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\I touched the control to decrease thruster power by 3 per cent as we came within visual range of LEO Prime. My shuttle’s sensors pinged to let me know we had just been scanned. I adjusted course a few degrees to port and turned to look at the woman in the co-pilot’s chair.

She was Asian in appearance and wore typical Bruneian clothing; a long light grey tunic over similarly long dark blue skirt and a dark blue headscarf. She was thirty-five years old and still very attractive. She had black eyes and thin lips. Her smile was infectious and she flashed it a lot. I could see from her erect posture and the graceful way she walked that she kept herself in good shape.

“There’s the station,” I said pointing out the forward viewport at the dark spec in the distance.

“I will go and tell Princess Winna. About how long until we reach the station?” she said.

“Probably twenty minutes.”

She unstrapped herself and headed for the cockpit door. As she passed me she gently stroke my cheek with her index finger and gave me one of her smiles.

After the Princess’s party came aboard the shuttle at Bandar Seri Begawan spaceport they had ensconced themselves in the passenger lounge. All except for Dani, who had stayed with me in the cockpit the whole trip. Her presence was electric. If she wasn’t the chief of staff for a royal Princess, I might have been tempted to make a play for her. But who was I kidding. A woman like her was so far out of my league, it wasn’t even worth contemplating. After all I was just a lowly pilot.

I turned around towards the navi-computer and pressed a key on the control board just above it marked PAD. The Pilot Assistance Droid had been invented by Musk Cybernetics Industries about twenty years ago to allow lone pilots to operate ships that would normally have required at least two. In my medium sized passenger shuttle it was little more than an advanced auto-pilot.

Turning back around I took a quick look at the Comm board to verify that our transponder was active, settled my headset more comfortably and settled in to wait. That didn’t last very long at all.

“Asimov seven shuttle this is Low Earth Orbit station Prime, please respond,” came a precise voice through my headset.

“LEO Prime this is Diplomatic shuttle Bravo Romeo Sierra eight one nine Alpha Tango, requesting permission to land,” I replied just as precisely.

“Nine Alpha Tango, permission granted. Continue on your present course.”

“Acknowledged. Nine Alpha Tango out.”

About fifteen minutes later the station called again, “Nine Alpha Tango, you are within tractor beam range, please power down your engines and prepare for lock.”

“Acknowledged,” I replied. On the internal comm I announced, “All passengers please be seated and put on your restraints, we are about to be tractor beamed into the station.”

I flipped the switches to put our thruster engines on standby mode and then buckled in just as the sensors confirmed tractor lock. This was the part of the trip I didn’t like at all; having to surrender my ship to a computer. With the PAD system at least I had the option to shut it down and go manual, but having to sit back and wait while a computer assisted tractor beam brought me into the station was beyond nerve wracking. The system was no where near perfect and lots of ships had been damaged or destroyed as a result of an imperfect lock.

The tractor beams drew the ship in a straight line towards the open doors of the station. As we passed through the doors I breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed. We moved towards a docking platform in the middle and suddenly the ship was down. I reached over to my control board and shut all the systems down. I got up from my pilot’s chair and grabbed my flight jacket off the back as I made my way towards the passenger section. The Bruneian royal party were just finishing exiting the shuttle. Dani was the last in line and she turned around and flashed me another smile and a sensuous wink before she went through the exit. Fuck me. That woman was giving me fits.

I went to the bulkhead on the starboard side directly behind the cockpit and pressed the red inset button. A section of the bulkhead shot up to reveal a small door with a keypad in the middle of it. I tapped in the security code and the door opened to reveal an alcove behind. I reached in and withdrew a soft case containing a tablet and keyboard. I also grabbed a three metre long data cable, plugged one end into the tablet and the other into a port on the bulkhead behind me.

Knowing I had between twenty and thirty minutes for the Royal party to clear customs I decided to file my flight report and check which hotel I was supposed to be staying at. I was contracted to stay with the royal party during the four days of meetings they were to attend. After filing my report I checked my email and was utterly shocked to find I was booked into the best hotel on the station.

I reached into the alcove for the bursa otele gelen escort final time and withdrew an overnight bag with my clothes in it. I put the tablet case and cord in it, grabbed my flight jacket and walked off the shuttle.

The LEO space station program began fifteen years ago as a business venture, but with costs running sky high, the consortium that was financing it threatened to shut it all down. In stepped the UN. Instead of one station there would be three they announced. Stations Prime and Two were built at the same time. Prime was located in geo-synchranous orbit eight hundred and fifty kilometres above the prime meridian. It was a civilian only station with businesses, living accommodations and a pair of hotels, one high end the other more affordable. Station two was located above Antarctica at fifteen degrees west longitude. It was military only, housing the planetary defence fleet. Station Three was built eight years ago and located one thousand kilometres south of Oahu. It was for cargo and heavy business with living accommodations and another two affordable hotels.

I pulled my ID from my pocket and made my way to customs. There were two booths. One was staffed by a guy who was fairly average looking with short red hair. The other was was staffed by an absolutely gorgeous looking girl. She must have been about the same height as me, one point seven metres. She had mid back length light brown hair that was in a ponytail. I stood in her line even though it was slightly more busy than his. After fifteen minutes I came to her window. I could see she was even more beautiful than I had originally thought. She had large hazel eyes, a pert nose and full lips. I couldn’t get a good look at her body because of her uniform, but I imagined it was stunning.

“ID, please,” she said in a cool and businesslike voice.

I gave her my ID and she swiped it through her scanner. She stared at her screen for several seconds before handing the card back to me. “What is the purpose of your visit to the station?”

“I’m the pilot for the Brunei delegation to the UN committee meeting here,” I replied handing her a plastic flimsy.

She took that and studied it intently. She turned and summoned a supervisor and handed her the flimsy. The supervisor gave it a cursory inspection, undoubtedly saw the official seals and handed the document back to the agent and then nodded.

“You’re free to pass,” said the agent as she handed me back the flimsy. I tried to get a look at the name tag fastened to her tunic. It said Federova. I’d need to remember that.

I nodded and smiled at her as I made my way through to the station proper. I walked quickly to the Hilton LEO Prime and approached the front desk. The reservation was under the Brunei delegation. I had a room all to my self. I took the turbolift to the eleventh floor and got our.

Room eleven fourteen was about halfway down the hall on my left. I put the key card in the electronic lock and the door opened with a soft whoosh. I stepped inside and the room lighting came on automatically. It was one of the smaller suites that the hotel was famous for. The main area had a couch and a pair of deep armchairs done in black faux leather. There was a three-Dee / two-Dee entertainment centre combo and music player on the right hand wall. A pair of holographic pictures were on the left wall above the basic food replicator unit. Half a metre further along that wall was the manual food preparation station. Five metres further along was the door to the bedroom which had a queen bed and a small walk-in closet with shelves and drawers. The bathroom was on the left hand wall of this room.

On the back wall of the main room were three large windows. I walked over to them to see which view I had… Yes!!! My room was facing towards the starboard or planetary side of the station.

“Dim the lights to ten percent,” I called to the room computer. The lights went down and I could see the lights of London, UK below me. I stared at them for several minutes before bringing my mind back to the present.

Just in front of the windows was a small three seat dining table. On the table was an old fashioned piece of paper with writing on it and a prepaid Credit Disk. The note said: The Princess would like you to attend the UN Reception tomorrow night as part of her entourage. You will need a formal dress for the occasion. Please find a Credit Disk with the funds necessary to purchase one. Signed Dani.

I would go and get the dress in the morning, but for now I wanted to change out of my uniform and then go get something to eat. I was starving. I went into the bedroom and tossed my overnight bag onto the bed. I hung my spare uniform and three days of civilian clothes in the closet, put my socks and underwear into separate drawers. My special set of sexy black lingerie I folded neatly and put into its own drawer. I would wear them tomorrow night in case I got escort bayan lucky and met a girl.

I stripped off my uniform pants and tunic and dropped them by the door. I would have them cleaned and pressed by the laundry service the day after tomorrow. Next I removed my grey lycra short sleeved t-shirt and then my matching bra leaving just my boxer-style under pants.

I flopped down onto my back and stretched my body out deliciously to get rid of all the kinks and tension from a long day of sitting. Pilot seats were generally very comfortable, but I still got sore regardless. I finished my stretching and got dressed in my civvies. I had on a white t-shirt (no bra, had to let the boobs breath for a while), a red long sleeved t-shirt, black cargo pants and black half-boots.

Back in the main room I activated the suite’s chrono and then synced my personal wrist model before setting my old fashioned analogue watch which I had already fastened on.

I left my room and rode the turbolift down to the main level of the station and then went to the restaurant section. I wanted something authentic to eat. While Replicated food was still good, sometimes I wanted to taste something that had actually been cooked. Since my assignments usually had me on a quick turn around, I often had to make do with eating my meals at the controls of my ship. So when I had a layover I took the opportunity to go to a restaurant as many times as I could afford.

After wondering by several restaurants I spotted a one that looked promising. I ordered grilled chicken with french fries, coleslaw and a large pop. It was delicious. I was in heaven. What made the meal even better was the gorgeous server. She was one point five seven metres tall with short red hair, blue eyes and a light sprinkling of freckles. The uniform she was wearing was tiny and tight highlighting her fantastic boobs, flat stomach and handful sized ass. I wasn’t sure if I was drooling over her or my food. We lightly flirted for a while so, I was tempted to ask her up to my room at the end of her shift, but I wasn’t sure if she was really into girls. I decided to leave her a generous tip instead.

As I walked back to the hotel I passed by a liquor kiosk and picked up a bottle of twelve year old Glenlivet scotch. Replicators only dispense Synthahol. I prefered the real stuff. I had three glasses of it back in my room and then turned it for the night.

I was sitting in a chair in the Salon across the hall from the hotel getting my nails and hair done for the Reception due to start in three hours. The entire Bruneian party minus the Princess and Dani were there. I felt ridiculous. The nail technician was just finishing putting black nail polish on the thumb of my right hand. She picked up the dryer again and started waving it back and forth over the hand. She done this with my other hand and both feet over the past ninety minutes. Dani had come in and instructed the staff to do my finger and toe nails, hair and makeup. I tried to talk her out of the makeup, saying I hardly ever wore any. But, she had taken the head technician aside and whispered in her ear for about five minutes. Then, they started working on me. I liked to feel and look feminine as much as the next girl, but this was going too far.

The nail tech finished and then it was the hair stylist’s turn to fuss over me. She had put my white blonde shoulder length hair up in an intricate coif that actually looked very beautiful. She had gone on about the structure of my face and how this style would bring out my blue eyes or something. I had stopped listening. Finally, everyone was satisfied I was as ready as they could make me. With profuse thanks I made my way back to my hotel suite.

The dress had been delivered while I was at the salon and was hanging in my closet. I had gone to the dressmaker’s store yesterday and he had been expecting me. After scanning me to get my measurements, he had shown me several dresses that Dani had pre approved. I ended up choosing a sleeveless black cocktail dress and matching shoes with five centimetre heels.

I stood naked in front of the full length mirror in the bathroom and took a critical look at myself. My body was slim and sexy, with perky B cup boobs, a flat stomach and a taut ass and legs. I spent some time with my personal grooming device lasering my armpits, legs and pussy so they were clean and smooth. I put my favourite costume jewellery on; fake blue black javium pendant and matching earrings.

I put my black tanga style panties on and then took the dress off the hangar and stepped into it so I wouldn’t mess up my hair. After adjusting it so it sat comfortably on my body I reached to my left side and pulled the zipper up. Again I stood in front of the mirror to make sure everything was perfect. I definitely liked what I saw. If I wore this dress to the restaurant from last night, I bet the server would want to fuck my brains out. Just then the suite’s door mudanya escort chimed.

I came out of the bedroom and Dani was standing in the middle of the living area. She looked gorgeous in a golden coloured long tunic and matching skirt. Her head was covered in a black scarf with golden accents weaved throughout. She came up to me and took my hands in hers.

“You look beautiful,” she said in her rich voice. She placed the index finger and thumb of her right hand on my chin and leaned in to kiss me on the lips. I barely had time to react before she had pulled back from me. She turned and headed for the door and I followed.

The reception was an absolute bore. The dinner was mediocre and then we had to listen to a dozen speeches about the conference and the wonderful work it was doing. The only thing that kept me awake was looking at the Federova girl, who was in attendance. She was wearing a silver coloured cocktail dress, but hers had sleeves to just above her elbows and showed some cleavage. Her shoes were the same colour with five centimetre heels. When ever I would look over at her I’d see her looking back and then we would both smile and look away.

Things were beginning to wind down and I had wondered over to the bar to get a drink when I felt someone sit down beside me. I was hoping it was her. I turned to look and saw it was an older man instead.

“Hello, my dear,” he said with a bit of a glint in his eye.

“Hey,” I said back in an unenthusiastic voice.

“Are you here with anyone?” he asked, either not catching my tone or choosing to ignore it.

“Yeah, she’s here with me,” a new voice announced. The Federova girl came walking around from behind me.

“I’m gonna hug you now,” she whispered in my ear as she put her arms around. I responded immediately. Her body felt amazing in my arms.

“And kiss you,” she leaned in to me and we kissed closed mouthed, but still intensely. She started gently rubbing my back as we broke the kiss. I was feeling light headed and my pussy was getting wet. “I think he’s gone.” She released her hold on me.

“Yeah, he’s gone,” I lifted my head and sure enough he was gone. “Thanks very much.”

“No problems,” she smiled again. “Works every time.”

By this point Dani had arrived and was giving a worried look. She took both of our hands and started leading us towards the exit.

“Can you please escort Lauren back to our hotel? It would be very appreciated,” she slipped something into Federova’s hand.

“Sure,” she took a hold of my arm and started guiding me outside.

The conference and the reception were both held in the huge Convention Annex two blocks from the hotel. Federova started leading me that way, but I let go of her arm and went across the corridor to a little cafe. I went inside and approached the counter. A service droid appeared from the area of the kitchen.

“How may I help you gentle being?” it asked in a somewhat melodious voice. It was ship’s grey in colour with spindly arms and legs and a rectangular shaped torso. It’s photoreceptors moved slightly as the door chime beeped to indicate another person had walked in.

I turned to see Federova standing there looking vaguely unhappy. She walked up to the counter and fixed me with her hazel eyed stare.

“What do you want? My treat,” I said.

“I want to get you back to your hotel so I can go home,” she grumped back.

“Come on, one coffee. We’ll even make it decaf.” She nodded and moved off to find a seat.

“Two decaf coffees and two fudge brownies, please,” I said to the droid holding out my Credit Disk for it to scan.

I went to the table and sat down with Federova while we waited for the droid to bring our order. She continued to look pissed. I badly wanted to kiss right then and there, but I figured she might slug me so I held off.

After about two minutes the droid brought our order and placed it on the table between us. I picked up my cup and started to add cream and sugar when I noticed she was staring at the brownies.

“I thought you might be hungry, so I got us brownies,” I said rather lamely as I picked up my plate.

She picked up her coffee cup and plate. We sat in silence for several minutes while we ate and drank. I could see she was getting less mad with me. That was good as far as I was concerned. As soon as we were done I was going to head to the hotel and allow her to go home.

When we left the cafe Federova took my arm again and we started towards the hotel. I tried to see if she would let me hold her hand, but she had too solid a grip. We walked along in silence for a short time.

“So, Lauren Summers you’re a UN diplomatic pilot, yeah?” she asked. Now that I was paying attention, I could hear a slight trace of an Eastern European accent.

“Yes,” I replied, slightly bemused that she remembered my name.

“How does a pilot get invited to the Reception and in such a beautiful dress?”

“Well, Princess Winna and her Chief of Staff Dani are both incredibly nice women and they like everyone to feel included,” I said as I tried a second time to hold her hand. This time she was a bit distracted and I was able to. “How does a Security officer get to go? Surely not to kiss guests who are being hit on.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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