pushed the tip of my finger into her ass. This was the final touch, and she thrust her hips hard and fast three more times then screamed with her third orgasm. She collapsed onto my chest, sweaty and breathing hard.

I pushed her hair aside and kissed her neck while she recovered. Eventually, she got off me, got on her hands and knees next to me, and said, “I want to feel you cum inside me.” I positioned myself behind her, took in the view of her bare back facing me, her heart shaped ass, and put my hands on her hips as I slid inside her. Doggy style with Lisa felt better then with anybody I had ever been with, and it always made me cum quickly, and I knew Lisa would ask for this when she was finally ready for me to finish, knowing she would get my cum soon. It didn’t take long this time either, and soon I was grunting that I was going to cum and I pulled her ass towards my pelvis hard and came deep in her pussy. We collapsed on the hotel bed, sweaty and satisfied and started laughing with giddiness.

She put her head on my chest, and placed her hand on my softening dick and gently trailed her finger over it and my inner thighs. “That was so hot, baby,” she whispered. “I’ve been thinking about your dick inside me ever since you told me last night you were going to be able to make it this weekend. Last night I played with my toy, but I still woke up wet and played again before class.”

“Oh yeah? What were you thinking about?”

“Your dick in my mouth, the feeling of it getting harder as you cum in my mouth”

“Mm, well, we still haven’t done that yet. Guess you owe me”

“You can have anything you want, baby. I think hotel rooms are so sexual, I feel so free, I want to just be naked all the time in here.”

“Well, that’s the rule then. You have to be naked anytime we’re in the room!”

She laughed and kissed me in agreement. I turned the tv on to ESPN and we both quickly fell asleep.

After we woke up, we showered together and got dressed for dinner. I put on jeans and a button up shirt. She emerged from the bathroom in short, black shorts and a white top that hung dangerously low in front and exposed her entire back. As much skin as it showed, it was one of the few tops she owned that didn’t show off her stomach, which she felt was her best body part. I couldn’t say I had a complaint about the way she looked.

Her necklace had a pendant that hung just between the tops of her breasts, and I looked at it from above as I leaned down to kiss her lips, noticing that she wasn’t wearing a bra; from my angle from above I could see most of the top of her breasts, but not quite her nipple. I knew she would be getting looks all night and for the first time, that possibility excited me tremendously. She finished off her outfit with black heels with straps that exposed most of her foot and showed off her white tipped nails that perfectly accented her black shorts and white top.

As we walked out of the elevator and crossed the hotel lobby, we waved at Jason. Every male knows the look another male gives a hot female, the one casino firmaları that says “whoa, I gotta check this girl out,” and he gave the version of this look that says “Whoa, I gotta check this girl out, but her man is right there, so I hope he didn’t see the look.” But I saw, and I couldn’t blame him a bit. I knew I would be staring at her the same way all night.

As good as our sex life was, we really did get along well, and dinner was full of laughs. Lisa tried to order a margarita at dinner, but as we were both 20, she settled for an iced tea when she was carded. I asked her if Jason was 21 so he could order the drinks at the hotel bar, but she didn’t know. I suggested we swing by the apartment on the way home and pick up whatever she had lying around, Sherry wouldn’t need it this weekend with her family there.

Back at the hotel, with a bottle of tequila in hand, we found Jason finishing up behind the counter and passing the shift off to a beautiful Latina whose white button up shirt beneath her black vest was undone just enough to expose a lacey black bra and what looked like amazing breasts. Lisa caught me smiling a little too much as Jason introduced us, and she elbowed me playfully in the ribs. “You like that, don’t you?” she asked.

“I can’t lie, she’s pretty hot.”

“She is pretty hot,” Lisa agreed, leaning up to whisper in my ear, “You can think about her tits all you want tonight when I put your hard dick in my mouth.” She kissed me and winked, and I saw that Jason, although he probably couldn’t hear, had caught the playfulness between us and was smirking.

“Hey, Jas, are you 21?” Lisa asked when he came from behind the counter unbuttoning his vest and the top button of his white shirt.

“Not until the end of the month, but I know the bartender, so if it’s pretty empty he could probably serve us.”

“That’s cool,” I said, “but we also have a bottle of tequila. If it’s easier, maybe you could get him to give us a bottle of OJ and we could just hang in the room.

“That works, give me two minutes.”

With a bottle of tequila and a carafe of orange juice, the three of us made our way up to the room. Once inside the room, Lisa immediately settled into host mode and gave us our drinks before pouring one for herself. We clinked our glasses in cheers and both looked to Lisa as we sipped, her bare back to us as she poured her drink at the chest beneath the tv. She had removed her heels, but her black shorts were so short and tight, her ass still looked inviting to us and I saw that Jason was not breaking his gaze.

Lisa eventually made her way over to us and sat on the edge of my chair and put her arm around my shoulders. I turned the tv to music videos and we began drinking and talking. Jason turned out to be a very relaxed, likable guy. I was right, most of his time was spent outdoors, either doing outdoor lab work for his geology classes, or when he had free time, doing some form of biking, running, hiking or surfing. I noticed after hearing this that he was, in fact, quite broad shouldered and fit and had my first twinge of jealousy, wondering if I could compare to this fit, tanned classmate who was not only in Lisa’s class, but quite confident and comfortable with himself it seemed.

We drank steadily, Jason and I working on our third drink while Lisa finished her second. She had slipped off the arm of the chair and into my lap, and we both mindlessly ran our hands over each other’s shoulders, backs, legs and thighs. Jason didn’t seem uncomfortable in the least. When he did eventually make his way off to the bathroom as a result of the alcohol, Lisa turned to me in my lap and kissed me deeply. I could taste the alcohol and the desire on her lips and I stiffened against her shorts. She felt this and reached down with her hand and rubbed me until we heard the door open. She then stood up, leaving me to quickly adjust myself, saying she was going to change. I was reminded of my rule that she spend all her time in the room naked and was suddenly light headed at the thought of her walking out of the bathroom naked, excited and nervous at the same time at the possibility.

Jason and I finished our third drinks, and he got up to pour us a fourth when Lisa emerged from the bathroom wearing the smallest booty shorts I had ever seen her wear and a white tank top with no bra, her nipples clearly showing through. Her shorts were light blue and could not completely cover her ass. They sat low, too, and between her shorts and tank you could see her hip bones and the dimples in her lower back. Jason poured her a drink and I could see his eyes looking down at her body as he handed it to her. I also saw that he was standing close to her.

I locked eyes with Lisa and smiled at her, showing that I knew Jason was standing close, was staring, and I was okay. She smiled back and lifted her glass to her lips, her tongue touching the rim briefly before she wet her lips with the drink.

Lisa and I had been dating for about 16 months güvenilir casino at this point (come on, in college you know you count every month as an anniversary!), and I knew her well enough to know every one of her looks. The one I saw now was the one where she was thinking something over but was under the influence of alcohol. The result of her contemplation was that when Jason sat back down in his chair, she sat on the edge of his chair instead of mine and said, “cheers,” clinking her glass to his and smiling as they both drank. I smiled, too, and leaned back in my chair to sip and watch.

Lisa leaned inward on the chair’s arm and rested her elbow on Jason’s broad shoulder. As time went on, she moved her hand to his far shoulder and leaned on his near shoulder, her breast pressed against his shoulder now. When a classic Michael Jackson video came on the tv, Lisa bounced up and started dancing, Jason and I watching with goofy smiles on our faces, as her booty showed at the bottom of her shorts and her tank rose slightly as her hands moved over her body. She was getting hot and lifted her tank to show off more of her stomach.

Lisa moved completely unconsciously, enjoying the moment, her hips swaying, dipping low and bouncing back up. She tired half way through the song and laughingly collapsed onto Jason’s lap. She dropped her ass deep in Jason’s lap and leaned forward laughing, then flipped her hair back and leaned back against Jason’s chest, her head tilted back exposing her chest and neck to my view. She looked at me as her hand went to Jason’s knee to steady herself, and I just smiled and shook my head in disbelief at her. She was stunning, and I was getting hard watching her body move so sexually. MJ still played on the tv, and she began dancing in Jason’s lap, moving her hips rhythmically while drinking from her glass as if she didn’t know what she was doing to the guy. Jason’s eyelids began lowering, his gaze half focused on the back of her neck which she had exposed by flipping her hair around the side of her neck to the front. I leaned back in my chair and put my hand on the bulge in my jeans, showing her that I was hard, and she, seeing this, began moving her hips less like a dance and more in a way that imitated sex. Jason closed his eyes completely now, and Lisa leaned against him and arched her back allowing her exposed neck to brush against his face. He instinctively turned his head and kissed her neck, then, catching himself, looked to me. I chuckled and shrugged my shoulders as if to say, “what can you do? She’s in control.”

Still unsure, he didn’t immediately begin kissing her neck, but when Lisa lifted her hands over her head and behind her to the back of his head and pulled him down, he resumed kissing. I had never once entertained thoughts of seeing Lisa with another guy, but watching her tease him and lose herself in the moment, I was mesmerized. I knew if she had asked me beforehand if I was okay with it, I would have been insistent that it was unacceptable; but now that it was happening, I wanted nothing more than for it to continue. There was a brief moment where I wondered about the morning, how I would feel, but then I knew that if something incredible didn’t happen right then, I would be disappointed.

By taking the time to think these thoughts, I wasn’t taking action to stop what was happening. And Lisa took the opportunity to stand up, turn around, then straddle Jason in his chair. She dropped her ass, presenting me with the sexiest view I’ve ever seen, then rose up on her knees so her breasts were even with Jason’s eyes and swiftly pulled her tank top over her head. Before Jason could have time to even register his surprise, she grabbed his head and pulled it to her breast and tossed her head back in pleasure while he placed his mouth on her nipple. She pulled his head away from her breast and leaned down and began kissing him.

I put my hand back on top of my dick, rubbing it through my jeans, unsure of what to do. I wanted to walk over and get behind her, put my hands around her and grab her breasts while she kissed him, while she rode him, but I didn’t know if that was in the playbook. Absent of that, I wanted to rip my clothes off and get to work jacking off, but didn’t want to make Jason uncomfortable as I was directly in his line of sight, not hers.

Lisa began unbuttoning Jason’s shirt while they made out. As he shrugged out of the shirt, she slid back on his legs allowing space to reach down and begin unbuckling his belt. I could tell Jason was making an effort not too look my way, but when Lisa unzipped his pants and hopped off him to pull his pants down from his hips, he shot me one final glance to make sure everything was still okay. Taking the opportunity to similarly test how he felt, I continued to rub my dick through my jeans; I wanted to show him it was okay, and also to see if he minded my display of arousal. He gave me a slight nod of solidarity, an understanding that we were in this together, that we understood how turned on we both were. With that all worked out, Lisa pulled Jason’s pants and boxers down past his hips to below his knees, and I began unbuckling my belt and unzipping my pants. I slid my pants down and took my dick in my hands and began stroking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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