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I wrote all three parts about a year or so ago. I really like it and I hope you do.


Part 1:

“Arghhhh!!!” You grunted as you finished fucking your girlfriend, exhausted, taking the condom off and throwing it away.

“That was so hot, I enjoyed it a lot,” Anne responded. She stayed staring at the ceiling thinking.

Afterwards you went to the livingroom to play video games with friends online. An hour later your Anne comes up to you, “I’m going the Mike’s party, Michelle and a couple other girls said they were going. Wanna come?”

You most definitely did not, Mike has been pretty obnoxious every time you have met him. Despite your reservations you weren’t going to let your girlfriend go alone though. Hopefully you’ll see a couple friends of your own there.

You’ll show up, get some drinks she goes to hangout with her girls and one of your close friends, Jake, is there so you hangout in the back, catching up, drinking, and chatting with others. Jake has a crush on Michelle. You didn’t understand his infatuation with her as you questioned her pick in men.

“Clearly you would be a catch for her but some women can’t be saved from bad choice in men,” you told him trying to help your friend. “You just gotta move on and find someone that would appreciate you, like I found in Anne.”

“Yeah not all of us are super lucky finding the hottest chick who is super cool and above all the stupid shit,” Jake replied jokingly.

After a while and probably too many beers you think it’s probably time to go. You start to look for Anne. You had seen her less than an hour ago with Michelle as they passed by. Knowing your probably going to Michelle, Jake tags along. You finally find Michelle inside after looking a bit.

“You seen Anne?” you screamed over the music.

“Hi Michelle,” Jake said.

Michelle gives Jake a look over before responding, “said she was going home. That was about 45 mins ago. I think she went to look for you. Maybe gave up and walked home.” Afterwards she turns back to the guy she was sexing up on, some black guy you had never met at the party.

She was clearly drunk and probably miss spoke, you think to yourself. Instead of bothering her more you decide to continue your search. You saw Jake’s disappointed from the failed interaction as he leaves you to drift around the party.

It was a nice size house, you eventually wander upstairs. The music isn’t so loud up there as you turn down a hall. From there you can hear some noises. You cock twitches at the sound, definitely someone getting some. As you get closer the moaning gets loud. So distracted you almost run into Brad and Eli who were standing in front of the door.

Great two of Mike’s followers you think to yourself. “Have you seen Anne?” Anne was pretty popular so they knew who she was. You had been pretty patient in your search for a girlfriend and your waiting eventually paid off as Anne you considered a catch and well above your league. She could have had most any guy but your pretty sure she choose you because she wanted a loving, honest, compassionate guy to build a life together.

“I manisa escort think she went to use the bathroom down the hall,” Brad said with a straight face as he pointed at the door as the moaning stopped.

You go to the bathroom and knock nothing, so you go in and look around. As you go to leave Mike walks in. Mike is 6’4″, nice muscles, very toned, black, short curly hair, and brown eyes that pierce into your soul as he looks at you. Wearing only a tank top and basketball shorts he walks up to you.

“I don’t like you, you think your better than me,” he said slowly.

You couldn’t tell if that was a statement or a question. You are 6’1″, avg body look, little muscle and little fat, your hair was semi long that parted exactly in the middle and draped to your sides, nice smile, and a smooth beautiful white face. You wear a nice white tshirt, jeans, and a gold necklace with a Saint Michael pendant tonight. Your pretty sure you could hold your own in a fight if it came to that.

“I’m sorry and no,” you replied sarcastically wondering were all this coming from as you started to try and pass him.

You didn’t have time to react, his hand came at you so fast. “Slap”. With his strength behind the slap and your drunkenness you fell straight to the ground. Shortly after your adrenaline started to kick in and you began to pick yourself up using the toilet.

“Stay down and we good,” he commanded.

Your head was killing you and you didn’t want to draw this out. You had never been challenged physically so this caught you off guard. You knew he had the advantage now and probably better to not make things worse so you stayed clinged to the toilet.

“That’s what I thought,” he said as he dropped he shorts.

“Oh hell no,” you squealed as you tried to get up. You didn’t notice as one of his legs was put on your neck holding you in place over the toilet.

“Look at it,” another command. To you it was an ugly black 7in uncut soft cock, clearly covered in some juices from recent action. As you started to fixate on it you didn’t notice when it started pissing on your head. It hit you hard, straight in the face, the kind of piss stream you get after fucking.

You didn’t notice his phone out as he took a video of you, head over the toilet getting pissed on. You couldn’t believe what was happening. You just wanted it to be over.

Being done with you he says, “ok bitch get out of my house and tell Anne thanks for coming over.” He gives you a wink. He walks past the handful of people who had slowly gathered outside the bathroom watching in, mostly Mike’s friends but you saw Jake too.

You collect yourself, throw your piss stained shirt in the waste basket, rinse your face in the sink and go to leave thinking thankfully Anne didn’t see anything.

As you get outside the house Anne says, “there you are, I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Where is your shirt and what is that smell?”

‘Looking for me everywhere’ you think to yourself sarcastically, “I think I had too much to drink, I threw up on my shirt. Let’s just go home.” escort manisa Thankfully she agrees.

Later on that night you couldn’t stop thinking about everything, so many mixed feelings. You were angry and couldn’t believe you didn’t fight back. The thought of the whole thing made you feel humiliated. You thought to yourself, a few people saw, how long before Anne finds out. The worrying was really getting to you. Your head was hurting, you were frustrated and what you couldn’t understand was why are you hard as a rock. Thinking, maybe you just need to fuck something to get your manhood back.

“I’m not in the mood babe, we messed around earlier remember.”

Super aroused by everything going through your mind you didn’t let up, “what if I give you oral?”

“Ok,” she said relenting.

You couldn’t get out of your mind the wink Mike gave you as he said tell Anne thanks for coming over. Was there a mixed message in that and maybe why he had the confidence to humiliate you. You convinced yourself you’ll play oral investigator to see. Going down on her in the darkness, you could swear she felt more loose but was hard to tell with your mouth. She always gets a little excited and moans during oral and this time was no different. It wasn’t long before your mouth started to get full of juices and you couldn’t tell if they were hers or they were someone else juices falling out of her. You had started to convince yourself their was too many juices to be from her only. This line between playing oral investigator and fantasizing about things you couldn’t get out of your head started to blur together. Just then you girlfriend reaches for your cock and with one tug you explode.

Lost in the fantasy of your own mind you couldn’t help but moan, “oh, piss on me.”

Anne’s own moaning and had stopped. You could sense she was trying to hold back but couldn’t and just started laughing.

Feeling completely embarrassed, wondering if word got around already you go cold shoulder rest of the night and eventually fall asleep.

The next day you can’t stop thinking about everything. Mike embarrassed you, is probably fucking your girlfriend, and she probably already seen the video of you getting pissed on. Your mentally splitting in two over frustration and not sure what to do. You knew Jake saw what happened so you text him asking if you can come over. He agreed saying nothing more.

You’ll start chatting at his place, you wait for him to bring it up but he says nothing about it, completely ignoring the elephant in the room. Eventually you have to say something.

“Look man, I know you saw what happened. I’m afraid Annes going to find out,” you say complaining to your friend.

Jake just starts smiling slyly before responding. “I saw all right. You didn’t fight it at all, I would have done something but you almost looked like you were enjoying yourself,” you friend said jokingly. “Everyone has their own freaky kinks, I guess I expected my close respectable upstanding friend who goes on about finding someone who appreciates you for you to not be as freaky.”

Your manisa escort bayan pale white face lite up like a neon light. His words were a complete slap in your face. “Look man I was drunk, my head was hurting. You’ve seen Mike’s muscles, he is more dominant and powerful than me and I didn’t want to make the situation any worse,” you plead maybe trying to convince yourself more than your friend.

“So if I wipe my dick out right now and start to piss on you, you’ll do nothing because I have a little more muscle than you?” Jake replied.

“Stttooooop,” you replied trying to sound friendly and steering the conversation away from this.

“The problem is once you’ve show yourself to be a bitch it’s hard to have people respect you,” your friend said as he started undoing his jeans.

Jake your close friend who was 6’2″ definitely a more masculine and defined than you. You saw his white hairy chest as he took off his shirt. Short black hair on a not so beautiful of a face that probably kept him from being able to get Michelle. He wiped out his 6″ cut unhard cock. You couldn’t help but stare at your friend being disbelief at how quickly he is turning on you.

“You can’t piss on me and I’m not that way,” you said defending yourself as you stayed sitting down looking your friend over.

“It’s ok I don’t want to piss on you. I’ve been so frustrated not getting any lately. So focused on Michelle that until last night I hadn’t realized I need to get off. I just want that pretty mouth of yours,” he said as he slapped your in the face.

Caught off guard once again you couldn’t believe what was happening. As you turned back to complain he shoved his hardening cock in your mouth and grabbed your head with both hands. You tried to resist for a while but he wasn’t relenting. You finally decided it would be done quicker and go smoother if you stopped resisting. After a while something came over you and you started to get into it yourself, you even started getting hard.

“That’s it suck on it fag,” Jake said trying to demean you.

Backing off his cock a little you try to squeal out, “I’m not a fag.”

“Ok bitch, you just have my cock in your mouth but whatever helps you sleep at night,” he said as he stepped on to the couch.

You had to sit back and put your head on the couch as he leaned over you and started fucking you head into the couch. It was too much. At one point he had to back off as you almost threw up. That’s when you noticed it had grown to about an 8in cock that pointed straight forward when hard. He goes back at it.

It wasn’t long before he was screaming, “take my nut bitch.”

He didn’t give you choice you had to swallow it as it was buried in your throat.

“Looks like someone enjoyed it more than I did,” Jake said looking down at your crotch which had a wet stain.

Completely embarrassed as you tried to wipe your mouth, you didn’t even notice yourself cumming being so focused on what you thought was your friend railing your mouth like you were some cheap hoe.

“That was great bud, I’ll text you when I need to release again. Don’t worry Anne won’t find out from me how much you like cock.” Jake said, being friendly again, as he left to go shower.

On your way home you think that didn’t go as expected but at least Anne won’t find out anything from Jake. Thinking to yourself I need to talk to Mike too, get him to delete the video.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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