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I first see you from my hotel balcony. My eyes are first drawn to your beautiful face, but before long, they are drawn to your lovely curves. I can’t help but stare as you lie by the pool. Your reading some sort of magazine as you sun yourself. I can tell that you have already put some oil onto yourself, as your skin glistens in the sunlight. You have also been in the pool at sometime; your hair is still wet. While I long to go downstairs and speak with you, the usual fear of rejection keeps my on that balcony. I decide to wait and watch.

I go get my binoculars. I don’t want to seem like a pervert, but I want to see you. I am drawn to you. I decide to stay in the room, off to the side so I can observe without being seen. When I finally find you in focus, I am even more pleased then before. I can see that you are even more attractive then the distance would allow my naked eyes to see. Your eyes are very beautiful and I am drawn to them. While it is a beautiful sunny day, the sun has retired behind you and is not in those precious eyes. My male instincts take over and I slowly move the sights down your body. I am very, very pleased by what I see. You are exquisite. Your curves prove that you are a woman and your femininity spills forth. Your anklet, the ring on your thumb, and the lip-gloss on your lips, show me that you are proud to be a woman. That appeals to me.

I wait patiently for what I look for next. A smile comes to my face as I see your left hand. A smile comes to my face as I see that you are not wearing a wedding ring. I continue to watch and observe and I don’t see a man coming for you. I smile again.


You notice the man on the balcony and you see that he is looking in your direction. He is not a male model or anything but, he is attractive. You catch him watching you but you do not mind. He is not leering at you; he is looking at you, admiring you. You do not feel threatened but rather, it flatters you. You read your magazine, but your thoughts are on the man above.

It has been some time since you were with a man and you long for it. You crave the warmth, tenderness, and companionship that a man can provide. If you fell in love that would be all the better, but lately it has been lust that has taken over your thoughts. You still masturbate on occasion but you have been craving the full sexual experience lately. Your fingers can give you an orgasm, but they can’t slowly massage your back as you lay in bed. Your dildo works also but a dildo cant wrap its arms around you and make you warm. A man is what you need to fill all your desires.

You’re no slut though. You have your principles. You have never even had a one-night stand before, but lately you have been craving to be touched, and held. Well who knows? Love is around every corner your grandmothers used to say. Maybe you will meet someone on this vacation. Even though your good friend backed out, you decided to go anyway, alone, against the wishes of your family. You hoped that maybe, just maybe you would find him here.

You again look up to the balcony. Your heart sinks just a little, as you cannot find the mystery man any longer. Oh well, you think to yourself, he is probably married. You return to your article, “10 things you didn’t know about sex!” Stupid article… you already knew all 10.

You hear a splash in the pool and you peek over your magazine. Oh my god, its him. The mystery man. You struggle to see what he looks like up close, but he is in the water and is on the other side of the pool. As he swims closer, you are pleased by what you see. He is handsome, and more importantly, attractive to you.

You quickly go back to your article as he swims closer. You are nervous but you don’t know why. The butterflies in your stomach are a welcome friend that you have not felt in quite some time. You love that feeling. The feeling of love as it first blossoms, but lately no one has made you feel that way. Until now…


I get out of the pool right in front of you. I am somewhat nervous, but I don’t care. I have to know who this exquisite beauty is. I cannot see your face just yet, but what I can see of your body pleases me.

Neither of us have that perfect body but so what? It is all about attraction, and I like what I see. I want to see more, and I hope that I will.

“Is this seat taken?” I asked as I slowly approach you.

“No.” You say shyly.

“May I sit down?”

“Please do.”

I sit down and for the first time, really get to see your face. You are so beautiful. I cannot take my eyes off of you. Your eyes engulf me and draw me to them, and your succulent lips make mine crave to be next to them. I take a deep breath and attempt to speak.

“I was noticing you from my room and I had to come down and meet you. I think you are very, very
beautiful and I would like to get to know you better.”


What? No goofy line about how you fell from heaven? No ridiculous antics to get your attention? The last man you met at a pool nearly killed himself as he tried to jump in the pool from someone’s roof. You were not used to this honest approach but you find it very refreshing.

You smile as he sits next to you. You like how his body looks. Nice chest, kartal escort nice shoulders, decent
stomach. It all looks extra good because he is wet. His hair is slicked back and yeah, he is starting to think out up there but it looks good on him.

You two begin what turns out to be a two-hour conversation. You are so happy that the two of you have hit is off so well. You have the same likes and dislikes; you have even talked a little about sex. You feel very comfortable with him and you definitely do not want the night to end. He sees that you are a little cold; He suggests that you both get in the Jacuzzi. Not wanting the night to end you agree. You both get in and the warm water warms your cold skin. He sits across from you and you both talk. When you bring your feet up to play with the bubbles, he slowly holds one of them in his strong hands and begins to massage your foot. At first, you are a little tense but you quickly relax. His hands are magical. They massage all around your toes and your ankles. He doesn’t want you to get cold so he massages your feet under the warm water. You feel so relaxed now. He asks a waitress to bring a few drinks. You order your favorite and he orders a rum and coke. With the warm water, alcohol and wonderful massage, you quickly grow rather inhibited.

He gets out and sits on the side, wanting to cool down a bit. As you both continue to talk, you look down and notice his manhood. It is creating quite a bulge in his shorts. You know that he is not trying to be sexual, you are just talking, but it is very noticeable. He moves his legs and the next time you look down to his groin, you see more then you expected. You can see his penis through the leg of his shorts. You don’t know why but this really gets you going. You can see that he is well endowed, very thick, and uncircumcised. Your mouth actually craves to be around it. You get up and move closer, wanting more from this mysterious man. While the two of you gaze into each other’s eyes, you rub your breasts against his knees. You smile as he looses his concentration.

He stopped mid sentence as he looks down and notices what you are doing. You reach under the water and slowly pull down the front of your swimsuit. Your cleavage is now exposed and his eyes have gotten much bigger. While staring into his eyes, you ask, “Do you like what you see?”

“Uh.. Yeah” he manages to spit out, stammering all the way.

You can’t believe how aggressive you are tonight, but with the moonlight, the alcohol, and this particular man, your passions are at an all time high. You look down and see that he is nearly erect now. You don’t even think as you reach over and rub it slowly. He looks around quickly and you giggle at his nervousness. The two of you now stare into each other’s eyes, knowing what the other is thinking and wanting. In one quick motion, you reach into his shorts, pull out his thick, hard, hot cock and you place it into your hot waiting mouth. You begin to salivate as the hot cock touches your tongue. Within two are three sucks; it has reached its full potential. You taste the chlorine from the pool but you don’t mind. It tastes so good with salt from his skin. You slowly engulf his manhood into your mouth until it is far in as you can take it, and then slowly and softly suck as you raise your head. Again and again, you go down for more. The bubbles from the Jacuzzi tickle your chest as you go down on him. You know that he is enjoying this. You cannot see his face but you feel his hands on your back and on the back of your head. Not forcefully, but tenderly. You move up and run your tongue around the tip of his cock. You use all the tricks that you have learned in the past.

You lick it like a lollypop and kiss it down the sides. You do everything you can think of to give his member pleasure. When you taste his pre-cum, you stop and slowly back up to the other side of the Jacuzzi.

You left his cock out so you can see what you have created. Seeing the hot, hard cock glisten in the moonlight makes you both proud and aroused.


I take a deep breath and concentrate on holding the flood of cum back. That was the best oral anyone has ever given me and it takes me a minute of pure concentration to not cum, and then to get my bearings.

I look at you across the Jacuzzi and you are smiling. Come to think of it, I am smiling too. I realize my cock is still exposed so I lower myself into the water. I slowly make way to the other side of the pool and come right to you. I kiss you. Tenderly, passionately. Your lips are still hot which drives me wild. We taste each other for the first time and it is wonderful. I cannot believe how wonderful you make me feel. Not only physically but in every way. I loved talking to you all day. I love looking at you, and now I love tasting you.

Our tongues do the dance of delight in each other’s mouth. As we continue to kiss, your arms come up and you rest them on my shoulders. My hands hold your hips. As the kissing becomes more aggressive, I place my hands on the top of your legs, next to your hips. My thumbs are resting on your inner thighs and are very close to your womanhood. We kiss a little longer and I feel your legs kaynarca escort slowly open. I know that I have been granted permission. I leave my left hand on your leg and my right moves over your leg and slides in between your legs. I slowly rub down until my whole hand cups your vagina. I am careful not to move. I want you to trust me. You slowly move your hips so that my hand massages you. We are both breathing heavy now. Our passion is growing by the second. My hand slowly massages you. The hot water and my hot hand please you so much, you lust grows with every second.


You can’t take it anymore. You swing him around and sit him on the little step that is in the water. You climb on top of him and straddle him. You continue to kiss and hold each other. You then reach down and massage his hard cock that I still outside his shorts. You can’t believe how hard he is. He is like a rock.

You then move closer to him. With your swimsuit still on, you press your vagina against his hard cock. You slowly move up and down his shaft. You move your hips so that your clit is rubbing on his cock as you slowly slide up and down. You want him in you but you want to be stimulated, to have the most wonderful foreplay all night.


I want to be in you so bad. It takes all of my will power to not throw you on the floor outside the pool and penetrate you like you want to be penetrated, but I stay in control.


You continue to slowly slide up and down as you continue to kiss. His hands are wrapped tightly around you. You have to have him. You reach down, move your swimsuit to the side, grab his cock, and position him. You wrap your arms around his neck, place your cheek nest to his and slowly let him penetrate you. The hot cock with the hot water makes a new sensation that you cherish and want more of. He is so thick that your vagina is stretched. Since this is the first time in a long while, you take your time and enjoy this
sensation that you have been missing. You continue to slide all the way down until he is fully inside you.

You are pleased that he fills you. The wetness makes it so easy. He slides right in. You let out a gasp when your vaginal lips make contact with the base of his shaft. You suddenly realize that you two are still outside, in view of others. Your mind has been taken away and suddenly you are awakened to reality. You realize that you are in public but there is absolutely no way you can stop now. You quickly look around to make sure that the coast is clear and then you look deep into his eyes as you slowly slide up and down.

You don’t want to attract too much attention. His eyes tell you that he is enjoying everything. You now have a connection, a bond. You are now one. After 10 minutes, you want more. You whisper in his ear, “Let’s go upstairs and do this right.”


We quickly hop out of the Jacuzzi. I have a hard time concealing my package and do my best to wrap my towel around me to conceal my seven inches of muscle. It is especially hard because I can still see a little bit of your pussy lip that is not covered by your bathing suit. I mention it to you and you give me a smile as you make sure I see it and then slowly cover yourself with a towel. We both quickly gather our things.

I can’t believe this is happening. I have never been so lucky. Sure, there have been those flings and one-night stands, but this was different. There was a connection here, a total attraction, and I want to truly be with this woman for a very long time.

We almost run for the elevator. Once inside, we again kiss tenderly and passionately. My hands long to touch your skin but my lips crave to feels your soft lips even more. We run down the hallway, giggling all the way. I fumble with the key card, and have a hard time getting it in the door because your hands are all over my cock. We laugh as we spill into the room. I throw all of my things that were in my hand onto the floor, turn around, and embrace you. I push you against the door and we kiss long and hard. I then spin you around. We take one step and you feel the dresser hit your bottom. I push you onto it, the cold wood touching your hot back. Your legs come up and wrap around my waist. I stand up, take one of your legs, and hold your foot to my mouth. I kiss your foot and then slowly suck on your toes. I think kiss your ankle, your calf, your knee, your inner thigh…I get closer and closer to what I really want. You allow me to go forward, not stopping me at all. I kiss you hot pussy over your bathing suit. I can smell your sweetness and now I am aroused even more then I was before. My tongue and teeth search for the edge of your suit, and as soon as I have a grasp of it in my teeth, I pull it to one side. I softly kiss your naked pussy for the first time. I am pleased that your lips are naked, not only from clothing but from any pubic hair. I don’t want to be impeded or distracted as I please you. After kissing you several times, my warm wet tongue goes to the bottom of your slit and ever so slowly licks you all the way to the front. My hands rest on your tummy and softly rub you as I concentrate on what I am doing for you. You pull kozyatağı escort my hands up to your breasts and I massage them over your suit.

I lick with a little more force, parting your lips open with my tongue. Mmmmm you are so wet and so sweet. I quickly begin my search. My goal will not be complete until I find what I am looking for, but I consciously take my time in finding it. My tongue explores you and after a few moments, I have reached my destination. Your clit is hot and hard. I let my tongue wrap all around it. I have the ability to turn my tongue over and so my tongue covers your clit in all directions. I know you are pleased, your hips and waist are moving in all directions. You raise your hips so that you can put more of yourself in my mouth.

I alternate between sucking on your clit, softly nibbling on it with my teeth, and licking it fast, then slow. I love the fact that I can bring you pleasure so I stay down on you. My hands now spread you farther apart and I lick all over. I continue to play with your clit until I hear what I have been longing to hear. Your breath quickens, your moans grow higher and higher. You are breathing very heavy now. I know what is coming…


What is he doing to me? You have never had oral like this before in your life, and it has taken weeks or months before you felt comfortable enough with a boyfriend to have an orgasm but not tonight. Not with him, not now. You reach down and pull his head into you as it builds…


As soon as I hear your first scream, and feel your tummy spasm from your intense orgasm, my tongue shoots into you. I wiggle it around inside you as your body spasms. I love the way your cum rushes over my tongue, and it tastes so sweet. I continue to eat you until your orgasms subsides. I am careful to listen and feel so that if I lick someplace that excites you, I stay lick a moment longer, just to give you as much pleasure as possible. For a moment, I consider staying and licking more, but I can’t take it any more. I have to have you. I pull you up and take the straps of your bathing suit in my hands. I pull it down over your shoulders, finally exposing your luscious breasts. I am very pleased by what I see. I back up and stand you up and again we begin to kiss. We move over to the bed. I grab your suit once again and as I kiss down your neck, to your chest, between your cleavage, I pull the suit down. When I kiss your tummy, your suit lands on the floor. You are totally naked before me. You don’t seem nervous at all and that makes me happy. As I kneel in front of you, I take your warm soft breasts in my hands and as I hold them, I begin to kiss them. I kiss them all over, moving slowly and deliberately. I am always careful to miss your nipples. Only my hot breath will make contact with them, teasing them and warming them. They are already very hard and before long, I cannot fight my urges. I take your hard nipple and soft areola into my warm, wet mouth. I softly suck on your nipples. I also nibble on them softly. While my mouth is on one, my hand is teasing the other. I lick my fingers to make it feel better to you.


You let out a gasp and your knees buckle. You are aroused enough you no longer need this. You push him back onto the bed and climb on top of him. Without using your hands, you move your hips around until the two of you are aligned and then you again lower yourself onto him. It feels different then it did in the pool, but it still feels heavenly. You are in control and you love it. You slowly go up and down, enjoying every one of his seven inches. It is so thick that you feel it expanding you. You sit up and put your hands on his chest. You begin to get into a wonderful rhythm. You look into his eyes and see that he is enjoying you. He is watching you, your breasts, your hair, and your face. You notice that you are breathing heavier now. Your mouth is open slightly. You need more air. You are hot and you need more air.


She is amazing. My hands slowly rub all over your body as you ride me. Your hips, your thighs, your sides, your breasts. I grab a pillow and put it under my head. This brings my face closer to yours and we kiss occasionally as you go up and down. I love the way your hair brushes against my face, and the feel of your hands on my chest. I cannot describe how good you feel inside. Hot, wet, and totally engulfing me every time you lower yourself. You then sit up and I can see your body in the moonlight. You are truly amazing with an amazing body. You hold my hands for support; you are still controlled, up, down, up, down. You are taking it slow and I love that. You lean back and let your hair fall behind you. Your finger tips barely able to touch my stomach. You then thrust yourself forward and put your arms on the bed next to me. You are loosing control. You are no longer sliding up and down; you are thrusting your hips and throwing yourself onto me. We are crashing together and it is wonderful. We both begin to moan as pleasure emanates from our groins. I grab your hips and pull you onto me. We go faster and faster. I then pull you down and stop. “Wait, stop, I don’t want to cum.” We are motionless for a few moments as the felling subsides. All you can hear is our lungs gasping for breath. I lift you off of me and tell you to stay there. I get off the bed and get behind you. I find you quickly and as I stand next to the bed, with you still on it, I begin to thrust myself into you. My hands are on your hips. Over and over I put the full length of my hard hot cock into you. You are so wet and it feels wonderful.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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