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Author’s Note:

This is the eighth Harper Valley recollection. So as not to compromise any reader’s potential enjoyment of the concluding episodes (of which there are twenty-one in total) only a further four chapters or so will be published on Literotica.


‘Death by pleasure.’ It’s an interesting concept and at the rate we’re all going, an eventuality just this side of imminent! We return now to the “Dome” and the sequence of events that concluded an afternoon where fantasies even, took a back seat to the real-time activities shortly to be played out.


Reluctantly having to vacate Brianna’s extremely cosy little bed with my equally cosy little blonde companion, we dressed and headed back to the marquee. Barely had I walked through the flap when Kylie saw me and almost took me out with a flying bear-hug.

“Do you know what they want us to do dad?” she gushed exuberantly.

“Yeah, I know sweetheart,” I replied, “That’s what I came to talk to you about – where’s your sister?”

I gave Michelle a light pat on the bottom, mouthed a quick “Thank you sweetie, we’ll continue with this later,” and pointed out another group of girls that seemed to be trying to get her attention. Jenna disentangled herself from a couple of her friends – Brianna being one of them, and joined her sister beside me. At least everyone was dressed!

“Well kids,” I said, “I guess this is really your call. Do you know what the rules are and what could happen to you? Remember, I’ve been through this with Brianna…it can get pretty rough.”

Damn it….I think their eyes lit up!

“Now cut that out both of you,” I whispered, “You’re just getting way too frisky!” They looked suitably chastened. “Now, for half an hour – and believe me, that can seem quite a stretch, you have to do everything you’re asked…..without question. I’ll be there to make sure no-one crosses any lines but that’s all. I can’t be responsible for what you’re asked to do – you understand that?”

Even as I spoke, I was being subjected mentally to the most way-out scenarios – most of which would need to be censored even on this site.

Following a quick huddle, the jury handed in its unanimous verdict in record time. “It’s OK dad, we want to do it,” said Kylie, “So long as you’re there the whole half-hour.”

“Oh, you can count on that sweetheart,” I replied.

I summoned Jerry and Warwick and confirmed their active participation. Never seen two guys smile so much! That done, everyone was issued numbered cards as before and it was a case of “Let the voting begin.” Quite obviously the “hot twins” pulled in just about everyone’s number one preference. Second choice was Susie’s super-sexy little daughter Tanya – no surprise there either, but when Larissa’s name was read-out after further counting – my heart sank.

Even as her name was called out, Larissa looked across to me from where she was standing alongside her father – saw my crestfallen face I imagine, and then shook her pretty head, signifying she did not want to be selected. The general body-language in the marquee suggested a lot of disappointed fathers. She came straight over to me then and I could have hugged her. What am I saying? I did hug her.

“What made you do that Larissa?” I asked her. Her answer was all I needed to hear…. “You!”

‘Kinda a double standard’ I was thinking to myself. I don’t mind seeing my own daughters stripped naked and played-with, yet I couldn’t bear the thought of another girl – one not even related to me – being touched by anyone now. I realised at the same time…I didn’t really want her going to any more parties either, although I did not dare vocalise those thoughts. How selfish was that when you think about it?

A fourth quite small dark-haired girl…Cathy I think her name, was Larissa’s replacement and was she cute? Just eighteen evidently, the hotpants and perky little breasts alone would ensure a session and a half. For someone. Tragedy was, I wouldn’t be there to see it – not to mention Tanya’s debut performance.

The girls got to vote for their six men next. A condition of Kylie and Jenna’s selection was that I go with them as an ‘observer’…but they had the option of six others. George and Jerry made the list as well as Brad and three other men I had not been introduced to. Warwick was fuming, although not for long…Tanya picked him! Lucky SOB.

Larissa kissed me and said “Go with your daughters now, they’ll be fine with you there.” Damn it, I figure they’d have been fine in any situation.

The girls were given five minutes each in the powder-room first. Hair teased up again, skirts and tops all smoothed down and that essential turn-on – a reapplication of lip gloss and then the nine of us headed off for Warwick’s bedroom, the largest room in the house so I heard and with our contingent, we would be needing it. I held both Jenna and Kylie’s hands as we ascended the stairs. The anticipation was killing me. I would guarantee gebze escort six pairs of eyes were fixed on the girl’s rear ends as they ascended the stairs and wouldn’t they have known that?

They were right – it would have to be the largest room in most any house! Warwick must obviously spend a lot of time in it! One enormous King-size bed took center stage, with another room – either one colossal walk-in ‘robe or a secondary tiny bedroom – depending on how you view it, off to the left. The en-suite was as large as most people’s main bedroom. We could have held a party in there! The two girls giggled as they were ushered in to the room. Their adrenaline must have been on active stand-by.

Last guy in, his name was Steven, shut the door behind him. The girls looked around anxiously, probably grateful for the other’s company right at that moment. George I noticed was looking at Jenna much as I looked at Larissa. Guess he was thinking much the same too….the bastard!

An uncomfortable silence was broken by Mal, the father so I found out, of young Cathy in the next door bedroom. God, what must have been going through his mind?

“C’mon girls,” he said… us your tits? It might not have been either that creative or original a line but hell……it’s what everyone was thinking!

Jenna looked at Kylie and blushed….neither of them moved.

“Ya gotta comply girls,” Jerry reminded them.

Kylie stood her ground on that small rug near the bed and began pulling her top off. Jenna, right alongside her, did the same. Both had hot little bra’s on – Jenna’s light blue and Kylie’s black, to match her g-string. Even seeing them together like that was soo damned hot. As one, they pulled their bra straps down their arms giggling nervously. Almost identical in size, they exposed their nipples slowly as the men ogled them.

“Take your bras right off girls,” ordered Steve, one hand already heading south towards an evidently impressive erection beneath his pants. Obediently both girls reached behind their backs and unhooking the clasp, allowed the bras to fall to the floor. Instinctively they covered themselves.

“Sorry kids…no covering up,” Steve continued. “Show us your tits please…hands behind your backs.”

How hot did they look like that? Lovely curvy little hips, narrow shoulders and shivering slightly from a mixture of embarrassment and anticipation.

“Very cute girls,” said Jerry, “You are both extremely pretty as I’m sure you know. Now, both of you go over to the edge of the bed there and bend over it with your hands on the edge of the quilt. Now, you are not to move from that position whatever we do OK?”

Nodding, they reluctantly took up the positions asked. Almost identical hot little bottoms given sudden prominence, with more than a hint of undies peeking out from their taut hemlines.

George took the offensive and leading the cavalry, delivered a perfectly placed spank across Kylie’s fully upturned bum. She squealed at the contact, joined seconds later by Jenna as Steven delivered the same deal to her rear end. This was her second spanking of the day and I knew she could take lots of it. Just as well….she got lots of it! All six men took turns spanking them a few times as the girls let forth with “ouches,” “goshes,” and “that hurts.” To their credit though, they maintained their highly vulnerable positions throughout, despite the fact that almost every man took the opportunity to grope their heaving young breasts as they received their punishment.

Standing back and admiring their handiwork…..the tops of both girls legs were quite red from a few stray spanks, the sound of heavy breathing all round was interrupted by Mal telling Kylie, “Pull your sister’s panties down now please sweetie, lets see her bottom.”

Both girls gasped and Steve had himself well unzipped. A man always prepared I’d say.

Kneeling behind her sister, Kylie took hold of her knickers and gingerly pulled them down. She even unstrapped her shoes when getting them off. Seeing Jenna suddenly bare foot and with the lower half of her naked bottom peeking out from her tight skirt was arousing stuff – be assured. Jerry walked up to her and began fondling her bare rear-end rather lewdly. Jenna seemed to like it.

Mal however was on a roll…….”Ok Kylie, now take her skirt off…get your sister naked for us.”

Have you the slightest conception of just how hot a cute eighteen year old girl looks being completely stripped by her topless nineteen year old sister? No, I didn’t think you did! I had no idea either! It was all I could do to maintain my position on the far wall refereeing operations. If either girl had seen the erection I had closeted up there, I think they might have been over!

As Kylie unzipped her sister’s skirt and pulled it off her, Jenna was left totally nude in front of six men. Well actually, better make that seven, including göztepe escort me. It was all too much for George, he just grabbed her and pulled her to him and began kissing her. Brad, who had been rather inactive up to now, moved right up behind her and with his hands on her hips, began kissing her neck passionately. Within seconds his hands slipped down to cupping her bum and at that second, Jenna turned her head and smiled at him….George I could see, had his hands on both her breasts and was rubbing them. Steve was rubbing other things…and quite effectively so, judging by the degree of effort he was putting into it.

Wayne, the sixth participant, dropped to his knees alongside the other two and began to actively rub Jenna’s pussy. He found himself sharing that little hot-spot with George who obviously figured she needed servicing top and bottom.

Meanwhile, Jerry, Brad and Mal were relieving Kylie of her skirt, shoes and g-string so she too was naked within seconds. These three with obviously an eye for comfort, manoeuvered her to the bed and pushing her on her back, Mal had her legs apart in seconds. With Jerry volunteering for breast duty, Brad extricated his cock and simply shoved it into her, fucking her with little finesse but plenty of passion. They had her gasping and panting in less time than it takes to write out a parking ticket.

At this juncture, the other three had Jenna flat on the carpet and George was happily trudging down nostalgia avenue as with her legs spread arousingly wide, he began fucking her senseless while Steve knelt alongside and brought off his first spray of the afternoon. Exactly where it landed I couldn’t see, but given how much more was to follow, it doesn’t really matter.

Mal replaced Brad and Wayne took over from George after he had Jenna crying out in passion before filling her to the hilt. I could barely stand it. By the time Jerry and Steve had taken their turns, both girls were looking decidedly “used” but far from expended.

Wayne sobered us all up. “Jenna,” he said, “Get on the bed with your sister and suck her tits.” Kylie gasped this time but as Jenna climbed up beside her, she made no attempt to dissuade her younger sister from her course. Kneeling beside Kylie, Jenna simply inclined her head to her breasts and began nuzzling and sucking her. Both girls were lost in their own little world as everyone moved up for a closer look. So natural and wondrously hot was it, I wondered if they had actually done this to each other at home in their own bedrooms. I found myself wishing that they had! Kylie was moaning with pleasure and as both girls began rubbing and fingering each other’s pussy, life was really good there for a while.

Writhing about as they were center-quilt, more than one observer wanked a stream of cum across whichever bottom or shoulder was the nearest at that particular moment, while others called out such intimate suggestions as “Make her cum Kylie,” or “Fuck her harder Jenna.” They were so damn compliant!

How much time had elapsed I had no idea but the clock was ticking. The men swapped girls, then as happened with Brianna, Jerry, Brad and Mal pulled Jenna into the huge bed and Steve, Wayne and George dragged Kylie to the little ante-room where a single bed was waiting. Jerry, ever the smart one, took up central position with Jenna on top of him by the looks of it, the other two either side. In the other bed, tight as it must have been, George appeared to be fucking Kylie as she lay face-down on top of him while the other two took their pleasures with whatever they could reach.

It was a re-enactment of my hottest fantasies…both daughters being multiply fucked and fondled while I watched – well sort of. From the far room, Kylie was crying out as Wayne, now beneath her in the center of the bed, was fucking her without mercy. One can only guess what the other two were doing to her beneath the blankets.

“Have these girls ever sucked cock?” said Brad suddenly…”I’d really like to have Jenna do that to me.” I gulped…..Oh! not that! Has God no mercy? Kylie was dragged in from the other room, fingermarks evident all over her breasts and streaks of cum in the naughtiest of places.

In less time than it took to undress them in the first place, both girls were made to kneel on the main bed right alongside each other. Jerry knelt down in front of Kylie holding his erection just inches from her face, Brad grabbed Jenna’s hair and pulled her head down towards his cock. Both girls took hold of the erections confronting them and began sucking for all they were worth. Having walked over to the bed, I had to extricate my own erection and commence a program of relief in view of the tableau in my midst. Mal obviously mesmerised by Jenna’s hot little bottom virtually jiggling in his face as she sucked and wanked Brad, got on the bed behind her and slipped his cock easily up into her pussy. This had the effect of engaging haramidere escort hyperdrive as she sucked Brad harder and began moaning as he thrust up into her. Steve saw no reason not to make equal use of Kylie’s unattended rear end and kneeling behind her, he too embarked on a course of intense vaginal therapy. The other two simply began rubbing and pulling whichever tits were within reach.

The entire bed was alive with sexual passion. Brad was the first to unravel and jetted one hell of a stream of sticky white goo into Jenna’s mouth. That which she failed to swallow, he left on her face as a reminder of what can happen when you are a hot little teenage tease. Mal had his own little party, jerking like a marionette as he ploughed Jennas hot little cunt (disgusting terminology I realise, but at that second…what else could you call it?). Excess cum, he left as a calling card, dripping over her bottom cheeks.

Jerry meanwhile had relined Kylie’s throat while Steve had cum for the nth time as far up her pussy as he was able to penetrate. In a moment of understandable excitement he had what looked like his cock pressing up hard against Kylie’s bum, his red-hot intentions obvious, but she wriggled and briefly turned around to verbally deny him that most forbidden of entries. As he persisted, I was forced to remind him, “My daughter said no Steve!” So fascinated with the mass activity had I been, attention to my own personal crisis had been delayed and now I was forced to call time-out.

Someone announced “ten minutes left.”

Jerry’s suggestion of “Lets fuck them in the shower?” met with universal approval, and in any event, they couldn’t go downstairs looking like they did.

Now, Warwick had one doozey of a shower-recess it should be made clear. Well able to hold four or five people in a pinch, excuse the pun. Kylie was bundled-in under the steaming water first with Jerry, Wayne and Mal. Myself, Jenna and the other three remained outside with an uninterrupted view of all active participants.

As they began soaping-up Kylie between them, Jerry attending to her breasts, Wayne having lots of fun slipping the soap up between her legs and Mal making sure she had the cleanest little bottom in the State, Jenna shivered – I was holding her against me. Completely unrelieved of course, the sight of her hot little naked breasts jiggling in front of me was just making things worse. She looked up at me and whispered. “I wish you’d made love to me dad!” (Neither of them use the “f” word except when taken to the heights of passion. Then, in Jenna’s case it seems to flow like honey)

“Don’t worry sweetheart,” I told her, “Soon as I get you both home…it’s gonna be very messy!” She giggled and held on to me, eyes back now on her sister’s progress.

You wouldn’t think you can do too much with a girl under a shower in five minutes….you’d be wrong. Kylie was fucked standing up, face to the glass (damn was that hot!) up against the tiles while two of them held her, even on her knees beneath the cascading water. They had their moneys-worth let’s say. I’m not saying they all came in her…I doubt collectively they had enough left to cum in a goldfish! But she got it every which way.

Fortunately, towels were not in short supply. One presumes Warwick had planned for such an eventuality. As Kylie was dragged out, I wrapped her in a huge bathrobe and held her to me. She just looked up at me and whispered “Do you still love me dad?” I didn’t even bother answering that one. Just kissed her hard in reply!

Jenna meanwhile, was being pulled beneath the shower by the other three, all of whom were now quite obviously naked. I had a momentary sighting of Steve’s cock, the first clear view I’d had of it….it was a monster. They took her much the same route. George was rather tenderly soaping her breasts (He’s quite besotted with Jenna’s nipples I’ve noticed) while Brad was kneeling in front of her and from what I can see, was preferring to clean her pussy with his tongue rather than anything else. Steve took up the rear so to speak and I couldn’t really see what he was doing, but I have the strongest of suspicions he was using the soap to facilitate digital entry in a very naughty spot. Jenna didn’t seem to mind, although so taken-up was she in kissing George and the sensations being afforded her young body, I hardly think she would have minded anything much.

With the seconds ticking down, all three began fucking her quickly. George had her kneeling on the tiles, Brad with her back up against the glass. God, how hot did her little bum look squashed up there as he thrust into her? Steve closed-out the show having the other two hold her up fully suspended, her legs pulled wide apart while he got that outsize cock into her with seemingly little trouble. Even above the noise of the water, I could hear Jenna almost screaming-out for him to fuck her harder. Steve didn’t disappoint and even through the steam I saw him jerk like crazy as he came in her…God knows what with.

Kylie had herself pretty much dry by this stage except for her hair and no sooner had they turned the shower off, than we all heard the bell sound. I wrapped Jenna in a large towel and I have to say, though clean as all hell, she was looking the worse for wear…although smiling still…the cheeky little slut!

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