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It all started innocently enough one summer evening with a phone call from my next door neighbour, Debbie who sounded very upset. “Ken, you must help me please, I am in a terrible fix with Ellen!” Debbie sounded almost hysterical – Ellen was her very attractive daughter, a sixth former who had just celebrated her eighteenth birthday. “Of course I will help, Debbie, What do you want me to do?”

“Ellen is in Brighton at a sixth form party in the private LFD Club. I had arranged to pick her up at 11.00pm but I am in no fit state to drive because I have gone down with a terrible attack of migraine. I can hardly see with it and I have taken a double dose of drugs so I am very drowsy and will certainly fall deeply asleep shortly. Simon (Debbie’s husband) is abroad on business so he can’t help. Ellen can’t take the train because there are no services at all this weekend due to track repairs. So she will be stuck in Brighton which is such a dangerous place at night for a young girl, especially the way she dressed before she went out!” At that last remark I began to think of Ellen – tall, trim figure, blond with long hair, very long shapely legs and a penchant – even when in school uniform – for wearing extremely, almost obscenely, short, flared skirts. My cock began to harden and twitch in anticipation of an interesting night ahead!

“Please don’t worry, Debbie,” I replied, “if you give me the address, I will be only too happy to pick Ellen up “(an understatement if ever I heard one! I was already planning how I might abduct and seduce Ellen, since I was on my own – my wife, Wendy, was away in London on a residential history of art course and would not be home for three more days.) Debbie gave me the address and also Ellen’s mobile number. I did not learn until later what the club’s initials stood for or that it was situated in the heart of Brighton’s lesbian district, which perhaps explained much of what was to happen to me shortly.

I telephoned Ellen and told her that I would be collecting her instead of her ailing mother. When I said that I would be at the club at 11.00 pm Ellen said not to expect her to be waiting outside but to come down to the party, which was taking place in the lower basement. Through Ellen’s phone, I could hear the sound of laughter and smoochy dance music. It sounded like a good party.

The tough looking bouncers were expecting me and, smirking quietly to themselves at some secret joke, took me down stairs to the lower basement. I was amazed at what I saw as I entered the small room, which was lit with flaming torches on the walls that created an almost hypnotising flickering effect and deep intriguing pools of darkness. The room was full of girls – I was the only man! About sixteen of them – certainly no more than twenty. And what girls! All beautiful and sexy sixth formers and college students aged, I guessed, between eighteen and twenty. Blonds, redheads, brunettes, black haired. A couple of very black Africans, two petit Chinese. All sexily dressed – some in micro miniskirts, others in long gowns with slits up to their waists, some with neck lines so low that their breasts were spilling out in all their glory, many in skimpy or transparent night dresses! Among them was Ellen, looking stunning in a very short, skimpy, backless, lace dress.

What was really amazing was what they were doing in the pools of darkness. All were paired off and each pair was entwined on the floor – writhing in sexual postures. Some were simply kissing and caressing their most intimate parts. Others were locked in the 69 position, heads between thighs and licking and sucking each other’s cunts. At least one pair was engaged in a trib fight, cunt against cunt, no holds barred. There were sounds of sexual ecstasy and orgasm and sexually charged screams and grunts of satisfaction. In short, I was witnessing a lesbian orgy on a huge scale .My erection was so hard that it was kartal escort painful. I almost came without touching my prick. In addition, there was a distinct and very pervasive smell in the room which was made up of alcohol, cigarette smoke, cannabis and most dominant of all, female sexual arousal! I thought I was in heaven – but all too soon it turned to hell.

Because the lighting in the room was so subdued, none of the girls noticed me at first, allowing me to enjoy their revealed beauty and sexuality unchallenged. When some of them did, a great shout went up “Oh my God, there is a man in the room!” Hearing that cry, they all converged on me until I was surrounded by highly sexually charged, nubile young women with the youngest looking as if she were under age and Ellen prominent in the front. Ellen called out”He must pay the entrance fee – he has to give each one of us a long, deep tongue in mouth kiss!”

I grabbed Ellen first. Her mouth opened willingly to give my tongue access and we began a long, lingering wet kiss during which we rubbed our bodies sensuously against each other. Next I kissed the youngest looking girl in the room, whose mouth was sweet like honey – as I did so, my fingers explored her budding breasts and nipples. My third partner was one of the African girls with a full figure and prominent bosom, which she squashed into my chest as her leg forced its way sexily into my crotch. I was in paradise but then things began to change. The other girls were becoming impatient for their turn. They began pawing at my body. At first it was exciting to have so many oestrogen charged young women grabbing and stroking my private parts and then unzipping me and forcing their fingers around my cock. But soon, those not kissing me were tearing at my clothes, taking them off – my trousers and pants were forced down to my feet, my shirt was pulled over my head. Soon I was stark naked.

A voice cried out “Now that we have captured this man, sisters we must mark him!” At this pre-arranged signal, three of the tallest and largest girls hurled themselves upon me and wrestled me to the floor on my back. Immediately, four others held me down spread-eagled. One of them was Ellen, who sat on my face with her legs either side of my torso. I was helpless.

“Let the marking begin!” the leader cried. At first I could concentrate on nothing except the fantastic feel and smell and taste of Ellen’s body, particularly her cunt, over my face. She was hot to the feel, exuding copious amounts of girl juice and the scent of growing sexual arousal. I could tell that her clit was growing and hardening. She whispered “Lick my clit till I cum and I shall ensure that no one hurts you, darling!” Then it started. Each girl in turn gave me a hickey on a different part of my body – first my prick, then my thighs, next my neck, chest and shoulders. At first the experience was sexually simulating – especially as I brought Ellen to a big orgasm, which she thought it wise to stifle; then it seemed painful; and in its final stages, as the girls had intended, it was humiliating and terrifying. Finally, the experience ended. No one was biting me anymore! The sharp pains ceased. But I was broken and humiliated so all the girls, including Ellen, got up knowing that I would remain on my back, totally exposed.”Sisters, this pathetic man is now our marked slave! Another trophy for the Lesbian FemDom Club.”

“Let’s have a proper look at this man. Get him to stand up on the chair in the middle of the room!” The four girls who had been holding me down now helped me to my feet and helped me to stand on the chair under the spot light, which now illuminated the centre of the room. “Let’s see just how big he is. Ellen, you seem to know the slave, please wank him so that we can see how big his prick is. As she started to touch my prick, she mouthed to me “Ken, kaynarca escort darling, I am so sorry! I promise to make it up to you afterwards if and when we get out.”

As Ellen wanked me, I got excited and my prick stiffened and grew to its full size, which is pretty thick but only 4.5 inches long. The other girls watched this intensely which naturally was very exciting for me. Once it was clear to them that I was not going to get any longer, the jeers and catcalls began. “Tiny”,” midget” “how pathetic” “useless” were just some of their verdicts on my prick. Ellen seemed close to tears. I was utterly humiliated. When many of the watchers stopped calling out and burst into hysterical laughter, I decided that I had had enough. I would fight back. I whispered to Ellen “Don’t worry, love, it is my turn now.”

I addressed the group of sexy school girls. “Members of the Lesbian FemDom Club, my name is Ken. It is a privilege to be speaking to you today. I can understand why you are so interested in the length and girth of men’s cocks. But I can assure you from extensive experience that there is more to ensuring that the girl has a really satisfying and mind blowing experience from a fuck than the length of the man’s penis alone. First, there is the man’s attitude: you will get a much better fuck if he desires to make you cum as well. Secondly, there is his technique: you will have a much better experience if he does more than simply slamming his cock in and out to get himself off – if he does other things too to other parts of your body which are designed to maximise your satisfaction. But I, unlike most men, can bring you something really special and worthwhile. I know that at your age, however good the fuck, you are always worried by the fear of getting pregnant. More than twenty years ago, my then wife almost died during child birth. I did not want her to go through that ever again, so I had a vasectomy. Fuck with me, and despite my small cock, I can guarantee you absolutely enjoyable, risk free sex. Why not try some now?”

“We certainly shall!” Amanda, the six foot tall Amazon like goddess who was clearly the Group Leader now took charge. “Members, place slave Ken seated on the chair. Then tie his legs splayed out onto the chair. We shall then play our game of chain of cunts when each of you in turn will sit facing the slave and impale yourselves cow girl style on his small cock. Each member will be permitted to make five strokes up and down the slave’s cock. After the fifth stroke each girl will have to get off to make way for another girl. A girl who experiences and orgasm whilst on the slave’s cock will be permitted to remain impales until her orgasm has finished. The winner will be the girl who makes the slave cum inside her cunt. The winner will be permitted to take the slave away to fuck him continuously for the rest of the night.”

On hearing the rules my cock sprang to life, got really hard and began to leak precum in anticipation. Ellen rushed over to me and said quietly “Ken, you must not cum inside anyone else save me.”

The next forty five minutes or so were the most amazing and enjoyable sexual experience. Eighteen attractive, sexy school girls fucking me, one after the other, all trying hard to make me cum by enveloping my cock in their warm, wet and sticky cunts! Each cunt felt so different. Some were very tight- the tightest of all were the two very young looking ones, closely followed by Ellen; some were a bit larger; a couple were used for fucking so regularly that they were quite loose. Some girls had learned how to use their cunt muscles to deliver highly erotic stimuli to a man’s cock – my experience with them would have counted as the entry into paradise but for my determination to cum in no one other than Ellen or Sally or Jill ( the two amazingly young looking eighteen year olds.) Some kozyatağı escort girls had hard, big and prominent clits, which rubbed against my body; others had small almost shy clits which barely emerged from their hoods.

Each girl whom I fucked in the cowgirl position was sitting astride my cock facing me, so I had a good view of their very different breasts. Some were big, full and fleshy with extremely hard and prominent nipples, which I caressed and squeezed during our brief encounters. Others were much flatter- chested, but still were curvy if smaller. Sally and Jill’s breasts were still forming – more like buds. The thrill I got from sucking on them was so intense that I nearly came, irrespective of what their cunts were doing to me.

The other great variant between the girls was their varying degrees of stickiness emanating from their cunts. Some were quite dry others gushed girl cum onto my prick from the very first moment of contact. As fuck followed fuck, sticky girl cum accumulated on my prick and then spilt excitingly onto my balls from where it then dripped slowly down my thighs. By the end of the prolonged contact, those parts of my body smelt just like that of a highly aroused woman!

I managed to fuck every girl once without either my cumming or any of them experiencing orgasm. The second round was different, not least because each of the teens were stickier and squelchier and all of them, without exception, had now stripped off completely, showing me that whilst the majority had clean shaven pussies, a few favoured trim landing strips and only one was hairy. It was clearly going to be so much more difficult this time to save myself for Ellen who was the last girl in the queue, immediately behind Sally and Jill. I really did not think that I could do it, especially as almost all of them had orgasms in round two so lingered longer on my cock which was aching for release.

Sally and Jill each tried really hard to get me to cum. All the while we were fucking, Sally nibbled my ear and whispered to me about all the things we were going to do together once I had cum and she possessed me for the rest of the night. She said she would marry me tommorow. Jill, in her turn, as she was first lowering herself onto my cock, inserted both her hands underneath her bottom: with one she grabbed my member and began slowly to wank me whilst the other gently massaged my balls. The effect was electric. Jill would have made me cum but just as I was losing me self control, her own huge orgasm began and a deluge of her own cunt juice flowed down my cock and gave me something else to think about instead of my throbbing prick. Reluctantly, slowly Jill disengaged from me. Tears of frustration were welling up in her eyes.

I knew that I would cum in Ellen who was now positioning her cunt over my pulsing prick.”Thank you, Ken, for saving yourself for me. I promise that you won’t regret it.” That said, Ellen slowly lowered herself down until the whole of my prick was nestling in her glorious love channel. She then began to use her cunt muscles in the most sensuous and stimulating way. I was babbling in ecstatic pleasure. “That is fantastic what you are doing to my prick. Don’t ever stop, please. I have never felt so good. How do you do it?” It was when Ellen replied that her mother had taught her how to do it, only last week, that with a huge roar of triumph, I came and spewed hot spunk deep inside her cunt continuously for nearly three minutes. Ellen screamed with pleasure, as her over full pussy spilled much of my foaming load out of her cunt and down the inside of her thighs. She experienced a huge, body wracking orgasm and fainted.

When we both recovered from our ecstasy, Amanda moved towards us holding hands with Sally and Jill. “Ken, you lasted far longer than any other slave before you. You also gave members much more pleasure and it was so much better being risk of pregnancy free. I am delighted to say that your freedom has been restored. You are no longer a slave but an honoured guest of the Club which you are welcome to visit and serve its members any time. Meanwhile, you are still Ellen’s prize. Ellen, take him away for your pleasure. You had better take Sally and Jill to help – I am sure they would love to!

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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