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You’d think graduate students would be better behaved, right? I mean, we’re adults, we’ve done the college partying thing. We’re there to get our degrees, basically, and that’s about it. At least, that’s the theory. And while, for the most part, my experience doing graduate work was like that, there was one particular incident that veered so far off the path of “appropriate” it probably would have gotten all three of us kicked out if we’d been caught.

We were taking Human Sexuality that semester, almost our last—one more semester and we’d all have a Masters in Psychology. There were three of us who missed one of the “audio-visual” days in the class. I happened to have jury duty. I don’t know what Matt and Laurie’s excuses were, but I had a feeling they were probably together doing something they shouldn’t have been. They were both married—to other people—but we all knew what was going on between them.

Our professor was a typical California crunchy-granola type, very soft-spoken and sweet. I think we all found it a little disconcerting to be talking about vaginas and penises and erectile dysfunction with a woman who could barely speak above a whisper. I remember her always fighting with her long, frizzy brown hair, pushing it behind her ears, pulling it back into ponytails that hung halfway down her back. She fidgeted. She made me nervous, even if the topic really didn’t.

I think that was the reason she insisted on the videos. She was in love with the videos as a teaching tool, or really, replacement was more like it. Matt and Laurie had passed notes through the erectile dysfunction video two weeks before, and I’d worked on the paper I had due for Marriage and Family.

Not that parts of the video weren’t interesting. The last one had been intriguing. But it was shocking to sit in a classroom with fifty other people and watch couples practice techniques to prolong erection on the flat screen up front. They were real couples—real men, with real penises. Rather hard ones. And their partners were real women, learning how to squeeze the base of the penis just before ejaculation. Which meant watching these men get stroked off a lot, getting thisclose to coming. Over and over.

I admit, I was soaking wet after that one. I knew it was supposed to be clinical and a learning experience, but damn… The body responds, sometimes, involuntarily. I crossed and uncrossed my legs a lot during that class. Did a lot of wiggling in my seat. Wondered if anyone else was having the same reaction I was? I mean, how could they not? I know Matt and Laurie left together pretty quickly after class, and I saw his hand slip low on her behind, squeezing, as they went out the door.

The video the three of us had missed was about masturbation. “Normalizing Masturbation” was the title, she told us as she slipped the tape into the VCR. Laurie and Matt exchanged a look. I tried not to watch them and focused on the screen, thinking about the paper I had due in Ethics and wondering if I was going to have time to work on it if the prof left the room.

I didn’t have to wonder long—she told us we could go after the tape was finished, that she’d be in her office in the next building if we needed her. I actually considered leaving. I think Laurie and Matt did too. We exchanged a raised eyebrow sort look when she left, contemplating, and I probably would have gone. I think they would have, too.

But then the tape started.

And it started with a nude woman, lying on her back, hooked up to electrodes as if she were a science experiment. It was clearly a late seventies or early eighties video—she had short, dark feathered hair, and I don’t think she’d ever even thought about any sort of depilatory process between her thighs, as was the current fashion. I was shaved completely smooth down there except for a small curly-red landing strip. I wondered briefly if Laurie was shaved, something that had never occurred to me before. She was stunning, impeccably dressed, always in short skirts showing off her long, smooth, tanned legs

But that we were watching a nude woman on a table hooked up to all sorts of machines wasn’t the shocking part. That nişantaşı escort came next, when the narrator told us she was going to masturbate, and they would be measuring her physical response—hence all the wires. Laurie leaned over to Matt and whispered something to him, her long dark hair hiding her face as she did. He gave a low laugh, his eyes skipping from the screen over to me.

It was a surreptitious look, something I could tell he didn’t want Laurie to see, and that, coupled with the fact that the woman on the screen was now spreading her pussy open for all of us to see, made my pulse increase. It was a good thing I wasn’t hooked up to any wires, I decided. Matt and Laurie were talking, their voices too low for me to hear, his shaved head bent toward hers. I found intentionally bald men incredibly sexy. They really made a handsome couple.

I took out the notes I’d made already for my paper, trying to concentrate, but on the screen the woman was using two fingers to rub her clit. The narrator was explaining that the clitoris was the female equivalent of the male penis, hidden behind a “hood” of flesh similar to the male’s foreskin. The clitoris was extremely sensitive and felt good when touched, the narrator went on.

Well, duh. I crossed my legs, squeezing them together, feeling my own clit throbbing. The woman on screen was breathing faster. Hell, so was I. The words on the paper in front of me blurred as I listened to her masturbate, her fingers moving faster and faster between her legs. I glanced at the screen—my face was almost as flushed as hers. High color dotted her cheeks, and her lip-glossed mouth opened with a soft sigh, a low moan. Christ, this was like watching porn—except in a classroom, where I wasn’t supposed to be turned on by it!

Just a few desks away, Matt and Laurie were responding, too. Laurie slid down in her seat, her skirt riding up, and although her back was to me, I saw Matt leaning in toward her, and I wondered where his hand was. The thought made my heart race and I tried not to look like I was watching, but I was—I was watching hard. Then Laurie’s bare foot—she’d kicked off her heels—found its way to Matt’s crotch, rubbing there. His hips pressed forward to give him better access and I stared at the bulge there.

When Laurie’s head went back against the desk seat, I couldn’t help but see the similarities between her flushed face and the woman on the screen. They were both breathing hard, breasts rising and falling, mouths open in soft “o’s” as they got closer to climax. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing—either on screen or off. Matt and Laurie were paying no attention to me. I glanced at the door, wondering if someone might come in, my pussy aching between my legs. God, I wanted him to touch me like that. I could tell he was touching her—I couldn’t see his hand up under her skirt, but I saw the muscles high on his arm moving, flexing with the motion.

“Almost,” I heard Laurie whisper and my clit throbbed. I couldn’t stop staring. The woman on the screen was nothing compared to the show going on right in front of me. The sight was irresistible, and so was the blissful agony between my legs. I had to touch myself. I had to. I wasn’t wearing a skirt—I rarely wore them at all—but I pressed the seam of my jeans against my clit, moving it back and forth as Laurie pushed her hips forward, back. She was fucking his hand under her skirt, and I wanted to see. God, I wanted to see.

I lifted my eyes to the screen for a moment. The woman there was just as close as Laurie, her thighs shaking, her nipples hard. The narrator told us the obvious—the woman was about to have an orgasm. When I turned my gaze back to the room, my eyes met Matt’s and I froze. He was watching me, his arm and hand still working under Laurie’s skirt. His gaze dropped deliberately between my legs, where my hand pressed against that ache.

“Take them off,” he mouthed. Laurie’s eyes were closed. She couldn’t see me, wasn’t aware of anything but her own pleasure. I flushed, shaking my head, moving my hand away. There was no way I could do anything so…

“Do it.” His eyes were dark, demanding, again the words kağıthane escort just mouthed, no sound. But his insistence was clear enough. His other hand moved between his legs, unzipping his own jeans. I gaped, wide-eyed, as his cock appeared above his zipper, standing straight up and hard. I had to swallow the sudden burst of saliva in my mouth. He made me very hungry.

“You.” He mouthed it again, pointing in my direction, and I found myself standing in a daze, unbuttoning my jeans, sliding them down my hips. I had to toe off my shoes to get them off and Matt nodded encouragement as Laurie moaned softly, shuddering in her seat. I stood there in my blouse and panties—just plain white cotton—feeling shy and afraid of getting caught, but unable to help myself.

Then he crooked a finger at me, and I went. On the screen, there was yet another woman hooked up to more wires. The last one had climaxed already. The narrator explained that this time, they would show a woman who could have multiple orgasms. Christ, I would kill for just one, I thought, as I approached my classmates. Laurie’s eyes were open now, and she looked around, seeing me standing beside the desk in my panties, arms crossed as if I were cold, or ashamed. Maybe a little of both.

“Fran!” she gasped my name, eyes widening, taking in my state of undress. I opened my mouth to explain, but no words came out.

“She looked lonely over there,” Matt explained with a grin.

Laurie sat up in her seat, and my body responded when Matt took a glistening hand out from under her skirt and licked his fingers. She looked me up and down and then smiled.

“I bet you’ve got a gorgeous pussy.” She tugged on the elastic of my panties, pulling me toward her and peeking in all at once. “I always wondered…oh god, she is a redhead all over. And shaved. Oh… Matt… look.”

“I’m looking.” His hand stayed wrapped around his cock. “Pull them off.”

Laurie did as she was told, and I let her, gasping when her fingers parted my already swollen pussy lips, probing inside. She pressed me back against the desk behind her, making me sit. I glanced over my shoulder at the door, still afraid someone might come in, but that thought quickly left my head when she used her hands to spread my thighs, leaning in and kissing my clit.

“Oh my god,” I whispered, leaning back on the desk, using my hands to prop myself up. Matt was standing now, coming toward us. He undid my blouse, my bra, groaning at the sight of my cherry-tipped nipples, already hard when he sucked them into his mouth. His hand moved slowly up and down the length of his cock, and I wanted to touch it, but didn’t know if I should. I was in the middle of this, Laurie’s tongue making heavenly circles around my clit, matching Matt’s motion over my nipple, and I was still holding back, unsure.

I didn’t get a chance, though. He moved behind Laurie, lifting her skirt. She was standing, leaning over to lick me, and she arched her back when he entered her, moaning against my pussy, making me writhe. Her face was wet with my juices, her tongue working fast, lightning fast against my clit.

“Oh Laurie, I’m…” I was going to tell her. The sight of Matt fucking her from behind, his hungry eyes on me, the velvet feel of her tongue, and the sound of the woman moaning as she masturbated on the flat screen in the front of the classroom were all too much. I was coming—but I couldn’t speak. My breath was gone, my voice, and I made no sound at all as I lifted my hips to her eager mouth, my whole body quivering with my climax.

“Fuck, that’s beautiful,” Matt murmured, pumping his cock into Laurie even faster.

The narrator’s voice said, “There are some women who can have more than one orgasm during the same session. Watch as our subject continues to touch herself after the first climax experience. Her arousal state is still heightened…”

I whimpered when Laurie’s mouth moved to kiss my thigh. “More?” Even to my own ears, my words sounded like a plea.

“Sounds like someone else can have multiple orgasms,” Matt said with a grin.

I nodded, eager, my fingers moving to my clit, rubbing.

“Ahhh osmanbey escort damn… Laurie, I want to fuck her, too.”

“So do it.” Laurie stood, moving out of the way, her eyes bright. “Fuck that sweet little shaved puss.”

I looked between them as he moved forward, his cock slick with Laurie’s come. I grabbed it before he reached his goal, sliding my hand up and down the length, feeling it pulse. God I loved the feel of a cock in my hand. Matt bit his lip as I aimed him, wiggling into position, and he grabbed my hips before plunging in deep.

“Oh yeahhhh.” He stayed there a moment, savoring, and so was I, loving how much he filled my aching hole. Laurie’s hand moved over my breasts, my belly, as Matt began to move inside me. Her other hand was under her skirt, and I realized I still hadn’t seen her, and had a sudden longing to taste her. I hadn’t been with a woman since college—undergrad, anyway—but I was so turned on I could barely stand it.

“Come here,” I murmured, reaching for Laurie and laying back completely on the desk, long ways. There was just enough room for my torso, my head hanging off the back, Matt working his cock between my thighs at the other end. Laurie lifted her skirt for me—no panties, and her pussy was shaved, too, leaving a dark triangle above—and I grabbed her hips, pulling her to me and fastening onto her with a desperate hunger.

“Lift your skirt higher,” Matt ordered, pumping his cock faster into my pussy. “Oh fuck, that’s gorgeous. Lick her, Frannie. That’s so good. God you’re so tight and wet, I can’t…”

Laurie was up on her tiptoes, working her hips in circles, pressing her cunt against my mouth, and my whole face was soon covered with her juices. Her clit was hard under my tongue and I focused there, my hand sneaking down to rub my own clit as Matt pounding into me, his hands gripping my hips hard.

“Oh god, oh god,” Laurie moaned, and I felt hands on my breasts—they were soft and small, hers—pinching my nipples, making me suck her clit harder. “Fran, I’m gonna come all over your face!”

I made a low noise in my throat, wrapping my arms around her hips, diving in deep and moaning when I felt Matt’s fingers take over on my clit where mine had left off. Laurie’s whole body tensed as she came, little shivers moving through her again and again, and her juices were so copious now they pooled at the hollow of my throat.

“Ahhhhh god!” Matt was going to come, and I was almost there. Laurie, still gasping, moved toward him, her hands on my thighs, pulling my legs back. I moved up to my elbows, still swallowing the taste of Laurie’s pussy, and the sight of Matt’s cock sliding into my smooth, wet slit sent a quick rush of pleasure through me.

Then I couldn’t see anything, because Laurie’s mouth was on my clit, her tongue lashing over and over. I groaned at the loss when Matt slid out of me, but a moment later he flooded my clit with his come, hot pulsing waves of it spurting against my flesh, and the sensation took me over the edge. I arched and shuddered on the desk as Laurie kept working between my legs, licking up the flooding river of Matt’s cum from my throbbing clit as fast as he could shoot it.

On the screen, the narrator continued, “Masturbation is a natural part of human sexuality, and nothing to be ashamed of…”

Maybe so, but I flushed with embarrassment now in the aftermath. I found my panties under the desk, pulled my jeans on as quickly as I could, while Matt and Laurie zipped and straightened. I kept glancing at the door, but it never opened.

When I was fully dressed again, I shouldered my backpack, still tasting Laurie in my mouth, and turned to face them.

“Wanna go out to lunch?” Laurie suggested, holding her hand out to me.

I hesitated for a moment, glancing at the credits on the screen. “I guess… it’s over.”

“The video? Feh!” Matt grinned as we fell into a formation as we walked, me between the two of them. “Too bad someone wasn’t taping us.”

“Thank god they weren’t!” I gasped.

“Oh come on, Frannie. You know it was good.” Laurie laughed at my shocked expression. “Now that’s what I call Human Sexuality 101!”



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