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Shannon was on the last day of a business trip. She was bored in her hotel room and decided to go down to the hotel’s bar. She put on a short red dress that showed off her melon sized breasts and left to get the elevator.

Down in the bar she ordered a martini. As she was drinking it she looked around the bar. She noticed two men at the end of the bar that she thought were very cute and couldn’t resist a man in a nice suit. They looked over at her and smiled. She smiled back and they walked over.

“Hi, I’m Rich.”

“I’m Lee.”

“My names Shannon.” They all shook hands. Rich was a little taller then Lee, his hair was black and a little on the shaggy side. And Shannon loved his light blue eyes. Lee had his blonde hair cut short, and his green eyes seemed to look right though her.

They went over to a table and both men sat on either side of her. Over the course of an hour they talked, flirted and had more drinks. Shannon excused herself and went to the bathroom.

When she got back Rich and Lee both smiled wide at her.

“What are you guys smiling about? Shannon asked.

“Well, we were thinking maybe we should go up to my room and order a bottle of wine.” Lee said. Both men put a hand on her thighs, slowly caressing them. Shannon felt her pussy get a little warmer.

“Alright.” She said, and Rich got up and paid their tab. Shannon wrapped an arm around an arm of each man and they walked over to the elevator and Lee hit the call button.

The elevator came and they got on, Lee pressed twenty, the top floor of the hotel.

As the elevator moved up Rich turned to Shannon, he brought his hand up to her face and gently pulled her closer to him and started to kiss her. She felt Lee move behind her, he put his hands on her belly and slowly moved them up, fondling her breasts through her dress. Lee started to plant kisses along Shannon’s shoulders. Rich’s other hand grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up, his hand then started to rub her pussy through her red satin panties.

They were all surprised when the doors suddenly opened. Shannon quickly straightened her dress; they all laughed and stepped off the elevator. Lee led them to his suite and let them in.

Shannon was stunned, the main room of the suite was bigger then her whole room. A nice leather couch was against one wall facing a large television. A small kitchen was on one corner of the room, and there was a large dining table that had 6 chairs around it.

“Make yourselves comfortable.” Lee said. Shannon moved over to the couch and sat down.

“So, shall we order up that wine?” Shannon asked.

“I think we should have a little fun first, what do you think Rich?” Lee asked with a big smile.

“Oh yeah, some fun would be nice.” Rich replied, both men looked at Shannon and she could see the lust on their faces. They walked over to her and sat down on either side of her.

Lee leaned in and started to kiss Shannon, his tongue moved into her mouth. Rich moved the straps of her dress off her shoulders letting the front of her dress fall exposing her breasts. He took her breasts in his hands and played with them. He pinched her nipples and she squealed into Lee’s mouth.

Lee pulled away and said, “Let’s get this dress off.” Shannon stood up and let it fall to the floor leaving her standing there in just her panties. Both men smiled as they took in her beauty.

“Shannon,” Lee started, “Do you like to suck cock?” Shannon smiled and nodded her head. Lee undid his pants and pulled his cock out.

“Get sucking then.”

“Hey man, why do you get to fuck her mouth first?” Rich asked.

“Because it’s my fucking suite.” He turned to Shannon. “Well? This cock isn’t going to suck itself.”

Shannon moved over to Lee and got on her knees. She started to kiss her way down his cock. At the base she started to lick his balls, then slowly kissed her way back up. She stuck her tongue out and licked the head all over before finally taking him into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it, causing Lee to moan loudly.

“Yeah baby, that’s a good girl.” Lee said as she started to move her head up and down his cock. She looked over at Rich and saw that his topkapı escort cock was out and he was slowly stroking himself.

Rich got off the couch and kneeled down next to Shannon. He spanked her ass hard, she tried to let out a cry of surprise but the cock in her mouth muffled it. He spanked her a couple more times. He started rubbing her pussy through her panties. He laughed as he felt how wet her panties were. He pushed the panties to one side exposing her shaved pussy. He gently ran his fingers over her slit up to her clit. He started to rub it making Shannon moan.

The new vibrations in Shannon’s mouth were too much for Lee. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum.” He said and then blew his load into her mouth. His salty semen filled her mouth up; she then swallowed all of it and smiled.

“Fuck, your cum tastes so good.” Shannon panted.

Lee looked at her. “Do you like swallowing cum?” He asked.

“I love swallowing cum. I love how it tastes in my mouth. I love how dirty it makes me feel to swallow it down like a good little whore.” Rich and Lee laughed.

“Well, it’s time for you to get more cum.” Rich said as he sat on the couch again. Shannon moved over to him and devoured his cock greedily. Lee got down on the floor and started to rub Shannon’s pussy.

Shannon pulled off of Rich’s cock and said “Stick your fingers in my wet hole.” Then went back to sucking Rich. Lee smiled and pushed a finger inside her. He slowly moved it in and out of her, steadily picking up speed. Then he slid another finger in. She moaned around Rich’s cock.

Lee slid another finger into Shannon’s dripping pussy and then furiously moved them in and out of her. She was moaning steadily and nearing orgasm. Rich was also getting close.

Shannon’s moans were getting longer and closer together until finally she came. The vibrations from her moans pushed Rich over the edge and he came in her mouth. Shannon couldn’t close her mouth fast enough and cum dripped out the sides of her mouth running down both sides of Rich’s cock.

She swallowed the cum that was in her mouth then licked up the excess that ran down the sides of Rich’s cock. Lee brought his fingers up to her mouth and she licked them clean, tasting herself on them.

“I think I’ll order the wine now.” Lee said.

Shannon climbed onto the couch and Rich pulled her to him and started to kiss her breasts and let his hands roam all over her body.

As Lee ordered the wine he watched the couple on the couch with a smile. A couple minutes later there was a knock on the door. Lee went and opened it and a young bellhop pushed a cart with two bottles of wine and three glasses into the room. Lee shut the door after him.

He looked over at Shannon and did a double take. Shannon waved to him and laughed. The bellhop turned red and stuttered out “H-h-here’s your w-w-w-wine.”

Lee started to pat his pockets.

“Damn, I don’t have any money to tip this guy. Do you have anything Rich?” Lee asked. Rich checked his pockets then shook his head.

“Damn, I don’t have any money to tip you with.” He looked over at Shannon and a devilish grin formed on his face. “Although, we could let her blow you if you wanted.”

“WHAT?!” the bellboy exclaimed.

“We could let her blow you. That is if it’s okay with her.” They turned to her.

“Sure. I could always use more cocks to suck on.” Shannon said with a wide grin.

“Alright…” Lee looked at his nametag. “Ted, how about it?” Ted nodded his head enthusiastically. Shannon laughed and got off the couch and walked over to Ted.

She got onto her knees and unzipped his pants, she reached inside and pulled his cock out and licked her lips at the sight of it.

Lee walked to the couch and sat down so he could enjoy the show.

Shannon licked the tip of Ted’s cock a little before taking it into her mouth. She moved her mouth down it slowly, her tongue moving back and forth on the bottom of it. She brought a hand up and slowly started to play with his balls. Ted groaned at the feeling. She then slowly moved her way back up his cock. She kept at this for a couple minutes.

Ted brought his hands to the back of her head and started to force her down fatih escort on his cock. Steadily be began to fuck her mouth like it was a pussy, bucking his hips forward, his cock hitting the back of her throat causing her to gag.

“That’s it Ted! Fuck her pretty little face!” Rich yelled. Lee just laughed.

After a minute of this Shannon pushed him away from her and his cock left her mouth. Saliva dripped down her chin and she spat a huge gob of it onto the floor. She looked up at him and said “Alright, now you can fuck my face some more.

Ted grabbed her by the hair and pushed his cock into her mouth and started his assault one more time. Soon Ted was moaning continuously on the edge of orgasm. Shannon again started to massage his balls with her hand and she felt them tighten. He pushed her down onto his cock as far as she could go, hitting the back of her throat making her gag. He started to fill her mouth up with cum and it dribbled out the sides of her mouth down her chin and onto her tits.

Ted pulled his cock out of her mouth and she swallowed the cum that was still in her mouth. He brought her hands up to her chin and pushed as much of the cum on it as she could back into her mouth. She looked down at her tits, she then started to wipe the cum off her tits with her fingers and sucked the cum off them as Lee and Rich cheered her on.

“Well Ted, how was that for a tip?” Lee said laughing.

“It was good, sir.” Ted replied.

“Fucking good Ted, fucking good. Let’s try that again.” Rich added.

“It was fucking good, sir.” Everyone but Ted laughed.

“Well Ted, I’m sure you have other things to do so you better get to it.” Lee said as he escorted Ted to the door. Ted stepped out into the hall and remembered that his cock was hanging out of his pants and quickly put it back in and zipped up.

“Well, you look like a mess right now. Why don’t you go into the bathroom and clean yourself up while we pour some wine.” Lee said.

“Alright.” Shannon said as she went into the bathroom. “This is huge!” she thought to herself. It had a round Jacuzzi in it that had to be at least six feet wide. She took a washcloth and cleaned whatever cum was left on her breasts and her face. Then went back out for some wine.

“Here you go.” Rich said as he handed her a glass of red wine. They drank their glasses of wine in silence as the men leered at her near naked body.

“I wonder how that pussy tastes.” Rich wondered out loud.

“Well, there’s only one way to find out.” Shannon giggled. She pulled her panties down her legs and walked over to the couch. She sat down and spread her legs wide, she beckoned Rich over with her finger and he quickly hurried over.

He kneeled between her legs and started to kiss her pussy lips. His tongue ran over her clit and she shuddered.

“Do you want some more wine, whore?” Lee asked.

“Yeah, that’d be nice.” She sighed out. Lee filled her glass and his with more wine and brought it over to her. She took it from his hand and took a sip. Lee sat down beside her to watch Rich eat her out.

Rich’s tongue was not running up and down the length of her slit, flicking the clit as he got to the top.

“How does my pussy taste?” Shannon asked playfully.

Rich stopped for a second, “It’s delicious.” He continued licking her up and down. He brought up a hand and started to finger her as he licked her up and down.

“Rich, I finished my wine. How about you go get another glass and I get a turn?” Lee said.

“Yeah, sure man.” Rich said as he got up and went over to the bottle.

Lee wasted no time and buried his face in her snatch as fast as he could. Shannon was letting out a steady stream of moans in between sips of wine.

Shannon grabbed Lee’s head and pulled him against her pussy, she ground her lips against his face. He tongue started to move in and out of her. She was moaning loudly and new she was almost ready to cum.

“Oh god… Make me cum… Make me cum like the dirty slut that I am!” Shannon moaned out, her orgasm overtook her body. She pulled Lee’s face against her pussy and kept grinding into him until it subsided. Lee moved up Shannon’s body and kissed her. She could eyüp escort taste her juices on his lips.

“That was great.” She said.

“I’m glad you liked it, although this is far from over. Put your arms around me.” Shannon put her arms around Lee and he picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. Rich followed them in carrying the wine and glasses. Lee dropped her onto the king sized bed. Rich set the wine and glasses down on a table and sat down in a chair next to it, then poured himself a glass.

Lee took off his jacket and started to unbutton his shirt. “You see whore, eating your pussy got me pretty damn hard. And now I’m going to fuck you like the whore that you are.” He took off his shirt.

“Oh yeah. I want you both to fuck me like a dirty, slutty whore. I want both your cocks to fuck my little pussy.” Shannon said as she leaned back on the bed spreading her legs. She ran her hands down her body and started to rub her pussy.

Lee took off his pants and climbed on top of Shannon, he started kissing her breasts, paying careful attention to the nipples. He rubbed his cock all over her pussy teasing her.

“Do you want my cock in you?” Lee asked.


“Beg for my cock.”

“Please stick it in my Lee, I need a cock in me so bad. I want you to fuck my tight pussy raw and make me cum.” Lee smiled and pushed inside of her.

Lee and Shannon kissed each other passionately while he thrust his cock in and out of her. His hands squeezed her breasts.

Shannon looked over at Rich. She hadn’t noticed that he’d striped off his clothes. He was now sitting naked in the chair sipping wine and stroking his cock while he watched Lee fuck her. He drank the rest of his wine in one gulp.

“Hey Lee, get off her, I want a turn with that whore.” Rich said as he got up and approached the bed.

“Sure.” Lee said as he pulled out of Shannon and got off her. Rich quickly positioned himself between her legs and started fucking her. Rich took Shannon’s wrists in each hand and pinned them down above her head.

Rich rolled over bringing Shannon on top of him; she positioned her knees on either side of him and started to move up and down on his cock. Rich’s hands moved to her waist and helped her bounce on his cock. She moved a hand down to her pussy and started to rub her clit.

Lee got up on the bed and stood next to him, he slapped his cock against Shannon’s face.

“Suck it whore.” Lee commanded, she greedily took his cock into her mouth. Now both men were fucking two of her holes. She felt so used and violated; she loved being treated this way. Like a common whore, just there to be used.

Lee grabbed her hair and started to fuck her face roughly while Rich increased his pace from below. Her pussy was on fire, she could feel herself getting close to orgasm.

“Oh fuck, I’m coming.” Lee groaned as he filled Shannon’s mouth with his seed. It was too much for her and she came. As she moaned Lee’s cum dripped out of her mouth down her chin and onto her tits. As she came her pussy clamped down on Rich’s cock and it was too much for him.

“I’m gonna cum!” Rich cried, pushing Shannon off him to the side, he tried to get his cock up to her mouth so she could swallow it but he didn’t make it, he started to shoot right in front of her face, his cum landed all around her mouth and onto her cheek.

“Sorry baby, I tried to get it to your mouth so you could swallow it.” Rich said.

“That’s alright.” Shannon said as she climbed off the bed. “It’s been a lot of fun guys, but I’ve gotta leave tomorrow and I should try and get some sleep.”

“That’s okay, I’m exhausted now anyways.” Lee said.

“I need to go to bed myself.” Rich said.

“Alright, I’m going to go clean up.” Shannon walked into the main room and picked up her dress and panties, she went into the bathroom and washed the cum from her face and tits for the second time that evening.

She put on her panties and then her dress and left the bathroom. Rich was nearly dressed and Lee was lying on his bed naked.

“I had a lot of fun tonight.” Shannon said as she kissed Rich. She then went over to Lee and kissed him. “Bye.” She said as she walked out of the room. She left the suite and went back down to her room.

She took a shower to wash all the sweat off her. After she was nice and clean she striped naked and climbed into bed. She soon fell into a very deep pleasant sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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