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It is a national custom in Finland to travel by boat either to Stockholm or Tallinn. Actually the destination does not matter too much as long as you have an opportunity to have fun and relax. There are big ferries full of entertainment on the routes and the cruises are relatively cheap. It was a must to me to check out this phenomenon during my stay in Finland.

Kimmo, one of my Finnish friends at the university, was about finish his studies to become a teacher. The spring semester was about to end soon and he had been working as a high school substitute teacher for some weeks when a group of students asked him to join them for a cruise. They were mostly turned to 18, but the age limit on board was 23 and they needed to have at least two overlookers. Kimmo and Mika, two male teachers, had accepted the invitation and the group had reserved two cabins for them.

I met Kimmo at the university and mentioned the trip. Of course I told him about my intention of having a cruise during my stay, if I just had money and company. Surprisingly he asked me to join the cruise – he was sure that the guys would easily fit into one cabin, they would even have more fun. I had just broken up with my Finnish boyfriend, who I had been dating for two months, and I was not in the mood of having fun. But I could not resist the offer for a free cruise.

The cruise departed from Turku on Friday evening and to last the full 24 hours. My cabin was on the 4th deck and I had plenty of restless teenagers as neighbours. Would I be able to sleep at all? There were two students in each cabin and later on I heard that our group also occupied the cabins above us. My spacious cabin was for up to two persons and there was a just folding door between my and the neighbouring cabin. I was told that those two cabins were usually combined, but the ship was packed and they had no other choice but giving us a family cabin.

As soon as I entered my cabin, I noticed that I was able to hear every my neighbours moving and talking behind the folding door. I checked that the folding door was locked. It was, but you could spy your neighbours through the keyhole. As far I understood it correctly the two boys were talking about tax-free shopping, disco, drinking, and dining. But you should not trust me as my Finnish is far away from perfect…

After leaving the Turku harbour I went for a dinner with Kimmo and Mika. We had great time, but my head was aching slightly and I went to my cabin already around 11 pm. Soon after turning the lights off I heard someone entering the neighbouring cabin. I heard a young female voice first, speaking English with a weird accent. She might be Swedish, I thought. She wanted to know whether they might get disturbed. I heard a male voice answering that they had agreed that it was his turn to use it first. I almost forgot my headache – my young neighbours had planned it well!

I remembered the keyhole and I could not resist having a glance. aydınlı escort After having a glance I could not resist continuing my spying. The girl sounded like a Swedish girl, but she definitely looked like that as well. Blonde hair, slim body, beautiful face. She was about the age of my young neighbour who was one of those who had already turned 18. The boy was handsome, but not very muscular. They were kissing and caressing each other.

The passion seemed to increase in the cabin. Suddenly the girl stopped and asked whether the boy would like to do it. The boy nodded but he was too shy to get a word out of his mouth. The girl said that she had done it few times with her boyfriend in a car and asked how experienced the boy was. The boy remained silent for few seconds until he confessed that she would actually be his first. The girl replied that she was so glad to be his first fuck.

They started undressing and in less than 20 seconds they were wearing just their underwear. I had never seen anyone removing his clothing that fast. I could see an obvious bulge in boy’s white briefs. The girl smiled and asked the boy to take her bra off. The boy fumbled a bit but finally he managed to reveal a pair of the most beautiful, small but firm breasts. He kissed the erect nipples and the girl sighed in pleasure. The girl caressed the erection hidden by fabric of his briefs and the boy moaned in return.

It was time to take off the last pieces of clothing, but they seemed to be both too shy to make an initiative. They looked at each other with passion in their eyes. The girl started kissing the boy again, but finally she also grabbed the waistband of his briefs and slowly started pulling them down. The boy did the same thing for her but he just did not have patience to do it as slowly as the girl had done.

Now these two teens were completely naked in front of me and I could both see and here their excitement. Unfortunately girl’s body hid the erection, damn! So far I had just seen the outline of boy’s virgin penis in his white briefs… But I did not have to wait for too long. Their bodies parted just a bit and now I had my glance. His cock was hard as a rock and some precum was already glistening on the top of it. The girl went down to her knees looked at his erect member. She said it was one of the biggest cocks that she had ever seen and the penis seemed to grow a bit after hearing her words. I could read the mind of the shy guy, but he remained silent, even if girl’s mouth was just few inches away from the tip of the cock.

Despite of my own excitement, I could not help thinking: If this cock was the biggest that this Swedish girl had seen, she had not seen much. Thinking back the most recent dicks that I had seen in Finland, this individual was not among the most impressive ones. He was quite long though, maybe 6 inches or even more – but when the girl wrapped her fingers bağdat caddesi escort around the pulsating shaft, it was obvious that the cock could have been thicker. Either the girl had not been lucky enough in her sex life or she just wanted to make the boy happy.

The girl stood up but continued stroking the shaft. The young man started to caress her perky breasts and erect nipples. Suddenly the girl stopped and said that it is time to fuck now. She took a condom from her bag, opened the package and quickly rolled it over the shaft. Then she led the boy towards the bed, which was out of my sight! What a tragedy! But luckily I could still hear their heavy breathing and every spoken word through the wall.

I had always loved listening to the radio as it gives more room for your wild imagination than television. This was an extremely erotic radio play. The boy had problems to get his cock in, but with a little help from the girl he finally made it. I heard how the boy loved moving his rigid shaft and how the girl could feel the cock pulsating in her tight pussy. I could hear everything. I closed my eyes and started playing with myself. This was even better than seeing it! I hear the boy moaning in pleasure and the girl responded loudly, I suppose they climaxed. Their assumed orgasm made me cum as well.

They were still quite noisy when I heard the door opening in the neighboring cabin. They did not even notice at once that someone was coming in. I moved quickly back to my previous position and I was able to see another young couple standing in the middle of the cabin. The other of my neighbours had obviously returned too early and had now an opportunity to witness his friend having sex with a sweet Swedish girl. Or even better, having his first orgasm with any girl.

The Swedish girl swore loudly and told the comers to close the door and hit the road, but she was not firm enough and they stayed. The girl who had just entered the cabin was one of their classmates. She looked absolutely gorgeous in her glad rags and she was the first one to break the silence. As far as I understood it correctly, she apologized for coming earlier than expected, but now as the accident had already happened, she had an idea. Why not to do it together?

After a translation into English and short discussion, the first couple agreed to stay. But they only promised to stay, not to do anything. The second couple nodded and they started to undress. I was shocked – I could not have imagined that these shy teenagers who had just turned 18 were able to even think about having groupsex. While taking their clothes off they introduced themselves and I found out that the first couple were Aleksi and Nicola, and the latter couple Tomi and Sari.

Aleksi and Nicola moved to the other side of the cabin and now I was able to see them again. Aleksi’s cock was still semi-hard and he bostancı escort still had a condom on. They really had been caught in the act! Tomi and Sari were standing in the middle of the cabin in their underwear and I was able to observe that the incident had really turned the boy on. This couple was clearly more experienced than the first one, but they clearly were doing it for the first time together.

Tomi unhooked Sari’s bra. Sari’s breasts were larger than Nicola’s, but still they were firm and upright. Tomi said nothing but I could see that he liked of what he saw in front of him. Sari placed her hand above the bulge of Tomi’s briefs and moved her hand slowly. She removed the briefs and exposed his cock that was pointing proudly towards the ceiling. This member was worth of spying – it was opposite to Aleksi’s. His cock was shorter than Aleksi’s, but the girth was unbelieveable! This young man would not have problems in making his girls happy.

Sari had problems to get her lips around this fantastic penis. So she kissed the head and licked the shaft for a while. Finally she managed to get it in her mouth and she started to give him a blowjob. I looked at Aleksi and Nicole who were sitting on the bed opposite to me. They were looking intently at the other young couple and Nicole had started stroking Aleksi’s now rigid cock again. Sari noticed this as well and broke the blowjob for a while. She asked whether they had ever tried oral sex. They both replied no and Sari asked them to step forward and try.

The unexperienced couple hesitated, but finally they stood up and decided to play. Sari suggested swinging and surprisingly they all agreed. Sari could easily accommodate Aleksi’s long erection and she took it all the way in. This totally surprised the young man and his cock started to erupt in Sari’s mouth. Sari swallowed his load. Aleksi was embarrassed for coming so soon, but Sari did not care, she would get her satisfaction later on.

Nicola started with licking cock’s purple head. She was obviously thinking how to make it. She asked Tomi what was he thinking as his eyes were closed. Tomi said ‘nothing’, but as Nicola demanded him to tell the truth, he confessed that he was thinking about an Italian girl sleeping behind the wall. Nicola seemed to be a little bit disappointed at first, but then she collected herself and asked what is she like. Of course I was very flattered to hear that I had a role in daydreams of an 18-year-old boy with such a nice hard cock… He said that I was almost too sexy to be real, that I had a perfect body, and that I was totally fuckable. I almost felt sorry for Nicola, but at the same time I imagined how would it feel to have that cock spreading my pussy lips.

Nicola managed finally to get the head of Tomi’s thick cock inside her mouth. I could see Tomi’s cock poking inside Nicola’s mouth. Nicola took Tomi’s penis out of her mouth and asked him to imagine having oral sex with me. After hearing the words I felt this thick young member stretching my mouth, I felt it pulsating in my moist pussy. In the real life the cock started to tremble in front of Nicola’s mouth, Tomi wrapped his hand around his hard cock. Long spurts of semen hit Nicola’s open mouth and hear breasts – at the very same moment the cock buried inside me made me explode like never before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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