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This is a follow up to “How it Was” Ch.1 and 2, so it might make a bit more sense if you read those ones first, although I think it also stands alone well enough.

This is a work of fiction that is not based on any real persons or events. If you are not legal age to read erotic fiction, please leave now and do not continue reading. For everyone else, I hope that you enjoy it and have fun. Feedback is always welcome.

All materials presented herein copyright the author.


I was walking towards the vice principal’s office. Final exams were finishing up and there weren’t many people in the dim hallways of the school, but I still felt exposed as I made my way to my “detention”. Were teachers looking at me strangely? Could other people see that I had changed from a middling student and third string athlete to a cock obsessed slut? Did my swinging hips give away my urge to have my ass filled? Did they notice the gloss I had stolen from my mom’s makeup kit glistening on my lips?

I was just about to knock on Mr. Robinson’s door when it opened outward and Craig Morrison stepped through, almost bowling me over. He was a senior on the boy’s swim team like me. We didn’t hang out much because he was a star and I was a bench warmer. Our eyes met and he blushed deeply, muttering an apology as he pushed past me. My own face and neck were burning, even though there was no way Craig could know why I was there.

Or could he? Mr. Robinson sat behind his desk with the same smirk I had seen on his face the last time I’d seen him. I had been looking forward to my “detention” all weekend, had practiced on the dildo imagining I was Mr. Robinson’s personal cock sucker. But could it be that I was just one in a long line? Was Craig putting out for our vice principal too? I stood frozen at the threshold of his office, unsure of what to do next.

“Come in and close the door,” he ordered gruffly. I did as I was told, waiting in front of his desk with my hands clasped in front of me to keep them from shaking, and also to cover the lump that was beginning to tent my shorts. “Put your hands at your sides,” he commanded. I took a deep breath and let them drop, my erection now painfully outlined against the thin material. The sight of my young cock straining for escape elicited a satisfied grunt from the vice principal. “Show me,” he said, his voice now almost a whisper but still full of authority. “No, don’t pull them down, just tuck it out of the leg, your balls too, mmm, yes.”

My cock poked out of my shorts and arched upwards, my balls hanging bare below, with the cuff of the leg pulled up to my hip. I watched a bead of pre-cum appear on the tip and slowly drool down my shaft. I moved to rub it in, but Mr. Robinson stopped me with a shake of his head. My hands trembled at my sides as my hard dick throbbed with the need for attention. I could see his right hand moving slowly under his desk as his eyes roamed over my junk. The gob of fluid dangled away from my body, drooping slowly towards the floor. I found myself wishing I could see what Mr. Robinson was doing with his cock, I unconsciously licked my lips with desire to see the thick shaft and flaring head, to have him shove it in my mouth again.

His shoulder and arm were moving more insistently and I imagined that he had his cock fully in his grip now, jacking as he leered at my helpless, sticky erection. I hadn’t heard a zipper, and he hadn’t adjusted his seat since I arrived. If he already had his pants open when I walked in, that meant he had them open when Craig was in the office. What had he been doing in here?

I had a sudden vision of the star swimmer on the vice principal’s lap, bouncing on his steely prick, his own meat flopping to and fro, his smooth, muscular body writhing in abandon. I had seen Craig naked plenty of times in the locker room, and I could guess that his sleek torso, his wide shoulders, his powerful legs and perfectly rounded ass would be the kind of thing to catch Mr. Robinson’s eye. My cock twitched and the pre-cum dripped to the beige tile floor. I was now leaking steadily.

I was still standing in front of the desk, rooted in place, when the office door opened. In a panic, I tried to pull my package back into my shorts but my erection stubbornly refused to be holstered. Horrified I turned my head and saw the interloper. Mr. Walters, my biology teacher stood framed in the doorway, hands on his hips, taking in the scene.

“You’re late,” Mr. Robinson stated calmly. Mr. Walters pursed his lips, then stepped into the office, turning to lock it behind him. He approached the desk and stood beside me, tilting his head to get a good look at my drooling boner.

“Felicia needed to go over my Scan-trons before she sent them to the district,” he replied moving around me, his hand lightly trailing across my shoulders. My face burned with embarrassment to be caught exposing myself like this, but my biology teacher’s eryaman otele gelen escort appraising gaze sent electricity through me. The anonymous second cock in Mr. Robinson’s stash of Polaroids suddenly had a face. I recognized Mr. Walters’ neatly trimmed goatee and full lips from my salvaged photos and I throbbed at the memory of how they looked wrapped around Mr. Robinson’s prick.

My breath came in shallow gasps, my eyes darting between the two teachers. Mr. Robinson stood up, his erection standing proud through the open fly of his tan slacks. I whimpered at the sight of him. Mr. Walters chuckled behind me and I flinched slightly as he ran his hands down my arms, over my flanks, resting on my hips. My balls were boiling, my dick pulsed in time with my racing heartbeat, every nerve stood at attention, even my nipples were hard.

“Well Jake, what do you think? I told you he was the most eager cock slut you’d ever meet,” Mr. Robinson stepped out from behind the desk. I could see that his hard on was moist and it bounced with his steps. He reached forward and lifted my chin, peering intently at my mouth, then started to laugh. Hooking his thumb in my mouth he turned me toward his compatriot. My lips closed around his digit, like a suckling pig, my tongue instinctively swirling the tip. “He’s wearing lip gloss for Christ’s sake,” he continued, “look at him work my Goddamn thumb!”

“It remains to be seen if he’s the most eager,” Mr. Walters replied in his deep, no-nonsense cadence, “I need evidence.” He was facing me now and I felt slight downward pressure where he still held my hips. I gratefully went to my knees, which were now shaking along with my hands. At eye level with his crotch I nuzzled against his heat, his package bulging in his dark brown cords. I ran my hands up his legs until I cupped him, weighing his bulk and sliding down his shaft, now clearly outlined along his right inseam. I could smell his sticky arousal and it was answered by my own. Looking up at him, I opened my mouth and sealed my lips along his length, gently nibbling him through his pants.

I had read Mr. Robinson’s cast away paperbacks carefully the previous weekend, trying to glean tips and techniques from the stories of lonely soldiers, rugged, but innocent farmhands, and horny, hung repairmen. The dildo had gotten a lot of action as I practiced, trying to reenact the scenes step by step. My favorite was of a young soccer player submitting to his coach in an almost feminine way, eventually going as far as wearing lipstick and panties for his older lover’s pleasure. It had put the idea of my mom’s lip gloss in my head, and I felt like a slut as I ran it across my lips. The image of the vice principal’s hard cock sliding into my wet glistening mouth had kept me hard and edgy all day.

Now my green eyes were locked on my biology teacher’s deep brown ones as I slowly unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his pants and lowered his zipper. I wanted him to remember what it looked like when I took him, so I fluttered my eyelashes and opened my mouth, tongue slowly pushing out over my teeth, wet and welcoming. His cords dropped to his knees, leaving his white briefs straining to contain his member. A sticky, quarter sized stain on his y-fronts revealed that I was having the desired effect. My thumbs hooked in his waistband and I pulled them down over his hips, causing his cock to flop out onto my face. It landed firmly against my tongue, the half-sheathed head resting just under my eye.

I moaned quietly and rubbed him over my face, leaving a sticky trail across my cheeks and chin. My other hand dug further into his briefs and gently held his balls. Dragging my tongue around his glans I slurped up the bead of pre-cum leaking from his tip, then fed it between my lips, snaking around the collar of foreskin and taking him as deep as I could.

Mr. Walters let out a hiss of breath and rested his hand on the back of my head. I slid his cock in and out of my mouth, letting the flared ridge slip just past my lips, then swirling my tongue over the head, and pushing it back into my throat. As I inched it further into me, on each stroke I moaned a little, letting the vibrations tickle him. I was drooling, spit running over my chin as I slurped him in the silent office.

I kept my eyes on him as I sucked, trying to let him know how much I wanted his thick slab of meat. After a particularly deep dive, my nose almost in his fuzzy black pubic hair, I let him slide out of my mouth and I rubbed him across my face again, covering it in saliva and pre-cum. I nuzzled into his balls and took each one in my mouth, sucking it, bouncing it on my tongue, then his whole scrotum, my head pushed between his thighs, my nose deep in his crack. I flattened my tongue against his perineum, swiped at his pink anus, then licked my way back up his shaft and engulfed him again in esat sınırsız escort my wet mouth.

“OOOhhhh,” he groaned as my lips finally reached the bottom of his shaft. He held me against him, the head of his cock lodged in my throat. I concentrated on breathing through my nose, trying not to panic with his gorgeous cock in my airway. He let me off suddenly and I fell back coughing. I hadn’t quite caught my breath when Mr. Robinson pulled me by the hair to his crotch. I didn’t resist when he shoved himself into my mouth, insistently pulling my face forward until my nose was crushed against his pelvic bone.

I bobbed on Mr. Robinson and Mr. Walters stepped next to me again. Sucking the vice principal, I glanced up at the biology teacher and took him in my hand, sliding and twisting it over his shaft. I worked them both, back and forth, taking first one, then the other, as far down my throat as I could, my hands constantly stroking. My own cock was achingly rigid, a steady stream of fluid oozing from my tip. I had Mr. Walters deep in my throat when Mr. Robinson pulled me off him and maneuvered me to his desk.

He lifted me under my arms and set me on the wooden surface, then pushed me onto my back and stood between my legs, hooking his fingers in my waistband. My shorts slid off my hips with some struggle over my hard-on and my thighs parted as Mr. Robinson lifted my knees up toward my chest. My dick pushed against my belly as he ran his hands over my ass cheeks. I lay there panting, waiting for him to shove it in me. I had been waiting for it since last week, dreaming of being filled, hoping for him to fuck me again, the way he had in the woods. He looked at me with his arrogant smirk, then sat in the chair in front of his desk.

I let out a long moan as his tongue swiped across my anus, swirling the rim then jamming into me. I thought I was going to shoot right there, but I was almost numb with excitement and anticipation. I felt his tongue pop out to be immediately replaced with his thick finger and I climbed another step towards ecstatic release. He sawed his finger in and out of me, each piston movement dragging me further up the slope. A second and third finger soon joined the first and I was moaning non-stop now.

Mr. Walters appeared in my upside down vision, my head hanging off the edge of the desk over Mr. Robinson’s padded leather chair. He looked down at me and slowly fed his bulbous head between my lips. My jaw was beginning to stiffen up and I found it a bit difficult to open wide enough to take him, but he put his rough thumb on my chin and pushed back, popping my teeth farther apart. His fat cock pushed deep into me until his balls were resting snug against my nose.

I felt lightheaded, intoxicated by his scent, his taste, what the two of them were doing to me. My breath came in short gasps, Mr. Walters slowly pulling his cock almost out of my mouth and sliding it slowly back in. I tried to memorize the feeling of him filling my mouth, his fullness, the way my lips clung to him, the salty taste of his skin, the way his scent intensified as his balls brushed over my face with each thrust. He was moaning softly now too, and I was suddenly struck by how vulnerable and sexy my stern biology teacher seemed to me, how his mounting pleasure filled me with a feeling of power.

I was vaguely aware of Mr. Robinson leaning forward between my thighs and I opened my knees wider to accommodate him. There was no pain this time, just a slight burning and then an exquisite fullness as the nerves in my asshole radiated pleasure through my whole body. I squealed around the hard cock in my mouth as the vice principal began plumbing the depths of my rectum, each in and out movement pushing me a step closer to the brink.

My hips bucked against Mr. Robinson, and our moans filled the office. Mr. Walters was jamming himself into my mouth more urgently now, in rhythm with Mr. Robinson’s hard fucking. The vice principal made no pretense at being gentle, grunting with each stroke, his balls slapping my ass cheeks. My knees were over his shoulders and he gripped my hips tightly, pulling me onto him deeper, his thick prick rotating and grinding.

“I told you he was a slut, Jake,” he hissed, “have you ever seen a bitch hungrier for cock in your life?” He was revving up now, his pelvis rocking against me harshly. I knew from our previous encounter that he liked a bit of degrading dirty talk as he was about to cum, so I let Mr. Walters slide out of my dripping lips and urged him on.

“Fuck me, Mr. Robinson,” I cooed, “make me your little ass whore! Blow that big load of cum right up my hot, tight …ooooh, slutty, wet, hole!” My teeth were rattling with the force of his thrusts. Then he changed his angle slightly and a jolt went directly from my rectum straight up the shaft of my cock. “Oh fuck, your cock is so good in my little çankaya evi olan escort ass, you’re going to make me cum with that fat prick!”

Mr. Walters leaned over me and his strong hands ran down my chest, rubbing and tweaking my nipples. He tugged on them hard, just as Mr. Robinson hit an upstroke, and the combination sent me plummeting past the point of no return. I began to spray jism all over myself, the first shot arcing over my chest to land with an audible splat on my brow, followed by several more down my cheeks and neck. Mr. Robinson was gripping my cock, milking it as Mr. Robinson bottomed out and released his load, coating my insides with his seed.

My semen oozed down my torso, dripping off my flank onto the vice principal’s desk. I was still mostly hard as he eased himself out of me with a greasy squelch and I struggled to catch my breath. Mr. Robinson stepped back and Mr. Walters quickly took his place, his raging erection rubbing against my balls. He took my feet off the desk and pulled me to the floor in one motion. I found myself turned around and pushed face down onto the polished wood surface, my breath bubbling in a small puddle of my own cum.

Although Mr. Robinson had stretched me out, I could feel the tight friction of Mr. Walters’s thicker and longer tool push into me. It was painful at first, and I squealed in surprise, but I caught sight of Mr. Robinson stroking himself again and squeal turned to a groan of lust. The thought of being used like a rag doll by these two older men sent a shiver through me and I arched my back to meet the probing intruder. Catching the vice principal’s eye, I snaked out my tongue and slurped the cum off his desk as his colleague pushed his fat cock into my asshole.

Mr. Walters did not waste time and his hips docked roughly against my ass cheeks. My back channel was packed with his member, the load that Mr. Robinson had deposited overflowing and running down my inner thighs. I sighed deeply, then began moaning again as my biology teacher started humping me, hard and fast.

“Fuck me with that big cock,” I gasped as he pounded me, “use my tight little hole … ooohh, I’m your fuck slut! Fuck my ass …mmmffflrrg!” Mr. Robinson cut me off, shoving his renewed hard on deep in my mouth. At that moment I really was a slut, surrendering completely to their use of me, two orifices plugged completely with hot throbbing dick. It didn’t even bother me that the vice principal had recently been deep in my ass, I sucked him harder at the thought of how naughty it was.

“I’m cumming in your butt, bitch!” Mr. Walters growled as he began his jackhammering descent. Mr. Robinson held my hair tightly and fucked my mouth, flooding me with his second load in ten minutes. Mr. Walters wrapped his arm around my shoulder and neck, huffing and puffing as he swabbed my anal tunnel deep and hard, each thrust jolting my body until he buried himself and blew his wad in my already drenched hole.

He rested his weight against me and I was pressed against the top of the desk. My cock was rigid again and aching for release. I wiggled my hips and Mr. Walters slid part way out of me, then I jammed myself back down, aiming at a slightly different angle. My cock twitched in response, and I knew this was the special spot Mr. Robinson had hit. I reached back and pulled my biology teacher tight to me, bouncing urgently on his slightly deflated member. The rippling movement of his glorious fuck stick against that spot sent waves of ecstasy through my body and I could feel my climax cresting. Mr. Robinson suddenly appeared between my legs, his mouth engulfing me, and it hit me hard, breaking across my body, spurting an endless tide of semen into the vice principal’s mouth.

My eyes rolled back in my head and I drifted, held between these men, our bodies clasped together. I had never felt such ease and peace in my life, floating on the submissive pleasure of being their toy, their play thing. I felt the power, too, in their fierce desire for my body, in their need to use me.

I sighed contentedly as I slowly came back to myself. Mr. Robinson was locked in a deep kiss with Mr. Walters, and I realized they were sharing my load between them. I shuddered at the sight, the two of them passionately working their jaws, their tongues, hands roaming over each other’s body. They finally came up for air and we reluctantly moved apart.

“I have to get home for dinner before my wife calls,” Mr. Robinson said, looking around for his pants. Mr. Walters was buckling his belt as I retrieved my shorts and underwear from under the desk where they had been kicked in our tussle. He gave me an appraising look and licked his lips, then turned to the vice principal.

“You were correct Gordon,” the biology teacher smiled, “he is the most eager cock slut I’ve ever seen.” He turned to me, his large hand cupping an ass cheek. “I can’t wait for our little party on Friday.”

“A few of us are getting together after the graduation ceremony,” Mr. Robinson said to me, grinning, “based on today’s performance you will be the life of the party.” Even though I was exhausted and caked in dried body fluids, my cock stirred at the thought and I nodded, licking my lips.

“Count on it,” I smiled, groping each of them one last time before we left the empty school.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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