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I watch my reflection in the mirror as I fix my hair. I hear you walking down the hall and you come up to stand behind me.

“I’m ready when you are,” you say.

“Let me just touch up my lipstick,” I reply.

I take the lipstick off the bathroom counter and lean closer to the mirror for a better view. I watch your reflection, your eyes on mine.

As I apply the color, I feel your hands on my waist. I look at your reflection, your eyes still on me, and smile.

I lean up and put the lipstick back on the counter. You step closer and run your hands up my back to my shoulders. Your hands are always soft and your touch always melts me.

Your fingers slide under my bra straps, pushing them down a bit. You lean over and kiss my shoulder and a back of my neck.

Your hands move back down my back to my waist as you pull me closer to you. You push your hips against me, and I feel your hard cock on my leg. I moan with wicked thoughts running my head, absorbed in your touch.

I lean back into you, my back against your chest as your hands move slowly and softly up my sides.

You lean your head on my shoulder, watching your hands caress my stomach. I lean my head against yours and wrap my arms around your neck.

I close my eyes as I feel your fingers brush over my breasts. Your fingers trace along my bra and you slide just the tips of your fingers under the cup.

I feel you lean away from me and I lean forward. I feel your hands unhooking my bra. You run the palms of your hands over my naked back after the last hook is undone.

I moan at your touch and your hands slide under czech experiment porno my bra straps and you pull them down to my elbows. You lean against my back again.

I put my hands on your forearms as you pull my bra down, freeing my breasts. Your hands cup them lightly, and you run a finger tip over my hard nipples. Running circles around my nipples, you place light kisses on my shoulder and neck.

I moan and push into you, pressing on your hard cock. You pull on my bra, and I lift my arms up. You pull the bra down the rest of my arms and drop it on floor.

I move my hands back to your forearms as your hands cup and caress my breasts again. You lean further into me, playing your hard cock against my leg. I moan and push back against you.

You move one hand down, over my stomach, touching lightly over my pussy, feeling its wetness through the fabric of my panties. You slide a finger under the fabric at the crotch and savor the wet heat.

I moan and arch my back at the touch. You move your hands to my waist, pulling down the sides of my panties.

You take a step back and pull them all the way down. I step out of them and turn around, facing you. You kneel on the floor between my legs and I slide on to the counter. You spread my legs and your tongue finds it’s way to my hot clit. It slowly starts flicking back and forth, teasing it with the lightest touch.

I can feel my pussy getting wetter as you circle my clit. Your tongue slides down my sensitive lips, and I arch my back, deep moans coming from my lips.

You take my pussy lips in your czech first porno video mouth and start sucking. You slide a finger in my cunt, me legs trembling.

You flick my clit, making me squirm as your finger slides in and out. You can feel my clit getting harder on the tip of your tongue and you start licking it very fast. My moans get louder and I arch my back further.

You move your tongue down, sliding it between my pussy lips. It finds it’s way to my wet pussy and you spread my lips with you fingers. Your tongue plays around my slippery cunt, my moans at a non-stop pace, my hips squirming with the pleasure.

Your tongue finds it’s way between my wet lips and makes a plunge inside, tasting my sweet juices. You look up at me and watch me, my eyes closed, and listen to my moans.

You kiss my right inner thigh, moving up and kiss over my stomach. You stand up, kissing slowly up until you reach my right nipple, and your tongue brushes over it.

You move between my still spread legs. I whisper to drop your shorts and you do it quickly. Your mouth moves back to my nipple as you step between my legs again.

Your hands are on my waist as I feel you slide in, going all the way. Your strokes are steady as I wrap my arms around your neck and bring your mouth to mine.

I am very wet and your cock slides easily in my hot pussy. I move my arms down your back pulling your warm body against me. You put your arms around my back, supporting me as I lean back.

The strokes continue slow and relaxed as well as our kisses. Our hands roaming and exploring, czech game porno our bodies touching everywhere possible.

Your strokes go deeper, stopping for a moment while all the way inside, feeling my hot wet pussy around your hard cock. You push further, going deeper, your kisses getting more passionate.

You break our kiss and pull out. You pull me off the counter and motion for me to turn around. I lean over, my hands on the counter. I spread my legs wide. I feel you fingering my dripping pussy.

I moan, telling you to slide back in. I feel you slide your cock in, your strokes steady. Your hands are on my waist, holding me as you slide in and out.

I bend over, spreading my legs wider. You step closer, your strokes now short and hard. I feel your balls hitting my wet clit, making me shiver with each thrust.

You ask me if I want you to fuck me hard and say yes. Your thrusts become harder and I moan with each stroke. Your name escapes my lips, telling you to fuck me.

You put yours arms around my waist, holding me against you. You lean over me, your chest against my back.

Your thrusts are short and hard, your heavy breathing is in my ear. I feel my body tensing as my orgasm nears. You feel my pussy muscles tighten and your breathing gets deeper, your strokes harder. I feel your hot cum inside my cunt as I begin to come.

Your strokes continuing deep and hard, our mixed juices run down my legs as a second orgasm hits. You feel it and draw your strokes out longer, thrusting hard against my pussy. Your arms tighten around my waist, your strokes long, prolonging the pleasure.

My orgasm subsides, your strokes are slow. My pussy is very slick and hot with our juices. Your breathing still in my ear, I turn to kiss you. Your strokes stop as our lips meet.

I step move forward, letting your cock pull out. I turn around and wrap my arms around you as we kiss deeper, pulling you close.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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