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Chapter 2: The Kiss

Rhett went back to being passively apathetic towards me again after that confrontation. My heart sank because I really thought that we were finally making headway as brothers now that we practically lived in the same room together, but I ruined whatever budding relationship we had. He didn’t make it a point to ignore me or something like that; we still ate together and sometimes we would have a casual conversation but that’s pretty much it.

Two weeks have swiftly gone by as I’m now absentmindedly heading towards the music circle room. My application got accepted a while back, and now I made sure to hang out in their room for at least once a week. It’s a Thursday afternoon, and I just got off my last class so I headed straight towards the complex right after when I felt someone wrap their arms around the back of my neck.

I turned my face to look at Xavier, the lead guitarist of the Archangel band from the music circle. He wore a smug smile.

Xavier and I became friends right after I auditioned. He was really impressed, from his own words, and he kept insisting that I try out as a back up vocalist for his band ever since. I really just wanted to have fun, and I’m not sure if I could take such a major responsibility right then and there so I told him that I’d have to think about it.

“So, have you finally decided to try out?” he asked as people we came across kept staring at Xavier.

“Xavier, I’m not ready yet… Besides, there are tons of other MC freshmen who are much more confident than me, maybe you could ask them instead.”

“But I want you…” he said. I instinctively looked at him to know what he meant by what he said and I saw him sporting a shit eating grin.

“… to be our back up vocalist.” he chuckled.

“Aahh stop it.” I said as I looked down and felt my cheeks heat up slightly.

We entered the room and a couple of my newly found friends were sitting on the round table. They visibly panicked upon the sight of Xavier, since he didn’t really hang around in the room that much unless they had practice.

Xavier tugged me towards the couch.

“Tell you what, you’ll perform one song with us at the opening week fair, and that’s it. I’ll stop bugging you then and it’s totally gonna be up to you if you still don’t wanna try out.” he pleaded, his eyes drooping like a puppy.

“I’m not sure I’m ready to face a crowd yet, Xavier… I mean, I’ve never performed in public before, I might humiliate your band.” I said.

“You won’t, I promise. Would you please try? For me?”

Fuck it. Who can turn down someone like Xavier, especially if he’s practically begging for it like this? I nodded and he unexpectedly pulled me in for a tight embrace. His intoxicating manly scent struck my nose and I tried breaking the hug subtly before any unprecedented accident occured in my downstairs area.

“You’ll have fun, I promise.”

I hung around for an hour just talking to my friends and getting to know some other people when I decided to finally go home. I was about to head towards the elevator when Johann grabbed me by the arm looking all dapper and sexy. He wore a fit polo shirt and some casual shorts that showcased his ripped legs.


“Hey, what are you doing here?” I asked.

“I haven’t seen you all day, I missed you.” he said. I suppressed a smile by biting my lip. Johann continued to hit on me despite the obvious invalidation from my brother. He’s very sweet and caring, but I just couldn’t get the idea of him being a playboy out of my mind, so I also had my reservations.

“Are you busy tonight?” he asked.

“I just have one homework from Philosophy and… yeah that’s pretty much it so I guess no.”

“Well… I need help with my homeworks too. Do you wanna come over and do it together?” he asked innocently.

I scoured his face for any trace of ulterior motives but he seems to really just need help with homework.

“Alright then, just give me time to change and leave a note for Rhett. I’ll be back in a jiffy.”

I hurriedly dashed to the room and washed up, making sure to thoroughly Çankaya Escort brush my teeth twice just in case. I put on a plain grey shirt and a pair of sweatshorts for a casual look. I left a sticky note on the fridge telling Rhett that I might be coming home late and to not wait for me.

Johann drove us out of the university in his car. We dropped by a Starbucks drive thru and he ordered us some flatbreads and coffee. He sped through the distance to his house right afterwards.

We had to pass through a guardhouse since he lived in a private village. His house was basically a mansion. They had automated gates and all, and we were even greeted by a man in uniform as we unloaded from his car. He greeted the man and tossed him his keys and gestured for me to come in.

A huge living room situation greeted us at the end stretch of his foyer where sleek glass furniture lined with gold were placed. Their furniture was mainly Victorian style, and a huge crystal chandelier hung below their crazy high ceiling. I knew Johann was rich but I didn’t expect he would be this rich. He’s basically a prince.

I followed him upstairs to what I assumed was his room and the first thing I noticed was the full glass windows that allowed a generous amount of sun to illuminate the room. A king sized bed was perched against the center of the left wall, and at the right, he had a sleek study nook complete with tables, chairs, computers, and a lot of other stuff I didn’t understand.

He gave me a moment to admire his room before he guided me to his study nook.

“Wow, Johann, are you actually a prince? Your room is literally as big as our living room at home.” I said admiringly to which he chuckled.

“It’s nothing, come on, let’s get started.” He sat me down on one of the mahogany chairs as he scampered to the device thingy mounted on the left side of his door. He pressed a button and said something before coming back to me.

I fished my notebook out of my bag, and set up all the other things I needed to finish my homework. I turned to Johann who was beside me.

“So, what did you need my help for?” I asked.

“Math.” he simply said. I took his homework and skimmed through it, and fortunately, it’s something I can help him with. After a while, there was a knock on his door to which he yelled, “Come in, it’s open.”

A young woman in uniform holding a tray filled with snacks came in and she placed the food on the table. There were burgers, fries, chips, and two glasses of orange juice. The woman then hastily left with the tray.

Our eyes met and he chuckled right before grabbing a burger and chomping down, nudging me to get one as well. We ate and talked for a while before continuing with his homework.

He dragged his chair closer to mine as I explained the steps he needed to do to solve the problems. He just hummed for affirmation every now and then until I felt his hand rest on the back support of my chair. I turned to him to find out that he wasn’t actually listening to me, as he was staring intently at my lips. I instinctively looked at his lips too.

“Why did you stop…” he asked in a hushed but seductive voice.

I tried mustering my energy to answer him but all I could manage was a sigh. I was enchanted by how inviting his lips that I didn’t realize that he was smirking smugly at me right now. He brushed my cheek with his hand, gradually sliding until it captured my chin. He lifted it up so that I was forced to look him in the eyes.

“You make me crazy, Wyatt…” he said as he closed the distance between our lips. The kiss was very soft and gentle, I let myself be swayed by the moment as he passionately lapped at my lower lip. He kept playfully biting my lip and then his tongue ventured in my mouth, exploring the inner walls of my cheeks and dancing with my own. In just a few seconds, we were completely and roughly making out.

He lifted me from the chair by my butt without breaking the kiss. My legs were now straddled on his waist as he slowly walked towards the bed. He gently dropped me as I Keçiören Escort watched him peel his polo shirt off his perfectly toned body in one pull. He tugged the hem of my shirt and I helped him undress me by lifting myself off his bed for a quick second. As he abandoned both of our tops on his floor, he immediately dove in for my lips once again.

We made out for quite some time before I couldn’t take the heat any more. I grabbed his shoulder and gently threw him sideways until he was on his back and I adjusted my position so that I was straddling him. I felt his angry manhood prodding against the crack of my ass, as I teasingly grinded it, earning a lustful expression from Johann.

I bent down and kissed him on the lips, and I gently planted wet, soft, but loud kisses on his jaw down to his neck. I stuck out my tongue and traced further down until I captured his nipples. I took my time swirling my tongue around the nub as both my hands explored the perfection that was his body. I continued venturing downwards until I reached his chiseled lower abs. He was now audibly panting with anticipation. I lifted myself up and unbuttoned his pants. He helped me undress himself and now he was only wearing boxer shorts which were painfully stretched by his excited member.

He was really huge too. For a brief moment, I was scared.

I looked at him, and I saw how intense his lustful gaze on me was. I grabbed the semi bare base of his cock and I pointed it against my mouth to breathe on it. I kissed the tip very gently, even almost ghostly, earning a grunt from Johann as he threw his head back from the tease.

I took his head in my mouth slowly as his grunts grew deeper and deeper. After a while, he couldn’t stop himself when he fished out his huge angry cock from his shorts and grabbed the back of my neck with his other hand. He forcefully fed me his raging dick as I felt his smooth head kissing and rubbing against my palate. I giggled.

I have never sucked a dick before, but I’m not too nervous because I think I could just imitate stuff from everything that I watched. I made sure to consciously avoid scraping my teeth against his dick, so I wouldn’t hurt him. His dick was so big that it wasn’t even halfway in when the tip of his head touched the back of my throat.

I held the base of his cock with my hand and continued taking more of him in until I felt my nose finally touch his pubes. Johann tensed from his position and his hands were clawing the sheets.

“Fuck! Wyatt… you’re fucking mine.” He grabbed both sides of my head and proceeded on face fucking me with his giant tool. I could feel the ripples of the veins on his cock, and the slight protrusion of its head rubbing against my tongue and palate. It was as great as I have imagined.

He tasted a tad salty because of his precum. I made sure to look at him in the eyes as I bobbed my head up and down, twisting it for the added sensation, to see him getting completely engulfed by pure lust. He was staring me down like a predator to a prey as I serviced him. After a few moments, his thighs tensed and his hips voluntarily jerked, so I immediately stopped and got his dick out of my mouth with a pop.

He grunted with disappointment as he flipped me over so that I was now lying on my back. He straddled my chest, both his muscular thighs pinning my arms as he directed his protesting cock at my teasing mouth. His hand was supported by the headboard in front of him as he facefucked me until I felt his dick swell and ropes and ropes of cum exploded into my throat. I tried swallowing everything but Johann came like a horse, which made some of it escape my lips.

I didn’t tear my eyes from him when I scooped the lost cum on my cheek and brought it to my mouth. He roughly spun me so that I was now lying on my stomach. He hooked his fingers in the flaps of my shorts and pulled it down in one swift motion, exposing my bare ass from the chilly air. His calloused hand roughly fondled my ass before parting it, and then I felt his wet slick tongue rim me.

He drilled my hole like Etimesgut Escort a champ, stretching and exploring my walls of flesh with his talented tongue. He penetrated me so deeply that I reflexively arched my back from the intense pleasure. Without breaking contact, he placed two pillows below my stomach, so he now had better access to my ass. He grabbed my raging dick while continuing to let his tongue go on a rampage in my ass.

Not a long while after, I climaxed hard against his hand and his sheets. I was panting from exhaustion and pleasure as he collapsed on top of me, facing me and smirking smugly on his bed.

“Damn, Wyatt… You sure can suck dick.” I stuck out my tongue playfully.

We stayed in bed and cuddled for a while before we resumed working on his homework. He was out of focus the entire time because he kept suggesting we do a round two, but it was getting really late and I was kind of tired.

After we finished the last item of his homework, he got off his chair and hugged me from behind. His warm breath tickled my neck and gave me goosebumps. He then planted soft and wet kisses travelling from below the lobes of my ear to the ticklish base of my neck. He caught me by surprise when he sucked hard and sealed his work with a kiss after.

“Jo-Johann, why did you do that? You’re gonna give me a hickey!” I protested.

He chuckled. “Maybe I wanted to.”

I caressed the poor area. “God, my brother’s gonna be mad at me for this.”

“What for? You’re a grown up who can do whatever you want, he’s not your dad or something.” he said. I agree, but my brother specifically asked me to stop hanging out with you, and now I’m going home with a hickey.

I just sheepishly smiled as we cleaned up and I prepared to leave. Johann drove me back to the dorm. As we were in front of the building, I thanked him and I was about to get off when he reached the handle for me instead. I suppressed a smile at how cute he was, before he reached for my lips and gave me a parting kiss.

“See you tomorrow baby…” he whispered.

“See you, Johann. Thanks for today.” I said.

I was in an emotional high as I rode the elevator and practically skipped to our unit when I heard the mellow sound of the television wafting on the other side. I checked my watch and it flashed 1:32 A.M. Rhett was supposed to be asleep hours ago. Maybe he just forgot to turn the TV off?

I fished out the key and slowly opened the door and quickly closed and locked it behind me. I walked towards the living room to see Rhett sitting on the couch with a disgruntled face. He looked at me disapprovingly.

“Wyatt. Do you know what time it is?” he asked.

I bit my lip out of shame. “I’m sorry, Rhett… I didn’t notice the time when I… helped Johann with his homework.” I said. I wasn’t able to formulate a believable lie if I was confronted on the spot like this.

I walked towards the table and placed my bag neatly beside the chair, looking down all the way through to conceal the mark Johann had left me earlier.

“How many homeworks did he need help with for you to come home this late then?” he retorted.

I hung my head low in silence as I didn’t know how to respond. After a while, he walked towards me in slow strides and I felt my heart beating erratically from his presence.

“Didn’t I tell you to stop entertaining that jerk?” I looked down, he took my chin with his hand and gently forced me to look at him. I instinctively covered the base of my neck with my hand which aroused suspicion. His eyes darted on it. He uncovered my hand and discovered the red spot. He furrowed his eyebrows and my heart impossibly throbbed harder.

“Rhett… I can explain. It was jus–” I was interrupted by the loud and violent thud coming from his fist connecting against the wall. I was so startled that I reflexively jolted forward. It was already too late when I realized that my lips were pressed hard against Rhett’s wet and supple lips. It was soft and gentle, much like I imagined it would be, and it took me a few seconds to process what happened. I jerked backwards and broke the kiss.

“R-Rhett, I– I didn’t mean to… I’m sorry!”

I headed straight to the bathroom to collect myself. I looked at my reflection in the mirror, and I touched my lips, rewinding what just happened.

I’m so fucking done for.


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