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Early April

Susan headed out of town and I filled in as a substitute teacher for the two massage classes.

Susan texted me a second picture of herself topless, this time bending over so her tits dangled; her nipples hard. It was mouth watering.

I had asked Susan how many students were in the class.

She said it was a small class of four, three males and one female.

The sessions were for three hours.

However, Susan gave the students the alternative of staying on the original course schedule or, if the students preferred, they could take leave the weeks Susan was out of town and continue with her when she back.

Only the female student opted to join me.

I wasn’t sure how this was going to work but Susan had faith in me and said you’ll figure it out.

The salon where Susan rented space closed at 6pm on Tuesday nights and that is where I was going to teach the student.

I arrived at 5:45pm so the salon owner, Kathy, could tell me about closing the place down, turning off the A/C, locking everything up, turning out the lights and setting the alarm before I left.

Kathy was quite attractive but appeared very married with a rather large rock on her finger, but I asked her if I could come in sometime soon and have her teach me the best techniques for washing my girlfriend’s hair.

She thought that the intention was very sweet and agreed to teach me the next night at 6.

(When I returned for this special lesson that next night in the proper washing and conditioning of female hair, it occurred to me that Kathy might be open to all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas to do some market research for an idea I had. That’s another story).

About ten minutes after Kathy left, a harried, short, very good looking blonde walked in, talking from the moment she hit the front door, apologizing to me for being late.

Her ex, it seems, was stuck in traffic, it was his night to be with the kids, and she had to be home at 9:30 because that’s when he was dropping off the children.

Her name was Lisa, and she lived nearby.

Divorced, she was looking for a flexible schedule career she could have while her kids were in school to supplement her alimony and child support.

She was wearing a tee shirt and shorts, with a nice tan.

Lisa had a shapely figure.

She was tiny, maybe 5″4″ with shoulder length dirty blonde hair.

She spoke nonstop for a few minutes, clearly overwhelmed with everything going on in her life.

I took all this in and said, relax; it’s just the two of us here tonight.

Now, knowing what kind of person Susan was, extremely task oriented, and not big on the people pleasing side of things, I had changed the climate for the sessions I was going to run.

I brought in a couple of choices of wine and beer for my student to chill her out a bit.

I poured Lisa a glass of cold Chardonnay and asked her to sit and relax while I did a couple of quick admin things, like lock the front door and turn out the lights in the front of the salon, the part closest to the front door.

I approached Lisa, and said, how are you now, are you a bit more composed?

She nodded, having already consumed the glass.

Lisa complimented me on my selection of wine, and lifted it to me and asked could I refill it, please.

I refilled the glass, and sat in a chair next to her, and asked about her progress so far in the course, and did she have any questions before we got started.

Lisa said that she enjoyed learning the techniques and so forth, but really wanted to practice on an adult, not the three young boys who were her fellow students.

Not only were these young men always trying to get their hands on her, they wanted her hands on them.

When she finished her second glass of wine, she confessed that Susan’s towels were never big enough to cover her body when she was the one being practiced on, and that made things even more uncomfortable for her.

If it’s just going to be the two of us, I know that you will handle the situation professionally. You look like someone I can trust.

I was thinking I would earn her trust and I would love to handle her.

Every square inch of her flesh.

So, I said, are you okay with the towels that Susan left us?

(I had given Lisa money for larger towels but she didn’t have any of them in this location. Now I understood why).

Lisa replied smiling that yes that would be fine.

Funny what two glasses of wine will do to a person.

Alcohol knocks down lots of barriers.


I wonder what would happen after three glasses.

I found out.

So, I said, here’s what we are going to do. I will be your practice client first, and you can work on the parts of my body that you feel you need more time to learn.

I can critique you as we go along, so you can get feedback as you are doing it.

Then, I can teach you the lesson Susan has prepared for tonight by working on you, and then you can practice on me.

Does that sound okay?

Lisa said, yes, that czech pool porno will work for me.

While she refilled her glass, I went into Susan’s massage studio, closed the door and got undressed, meaning got naked and laid face down on the table, my head in the cradle and pulled a towel over my ass.

The towel wasn’t big enough, but I thought, what the hell, Lisa’s seen a naked man’s ass before, plenty of times.

Lisa knocked on the door, called out are you decent and when she heard me say yes, she entered the room and closed the door behind her.

She was carrying her glass of wine, which she set down near the massage oils and lotions.

I know she looked down on the part of my ass that was exposed, because she said, are you okay?

I looked over my shoulder at her and said I am good to go if you are; I don’t need another towel if you don’t.

She smiled and laughed and said it looks pretty good to me.

Lisa pulled her hair back into a ponytail and then put her both hands on my calves, which are well muscled because of my exercise routine.

I could hear her smile when she said; I wonder if any of my clients will look like you when I do this for money?

She was looking up my legs at my ass, and I was wondering if my balls were visible to her.

I replied, of course, I’ll be a regular client of yours, but first you have to get through the class so let’s get you started where you think you need to improve your technique.

She took another gulp of wine and said, I have trouble with the shoulders and neck.

So, she kicked off her sandals, grabbed some oil, warmed it up in her hands and proceeded to start in on my neck and shoulders.

It felt good, and I told her so.

That she had nice, strong hands, an asset.

But after a few minutes I said you need to slow down and work on one part of the body at a time, making sure you address the issues you find before moving on.

Lisa said okay, she worked on my neck for a few minutes, and then moved to my left shoulder and then my right.

She asked me how I was doing and I said better, but let me demonstrate to you what I mean when I tell you about finishing one area before moving to another.

If it’s okay with you, let’s switch so I can work on your neck and shoulders.

She said okay, and then I got off the table, holding the small towel in front of me, while Lisa took my place.

I couldn’t hold the towel in front of me while I massaged her, so I told her I was setting the towel aside so I could use both hands.

She laughed I don’t care what you’re not wearing.

It’s hard to give a decent massage through a person’s clothes, so after a few minutes, after I was able to remove some kinks out of Lisa’s neck, I said, if you want me to work on your shoulders you are going to have to take off your shirt.

She asked if I could help her, so I lifted the shirt from the bottom for her, and she pulled it over her shoulders and off her head.

I took it from her and put in on an empty chair, trying hard not to get oil on it.

She had a tan line across her back and where the shoulder straps were.

Aside from a couple of small moles, her back was blemish free.

Warming more oil between my hands, I started in on her left shoulder, and I did a good job but her bra strap was in the way.

No matter how I approached the knots I found, that strip of elastic was in the way.

Lisa sensed the problem and said, let me help you out.

With that she reached around, undid the garment, and pulled it off.

Lisa handed it to me, looked up, smiled and before I could say a word, she said, 34DD, in case you’re interested.

Well, I was, interested, and that second D sure got my attention.

Plus, with me being nude, massaging a half naked woman in a deserted hair salon, just the two of us, I was all in.

I laid the bra on top of the tee shirt, and headed back to the massage table, and started working on her left shoulder blade.

As I found the knots and worked through them, I was explaining to Lisa what I was doing so that she could try out the techniques on me.

It took me about 15 minutes. There was some pain but I explained to Lisa, when you’re dealing with knots, slow down and reduce the pressure.

I took my time and made sure she was breathing through the difficult parts.

I worked on her right shoulder and it took longer. I asked her if she was right handed and she said yes. I explained that the side of the body a person favors will have more issues and that will take longer than the weaker side to massage.

I asked Lisa if she wanted to massage my neck and shoulders using the techniques I had used on her.

She was silent for a moment then lifted her head out of the cradle and said I need to use the ladies room.

I said sure; I turned around, grabbed the towel and covered my ass and said it’s out the door, and down the hall to the right.

I heard her get up off the table, open and then close the door.

A few minutes later Lisa knocked czech sharking porno on the door and called out, are you decent?

Still standing, again I turned around and covered my ass so as not to offend her and said, yes, please come in.

I heard her climb back on the table.

She said I’m ready.

I turned around and there was Lisa, bare ass naked laying face down on the table.

This was a nice ass with a nice tan line.

Lisa worked out; you could see it in her back, ass and legs.

I could also see some bush from where I was standing, I mean leering, I mean, whatever.

It was a pretty nice package.

I was just very surprised to see it.

I said, laughing, what are you doing?

She lifted her head up, and said, I haven’t been touched like that in years.

Your hands felt so good I almost fell asleep.

Can you please finish massaging me tonight and I will work with you this weekend on improving my technique, okay?

She didn’t really want to negotiate. With a body like that, I could see she gets her way most, if not all, of the time.

Then she wiggled her ass, reached back with her right hand and slapped her ass and said, I really want you to massage me here tonight.

Then she dropped her head into the hole.

What’s a lucky bastard like me to do?

Now, all of this is highly irregular to say the least, but we were two consenting adults.

I’m sure Susan had no idea her substitute teacher would be engaging in something like this.

For my protection, I said okay give me a couple of minutes to get some things set up.

Do you need a towel?

No towel for me she replied.

Now that this was no longer a classroom, I dimmed the lights.

I closed the door to the salon.

I lit a couple of candles and turned on some music.

I also set up my iPhone to record the session just in case.

With that I grabbed some oil, warmed it in my hands, and started in on Lisa’s feet, then her calves, and then moved to her thighs.

She said it feels great.

I love massaging female thighs.

You do it right, and your massage client opens up to the idea of having sex.

Lisa was no exception.

The second my warm, firm, oiled hands moved north of her knees, she spread her legs just a bit, a hint of what was to come.

I ran both hands up to the top of her thigh three times, then started working on her left thigh.

I pulled it out away from her body and set a small pillow for the side of her knee, opening her up.

Standing behind her to her left I could see her hairy pussy.

Immediately I started rubbing the inside of her thigh, the back of my hands brushing against the left side of her pussy.

I rubbed so close I could feel her pubic hair.

Each time I reached up I moved closer to her outer labia.

The third time I reached up to the top of her thigh Lisa lifted her knee and thigh, allowing me to actually rub her pussy with the back of my hand and she moaned.

To this point I hadn’t said anything, but I broke the silence by asking if she was okay.

Lisa’s head was still in the cradle and she replied in a husky, sort of a Kathleen Turner sultry voice, don’t stop. Please don’t stop.

I didn’t, but from time to time while I was working on that side of her I had to cool her down and so I would massage her feet and her calves.

Then I switched to the right thigh.

Once again I pulled out her leg and set her knee on a small pillow, opening her up to be touched.

I had barely touched her skin when she lifted her thigh, knee and calf in an effort to encourage me to reach down and massage her pussy.

The unmistakable scent of an aroused female reached my nose as I started rubbing.

At one point Lisa pushed up on her foot to allow me even greater access to her pussy, but I just teased her repeatedly and got her even hotter.

I would reach to the junction of her thigh and pussy and get close enough so she could feel the warmth of my hand but I wouldn’t directly touch her cunt.

I could tell she was frustrated but I didn’t care, I wasn’t going to give her an orgasm without some effort on her part.

When I finished with her thighs, I gently put a hand on each of her cheeks and pushed her into the massage table.

Lisa tried to discreetly rub her clit on the table for an orgasm but I quickly started in on her ass, using plenty of hand warmed oil.

I worked from the outside in, saving the best for last.

Massaging the muscles in the ass is fun, because women love it.

Now, getting a woman to allow you to massage her ass is tricky.

Some, like Lisa, tell you flat out they want it rubbed.

Others are afraid; it’s too private, too intimate.

They think it is dirty.

But when you tell a woman she has a great ass, you’re guaranteed a month of sex.

The ultimate compliment is to have it massaged to relieve the tension that exists there.

To rub a woman’s ass means you appreciate her.

When czech streets porno a woman lets you massage her bare ass, you’re one of the chosen few.

So, I spent ample time on Lisa’s ass and she told me how much she enjoyed it with her sighs and slight moans.

I took a break for a few seconds to put more oil on my hands and Lisa asked you’re not finished are you?

Breaking out of my professional mode, not that I was being all that professional about this whole thing, I put my right hand on her ass with my middle finger right in her crack with the tip on her rosebud and my left hand on her lower back, bent down and whispered to her, sweetheart, we’re just getting started.

Do you trust me, I asked.

I pushed gently on her rosebud.

Lisa said, yes you have great hands – this is the best class I have ever taken.

Good girl, I want you to earn an A for the class tonight.

With that, Lisa giggled and wriggled her great ass again.

I whispered to her you have a fantastic ass, and she wriggled it again in appreciation.

I stood at her side, and began massaging what I call the parts of the canyon: the rim, the walls, the floor and the rosebud.

Lisa wouldn’t learn this in massage school, I can tell you that.

Susan wouldn’t teach it, but I would.

Using plenty of hand warmed oil, I massaged places that had never been touched on Lisa’s hot body before.

When touched the right way, the rim and the walls turn every woman on and Lisa was no exception.

Once I started moving south on the canyon rim and walls, towards her pussy, she started to lift up her ass in response to my sweeping motion.

The closer I rubbed to her pussy, the more frantic she became to cum.

I only briefly rubbed her rosebud, I didn’t want to overwhelm her, or frighten her or get her going when we had a deadline for her to depart.

But I reached down with my right hand behind her and started rubbing her pussy and then found her clit.

At the same time with my left hand I was rubbing around the very sensitive area around her rosebud.

Lisa began moaning and bucking on my hands.

She was fucking my hands in search of the ultimate pleasure.

All the while she was moaning in frustration about her need to cum.

I didn’t say a word, I just finger fucked her.

She came, and it didn’t take much as I had worked her up pretty well.

Her whole body shook. She groaned.

Then, Lisa collapsed on the massage table.

I leaned down and kissed the back of her head and said, thank you for being such a great student.

She sighed and then said, you really know how to touch a girl, don’t you?

I finished Lisa’s massage by focusing on the area between her shoulder blades and her butt, this was to deal with any knots she might have had (she didn’t) but also to relax her from the orgasmic finish.

When I finished with her back, I wiped my hands and whispered to her, I am going to massage your head now.

Please do.

I massaged her scalp and she lifted her head in search of the source of the pleasure.

When I was done, I warmed some towels in the small sink and wiped Lisa free of the oils.

I started at her neck and shoulders, wiped her arms and hands even though I had not massaged them, then did her back.

With the second towel I started on her left foot, up her left leg, wiping her left cheek.

I did the same thing with the right side of her body.

With the third towel, I wiped her ass rim, walls, floor, then reached under to wipe her pussy.

Lisa lifted her ass and spread her thighs to improve my access and said that feels so good.

I probably rubbed a couple of times more than I should have, but I know it felt good for Lisa so why not?

Lisa asked what time is it?

I replied it was 8:45.

She said, could you please massage my front, for just a little while?

I have to leave by 9:15.

I turned my back to allow her some privacy.

Two things happened at once.

The first was, and I know it sounds like bullshit but it is true, I had forgotten I was nude.

I had been naked for over two hours and well, you get used to it pretty fast; even when you’re rubbing some great skin on a tight little body.

While I was massaging Lisa I had grown from soft to hard, soft to hard and now I was in a semi-engorged state on the verge of a full blown erection.

Second, I realized that when Lisa turned over on her back, she had no towel to cover her.

So, waking up to the situation as she started to turn over, I asked her, do you need a towel to cover up?

Lisa laughed and said, I think I’m past that now.

I said, okay, what about me?

She said you’ve been naked for two hours, unless you want to get dressed now, stay just the way you are.

I turned around and she looked and I looked and we both looked at each other.

Lisa smiled and I smiled.

At this point I would have kissed her and I think she wanted me to.

But the moment passed. I let it.

My eyes had roamed over her body and I liked what I saw.

She looked at me straight in the eye and said, when you massage a woman, where do you massage when she turns over on her back?

I’ll show you.

Pumping some oil in my hands and warming it by rubbing it around, I approached her prone nude body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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